Friday, December 26, 2008

A Totally Random Forecast and Recap by a Totally Random Mind on Boxing Day

Love you all
Thats about as random as this is going to be!
Cos i am sitting at SWE BAR, after a lovely glass of TOSYNS TIPPLE s.h.a.r.ed with my friend and business icon, JIBOLA, the manager of SWE BAR, watching MAN CITY refusing to spare HULL CITY (methinks we should all remember it is Christmas oh), having just spoken with C G, and having come back from a meeting with AK ONE and THE DREAM...

Totally random

I mean, as at January, i was same ol' me, working on APPRENTICE AFRICA as a scriptwriter, throwing an auction for THESE GENES, the sickle-cell charity, and coming to terms with the fact that NAME WITHELD was just not that into me...
You know!

Then it just kept going on!
FInished with APPRENTICE and entered depression mode though you guys didn't know, but it happens to us freelancers sometimes oh! You work, then you are home feeling miserable. Or you write a novel!
I did a bit of both!

But there was JEANS FOR GENES, that fashion show in March, where M.I performed. He now has a record selling record out. Ha. Ha. Ha. I amuse myself! But really, i am so proud of MI and i loved throwing him an album listening party, brought to you by his record label (CHOCOLATE CITY), with support from ZAPPHAIRE EVENTS and CHYBUZ KONSULT.
Get the album folks, don't make me have to bully you!

Speaking of ZAPPPHAIRE...
My sister ricks mehn!
Love her more than to pieces...but dont tell her that cos she will start feelng cool.
She started her own blog...and she continued to work hardER!
ZAPPHAIRE handled weddings, and all sorts of corporate events this year but i love that she also supported the arts... her ushers and / or coordinators where at the Celeb Auction, Fashion Show, MI's ALBUM LISTENING PARTY, the FUTURE AWARDS, and of course, FROM LAGOS WITH LOVE.

If we had award winning events, then this one should win an award!
Tosin Martins, GT, Timi, and of course, ETCETERA and BANKY entertained their audience to no end, and i co-hosted it with the sexy TANA!

The UnRulies...
Not everyone understands us, but that is why we are UnRuly... we don't care as much as 'aiye' wishes we would
We are eight friends (Tosyn Bucknor, Chris Ihidero, Noble Igwe, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Lola Talabi, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Muiyiwa Osindero and Lamide Akintobi), who as individuals, have our feet firmly planted in various aspects of Nigeria's socio-economic fields (Entertainment, Media, Marketing, Fashion...), and together, work and play hard!
Can't wait to spend next year with these guys

My people

I was a single girl this year, and i got loads of novel writing 'experience'

From the ex that wouldn't go away (not like i wanted him to), to the nice guy who turned out to be a confused-guy...whatever mehn!
Im writing three novels based on guys jo, hope u guys will buy oh?

Speaking of buying...
Guys (and girls), ensure you buy
- M.I's cd (makes for a great present!)
- TOSYNS TIPPLE whenever you go to SWE BAR (cos it is named after me, innit?)
- Tara's BUCKY foundation (cos we all need foundation, and it is named after my sister innit?)
- Banky's album (I dont believe you dont have it yet)
- JENNIFA (the's like, yelkst...)
- tickets to see THEATRE AT TERRA, every SUNDAY at TERRA KULTURE
- MADE MAG (cos it is edited by an UnRuly innit?)
- OUCH! outfits!

Speaking of TERRA, that is one of my top spots. Love the library and the gallery. And places... well, you know i love SWE BAR right? Cos it's just nice and cosy and on Thursdays (with live music by GODBLESS), and on Sundays (karaoke) and of course, Fridays, it really jumps off!
Love SWe BAR and that is definitely my top spot; it gets the TStamp!

The TStamp is a relatively new concept but in 2009, will be as important as the words you read right here!
The TStamp will only go to the highest graded venues, people, and events. It can't be paid for, and it will be hard to come by, and for this year, only a chosen few get the TSTAMP!

- the UnRulies, for being totally UnRuly, and ruffling feathers everywhere they go!
- M.I, for being the KING of the TRUE SCHOOL
- BANKY W, for being the person, and the artiste he is!
- ROOFTOP MC's, for the music, the laughs, and the ideas!
- SWE BAR, for supporting the arts
- OSAGIE OSARENKHOE, for being everything she is, and more


Love that chick mehn!
KEL's manager, s.h.a.r.e's Assistant Co-ordinator, and general friend, mentor and pr person.
Scared us a bit with that accident of hers, but we are so glad that she is back on her feet, being the amazon she was born to be!

No joke
This is one of the chicks i admire


Cos who has time to be fighting amonsgt ourselves when noone will stand up for us?

I mean, i feel like i was burned once or twice this year... working closely with a guy, and watching him get all the credit while i am treated like an appendage.
Not yet a feminist, but came close to it this year oh! Love men though, and i respect a lot of them, so this one is to the men that are worthy of our respect!
In particular
- CHris Ihidero (for being the best 'uncle' any girl could have)
- EBUKA Obi-Uchendu (because when you meet him, you will see why)
- Noble Igwe (for the brilliance and sheer genius)
- Muiyiwa Osindero (for caring about CON.tra.diction even when i dont)
- Onome Obruthe (for being a brother and loving my sister)
- C G (ho ho ho)
- Segun Demuren and Banky W (for being my friends and family)
- Rooftop MCs (ditto)
- Chude Jideonwo and Debola Williams (for giving young people a reason to be proud)
- Ali Baba (for being there for others)
- TEE A ( for the laughs and the care)

Guy, sleep, and then wake up, and soon, it will be 2009
there is so much to look forward to and there are so many plans so hold on tight!

May i thank
- Lydia Idakula and the TARUWA family (cast and crew. ho ho ho)
- everyone that makes s.h.a.r.e jump (mAry Jay, Yemi Fatona, Onyeka, Funmi, Osagie...)
- My family (daddy, mummy, sister, cousins, and adopted family)
- the UnRulies
- fellow bloggers and writers, and fans of this blog, especially the likes of Ayeni the Great, Linda Ikeji, Bobby Taylor, Toni Payne, Incoherent, Gemini Girl, Niyi Tabiti and co, whose blogs i am equally hooked on!
- colleagues,
- enemies mehn! And all i have to say to you, is what tupac said- "CLOSE YOUR EYES AND PICTURE ME ROLLING"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 its a wrap...not quite

Hello Blogsville
Whats new?

It is almost 2009, egba mi
Was it not Jan just a few months ago? Guess time flies when you are having fun, getting insulted, falling out of love then falling in all over again, feeling ill, feeling fly, and seeing a future so bright, they havnt made the shades for you yet!

I love 2008, and i pray i love 2009 cos my favourite prayer was one a friend of mine prayed for me. She said, may the best of this year the least of next year, and i screamed AMIN O JESU, cos that's rock solid! Of course, 2009 is like 2008, it just means i'll be a year older AGAIN (with adupe Monday to Sunday if i damn well please), and that s.h.a.r.e, These Genes, SPEECHgirl, CON.tra.diction , will keep working hard to correct mistakes and turn all stumbling blocks into stepping stones mehn!

The music will be great cos the new school is here innit? (Don't worry if there are so many personas and skitsonas appearing in this post, that is how we write sometimes!). M.I's album has dropped, and we can now look forward to Kel's own, Whizz Kid, and a new release by Fourth Republic. Plus, TEETO is finally stepping up and claiming the crown he rightfully owns! CON.tra.diction finally found a band so don't count her out, and Rooftop MC's are planning bigger and better things.
But where are the ladies? Omawunmi, Kel, Ashionye, Temitayo George, Mo' Cheddar, Blaise and CON.tra.diction will hopefully balze the charts cos my girls aint playing!

2009 will have awards, births, deaths, life, love, and a whole lot of living!

There is so much to be grateful and hopeful for , and this first post is to say thank you for s.h.a.ring 2008 with me!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hello BLog Land!

It's always fun to be here, and believe me, its hard to leave!

SO why did i leave?

It started with a call!

I had planned my week out perfectly, and even knew my next five posts, but then i got a call that Amstel Malta Box Office auditions in Lagos were starting the next day and i had to be there! And that was the end of my time as i knew it!

Working on that project is bliss, and you should please watch and let me know what you think!

The show airs everyday on NTA (6 - 7pm), AIT (6 - 7pm) and AFRICA MAGIC ( 7 - 8pm)


And please, check the site out and be an active member of the community so gongon can so!

WHile i was working on the project, i also had to plan another one- the s.h.a.r.e JUST BECAUSE it's a Clothes Sale for Charity!

Let me break the three interwoven concepts down!

s.h.a.r.e is a social network i run, with a lot of help from my Assistant Coordinators like Osagie Osarenkhoe and Funmi Fatona (the latter just found that out now by reading this note! LOL)

s.h.a.r.e. is a network for interaction and self-expression and it is for any young adult who wants to meet people, make contacts, network, and express themselves!


JUST BECAUSE is one of the s.h.a.r.e events which holds monthly!

As we say, some people need a reason to party, we have drinks JUST BECAUSE...

We have had, JUST BECAUSE WE ARE ON FACEBOOK AND WE CAN, and we have also had drinks JUST BECAUSE it is a SATURDAY!

So this month, November, on the 22nd, at LYDOS BAR, which is on Akin Adesola (right beside Bungalows bar and adjacent to COSCHARIS PLAZA), we will have drinks, JUST BECAUSE IT IS A CLOTHES SALE FOR CHARITY!

My good friend, Veronny Odili, who doubles as SISTAH SOUL, the quirkiest soul artiste that ever was, wants to raise funds for an orphanage or two, to commemorate (such big words, kai!) her birthday!

So, s.h.a.r.e, famous for partnering with the best and brightest ideas ( KNIGHTHOUSE STREET SCRIPTURES HALLOWEEN PARTY, M.I LISTENING PARTY, THESE GENES... see a pattern?), is now partnering with her to help throw a ClOTHES SALE

We have tops, jeans, shoes, bags and make up on sale and so ladies, you know this is the groove for you on Saturday!

But this isn't an only female affair cos we want to entertain (read as 'torture') the boys!

Guys, come visit and shop for girlfriends, wives, and even sisters!

We will also be listening to music by that wonderful singer -songwriter, Colbie Caillat, as well as 'UPGRADED', the debut album from ALEX YANGS!

AND, pHisayo, SISTAH SOUL, and CON.tra.diction will be performing on the day!

Yee pa!

That's such a full day, i wish it happened twice!

But na!

Once is all we got, so let's make it count from 12 to 4pm on Sat!

s.h.a.r.e will also be going to the Bay as is our tradition, on the 30th of this month so stay tuned as those telefision people can be liking to say!


In the meantime, congrats to my girl, KEL (i must claim, dont u know she haf been my best friend from the before of before?), who has just been nominated in multiple categories at the Nigerian Music Video Awards?

Be BE lo!

Other nominees include Segun Obe and Banky W]

And if they were not nominated, then they should be!


By the way, don't tell anyone, but turns out my crush on Banky is over cos, wait for this...



More info on the rest of my family, s.h.a.r.e events, and a general feature, plus finally, what we have all been waiting for!

A breakdown of all my five Personas and four Skitsonas!

Stay tuned!

I now declare this weekend, a SEYI KUKU and SEUN KUKU weekend!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is the THESE GENES RED AND BLUE DAY. to raise awareness for sickle-cell!
Date: Friday 31st october 2008
Time: 9am - 9pm

That's right!
You can be anywhere in the world, doing anything you like; at work, in school or at play!
All you need to do is wear Blue and / or Red, and talk to people about sickle-cell!

Remember, THESE GENES has the following for sale:

TSHIRTS (Blue or Red)- N2500

To get a tshirt and wristband, call Tosyn on 08023066252

You can wear our tshirts and wristbands on that day, or any other day after that!

So remember, on Friday october 31st, u have to do three things

1. Wear a red and / or Blue outfit

2. Talk to FIVE people about sickle cell

3. Give us your STATUS UPDATE on Facebook!

here are some of the things you can say on your Status Update!

- I am a THESE GENES celeb!

- Looking good in THESE GENES?

- What's Your Sign?

- Live Once, Live Well!

Let the world hear about These Genes and Sickle Cell, on Friday!

Dont forget to call Tosyn for a tshirt or wristband!


Monday, October 27, 2008


My friends!
Like that song goes...

Ekaabo so ri eto wa!
And all dat kain tin!

How was your weekend?
Like i promised, i managed to sneak in to the KNIGHT HOUSE video shoot!

Okay, let me explain.
KNIGHTHOUSE is z best production outfit in Las Gidi and beyond.
Made up of three dynamic (and cute) young men (Rogba 'CEO' Arimoro. Lanre 'KNIGHTSABRE' Oladimeji, and Tope 'OTHELLO' Gomez), they have their fingers in all production pies- television, radio, and of course, music!
Having worked with some of the best in the industry, they have gained underground acclaim, so it's now time to bring it to the streets, with their mixed tape, STREET SCRIPTURES, an album that features Loose Kaynon, Kel, Skuki, M.I, Mo Cheddar, Ill Bliss and other music industry 'low is high'weights. (That last bit will make sense later)

The video being shot was for one of the singles of the album, 'PURPLE', and it features M.I, Nyore (as in, dis chick too bahd, and too fly), and Mo Cheddar (she may be young but don't assume notin!)
Shot at Digitrack studios in TBS, and directed by AWIZZLE (a Taruwa regular), it featured Tito, Mike Majic, Mariam, Tope Oloketuyi, and short black girl with 34 C's.
It was an all day all night shoot cos after that, the video for 'Drums', featuring Kel, Ill Rhymes, Mo' Cheddah and EX-O, was also shot!
It was a full house with support from the Rooftop MC's, Godwin Tom, Al Hassan (SIDI AND AMBER), Lara, Loose Kaynon, Dayo Oyedele, Clarence Peters, Ice Prince (holler at your home girl sometym Prince), Yinka (Switched On Naija)...
We had a very special appearance- Osgy Wire, who like Kanye, made it through the wire, came to support her peoples!

Special big ups to BIO OMONEYIGHA of LABELLES TOUCH, the fastest growing make-up house in Naija.
She was on hand as more than just the make-up artiste on ground, she was also the costume lady, and the Production Manager.
That girl tiny but the energy!
She did everything, and it rocked that she got a cameo in the video.
You go see am!

I worked this weekend oh, staying up till 3a.m every night!
Thanks to my fellow insomniacs- Jerry Ossai, Chiagozem, and Jibola Lawal for keeping me company.

This is gearing up to be one of those long posts but i have to give you an intro into three things, then give one of them, it's own post!

Starting from the last (but not by any means the least; infact, one could say we were saving the best for last. One could say so, but nah! LOL)

M.I has lately gone from underground sensation, to the most talked about hip-hop star, no thanks to singles like 'SHORT BLACK BOY' and 'FIVE MINUTES / SAFE', and performances at events like Taruwa (where he is a beloved favourite), Jeans for Genes, Launch of The Future season 4, An Evening With.., WAPi, Koffi's Comedy Show, Club Nomoreloss, and so on!

Now, his album is set to drop, and with the vibe we are getting, his originality, skills, swag, and charisma, will win him new fans and cement his hold on the old ones!
His album listening party is an eclusive first listen to new singles off the album, as well as the premiere for his video for 'Safe'.
The event, brought to you by s.h.a.r.e and CHYBUZ Consult, in conjunction with SWE BAR, will hold on the 2nd of November.

M.I is signed to CHOCOLATE CITY, run by Audu Maikori. Audu Maikori won the British Council International Young Music Entrepreneur award, and went on to win at the international level as well!

We wish we could have spent Saturday, November 1st resting, but we will be at FACE OFF, he celebrity basketball SHOW, featuring celebs like DBAnj, Ruggedman and Kel, going up against the Islanders!
This will hold at OceanView restuarant, from 4pm.

Which brings us to FRIDAY!
Friday Night!
Trick or Treat!
Red Carpet Costume Party!
Anyring you want to crall it!

The Funnest and Freakiest Costume PArry ever! is brought to you by s.h.a.r.e and Knighthouse, once again, in conjunction with SWE BAR!
It starts at 6.45pm, and admission is strictly by invite (and costume!)
To get on the guest list and get an invite, please send a text to
with your NAME, NUMBER (because u fit borrow phone now!), and costume ideas!

There are only 50 invites so the earlier the berrer!

And now, since i have become like NAS and started from end to beginning, it is time to tell you about what happens during the day on FRIDAY!

For clarification, RED AND BLUE day is NOT an event!
Don't ask us where it is holding, because it is not 'holding'.
It is simply a day, like every other day!
So if you go to work, abeg, go work that day oh, dont use our name lie!
If you go to school, pay attention to your teachers... or at least to the hot chick in front of you wearing that short skirt to class again!
And if you are socialising, then socialise like it's 1999 (dont know why i am obsessed with 1999)
Whatever you do, do it and do it well!

Do it, wearing RED and / or BLUE
Do it, giving us your status updates on facebook
Do it, talking to at least FIVE people about sickle cell

SO be aware, and get aware!

You understand me now?

Okay then!
It would seem that i have finally run out of ink!
We must go now!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Before You Log Off For The Weekend!

My Guy!
(Cos you know now, we friends, buddies, PEO-PLES!!!)

How is it going?

It is 5pm on a Friday and i know that some of us only blog and facebook when they are at work so i thought i would get this in quickly before you leave!

The 31st is almost here!
We thank you all for the interest that has been generated so far!

Do you have your Red and / or BLUE ready?
You shd!
You need to!

Your clothes
Your status updates
Your voice!

Thats what we need!

What can make Lagos Stand Up?
FOr me, i think it can only be Nigeria's and indeed, Africa's brand new experience, like vista!
It is M.I o o o o!

And it is the Listening PArty to be at.
O ti tan.
and so on and so forth!

It is on the 2nd of November, at the much loved Swe Bar!
Big ups to Jibola of Swe!
She makes tins happen!

You know what else happens at Swe Bar?
Costume Parties!

Well, if there wasn't one before, now there is fo' sho!

Remember s.h.a.r.e?
The social network for young adults who want to meet people, network, and express themselves?/
And do you know KnightHouse, the biggest blooming production outfit in Naija?
Do you know what happens when they partner?
The freakiest and funnest costume parry E. Ver!

It is on the 31st of October, and the best costumes will be treated to Tosyns Tipple
yes boss!

My face no dey fear your face
Well, someone's face shall fear another on the first as celebs take on the Islanders in a mahd game of basketball at Expo Hall, Ocean View, on the 1st of November, at 4pm.

Kel go play
Dbanj sef go play

Gbemi go commentate

And me?
I go be me na!

M.I shot a video for 'Safe / Five Minutes Freestyle' recently and it will be premiered on the 2nd, at his Listening PArty (do you have your invite yet by the way?)

Now Knight House will be shooting a video on Sunday the 26th, at an undisclosed location
(Dem no want make you mob the celebs that will be there)

My plan is to find out the location and sneak in there
I will give you the gist like only i can!

Fine gal
No pimples
Big Voice

O sexy!

She will also be shooting her video on WEDNESDAY and i hear say the clothes she go wear ehn?
Na firah!

Well, i have spoken with Sura de tailor to patch some work for me because warri no dey carry last o o o o

So, you guys have to come to my blog fo 'sho early next week (Mon or Tues), so i can give you updates on
: Singles and Albums to watch out for
: s.h.a.r.e events coming up
: These Genes tshirts brought to you by ..?
: M.I
: Trick or Treat
:Women in Music
: Mama Ekundayo
: and so on and so forth

Okay, so thank you for sitting back at work to read this.
Now let's parry like it's 1999...

I have five personas, and now, i think i have four skitsonas
- Innit
- Razz Chick
- Thinks she is warri babe
- HipHop L'omo

I go yarn you all dat one later!

Go on soun ma peoples
Go on soun!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He Was a Nice Guy

i wish i could let him go, and let him get away with it.
Part of me worries that my healing is tied to my willingness and ability to forgive, and let things be. And yet, each morning i wake up and pray for forgiveness, even as i forgive those who have trespassed against me.
Then i tell God that it is really hard to extend that to him sha.

What am i on about it?
My last few status updates on crack... sorry, facebook give an inkling.
I have gone all mad at the 'nice guy'. You know.
You grow up hating so called bastards. Then you think men are just.. well, men!
Then you meet a nice guy and it's alright. And then you delude yourself and say stuff like,
'Once you go nice, you can never go back'.

Well sister!
I am here at my cynical best to inform you that nice guys can be even worse. So never let your guard down cos when you least expect it..with the least likely will find yourself sharing a very public heart (ache?) with the world.

I wish my blog was anonymous.
And i wish it was not linked  with my facebook notes.
Cos here i am, wanting to wear my heart on my sleeve in this online diary, wanting to vent and all, and yet i am worried.
Ah well.
Forgive me.
I did try not to do anything.
Tried to pretend i was fine.
Even wore a dress to Taruwa.
Tried to convince myself that if i looked good, i would feel good.
Then of course, i saw him, and my world came crashing.

I suppose you can never delude yourself into believing you are over someone, till you see them in a public place (possibly where you both met), and can exist.
For as long as seeing them causes you to either laugh a little too loud so they know you are doing just fine without them, or  causes you to walk out during performances cos you want to cry a bit, or curses you to not even talk to your best friend, or the people you love cos they are afterall, all men as well..
then no,
you. aint. over. him.

Now, if i told you the story of 'him' ehn, you could laugh at me.
You would wonder why i am letting something so short and insignificant, get to me.
He doesn't get it either.
When he gets all self-righteous and takes on a role of a love martyr, he truly wonders what he did so wrong.
I mean, would he be the first guy to say he wasn't ready? That he needed time? That he wanted to somehow, even though Pandora's box had been opened, stay just friends?
What did he do that was so bad sef?
Abeg Tosyn, FREE HIM!!!

Honestly, you may not get it either!

But you see, the first time i loved and lost, it was with someone i never even dated, and didn't know for long.
But still, he became a legend.
Cos it took seven years to get over him.
At some point when i was sitting down randomly in class in Law School, i realised i had to find closure, or i would be rooted to the same spot for the rest of my life.
So i got over him.
Seven years later.
So if it takes me a little time to get over this one (Supposed. Nice. Guy. Now. Annoying. One), then so be it.

Thank you to those who introduced me to COLBIE CAILLAT, once again.
Her songs capture how i feel perfectly.
Sometimes, it seems i am telling him that if he just realises what i just realise, then we could be happy together. Other times, i realise it is a battle.
I also love Alanis. Cos she said it well when she says she thought we could be happy together.
But we are not.

So here i am.
Up in the middle of the night.
And hoping this helps.

Here is a toast to all those who love and get it right!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Allo people!

And i am back!
This time, to talk about one thing only-
THESE GENES; the Sickle Cell Project

Just in case you do not know yet, These Genes is a Project that seeks to create awareness about sickle-cell, and basically, get people talking about the disorder!!!
We like for people living with sickle cell to be able to talk about the disorder, and what living with it means for them, and we love for those with family members, friends or loved ones living with the disorder to also talk about what that entails, and to understand the physical and psychological implications of the disorder, a little more!

Apart from TEENAGE GENES which is our monthly workshop with teenagers on the disorder, we also have a website, and of course, a book in the works!
But, what we also love to do best at THESE GENES, is just get people talking in their usual, and natural environs!!!
We like the month of October, and we zeroed in on a date- OCTOBER 31ST
We then cornered this day and decided to make it ours, and so OCT 31ST is now THESE GENES DAY!
This year, it is the RED AND BLUE DAY!!!

What happens on october 31st?
What happens on These Genes Day?
What happens on Red and Blue Day?

EVERYONE (we mean everyone that cares about us, that supports us, that lives with sickle-cell, or that knows someone who lives with sicklecell), has to wear RED and / or BLUE to work, school or play, on OCTOBER 31st!
It could be your shirt, or your shoes, or your hat, or your pants, or your hair!!! But you have to wear something red and / or something blue!

If you have a THESE GENES tshirt, wristband, or other merchandise, then you have to wear that as well!!!

And the last thing you need to do?
You need to talk to at least FIVE people, about THESE GENES, or SICKLE-CELL.
Be as brief or detailed as you please, research on the internet if you like, send it as a message if you so desire. But whatever you do, let five other people become more aware of sickle-cell, cos of YOU!!!

So that is three simple things to do with These Genes, on OCTOBER 31ST

- Wear Red and / or Blue on Friday OCTOBER 31st.
You can wear it to work or school, and also if you are going out partying or just for drinks!
- Wear a THESE GENES wristband or tshirt if you have one
- Talk to FIVE people about sickle-cell!!!

It is going to be a lot of fun guys, and i can't wait!
Take pictures, blog about it, put it up on facebook, write about it in the papers or magazines, talk about it on your show, post a video on youtube....

Let's keep the awareness going cos we might only live once, but if we live well, then once is enough!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Forgive me, It’s just that I was born with a Diva Attitude.

I therefore assume everyone wants to know what I care about!

It's October!

It's the month Nigeria was born!

Oh no wait, thats not right!

its the month Nigeria gained independence.

So what am i loving at the moment?


It was a nice evening, a nice way to wrap the day up, and then get into the night...Club Nomoreloss style!

We were talking about music, naturally! And for some reason, Banky, whose music i am still loving at the moment, then decided there was an artiste i simply had to listen to!

He got me a c.d, and i took it home.

Two days later, i listened to the c.d, and i have not stopped listening.

Maybe it is because she sings about love like she feels every thing, every where, even when it is not hers!

Maybe it is because she writes like Alanis, but is calm like Dido!

Maybe it is because i feel every song, as if she wrote it with me in mind.
Or maybe it is simply because COLBIE COILLAT is a fantastic singer songwriter!

Here is her artist page on ILi

This is all i am listening to at the moment.
Okay, maybe not all, but pretty much all.

Will actually do a review soon, but have to review two other albums that i am also loving
- Upgraded by Alexander Yangs (yup! he went there! lol)
and the debut album by Fourth Republic!

And as per singles, then there is no other single killing it like M.I's FIVE MINUTE FREESTYLE.


So You Think You Can Dance is back!
And Tuesday just became the new Thursday!

I am also chuffed and glad that AMBO is back!
Amstel Malta Box Office, the search for the next Box Office Star, will begin airing in November, but the auditions start this month so why are you still reading this note and not on the site?

Some people still have not made it to s.h.a.r.e Sunday at the Bay, Just Because, LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e or s.h.a.r.e Movie Reviews
We wonder why!
Every s.h.a.r.e event is designed to appeal to different vibes, work schedules, and temperaments but they have one thing in common-
they ROCK!

Taruwa also rocks, and the first Taruwa at Jazz Sessions rocked pieces!
Al Hassan was as always, a charming host, while the ladies- Funmi Fatona and Ayotunde Awofusi, showed that they are more than eye candy. I still want that dress you wore Funmi.
Sistah Soul s.h.a.r.ed her new song with us (we want it for the Taruwa album jo), and bez once again won hearts with his song and smile!
SPEECHgirl might have read a poem out.

Looking forward to being at SWE BAR this Saturday for JUST BECAUSE RITA WON AN AWARD!
Niyi Tabiti is presenting Rita with the BEST DRESSED NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS, as voted by readers of his blog, and it will be a nice, chilled out evening!
Rita is going to enjoy Tosyns Tipple on the house!


Still waiting to be impressed!


my sister of course
She is now blogging,

Osagie of course!
Much love, and get well soon punkette!

Godwin Tom and Doyin, Chiedu and Ayotunde, and all the millions of people who make love look loveLY!

My ex
Ho Ho Ho

My sisters blog!
bella Naija as always!
Aloofa is too mahd!
That Gemini Girl!
Unruly Inc

The ups and downs, the highs and falls.
I love it all, and im not quitting now!

Go nominate at

And let me know what YOU are loving at the moment!
If you are in Lagos, and can redeem your prizes, then you can also win a prize, just by telling me what you are loving!

t.I would love to hear from you o online community; what are YOU loving at the moment?

Going Retro... sortt of

I am in a retro phase
It is not in your face or uncontrollable, and no, i have not dug up my neon boob tube yet. I have just been tying scarves on my forehead, carrying huge earphones about, and listening to music from my dad's time, including his own!

ENJOY the music people!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

AMBO 4 and Other Updates

Hi guys
How is it going?

I am sitting at a cybercafe, listening to an album Banky insisted i must listen to, partly cos of CON.tra.diction. Who is CON.tra.diction? That is my music persona and i think quite a number of you know of her already, but not to worry, will tell you a little more about her soon!

The first time i saw OC UKEJE was on a stage where he was acting. I promptly asked him to marry me, and he promptly said no. I am persistent though. Ha. Ha. Ha.
It was therefore nice to see him win Amstel Malta Box Office 2. He is afterall, handsome, multi-faceted, and a great actor! But without that extra push, he might have stayed an underground genius.
It is why i like shows like AMBO, the ones that get it right and come at it from an original perspective.
I loved KACHI in the third instalment and was glad Seun Ajayi and himself made it to the top three. Bhaira McWizu, with one of the most expressive faces and deliveries in the industry won that instalment and i cannot wait to see what her movie will be!
(Remember, it was SITANDA for Aziza, the winner of the first instalment and WHITE WATERS for OC)
Wonder if they can shock me in one of these movies as Waka Pass?

The FOURTH instalment is here!
And it has a Royalty theme!
Registeration for auditions is now open so guys, let's begin supporting the movement!
Here's how it goes.
If you are a reality show junkie, then get ready for an exciting fourth instalment!
If you like to party and have a good time, then stay tuned,cos you just might win invites to eviction shows and parties
If you however, hate to always be the watcher and never the watchee (i don begin form words), then why don't you log on to and register?!
Think about it; those people who audition and participate don't have three heads, do they?
Registeration closes soon so the sooner the better!

And as for those of us who just want to watch and comment, then join the facebook group!

Please do not forget MAMA EKUNDAYO
I plan to go there second weekend in November, 8th and 9th November so, if you would like to come with me,or you just want to make a contribution, then hit me up for more info.

I have a dad, mum and sister. And if i had another sister, then it would be Osagie. So love you loads Osagie. Love you loooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads!

Rita Dominic was recently voted the best dressed Nollywood actress in a poll conducted by NIYI TABITI.
On Sat 11th october, from 4pm, she will be presented with the award and some gifts, at SWE BAR.
It will be a nice simple evening and as usual, Tosyn will sort you out with updates and info!
Yes Boss!

Happy Birthday to Jude MI Abaga!
Love you loads for the music you create, the lives you touch, and the person and persona you are!
O gbona feli feli!

So guys, let me go off now and put on my shoes cos Fourth Republic is releasing their album today at Posh Cafe!
Yes oh!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thi Long Weekend sha!

I am sitting here at SWE BAR, sipping a TOSYNS TIPPLE and hanging out with Al-Hass(o)n, Lydia Idakula, Noble Igwe, Kunle Bello, Bayo Omisore and the C.E.O of BYGE, Obijie Oru, on her birthday, but i could not resist the opportunity of getting on Jibola's laptop and blogging about the long weekend ahead.
We have FRIDAY to WEDNESDAY to party at this rate and you just know there was no way i would let it go by without giving you helpful hints as to where to go and what to do!

Let us start with FRiDAy and the MASKED BALL at CLUB 141.
This one is slightly coded and strictly by invitation but it is an opportunity to be dead-drop gorgeous and sexy to boot!
I will be chilling with Kel, Osagie and of course, Bolaji Salami and Funmi Fatona, and after dazzling the world with our short outfits, we will be partying at CLUB NOMORELOSS.

On Saturday, i have to be alive and awake at POETRY POTTER from 2pm where, together with JUDE DIBIA, i will be a guest performer / speaker.
Poetry Potter holds at NATIONAL LIBRARY on HERVERT MACAULAY Street.
Hit me up for more information!

ABUJA peeps, something wacky your way comes on SUNDAY the 28th of SEPTEMBER.
Don't say nothing ever happens in Abuja because TEE-A happens in Abuja.
Yes boss!
LIVE AND NAKED holds in Abuja and not only will 9ice and DBanj perform, but there will be roll on the floor loud comedy from TEE A.
We dey miss oh!

For those of us in Lagos, there is only one thing to do on SUNDAY and that is be AT THE BAY!
Yes oh, s.h.a.r.e will be holding its monthly SUNDAY AT THE BAY event on Sunday.
Take off point is City Mall and there is more info on the Facebook Group and Event page.

Happy Birthday Lydia.
We don't know for sure what she is doing yet, but stick with us cos where she will be, so shall we!
I hear it might be a TARUWA special or so.
Speaking of Specials, s.h.a.r.e will also be holding its'MOVIE REVIEW special on Monday!
It's a public holiday, so hold your N15oo, and come see a movie with us!
Details on the EVENT and GROUP page as always.

Since it is still a weekend, get ready for TUESDAY which is the official LAUNCH OF THE FUTURE AWARDS.
You know, that famous Award Ceremony for young acheivers in various fields.
You know, that award show that rewarded ID CABASA before he became a sensation, and that Award show that was indirectly responsible for the UnRulies and you know, that Award show that gave a certain Funke ENTREPRENUER of the YEAR last year, and that Award Show that made GBEMI OLATERU OLAGBEGI the ON-AIR personality of the year this year, and that had DBANJ explain the koko this year?
It is back! And will be launched on TUESDAY so get your invite and be there!

No, i am not hurt
That is just the name of the designer with the best Slim Ties in Naija!
But they carry other lines as well including Mens Wear and outfits for ladies!
The great thing is, to reward all of us for being Nigerians, they will be holding sales from the 1st of oct to the 4th!
Be there on the 1st though cos clothes move fast at OUCH! with or without sales!

For those of you that like to rest, do that on Thursday... during the day!
Cos at night, GOD BLESS will be on the band stand at SWE BAR, and i will be drinking another TOSYNS TIPPLE!

Then it will be FRIDAY sooner than you imagine, and time for KOFFI's launch at CLUB NOMORELOSS, and then SATURDAY which brings a two fold event
From 2pm, FOURTH REPUBLIC will be performing and signing autographs at NU METRO, and from 4pm, LINDA IKEJI will be launchingFM&B!

SUNDAY ladies (and gentlemen who are toasting said ladies) is time for the HAIR BEAUTIFUL show which will feature weaves, wigs and more!


Do not say i never tell you what to do and where to go cos i just sorted you for 9 days!
I am so excited, and can't wait to dust off my clothes and par-tea!

Now, don't forget to keep listening to M.I, and watch the new videos by DIPP (Dangerous) and LOOSE KAYNON!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mama Ekundayo

It is not often i cry
Okay, thats not true, i do like to release pain, hurt, anger, fear, and sometimes, joy, through tears.
But today, as i sat in 'church' during the JUST US GIRLS event which featured Tara Durotoye, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe and aunty Adesuwa Oyenokwe, i cried a bit.
It was during TY Bello (nee Sokefun's) presentation.

You all know the album, and you must have heard the song featuring Olufunmi, the one titled, 'EKUNDAYO'?
Well, apparently, it is more than just a song. There is actually a story to the song, and it is one of the most touching stories ever.

So, Ekundayo is a tribute to a woman, a mother called Mama Ekundayo.
She is in Kogi State and she basically runs an orphanage where she takes care of all these children. There was the video, where TY got her to dress up and she had so much fun with the camera and in the studio, and then there was the documentary which was basically a Making The Video type thing, but with her story.
Mama Ekundayo is an old woman, she does not speak English, and she does not have the finest things in life. Yet she caters for children that seemingly, nooone else wants.
In the documentary, mama asked, 'How can i eat when my children have not eaten?'.
My heart wanted to break.

What are we doing?
We cry because the heel of our Jimmy Choos broke, and we scrimp and save to buy 7even for all Mankind jeans.
Abeg oh, material things are nice. Who no wan sit on comfy chairs and place their feet on plush rugs? Who wouldn't want a ride in fast cars?
But while we are striving to have the finest things in life, could we open our hearts, and also our purses?

There are orphans in Nigeria!
It is not a joke.
We laugh at Angelina Jolie for being 'Mama Adoption', but she is taking kids that are not her own, and taking care of them.
We are not all going to adopt although i urge you to consider it as an option. But please support orphanages. Please pray for people who are taking care of children that are not their own, and when you can, give them food, clothes and money.

As for me, right now, there is a fire burning and so we must work!
And what we will do is simple
- Raise funds for Mama Ekundayo and her children.
You know how we do now! Fundraiser time! We must do it!
And this should be a regular thing so please let me know if you ever want to raise funds for her.

Personally, i would like to raise some money and take it to her this year.
November to be exact!
Which brings us to the second thing we will do

- ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!
Road trip time!
We will take a flight (all na road trip) from Lagos to Kogi state, stay in a hotel, and then go to see Mama Ekundayo and her children and give her this money we have raised, plus food, clothes, entertainment, and anything else we can do!

This will be in November and it is a s.h.a.r.e Road Trip.

Come on people
Lets discover Nigeria, and hang out with other people while doing something good!

So remember, raising funds and visiting Mama Ekundayo in NOVEMBER

If you are down, say aye!
And lets go there!

Oh LORD, the fire burns, let us make this happen!

Love you all always

Friday, September 19, 2008

Since Ive Been Gone 2

I am back!
Like i was never gone!

It’s a Friday, which means that everyone at work right now is truly counting the hours. And for those of you who were at Taruwa yesterday, then you probably have shades on cos your eyes are still red!
Notin do the hustle oh! It’s all for a better future.

Moving on!

So here is the second part of my SINCE I’VE BEEN GONE series, and i fear i might have used up the best stories in the first instalment but still, there is some juicy, and indulgent gist coming your way!

For example, could i tell you what happened to me last week?
Okay, let me start with a little background.

I think that some past interviews and recent ones have been aired lately, almost back to back. Between my dad calling to let me know he saw Banky W singing to me (that was at Banky’s Autograph Signing at Nu Metro where i might have been a little bit excited...okay fine!, a lot excited, to get an autograph off Banky W), and my mum calling to let me know she saw my interview on Moments with Mo, and so on, it was beginning to feel like i lived on television.
But what was cool was when on Friday, last week, i was leaving my house and the guy at the gate said to me, ‘I saw you, at Club Nomoreloss’. Okay.
But then, i was walking into a petrol station when this random guy then said, ‘I saw you on television!’, and then the petrol attendant called my name, and i swear, like three of them stood together and then waved at me!
It was so cool!
I mean, it is nowhere like what Dbanj, 9Ice, the said Banky, Rooftop MCs, and co, experience, but it was cool nonetheless!
Of course, i had to ruin it by then gettng on a bike.

There was traffic jo!

Now, people like Al-Hasson and i, categorise our Tuesdays as, Taruwa Tuesdays, and others.
That’s right!
We can never stop speaking about a place that i no longer an event, it is now a bi-weekly family meeting with music, spoken word, and a lot of laughs!
So join us on Taruwa Tuesdays (next one is next week), and like M.I said, Be yourself! Be yourself! Be yourself!

So the UnRulies had a sleepover the other night.
Would love to tell you what happened, but, NO!
Let’s just say that we did take care of business and watch out for two UnRuly events- Drinks with (Im keeping the ‘who’ quiet for now), and UnRuly Marketplace!
And Ebuka blogs about Big Brother Africa, so you know what to do!
Do it at
Yes Boss!

I am very grateful to God for life, love and living.
People ask how i do what i do. It’s God
And how do i get through? Also God.
I understand that faiths may differ, but i don’t understand when people try to deny that there must be a Supreme Being. A life of human beings and animals and plants is depressing beyond belief! So i thank God for God! Cos men, what if our life was in the hands of our neighbours or friends?
I shudder!
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you God!

I was doing a million things at the same time so i thought i would get a p.A, but Jude and Biodun tease me because my P.A is a guy...and a cute one at that!
No, when men hire slim-waisted secretaries that wear short skirts, na who dey complain?

Having a P.A helped when i had to fix three things into one day- the Harambe Conference, a Talk at J.C.I, and then a recording session for CON.tra.diction with Sliced Bread (shout out Sliced Bread!)
The training in UNILAG (!) for the J.C.I’s was interesting!
I was there in a pair of jeans and a shirt (my one concession to being formal). See, i promised myself that i would always be myself be myself be myself, and dressing formal is not me. I apologise in advance to anyone who does not agree! I mean, part of my training was to urge them to be themselves, be themselves, be themselves! So why then would i have gone as someone else when Tosyn was just fine?
All that one is grammar oh, cos when i got there and i saw all of them in shirts and ties (who wears shirts and ties in University sef?), i felt underdressed!
And then it was just all these guys, most of them bigger than i was and i was like, what am i going to train these people on?!
This was not the first time i had had to give a talk, or train people at a seminar or workshop, but this felt different and i was tres nervous!
I must have worked out a million signals with Stanley (supposedly cute P.A), and then i got up to train them on how to be a Change Agent!
And it went well!
Even the guy who seemed the most disinterested when i first got there, actually listened to me!
Shout out to Ibrahim Durosinmi!

This is neither here nor there, but my room is clean and tidy and neat!
I even have my clothes folded according to type and shades, and shoes according to flats or heels, and bags are in one big bag, and then i have candles, but not the PHCN ones; scented candles thank you!
My bed was also neat once, but like the omo daddy that i am, one side is now dutifully covered with c.ds, magazines, biros, a laptop, and random things i have not found a home for!
Ah well, can’t have it all.

Swe Bar is always a cool, relaxed place to hang out at, and i especially love to go there on Sundays, (karaoke), and of course, to listen to God Bless on Thursdays. With Swe, you never know who is going to drop in! I mean, there was the one night that had Naeto C (you should know his ‘p’), Ikechukwu (who is currently working on his album), and Dbanj (who came to surprise Bobby T). I have also spotted Banky W, Ramsey Nouah, Kel, M.I, Jeta Amata, Bimbo Akintola, Gloria Ibru, Alariwo, Omawunmi, K.B, Bhaira...should i go on?
And then of course, Toni Payne and 9ice (guaranteed to always 9ice up your life), swung by for karaoke Sunday during the infamous birthday week (which by the way, was one day per persona!).
So Swe rocks okay?

I have to go again so let me make these last few points
- I love people! And here is a shout out to all the people that i love! To the people that make me smile, make me think, challenge me, inspire me, give me love, to the beautiful people, those who look good on the outside and are still fab on the inside, to the stars who are human, and the humans who are stars, to you, and you and you, i throway salut and say i appreciate every kind word, thought and deed.
We gbona feli feli!

- THESE GENES appreciates all your support and thanks all the people who volunteer or contribute to the Project! Please check our website,, which will be updated with news and pictures.
We would also like to share with you that October is a special month for THESE GENES as we will start TEENAGE GENES, a monthly sickle-cell awareness workshop for teenagers (between the ages of 14 and 16). And then, on OCTOBER 31ST, THESE GENES will need your facebooks status updates and your clothes! Let me explain!
On the 31st, we would like your Status Update to say something about sickle-cell, or These Genes, and then we would also love for you to wear Blue and / or Red, to work or school! Blue and Red Day!

- I am currently running a series called YOUNG PEOPLE TO WATCH OUT FOR, in the Guardian. The first instalment was entertainment based and had Osagie Osarenkhoe, Knighthouse, Redstrat, Alex Yangs, and Ayeni, as some of the young people to watch out for in the broad spectrum of media and entertainment!
Now i need to broaden the categories, and i really want young people to watch out for in Finance, Science, Medicine, Lifestyle, and so on!
This is not an Awards Ceremony, it is just a mention in the Guardian but i would love your input so if you know of someone who is working hard in a bank, hospital, at an oil company, or in a Pharmaceutical one, any young person who is doing something remarkable, commendable and noteworthy, then please nominate them!
Send their name, and tell me us why you think we should watch out for them, to SHAREDAZZLE@YAHOO.COM.
Thank you sir
Thank you ma!

And now, i must leave you, but only for a short while!
Leave your comments people, i know you have so much to say!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Since Ive Been Gone

It feels like it’s been a minute!
Or two!

Truth is, i have missed you guys die, and while it would have been better if i had s.h.a.r.ed all this gist as it happened, here is my best recap of the last couple of weeks.

Let’s start the gist with my sister! Funke has started her own blog and i am so proud and happy for her! Basically, the blog is life from her perspective- mother, wife, sister (to the best sister in the world), and of course, event planner and coordinator extraordinaire, and entrepreneur on the whole!
That is a mouthful, so imagine when SHE writes it!
So please go there now, and tomorrow, and again, and whenever you feel like, and leave a comment cos it’s an interactive blog!

Whenever you hear that the trio of Bolaji Salami, Osagie Osarenkhoe and Tosyn Bucknor are on a case, then listen up!
Wish i could say more, but can’t say nothing yet! Except for watch out for DIL of course!

No, i do not live at Planet One.
I only go there every Friday for CLUB NOMORELOSS.
Much like Taruwa and WAPi are home, CLUB NOMORELOSS is becoming more than just an artiste hang out cum party cum club. It’s fast becoming family, especially with my regulars that hang out there!
The first edition was the most star-studded till date, and had stellar performances by MI, KEL, NYORE and RUGGEDMAN. All the cameras where there, and we tried our best to look good in our heels. Those heels came off by the second instalment though which had Banky W in the VIP room! Noble Igwe also made his first appearance, and the party continued! What made it even more special was that i presented an episode of NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL, from the Club!
The third one might have been the craziest yet!
MP was there and he premiered his new video for PASA PASA (which is NOT pronounced ‘Kpasa Kpasa’).
Then instead of going home, Osagie, Bolaji, Phoenix, Onyeka and i stayed till about 5a.m, dancing as D.J Excel kept the songs coming!
We requested for, and got- ‘Maga Don Pay’, ‘Safe / Five Minutes’ by M.I, and of course, ‘Street Credibility’. We did not request for, but still got, some techno jams which we shan’tgreed and still danced to! We even did fashion parade sef (Onyeka won), and to top it off, we made the now infamous, ‘KINI BIG DEAL’ remake feat. Onyeka as Naeto C, Tosyn as Ikechukwu, and Osagie as the Strange Girl Holding A Lighter.
The fourth edition of Club Nomoreloss had Weird MC rocking the house FOR REAL! The regulars where also around Deji, Jedi, Noble, and Biodun, and the UnRulies came out to parry!
Special shout out to LOOSE KAYNON whose Swagger is just too much! Not only did he play some of his new stuff for me (me i am loving one in particular so can’t wait), but we also rapped along to Tupac (HIT EM UP) and Eminem (THE WAY I AM and STAN) till about 5a.m.

Cool uhn?
Then put Club Nomoreloss on your To Go list!!!

Yours Truly is seriously starting to wonder about this lof and marriage of a thing sef!
This year alone,
- I have fallen for and got over (in Jesus Name) some guy who was perfect but our circumstances were not
- My Ex and i suddenly realised we had not got over each other but like facebook, it’s complicated
- It hasn’t worked out with three great guys because, Number 1 was either trying to end things with his chick or not, Number 2 had JUST ended his and i didn’t want to be Miss Rebound, and Number 3? Well, that one is just a confused prat!

Maybe i should just try that reality show route?

The Social Network for Young Adults who want to Meet People, Make Contacts, Network, and Express Themselves!
With SUNDAYS AT THE BAY, JUST BECAUSE, LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e, and now, MOVIE REVIEWS, we have fast become the definitive network for the Nigerian adult looking to interact with other like minded individuals!
Find out more about us on Facebook, or on

My people,
There is still so much i have to say so i think we must do Part Two oh!
Here are teasers of what’s to come next!

These Genes takes over October, Tosyn gave a talk at Jci and also had a drink named after her at SWE Bar (Tosyns Tipple anyone?), and yeah, I CLEANED MY ROOM!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

No Air

I apologise

I know that by some standards, i have not been gone for so long.
But if you read my blog consistently, then you will know that it really has been a while in Tosyn Time.

I have not been able to blog because while i have been seemingly happy on the outside (the best parties, birthday week, s.h.a.r.ed weekends, meeting maybe him, etc etc), i have actually been unhappy and bordeline depressed for a few weeks now.
Writing helps, writing helps ease those demons out. But a blog is like a private public journal and i was not ready to share all that pain and darkness with you guys.

I wrote a lot however.
I wrote in random notebooks, i even wrote with my phone, saving text message after text message about how i felt.
It's been nerve wracking and heart wrenching. It has involved a lot of losing, i lost so much. Some i want back, some i am glad and grateful for, and others i am unsure of.
I pray that when the light at the end of this tunnel comes up, i would have grown.
I would have grown emotionally, and spiritually.
I pray i would have grown wiser and smarter and kinder.
And maybe taller.
OKAY fine! Wishful thinking!

It is not about you.
You make me happy.
God makes me happy. Very happy. HE makes it all sense...ALL.
He makes me happy.
But i cannot tell you about him yet... at least not without his permission!

Why am i blogging now?
1. I feel i should apologise to you guys for abandoning you without explaining!
2. I want to tell you about the fun things that have been happening to me, like s.h.a.r.e, Club Nomoreloss, Osagie, Music, Entertainment, Opportunities, and (i blush here)

I will be back.
In the meantime, two very important things
- MY SISTER started her own blog. She is older than i, but i am so proud of her! Check her out on
The girl wan give me run for my money dangit!

- I believe firmly, and know that next year, i will look back on this period and it would have passed. Therefore i give you these few words which make everything go-throughable.
Whatever you feel now, whatever i feel now...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The ANITA BAKER show that never was


On Saturday the 30th of August, I dressed up eagerly, applied lip gloss quickly, grabbed my bag and camera, and went for a concert that felt to me like a dream of a lifetime come true.
I listen to Anita Baker’s songs everyday; she is on my ipod and I think that she is a true diva with class, who paved the way for so many other artistes.

Excited I was, and I sat through the jokes, music, and dinner, expectant and ready to sing along to ‘Same Ol Love’ and ‘Rapture’.

Alas, that did not happen for IK, the host for the day had to come and convey serious and sad news- Anita Baker was refusing to perform and would not perform. Tickets would be refunded, and the food and the drinks were now on the house.
A lady who came all the way from Abuja just for Anita, broke into tears. Something in me went quiet, and as I write this, it is still not awake. We had paid 450, 900, and 9000 dollars to see her perform, but that was not to be. People got up in shock. No anger, just a lot of sadness and disappointment. As IK had said, Anita Baker had been shown nothing but the best of Nigerian hospitality (best hotel, chauffeur driven cars with police escorts, riders accepted and so on).

What were the facts of the case?
Here is what I pieced together.
- When Anita Baker was contracted, she had been informed that some guests would pay for tables.
- The hall was set banquet style with tables, and dinner and drinks were to be sold.
- Tickets cost 450, 900 and 9000 dollars and these came with dinner promised.
- Anita Baker came into the hall at 6pm, and said she would not perform because it was a show and the hall had been arranged banquet style.
- The organisers removed half of the tables and arranged them theatre style, then explained to Anita and her crew that some people had actually bought tables.
- Anita Baker still refused to perform.
- The organisers then pleaded with her to let them serve dinner, then remove the tables and arrange all the chairs theatre style.
- Dinner was quickly served while the Nigerian acts performed.
- Unfortunately, Anita Baker still refused to perform.

Please note that Nigeria is one of the African countries that sees a steady influx of international performers! We have had, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Wyclef, Sean Paul, Lynden David Hall, Fat Joe and Mary J Blige, amongst a whole host of others. Infact, even Usher who had to cancel his first performance in Nigeria, gave us a second chance this year and performed in Abuja.
Perhaps Anita Baker saw this and wanted what they had- a hall packed full of screaming fans, standing from evening to morning.
However, there are different types of shows, and it is up to show organisers to package these shows as they wish. Anita Baker was actually given the exclusive show type- where the tickets are very expensive (almost ten times the going rate for tickets to other shows with international acts. And that was the cheapest ticket!), dinner is served, and the guests are of the highest cadre! Several international acts have performed at such events in Nigeria, including Lionel Richie, Shalamar, Michael Bolton, Kenny Latimore, Joe, and Angie Stone.

Anita Baker should have been angry with the organisers! She should have punished them by asking for more money, or performing a set that was briefer than usual. What she should not have done, was take it out on the fans! She should not have taken it out on the fans who came there ready to enjoy an evening with their favourite artist. Here in Nigeria, we have a hair cut named after her! People know all the lyrics to her songs! And for an event that was not even highly publicised, she still pulled a crowd that filled the hall!
The least she could have done was say hello to the fans!

I hate that she did that to us. I feel she did it, and ‘knew’ she would get away with it because we are an African country, a third world country in her eyes! I am sad that she feels justified to treat us like this.
I hope the international press will carry this story. I cannot wait to hear her side. I cannot wait to see her on ‘OPRAH’, defending herself.

I feel for the organisers who have surely now made a loss.
I feel for the fans who have lost some of their passion for their star.
I feel for those who she is setting a terrible example for.
I wish her all the best, but I know that she owes us an apology.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Here's what i don't get

How you can love someone so bad but not be with them

How you can hang on to their every word

Watch over their every step,

And time your heart to beat with theirs,






Then you meet someone else

But still you're afraid

Afraid to live, Afraid to be happy

To feel, to breathe.

Here's what i don't get.

How you don't get that this is life

And it goes on with or without your smile

You're not responsible for other peoples' happiness

What is important is that you're fufilled

No, here is what i don't get

That you can think of me,

Want to be with me

Even dream of me

And that i can feel the same

But you would rather hesitate

And let love slip away

Here's what i don't get

Friday, August 15, 2008


It's my birthday!

Just wanted to post that!

Will be back to talk about it a little more indepth!

Thanks for the calls, text messages and prayers

Love you all!

Tell me what YOUR birthday means / signifies!

Let's s.h.a.r.e!

Monday, August 11, 2008

60 Questions!

I got this from HARD GUY 101's blog!

Love doing things like this so let's go there!

1.What time did you get up this morning?

I haven't slept yet.

2. Diamonds or pearls?

It's a toss up really.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?


Yes Boss!

And i reviewed it so read it after this note!

4. What is your favorite TV show?



Maybe HOUSE?

5. What did you have for breakfast?

Nothing yet.

6. What is your middle name?


7. What is your favorite cuisine/meal?

A toss again between JOLLOF RICE, and Portuguese Salads

I apologise in advance about the salad, but i really do like them

8. What foods do you dislike?

Where i grew up, you ate everything your mother gave you.

I doubt there is anything i can't eat

And there's nothing i dislike, but i dont like to eat food when it's hot.

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment?


11. What kind of car do you drive?

If you wan insult me, insult me. But sha, it depends.

12. Favorite sandwich?

Tuna probably.

13. What characteristics do you despise?



14. Favorite item of clothing?

My favourite pair of jeans!

15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?


16. What color is your bathroom?


17. Favorite brand of clothing?




18. Where would you want to retire?

Nigeria lagbara Oloun.

19. Favorite time of day?


20. Where were you born?

In a taxi.

21. Favorite sport(s) to watch?


22. Who do you least expect to respond to this?

Harrison Ford

23. Person you expect to respond first?


24. What laundry scent do you use?

You see, the thing is, it is like, as in,

25. Coke or Pepsi?

Always Coca-Cola

26. Are you a morning person or night owl?

Night Owl.

. What size shoe do you wear?



Buy me shoes now!

28. Do you have pets?

5 dogs.

Aim to have an Elephant and a Chimp latron in life

29. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share with everyone?


30. What did you want to be when you were little?

A Star.

. Favorite Candy Bar?


32. What is your best childhood memory?




33. What are the different jobs you have had in your life?


Back up singer.

Event Assistant.


Admin Officer.

34. What color/type underwear are you wearing?






36. Piercings?


37. Eye color?


Usually yellow anyways

38a) Ever been to Africa?



38b) Ever been to South Australia?

No sir

39. Ever been toilet papering or rolling?


40. Love someone so much it made you cry?

Yes boss.

41. Been in a car accident?

Yes. If accident means you are driving down and some drunk hits you

42. Croutons or bacon bits?


43.Favorite day of the week?

Probably Sunday. But also Thursday.

44. Favorite restaurant?


45. Favorite flower?

I no know o o o

46. Favorite ice cream?

I no know o o o

. How many times did you fail your driver's test?


48. What color is your bedroom carpet?

Shades of brown.

49. How many times did you fail your driver's test?

You never ask before?

50. Before this one, from whom did you get your last email?

Can't remember

51. Which stores would you choose to max out your credit card?

Forever 21.

Any jeans or accessory store.

And believe it or not, the DOLLAR STORE; just cos i love knick knacks

52. What do you do most often when you are bored?


53. Bedtime?


54. Who are you most curious about their responses to this questionnaire?

Shia LeBeouf

.55. Last person you went to dinner with?


Thats long tin o

56. What are you listening to right now?

Technically, CNN cos im not watching it, but can hear most of what is being said.

57. What is your favorite color?


58. Lake, Ocean or river?


I no know oh!

59. How many tattoos do you have?


60. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The chicken sir

Sunday, August 10, 2008

How DARK does a KNIGHT need to be?

So i finally saw it.
After wondering if i would be able to see the late, great Heath Ledger in the last movie he acted in before his death without bawling my eyes out in the cinema, i finally saw the movie.

It was a casual day.
Just randomly wandered into the cinema, and then randomly bought a ticket, and randomly entered the cinema, and then randomly sat down and randomly... you get it.
There i was, on my own, at the Silverbird Galleria, popcorn in one hand, always Coca-cola in the other, and settled in.

The second time i saw it (cos i always knew i would see it again), it was in my birthday week, and was also unplanned; guess that's why it fell in so beautifully!
Once more, hotdog, popcorn and coke in hand, and the movie began!

I am sure half of Nigeria has seen the movie already, but you know the story.. or maybe you don't.
Batman is not an easy movie to summarise, and you should see it at least twice!

I will tell you this though. The JOKER makes the first entrance and he was deceptive (something that would run through the course of the movie) and funny, but BATMAN's first entrance is pure magic! Thrilling, Humourous, and completely Unmissable!
I was like, yay Christian Bale! Show them what you are made of!

Michael Caine once again plays the dedicated, long-suffering butler, man-servant and friend- irreverent but ever diffident. Yes boss indeed!

No more Dawson-Creeked Katie Holmes for the part of Rachel; instead we get a much better delivery from Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is thankfully, now getting the mainstream roles she deserves! Go Maggie! In her hands, Rachel is multi-dimensional, strong but vulnerable, and unconventionally pretty.

Now back to my man HEATH LEDGER. Yes, i promised you guys tears, and i did shed a few. But HEATH was so irrecognisable (I MADE THIS WORD UP) in the role, that i couldn't cry. Couldn't. I was too enthralled and wrapped up in the charming evil and pure genius that was the Joker.

However, the second time i did see the movie, i cried a little more.
The first time you see it, you never really see Heath; you are caught up in the Joker. But see it again (as you have to), and then it hits you- that is Heath

The Joker never does what others can do for him, and he always seems to be able to find minions to do his bidding. Watch carefully and you will know how he gets them! He doesn't lift a finger, because he doesn't have to, and is at once, SCHEMING, MISCHEIVOUS, INTELLIGENT, DARK, EVIL. No, this Joker, unlike some other Batman Jokers, won't get the girls, at least not willingly. This Joker is not about the usual charm we know. You know he is evil and he knows that you know; he isn't sugar-coating it. What he is doing though is presenting it to you and making you an offer you can't refuse- hate it or join in, but one way or the other, he's gonna get what he wants!

This second instalment of BATMAN which features CHRISTIAN BALE as the caped crusader, is my favourite. No bias. Honest. The villians are villians, the twists are twists, and the dialogue is off the chains.

THe movie is however too long!
TOO. TOO long! Seriously.
And then it is like a roller-coaster. It starts with a High, then it Peaks, then it dips to a Mid-Level point, and then goes High again, then Peaks, then dips (but never has LOWS), until it ends on a High!

How can a movie about a grown man who wears a mask (however well-constructed the mask is), drives the fastest cars, fights the baddest villians and loves a woman he can never have, inspire you and get you waxing philosophical?
Somehow, BATMAN; THE DARK KNIGHT manages to not only entertain, but actually also teach and preach! Yes Boss! SERIOUSLY!!! I walked away from the cinema with so many lessons, but the one sentence that kept ringing in my head was, "If you are good at something, why do it for free?", and then when i saw it again, i fell in love with, "That which does not kill you only makes you stronger". Both statements by the joker.
But the third that i love was "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see people turn against you" (I might have paraphrased but get the general idea- heroes only have short on screent ime; any longer, and you become a villain! For the most part, this is true in life)

BAtman definitely gets the TOSYN STAMP!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A very CAPABLE album

Some albums you have to listen to three times.
The first time, your ears are tuned to the singles you heard before and the other songs just sound like fillers.
The second time, you start to find one or two other songs that you really like.
And by the third time, you have got really into the album.


While ‘MR CAPABLE’ is not Banky W’s first album, it is certainly his most highly anticipated, and back home, a first of sorts. Like most Nigerians, I first heard him on the radio, on a version of Rihanna’s ‘UMBRELLA’.
Now the thing is, most of those re-versions are lame attempts at being funny, or getting attention, but with ‘EBUTE METTA’, what started by fooling around in a studio with friends, became a song most Nigerians could relate to. I am incidentally, kind of, sort of from Ebute Metta (okay fine! My family house sits on the boundary between Yaba and Ebute MEtta!), and Iiked what I heard- a beautiful voice, and smart lyrics!
I then ‘YouTubed’ (the You Tube search version of ‘Google’) his name, and found videos of random performances at shows in America, and that was when I heard what then became his first real single of the album- Capable.

And that brings us back to the album, one with 12 full tracks and 2 skits.


The first song is ‘Do It Like This’, which has a hip-hop vibe to it, and I really like the message behind the song- it’s a Naija boy living in Yankee, straddling the two worlds, vibes and cultures, but always keeping it real. And I especially like when he says, ‘..the beat is so hard, it’s about to press charges’.
I like!
I like!

‘Capable’ is next and it is groovy; I especially like his delivery on the hook and chorus, and can always imagine dancing to it.

Then comes ‘Ebute Metta’ and you must know the song by now right?
Banky might get a lot of flack for covering this song, but I think that’s just people not taking time to discover the artiste. The song is really good, what’s wrong with covers people? And it’s not like he couldn’t deliver the goods on the other songs, so to borrow a phrase…kini big deal?
One thing is for sure tho, no one can resist nodding their heads along when the song comes on!

‘Work You Out’ is a collabo with Sauce Kid and while I am okay listening to Banky without any collabos, this one works. It’s a great party track and Sauce Kid adds more fun and a little edge.

I love ‘Capable’ so when I heard there was a remix, I was worried; why mess with perfection? But this remix by the remarkable ID CABASSA, turns a groovy track to a club banger.

The next track is another collabo, this time with Adewale Ayuba.
Okay, I might have to call Ayuba out here cos he samples a lot of his lyrics from other songs when he is working on collabos (case in point, the collabo with Bantu), but let’s not take anything away from this nice hybrid.
You might not be into Fuji, but Adewale Ayuba is one of the best vocalists of that genre, and I guess that’s why he can get on an R ‘n B track and still make it a cool, simple, smooth listen.
(The song is ‘A Ti De’ by the way)

By Track 8, Banky is done with singing for everyone, and begins to concentrate on the ladies!
‘Know Your Name’ is simple and slow, and yes, we do like.

‘Till My Dying Day’ began as a song based based on his personal experiences, and then went on to become a song written for his sister on her wedding day. (Yes ladies, you may now begin to swoon). It features TYNIE, whose voice and delivery is nothing like her name implies! I especially like the reggae vibe that it has.

A lot of people know ‘My Regret’ already as well because it was actually first released way before this album was! It is a song that speaks of a longing for what was and we would recommend that if you are taking a break from a relationship, then you skip this track till you are a little stronger cos you WILL be dialling numbers you had previously deleted from your phone!

‘You Really Don’t Know Me’ is another one of my favourites because it has that big band feel with the heavy, steady drums and the horns! I can just see Banky dressed like he is in one of the pictures on the album (not the cover), in front of a live band, performing it.
Nice. Nice. Nice!

The last song on the album is ‘Long Time’ which has just a hint of calypso / salsa to it. Hey! You fans of salsa can dance to it whenever you want abi?!
Love the chorus as well, ‘I love you LONG TIME! Tipe Tipe!’
I dare you to hear this song and not move to it sha! And I will pay if you can prove it.

Now that we have dealt with the other lovely songs on the album, may I, ladies and gentlemen, introduce MY song on the album?

Imagine you are so in love with this person, and they are your everything, but for whatever reason, they don’t believe it, or maybe they just can’t handle that much love and so you say to them, “You’re the only one for me, why can’t you see? I knew it from the start… DON’T BREAK what’s left of MY HEART”
Oh I love this song! And in case you didn’t get that yet, it’s ‘DON’T BREAK MY HEART’, and it is slow and deeply touching. But what completely slays me is the fact that he doesn’t actually say ‘Don’t break my heart…’, he says, ‘Don’t break WHAT’S LEFT of my heart…’!

I have pulled myself together enough to say, there you have it folks! Mr Capable… a very capable album (pardon the very dry pun!), an album with NO fillers!
Banky’s strength lies in three things- his vocals which are powerful yet soft and light and need no jara, his lyrics which are beautiful and deep, and his delivery which is on point on each track he tackles.

Should you buy the album?

Seriously though, you should.
Get a copy, NOW, and then get another one for your friend!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome the month of Leos, and Tosyn Bucknor

It's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to...
But there won't be no crying this year as i turn 35...
(The true age is just as shocking so accept this one jo)

I am so excited!
I am so excited!
I am so excited!

Can you tell?
Can you?
Can you?

Okay, let me calm down long enough to blog dammit!

I mean, this is all my parents fault you know. My birthday has always been a big deal! Parties, Gifts, Hugs, etc. Noone forgets my day, nay, especially not i!
And i get giddy from the first of August; mark the days, develop those butterflies in z stomach, and the works.
Of course, as is with everything in life (like Father Keresimesi and the Tooth Fairy), the honeymoon ended!
My favourite birthday ever was my 18th cos it was tres cool, and it then all went downhill from there.
One birthday was spent in the hospital, forever dispelling the myth to me that sicklers stop having crisis at 21; one was spent first on the plane with the headaches that usually accompany long distance flights, and others have been spent 'just there sha'. You know, basically, nothing to write home about.

So why am i giddy and excited and delirious again?
What changed?

Well, try one of the best years of my life!

I mean, no offence to the year i graduated from Queens' College, or Unilag or even Law School oh! And no offence to the years i spent in love oh! And no offence to the years in Unilag (which were fun times i tell ya) or Law School, but August to August has been a great year.
You still dey ask?

Well you are advised to count your blessings abi?
And even though i have more blessings that i can ever count (thank you JESUS), i can still list some of the reasons i no fit shout!

- Try only one crisis this year! As in only one, need-a-hospital crisis this year!

- How about the fact that THESE GENES was formed, and quickly warmed its' way into your hearts? (We thank you sir, we thank you ma)

- My sister had a baby! Mairo was born in October, and while i would like to avoid cliches please! I still have to honestly say, that watching your sister waddle for months (yee! she is so going to beat me), and then give birth to the tiniest person you can imagine, who then starts to grow, to walk, to talk (still working on getting her to say TOSYN dammit), to eat, and to have teeth (two at the last count), is one of the most awesome and breathtaking things that could happen to you. Of course, i guess it will be surpassed by when i waddle for months (and crave the oddest things like chinese food at 2am), then give birth to said bundle of joy (in my case, bundles as i pray for quintuplets), and bla la la!

- I made it to facebook in August last year! SO this is an anniversary really!

- I met the UnRulies this year oh! Very hard to believe!

I found myself this year. Yes i know that you might find the concept of my personas difficult to grasp and seperate, but they help me live a peaceful life.
Tosyn is the writer, and the artistic person, Hazel handles the business and is the Media, Entertainment and Fashion Consultant, and CON.tra.diction is the music persona.

- This year, i went to Ghana for the African Business Leaders Forum, got nominated for a British Council Award, received an award for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and actually got to give talks at seminars and workshops.
I have to admit that at no point in my life did i ever think anyone would take me that serious, but i guess your passion does make a way for you like 9ice said.

- s.h.a.r.e and SPEECHgirl have taken on lives of their own and for that i am eternally grateful. I also thank Osagie and the SUNDAYS AT THE BAY crew, for making this possible!

- And so many other things i cannot share, or cannot remember! But i am still thankful for.

So you know what?
Allow me let my hair down this August and enjoy myself!
I want to be happy and have a ball, and i am celebrating my birthday for a whole week!
Yes boss!
Tuesday 12th (Taruwa night) - Monday 18th (Movie night) are the dates to keep in mind!

I do think that you should also keep some other things in mind-
I mean, you really think i am going to let you get away with not giving me anything this year?
Na beans?
Na Pasuma and Celine Dion in a duet?

No way hosea!
So get ready for the list!
These are SOME of the things i would like this year.
Thank you in advance!

- Make Up
I know! Boring right?
I thought i would start with the simple ones.
I would like, mascaras (different colours), eyeshadows, lipsticks (various shades), and powder!

- Spa Treatment / Massage
Cos my back hurts dammit!
Plus, i need to relax.
I think

- A pair of pairs of Jeans
I love jeans.
You might have noticed since i wear them 360 days in a year
And i would love some.
Thank you.

And hint hint Funke Bucknor Obruthe

- Teddy Bears and other Stuffed Animals
It is such a darn shame that a 35year old girl still needs stuffed animals to cuddle before she can fall asleep but you know what?
But only after you have got me more animals to add to my collection.
I have given some away, but i still have 'Mann', 'Dog' and 'Ugly'.

- A Date
And you berrer not laugh!

Here is what i mean.
I would love to go on a nice simple date with dinner and dancing!

- 9ice
At any one of my birthday events.
Cos 9ice performing even the chorus of a song, would be one of the best gifts of the week!

HINT HINT Toni Payne!

- Supporting any of the four charities / charitable events i support.
For my birthday, i would love if you could, give your time, money, prayers, or thoughts to

: THESE GENES by buying a wristband

: the LAGOS STATE BOOK DRIVE by donating 5 - 10 books to the cause (you can give the books to me and i will get them to them)


I might be going to an orphanage as well and i will keep you updated on that, but on the 14th of August, i will be participating in an Awareness Walk in Surulere so if you would like to join us, hit me up for more info!

And now, i must leave you...
But not for long!
I will be back!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LINDA IKEJI's Event for Charity - STYLE NIGHT 4

My Blogging Colleague, LINDA IKEJI, who is also an amazing Style Entrepeuneur, will, on AUGUST 3rD, at the RUBY HALL of the GOLDEN GATE RESTUARANT, be holding a Fashion Event to raise money to get streets off the kids and into schools!

DESIGNERS exhibiting include:
Monami Fashion,
Modela Couture,
Ishy Couture,
Jim Brooks Clothing,
Steve Ray Couture,
Will J,
Rukkies Boutique,

and DJ JIMMY JATT is the DJ for the night, with KEMISTRY makinga guest appearance as a model!

There will be music by OBIWON, M.I, DJINEE, TOBA GOLD, and SAGE will be delivering marvellous spoken word!
There will be choreography and comedy, and the host of the show is EJIKE of COOL F.M.

Tickets cost N3000, but if you want to cover it as press, then contact moi for details.

For more details on every aspect, check Linda's blog!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Forgive me, It’s just that I was born with a Diva Attitude.
I therefore assume everyone wants to know what I care about!

August is almost here oh, and i cannot wait for it since its the month i was born!
But July is still here, and things, people and places must be loved abi?
So here goes!

There are nights when i go out and just want to scream. It's something positive though, i am just deliriously happy about the music!
What am i loving at the moment?
Banky W's album which i will be reviewing soon. It is a beautiful album with lovely songs, some of which are masterpieces! (And the videos are not half bad either. LOL)
Here's a heads up on my review- my favourite song is 'Dont Break My Heart'; it makes me cry!

Naeto C's P is massive; let's not even debate it... you hear?

I don't know whose idea it was, (Dbanj or Don Jazzy), but 'IGWE' is more than just an Igbo song done by a Yoruba artiste. No, 'IGWE' is a hit! As are most of the other singles on DBANJ's new album.

Durella says i am too gbaski uncode!

MTrill's single, 'Where You Dey Girl', Kel's 'Waa Wa Alright' and Flavour's 'Nabania', are simply to die for, for varied reasons.

There really isn't much by way of television apart from the usual suspects but if you never saw the first two seasons, then please make sure you catch Season 3 of 'JACOBS CROSS'.
Well-written, Well-Directed, Beautifully shot with Sexy characters, it is one of the best Africa series out there! And check out our very own Akin Omotosho who fine no be small!

s.h.a.r.e, the network for interaction and self-expression is definitely leaving its mark when it comes to social and professional networking.
LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e and s.h.a.r.e Sunday At The Bay which hold monthly, redefined themselves in July with greater turnouts, and powerful connections.
Very exciting.

UnRuly Drinks with Bobby T was meant to be simple drinks but it turned into the event of the year when we took over Swe on Sunday the 20th. Etcetera, Dbanj, Ikechukwu and Naeto C were there!

I also have to admit though that the Collosal Live Revolution Concert also impressed me. We always like when our artistes perform live, but it is the quality and diverseness of the performances that always wins us over.
Just got back from July's edition as a matter of fact, and i must say, o wa alright!

Let me admit it; 'WANTED' is not the fantastic movie that it could have been and i can't quit eplace why yet.
Having said that, i will continue to watch it because i will watch paint dry if it means i can see James McAvoy in a shirt and pair of jeans, or shirtless and a pair of jeans, or shirtless, and jeans-less sef. That boy 2gbaski uncode abeg!
And Angelina and her lips were now there as well?
Even if it was paint drying, i would still have watched it!

Another movie that you should see but which i am scared of seeing, is 'Batman'.
It will be a nice movie, but i will cry a river for i have loved Heath Ledger since '10 Things I Hate About You' and it hurts that he is no longer with us.

My sister is an important role model for me and i love her all the time, but this month, i just really want to say she is special; for all the things she is, and all the things she does.

My country people!
I am single oh
And this is where my personas come to play.
On one level, i am single and loving it. But that is Hazel, i am sure. She loves the life we live at the moment.
As for Tosyn, that one enjoys the single life but it don't mean she ain't looking.

Do you think i should do a facebook reality show where i go on dates with different guys and try to find 'The One'?
Or do you think that would be an exercise in 'HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT CREEP'?
Aloofar, abeg your opinion matters much!

Life is a gbaladun.
It isn't always rosy, it isn't without its questions and difficulties.
But life is beautiful.
I met my uncle whom i have never met before in life randomly at the airport!
I lost work and found work!
I facebooked and blogged this!
I fell ill and got back on my feet!
I fell in love but had to let it go!
I love life jo!

These are the things and people and places that i am loving at the moment.
I would love to hear from you o online community; what are YOU loving at the moment?