Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A very CAPABLE album

Some albums you have to listen to three times.
The first time, your ears are tuned to the singles you heard before and the other songs just sound like fillers.
The second time, you start to find one or two other songs that you really like.
And by the third time, you have got really into the album.


While ‘MR CAPABLE’ is not Banky W’s first album, it is certainly his most highly anticipated, and back home, a first of sorts. Like most Nigerians, I first heard him on the radio, on a version of Rihanna’s ‘UMBRELLA’.
Now the thing is, most of those re-versions are lame attempts at being funny, or getting attention, but with ‘EBUTE METTA’, what started by fooling around in a studio with friends, became a song most Nigerians could relate to. I am incidentally, kind of, sort of from Ebute Metta (okay fine! My family house sits on the boundary between Yaba and Ebute MEtta!), and Iiked what I heard- a beautiful voice, and smart lyrics!
I then ‘YouTubed’ (the You Tube search version of ‘Google’) his name, and found videos of random performances at shows in America, and that was when I heard what then became his first real single of the album- Capable.

And that brings us back to the album, one with 12 full tracks and 2 skits.


The first song is ‘Do It Like This’, which has a hip-hop vibe to it, and I really like the message behind the song- it’s a Naija boy living in Yankee, straddling the two worlds, vibes and cultures, but always keeping it real. And I especially like when he says, ‘..the beat is so hard, it’s about to press charges’.
I like!
I like!

‘Capable’ is next and it is groovy; I especially like his delivery on the hook and chorus, and can always imagine dancing to it.

Then comes ‘Ebute Metta’ and you must know the song by now right?
Banky might get a lot of flack for covering this song, but I think that’s just people not taking time to discover the artiste. The song is really good, what’s wrong with covers people? And it’s not like he couldn’t deliver the goods on the other songs, so to borrow a phrase…kini big deal?
One thing is for sure tho, no one can resist nodding their heads along when the song comes on!

‘Work You Out’ is a collabo with Sauce Kid and while I am okay listening to Banky without any collabos, this one works. It’s a great party track and Sauce Kid adds more fun and a little edge.

I love ‘Capable’ so when I heard there was a remix, I was worried; why mess with perfection? But this remix by the remarkable ID CABASSA, turns a groovy track to a club banger.

The next track is another collabo, this time with Adewale Ayuba.
Okay, I might have to call Ayuba out here cos he samples a lot of his lyrics from other songs when he is working on collabos (case in point, the collabo with Bantu), but let’s not take anything away from this nice hybrid.
You might not be into Fuji, but Adewale Ayuba is one of the best vocalists of that genre, and I guess that’s why he can get on an R ‘n B track and still make it a cool, simple, smooth listen.
(The song is ‘A Ti De’ by the way)

By Track 8, Banky is done with singing for everyone, and begins to concentrate on the ladies!
‘Know Your Name’ is simple and slow, and yes, we do like.

‘Till My Dying Day’ began as a song based based on his personal experiences, and then went on to become a song written for his sister on her wedding day. (Yes ladies, you may now begin to swoon). It features TYNIE, whose voice and delivery is nothing like her name implies! I especially like the reggae vibe that it has.

A lot of people know ‘My Regret’ already as well because it was actually first released way before this album was! It is a song that speaks of a longing for what was and we would recommend that if you are taking a break from a relationship, then you skip this track till you are a little stronger cos you WILL be dialling numbers you had previously deleted from your phone!

‘You Really Don’t Know Me’ is another one of my favourites because it has that big band feel with the heavy, steady drums and the horns! I can just see Banky dressed like he is in one of the pictures on the album (not the cover), in front of a live band, performing it.
Nice. Nice. Nice!

The last song on the album is ‘Long Time’ which has just a hint of calypso / salsa to it. Hey! You fans of salsa can dance to it whenever you want abi?!
Love the chorus as well, ‘I love you LONG TIME! Tipe Tipe!’
I dare you to hear this song and not move to it sha! And I will pay if you can prove it.

Now that we have dealt with the other lovely songs on the album, may I, ladies and gentlemen, introduce MY song on the album?

Imagine you are so in love with this person, and they are your everything, but for whatever reason, they don’t believe it, or maybe they just can’t handle that much love and so you say to them, “You’re the only one for me, why can’t you see? I knew it from the start… DON’T BREAK what’s left of MY HEART”
Oh I love this song! And in case you didn’t get that yet, it’s ‘DON’T BREAK MY HEART’, and it is slow and deeply touching. But what completely slays me is the fact that he doesn’t actually say ‘Don’t break my heart…’, he says, ‘Don’t break WHAT’S LEFT of my heart…’!

I have pulled myself together enough to say, there you have it folks! Mr Capable… a very capable album (pardon the very dry pun!), an album with NO fillers!
Banky’s strength lies in three things- his vocals which are powerful yet soft and light and need no jara, his lyrics which are beautiful and deep, and his delivery which is on point on each track he tackles.

Should you buy the album?

Seriously though, you should.
Get a copy, NOW, and then get another one for your friend!


  1. hmm...Tosyn you do a good job on music reviews. Did u ever write for a magazine or somethin?

    I did reviews on music and movies for a mag recently and I must say u do a good job of it.

  2. Banky is just OK....i dont like the songs where he does the yankee RnB stuff and he does that alot

  3. what happened to the comment I left earlier? no fair.

    Anyway, hope all is well with you and yours, my sista.