Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thi Long Weekend sha!

I am sitting here at SWE BAR, sipping a TOSYNS TIPPLE and hanging out with Al-Hass(o)n, Lydia Idakula, Noble Igwe, Kunle Bello, Bayo Omisore and the C.E.O of BYGE, Obijie Oru, on her birthday, but i could not resist the opportunity of getting on Jibola's laptop and blogging about the long weekend ahead.
We have FRIDAY to WEDNESDAY to party at this rate and you just know there was no way i would let it go by without giving you helpful hints as to where to go and what to do!

Let us start with FRiDAy and the MASKED BALL at CLUB 141.
This one is slightly coded and strictly by invitation but it is an opportunity to be dead-drop gorgeous and sexy to boot!
I will be chilling with Kel, Osagie and of course, Bolaji Salami and Funmi Fatona, and after dazzling the world with our short outfits, we will be partying at CLUB NOMORELOSS.

On Saturday, i have to be alive and awake at POETRY POTTER from 2pm where, together with JUDE DIBIA, i will be a guest performer / speaker.
Poetry Potter holds at NATIONAL LIBRARY on HERVERT MACAULAY Street.
Hit me up for more information!

ABUJA peeps, something wacky your way comes on SUNDAY the 28th of SEPTEMBER.
Don't say nothing ever happens in Abuja because TEE-A happens in Abuja.
Yes boss!
LIVE AND NAKED holds in Abuja and not only will 9ice and DBanj perform, but there will be roll on the floor loud comedy from TEE A.
We dey miss oh!

For those of us in Lagos, there is only one thing to do on SUNDAY and that is be AT THE BAY!
Yes oh, s.h.a.r.e will be holding its monthly SUNDAY AT THE BAY event on Sunday.
Take off point is City Mall and there is more info on the Facebook Group and Event page.

Happy Birthday Lydia.
We don't know for sure what she is doing yet, but stick with us cos where she will be, so shall we!
I hear it might be a TARUWA special or so.
Speaking of Specials, s.h.a.r.e will also be holding its'MOVIE REVIEW special on Monday!
It's a public holiday, so hold your N15oo, and come see a movie with us!
Details on the EVENT and GROUP page as always.

Since it is still a weekend, get ready for TUESDAY which is the official LAUNCH OF THE FUTURE AWARDS.
You know, that famous Award Ceremony for young acheivers in various fields.
You know, that award show that rewarded ID CABASA before he became a sensation, and that Award show that was indirectly responsible for the UnRulies and you know, that Award show that gave a certain Funke ENTREPRENUER of the YEAR last year, and that Award Show that made GBEMI OLATERU OLAGBEGI the ON-AIR personality of the year this year, and that had DBANJ explain the koko this year?
It is back! And will be launched on TUESDAY so get your invite and be there!

No, i am not hurt
That is just the name of the designer with the best Slim Ties in Naija!
But they carry other lines as well including Mens Wear and outfits for ladies!
The great thing is, to reward all of us for being Nigerians, they will be holding sales from the 1st of oct to the 4th!
Be there on the 1st though cos clothes move fast at OUCH! with or without sales!

For those of you that like to rest, do that on Thursday... during the day!
Cos at night, GOD BLESS will be on the band stand at SWE BAR, and i will be drinking another TOSYNS TIPPLE!

Then it will be FRIDAY sooner than you imagine, and time for KOFFI's launch at CLUB NOMORELOSS, and then SATURDAY which brings a two fold event
From 2pm, FOURTH REPUBLIC will be performing and signing autographs at NU METRO, and from 4pm, LINDA IKEJI will be launchingFM&B!

SUNDAY ladies (and gentlemen who are toasting said ladies) is time for the HAIR BEAUTIFUL show which will feature weaves, wigs and more!


Do not say i never tell you what to do and where to go cos i just sorted you for 9 days!
I am so excited, and can't wait to dust off my clothes and par-tea!

Now, don't forget to keep listening to M.I, and watch the new videos by DIPP (Dangerous) and LOOSE KAYNON!


  1. Wow! Your life is full of Fun!! I can't wait for the Future Awards galala.... my qualms is thats its a very Lagos-sh event rather than Nigerian oh well, it takes time...

  2. you've got a drink named after you? about time!.......

  3. ALWAYS missing the s.h.a.r.e. sundays at the bay....I hope I catch the next one....HOPEFULLY...u mentioned Jibola...that's Swe's manager abi? e don tey wey i don c d@ babe...

  4. U too like fun! I'm sure u never have a dull moment.