Sunday, June 22, 2008

The A - Z of tags!

A. Attached or Single?
Working on getting attached.
Ho. Ho. Ho.

B. Best Friends?
Funke Bucknor-Obruthe
Noble Igwe

C. Cake or Pie?
especially, apple pie!

D. Day of Choice?

I would have to say Thursdays
Whether it is what is on on television, or lately because of SWE, or simply because of what it represents (which is one more day to the weekend baby, or even a three day weekend!

E. Essential Item?
Lip Balm

F. Favorite Color?
I love black
I also like the goth look, so sometimes black and purple
And then, i ALWAYS wear something GREEN.

G. Greatest accomplishment?
May i just say living each day well?

H. Hometown?
Lagos State!

I. Indulgences?
Retail therapy.

J. January or July?
Cos it means August is a few days away!


K. Kids?
None that i know of yet.

L. Life is incomplete without?

M. Marriage date?
This is just cruel.

N. Number of siblings?

O. Oranges or apples?

P. Phobias or fears?
Sitting in an office, at a desk with the walls closing in.

Q. Quotes?
"If i live my life according to their pace, what's my prize in life's meaningless race.

R. Reason to smile?

S. Season?
Mild harmattan or Sunny season.

T. Tag three friends?
i tag
- aloofar
- bella naija
- linda ikeji

U. Unknown fact about me?
I shan't tell!

V. Very favorite store?
The Dollar Store.

W. Worst habit?
My Addictions
or maybe it is FALLING IN LOVE
oh wait, that IS an addiction.

X. X-ray or ultrasound?

Y. Your favorite food?
or rice

Z. Zodiac?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hey folks!

So i have got tickets to give away and i am so excited

Naeto C, the guy who declared his 'P' a long time ago, is now releasing his album! The album titled, 'You Know My P' will be released next week and we start the celebrations with an Album Release Party on the 28th in Lagos

So here is the deal, i have tickets and i thought i would share them with people who read my blog

If you want a ticket, leave a comment on this blog and answer any of the following questions

- What is Naeto C's first name?

- What Record Label is Naeto C under?

- What is the World Famous Akademy?

Okay then, remember, this is cerious music so let's get to it cos i do not want to go for the party alone!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Who Is Having Sex In The City?

So on Monday, I went to see a movie at the Galleria. Please note that this was more about the company than the movie; we had no clue what was on, and what times! But when we got upstairs, we saw that the only movie that we could see within the time frame was the one and only SEX AND THE CITY.
We both groaned… outwardly.

See, I was never a fan of the series. I might have seen one or two episodes and really liked Miranda (the red head), but I felt there was no substance, the sex talk was too much (but in their defense, the title does give you forewarning, abi?), and Miranda had to play third fiddle to confused Carrie and sassy Samantha.
Besides, the movie had been so hyped and anticipated, that I was sure it was the last thing I would want to see in a cinema; I felt I would be disappointed.

So we got our popcorn and drinks and settled in. (I almost fell as I walked in, but that is another note! LOL).
And we both looked at each other, knowing we were in for the worst time of our movie-watching lives.
Did the movie disappoint?

- Was that really a movie, or was it just an excuse for fashion designers to plug their products?
- It was boring. Or it went on for too long. I mean, there was only 45mins of story in there to be honest, but no o, they had to let it drag so Carrie could change her shoes a million times
- BAD ACTING! I am sorry but was Chris Noth that bad in the series? And why couldn’t Sarah Jessica Parker deliver Carrie’s punchlines properly? She had so many funny retorts WRITTEN for her, but when she said them, we didn’t even blink. And then, Miranda’s husband was a bit off. Infact, some of the best acting came of course from Samantha, and then the bit characters like Charlotte’s husband! Uhn?
- If you have never seen the series, then you would have been a bit lost. They did not take time out to explain the characters properly, and also how they got there. Infact, if you have never watched the series, you would not understand just how much Samantha was sacrificing to be in a committed relationship. Had to keep explaining to my friend why certain things were such a big deal.

- Hello! The clothes! I mean, I have found inspiration for Tosyn, Hazel and CON.tra.diction. The clothes were fab and as my friend put it, that movie was just a VISUAL COSMO!
- The French guy with two lines, with the perfect butt. Ladies, esamo?
- If you are on a date, and you sit at the back, then you can sneak in a kiss or two!
- Jennifer Hudson starrs in a movie where she thankfully does not have to sing. It is a good move for her to tackle something like that so she doesn’t get put in the box early in her acting career.
- I can understand why Sarah Jessica Parker and / do not get along. Samantha is a sassy character with far better sizzle than Carrie. Samantha almost steals Carrie’s shine in movie world, and ? steals the limelight from Sarah with fab acting as far as I am concerned.
- We love the Louis Vuitton bag. Fullstop.

- Yes. If you have nothing else to do with your life ever! Or, if you just really need a dark room to snog in. Or, if you want to check out great ideas for your new wardrobe. Or, if you want to punish your boyfriend for being bad.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Temperament Queen

I get to it like a Choleric
Lose interest like a Sanguine
Stay laidback and Phlegmatic
Truly, Deeply, Melancholy-ic

Yes, i am a child of temperaments