Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It is the THESE GENES RED AND BLUE DAY. to raise awareness for sickle-cell!
Date: Friday 31st october 2008
Time: 9am - 9pm

That's right!
You can be anywhere in the world, doing anything you like; at work, in school or at play!
All you need to do is wear Blue and / or Red, and talk to people about sickle-cell!

Remember, THESE GENES has the following for sale:

TSHIRTS (Blue or Red)- N2500

To get a tshirt and wristband, call Tosyn on 08023066252

You can wear our tshirts and wristbands on that day, or any other day after that!

So remember, on Friday october 31st, u have to do three things

1. Wear a red and / or Blue outfit

2. Talk to FIVE people about sickle cell

3. Give us your STATUS UPDATE on Facebook!

here are some of the things you can say on your Status Update!

- I am a THESE GENES celeb!

- Looking good in THESE GENES?

- What's Your Sign?

- Live Once, Live Well!

Let the world hear about These Genes and Sickle Cell, on Friday!

Dont forget to call Tosyn for a tshirt or wristband!


Monday, October 27, 2008


My friends!
Like that song goes...

Ekaabo so ri eto wa!
And all dat kain tin!

How was your weekend?
Like i promised, i managed to sneak in to the KNIGHT HOUSE video shoot!

Okay, let me explain.
KNIGHTHOUSE is z best production outfit in Las Gidi and beyond.
Made up of three dynamic (and cute) young men (Rogba 'CEO' Arimoro. Lanre 'KNIGHTSABRE' Oladimeji, and Tope 'OTHELLO' Gomez), they have their fingers in all production pies- television, radio, and of course, music!
Having worked with some of the best in the industry, they have gained underground acclaim, so it's now time to bring it to the streets, with their mixed tape, STREET SCRIPTURES, an album that features Loose Kaynon, Kel, Skuki, M.I, Mo Cheddar, Ill Bliss and other music industry 'low is high'weights. (That last bit will make sense later)

The video being shot was for one of the singles of the album, 'PURPLE', and it features M.I, Nyore (as in, dis chick too bahd, and too fly), and Mo Cheddar (she may be young but don't assume notin!)
Shot at Digitrack studios in TBS, and directed by AWIZZLE (a Taruwa regular), it featured Tito, Mike Majic, Mariam, Tope Oloketuyi, and short black girl with 34 C's.
It was an all day all night shoot cos after that, the video for 'Drums', featuring Kel, Ill Rhymes, Mo' Cheddah and EX-O, was also shot!
It was a full house with support from the Rooftop MC's, Godwin Tom, Al Hassan (SIDI AND AMBER), Lara, Loose Kaynon, Dayo Oyedele, Clarence Peters, Ice Prince (holler at your home girl sometym Prince), Yinka (Switched On Naija)...
We had a very special appearance- Osgy Wire, who like Kanye, made it through the wire, came to support her peoples!

Special big ups to BIO OMONEYIGHA of LABELLES TOUCH, the fastest growing make-up house in Naija.
She was on hand as more than just the make-up artiste on ground, she was also the costume lady, and the Production Manager.
That girl tiny but the energy!
She did everything, and it rocked that she got a cameo in the video.
You go see am!

I worked this weekend oh, staying up till 3a.m every night!
Thanks to my fellow insomniacs- Jerry Ossai, Chiagozem, and Jibola Lawal for keeping me company.

This is gearing up to be one of those long posts but i have to give you an intro into three things, then give one of them, it's own post!

Starting from the last (but not by any means the least; infact, one could say we were saving the best for last. One could say so, but nah! LOL)

M.I has lately gone from underground sensation, to the most talked about hip-hop star, no thanks to singles like 'SHORT BLACK BOY' and 'FIVE MINUTES / SAFE', and performances at events like Taruwa (where he is a beloved favourite), Jeans for Genes, Launch of The Future season 4, An Evening With.., WAPi, Koffi's Comedy Show, Club Nomoreloss, and so on!

Now, his album is set to drop, and with the vibe we are getting, his originality, skills, swag, and charisma, will win him new fans and cement his hold on the old ones!
His album listening party is an eclusive first listen to new singles off the album, as well as the premiere for his video for 'Safe'.
The event, brought to you by s.h.a.r.e and CHYBUZ Consult, in conjunction with SWE BAR, will hold on the 2nd of November.

M.I is signed to CHOCOLATE CITY, run by Audu Maikori. Audu Maikori won the British Council International Young Music Entrepreneur award, and went on to win at the international level as well!

We wish we could have spent Saturday, November 1st resting, but we will be at FACE OFF, he celebrity basketball SHOW, featuring celebs like DBAnj, Ruggedman and Kel, going up against the Islanders!
This will hold at OceanView restuarant, from 4pm.

Which brings us to FRIDAY!
Friday Night!
Trick or Treat!
Red Carpet Costume Party!
Anyring you want to crall it!

The Funnest and Freakiest Costume PArry ever! is brought to you by s.h.a.r.e and Knighthouse, once again, in conjunction with SWE BAR!
It starts at 6.45pm, and admission is strictly by invite (and costume!)
To get on the guest list and get an invite, please send a text to
with your NAME, NUMBER (because u fit borrow phone now!), and costume ideas!

There are only 50 invites so the earlier the berrer!

And now, since i have become like NAS and started from end to beginning, it is time to tell you about what happens during the day on FRIDAY!

For clarification, RED AND BLUE day is NOT an event!
Don't ask us where it is holding, because it is not 'holding'.
It is simply a day, like every other day!
So if you go to work, abeg, go work that day oh, dont use our name lie!
If you go to school, pay attention to your teachers... or at least to the hot chick in front of you wearing that short skirt to class again!
And if you are socialising, then socialise like it's 1999 (dont know why i am obsessed with 1999)
Whatever you do, do it and do it well!

Do it, wearing RED and / or BLUE
Do it, giving us your status updates on facebook
Do it, talking to at least FIVE people about sickle cell

SO be aware, and get aware!

You understand me now?

Okay then!
It would seem that i have finally run out of ink!
We must go now!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Just Before You Log Off For The Weekend!

My Guy!
(Cos you know now, we friends, buddies, PEO-PLES!!!)

How is it going?

It is 5pm on a Friday and i know that some of us only blog and facebook when they are at work so i thought i would get this in quickly before you leave!

The 31st is almost here!
We thank you all for the interest that has been generated so far!

Do you have your Red and / or BLUE ready?
You shd!
You need to!

Your clothes
Your status updates
Your voice!

Thats what we need!

What can make Lagos Stand Up?
FOr me, i think it can only be Nigeria's and indeed, Africa's brand new experience, like vista!
It is M.I o o o o!

And it is the Listening PArty to be at.
O ti tan.
and so on and so forth!

It is on the 2nd of November, at the much loved Swe Bar!
Big ups to Jibola of Swe!
She makes tins happen!

You know what else happens at Swe Bar?
Costume Parties!

Well, if there wasn't one before, now there is fo' sho!

Remember s.h.a.r.e?
The social network for young adults who want to meet people, network, and express themselves?/
And do you know KnightHouse, the biggest blooming production outfit in Naija?
Do you know what happens when they partner?
The freakiest and funnest costume parry E. Ver!

It is on the 31st of October, and the best costumes will be treated to Tosyns Tipple
yes boss!

My face no dey fear your face
Well, someone's face shall fear another on the first as celebs take on the Islanders in a mahd game of basketball at Expo Hall, Ocean View, on the 1st of November, at 4pm.

Kel go play
Dbanj sef go play

Gbemi go commentate

And me?
I go be me na!

M.I shot a video for 'Safe / Five Minutes Freestyle' recently and it will be premiered on the 2nd, at his Listening PArty (do you have your invite yet by the way?)

Now Knight House will be shooting a video on Sunday the 26th, at an undisclosed location
(Dem no want make you mob the celebs that will be there)

My plan is to find out the location and sneak in there
I will give you the gist like only i can!

Fine gal
No pimples
Big Voice

O sexy!

She will also be shooting her video on WEDNESDAY and i hear say the clothes she go wear ehn?
Na firah!

Well, i have spoken with Sura de tailor to patch some work for me because warri no dey carry last o o o o

So, you guys have to come to my blog fo 'sho early next week (Mon or Tues), so i can give you updates on
: Singles and Albums to watch out for
: s.h.a.r.e events coming up
: These Genes tshirts brought to you by ..?
: M.I
: Trick or Treat
:Women in Music
: Mama Ekundayo
: and so on and so forth

Okay, so thank you for sitting back at work to read this.
Now let's parry like it's 1999...

I have five personas, and now, i think i have four skitsonas
- Innit
- Razz Chick
- Thinks she is warri babe
- HipHop L'omo

I go yarn you all dat one later!

Go on soun ma peoples
Go on soun!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

He Was a Nice Guy

i wish i could let him go, and let him get away with it.
Part of me worries that my healing is tied to my willingness and ability to forgive, and let things be. And yet, each morning i wake up and pray for forgiveness, even as i forgive those who have trespassed against me.
Then i tell God that it is really hard to extend that to him sha.

What am i on about it?
My last few status updates on crack... sorry, facebook give an inkling.
I have gone all mad at the 'nice guy'. You know.
You grow up hating so called bastards. Then you think men are just.. well, men!
Then you meet a nice guy and it's alright. And then you delude yourself and say stuff like,
'Once you go nice, you can never go back'.

Well sister!
I am here at my cynical best to inform you that nice guys can be even worse. So never let your guard down cos when you least expect it..with the least likely suspect...you will find yourself sharing a very public heart (ache?) with the world.

I wish my blog was anonymous.
And i wish it was not linked  with my facebook notes.
Cos here i am, wanting to wear my heart on my sleeve in this online diary, wanting to vent and all, and yet i am worried.
Ah well.
Forgive me.
I did try not to do anything.
Tried to pretend i was fine.
Even wore a dress to Taruwa.
Tried to convince myself that if i looked good, i would feel good.
Then of course, i saw him, and my world came crashing.

I suppose you can never delude yourself into believing you are over someone, till you see them in a public place (possibly where you both met), and can exist.
For as long as seeing them causes you to either laugh a little too loud so they know you are doing just fine without them, or  causes you to walk out during performances cos you want to cry a bit, or curses you to not even talk to your best friend, or the people you love cos they are afterall, all men as well..
then no,
you. aint. over. him.

Now, if i told you the story of 'him' ehn, you could laugh at me.
You would wonder why i am letting something so short and insignificant, get to me.
He doesn't get it either.
When he gets all self-righteous and takes on a role of a love martyr, he truly wonders what he did so wrong.
I mean, would he be the first guy to say he wasn't ready? That he needed time? That he wanted to somehow, even though Pandora's box had been opened, stay just friends?
What did he do that was so bad sef?
Abeg Tosyn, FREE HIM!!!

Honestly, you may not get it either!

But you see, the first time i loved and lost, it was with someone i never even dated, and didn't know for long.
But still, he became a legend.
Cos it took seven years to get over him.
At some point when i was sitting down randomly in class in Law School, i realised i had to find closure, or i would be rooted to the same spot for the rest of my life.
So i got over him.
Seven years later.
So if it takes me a little time to get over this one (Supposed. Nice. Guy. Now. Annoying. One), then so be it.

Thank you to those who introduced me to COLBIE CAILLAT, once again.
Her songs capture how i feel perfectly.
Sometimes, it seems i am telling him that if he just realises what i just realise, then we could be happy together. Other times, i realise it is a battle.
I also love Alanis. Cos she said it well when she says she thought we could be happy together.
But we are not.

So here i am.
Up in the middle of the night.
And hoping this helps.

Here is a toast to all those who love and get it right!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Allo people!

And i am back!
This time, to talk about one thing only-
THESE GENES; the Sickle Cell Project

Just in case you do not know yet, These Genes is a Project that seeks to create awareness about sickle-cell, and basically, get people talking about the disorder!!!
We like for people living with sickle cell to be able to talk about the disorder, and what living with it means for them, and we love for those with family members, friends or loved ones living with the disorder to also talk about what that entails, and to understand the physical and psychological implications of the disorder, a little more!

Apart from TEENAGE GENES which is our monthly workshop with teenagers on the disorder, we also have a website, and of course, a book in the works!
But, what we also love to do best at THESE GENES, is just get people talking in their usual, and natural environs!!!
We like the month of October, and we zeroed in on a date- OCTOBER 31ST
We then cornered this day and decided to make it ours, and so OCT 31ST is now THESE GENES DAY!
This year, it is the RED AND BLUE DAY!!!

What happens on october 31st?
What happens on These Genes Day?
What happens on Red and Blue Day?

EVERYONE (we mean everyone that cares about us, that supports us, that lives with sickle-cell, or that knows someone who lives with sicklecell), has to wear RED and / or BLUE to work, school or play, on OCTOBER 31st!
It could be your shirt, or your shoes, or your hat, or your pants, or your hair!!! But you have to wear something red and / or something blue!

If you have a THESE GENES tshirt, wristband, or other merchandise, then you have to wear that as well!!!

And the last thing you need to do?
You need to talk to at least FIVE people, about THESE GENES, or SICKLE-CELL.
Be as brief or detailed as you please, research on the internet if you like, send it as a message if you so desire. But whatever you do, let five other people become more aware of sickle-cell, cos of YOU!!!

So that is three simple things to do with These Genes, on OCTOBER 31ST

- Wear Red and / or Blue on Friday OCTOBER 31st.
You can wear it to work or school, and also if you are going out partying or just for drinks!
- Wear a THESE GENES wristband or tshirt if you have one
- Talk to FIVE people about sickle-cell!!!

It is going to be a lot of fun guys, and i can't wait!
Take pictures, blog about it, put it up on facebook, write about it in the papers or magazines, talk about it on your show, post a video on youtube....

Let's keep the awareness going cos we might only live once, but if we live well, then once is enough!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Forgive me, It’s just that I was born with a Diva Attitude.

I therefore assume everyone wants to know what I care about!

It's October!

It's the month Nigeria was born!

Oh no wait, thats not right!

its the month Nigeria gained independence.

So what am i loving at the moment?


It was a nice evening, a nice way to wrap the day up, and then get into the night...Club Nomoreloss style!

We were talking about music, naturally! And for some reason, Banky, whose music i am still loving at the moment, then decided there was an artiste i simply had to listen to!

He got me a c.d, and i took it home.

Two days later, i listened to the c.d, and i have not stopped listening.

Maybe it is because she sings about love like she feels every thing, every where, even when it is not hers!

Maybe it is because she writes like Alanis, but is calm like Dido!

Maybe it is because i feel every song, as if she wrote it with me in mind.
Or maybe it is simply because COLBIE COILLAT is a fantastic singer songwriter!

Here is her artist page on ILi

This is all i am listening to at the moment.
Okay, maybe not all, but pretty much all.

Will actually do a review soon, but have to review two other albums that i am also loving
- Upgraded by Alexander Yangs (yup! he went there! lol)
and the debut album by Fourth Republic!

And as per singles, then there is no other single killing it like M.I's FIVE MINUTE FREESTYLE.


So You Think You Can Dance is back!
And Tuesday just became the new Thursday!

I am also chuffed and glad that AMBO is back!
Amstel Malta Box Office, the search for the next Box Office Star, will begin airing in November, but the auditions start this month so why are you still reading this note and not on the site?

Some people still have not made it to s.h.a.r.e Sunday at the Bay, Just Because, LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e or s.h.a.r.e Movie Reviews
We wonder why!
Every s.h.a.r.e event is designed to appeal to different vibes, work schedules, and temperaments but they have one thing in common-
they ROCK!

Taruwa also rocks, and the first Taruwa at Jazz Sessions rocked pieces!
Al Hassan was as always, a charming host, while the ladies- Funmi Fatona and Ayotunde Awofusi, showed that they are more than eye candy. I still want that dress you wore Funmi.
Sistah Soul s.h.a.r.ed her new song with us (we want it for the Taruwa album jo), and bez once again won hearts with his song and smile!
SPEECHgirl might have read a poem out.

Looking forward to being at SWE BAR this Saturday for JUST BECAUSE RITA WON AN AWARD!
Niyi Tabiti is presenting Rita with the BEST DRESSED NOLLYWOOD ACTRESS, as voted by readers of his blog, and it will be a nice, chilled out evening!
Rita is going to enjoy Tosyns Tipple on the house!


Still waiting to be impressed!


my sister of course
She is now blogging,

Osagie of course!
Much love, and get well soon punkette!

Godwin Tom and Doyin, Chiedu and Ayotunde, and all the millions of people who make love look loveLY!

My ex
Ho Ho Ho

My sisters blog!
bella Naija as always!
Aloofa is too mahd!
That Gemini Girl!
Unruly Inc

The ups and downs, the highs and falls.
I love it all, and im not quitting now!

Go nominate at www.thefuturenigeria.com

And let me know what YOU are loving at the moment!
If you are in Lagos, and can redeem your prizes, then you can also win a prize, just by telling me what you are loving!

t.I would love to hear from you o online community; what are YOU loving at the moment?

Going Retro... sortt of

I am in a retro phase
It is not in your face or uncontrollable, and no, i have not dug up my neon boob tube yet. I have just been tying scarves on my forehead, carrying huge earphones about, and listening to music from my dad's time, including his own!




ENJOY the music people!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

AMBO 4 and Other Updates

Hi guys
How is it going?

I am sitting at a cybercafe, listening to an album Banky insisted i must listen to, partly cos of CON.tra.diction. Who is CON.tra.diction? That is my music persona and i think quite a number of you know of her already, but not to worry, will tell you a little more about her soon!

The first time i saw OC UKEJE was on a stage where he was acting. I promptly asked him to marry me, and he promptly said no. I am persistent though. Ha. Ha. Ha.
It was therefore nice to see him win Amstel Malta Box Office 2. He is afterall, handsome, multi-faceted, and a great actor! But without that extra push, he might have stayed an underground genius.
It is why i like shows like AMBO, the ones that get it right and come at it from an original perspective.
I loved KACHI in the third instalment and was glad Seun Ajayi and himself made it to the top three. Bhaira McWizu, with one of the most expressive faces and deliveries in the industry won that instalment and i cannot wait to see what her movie will be!
(Remember, it was SITANDA for Aziza, the winner of the first instalment and WHITE WATERS for OC)
Wonder if they can shock me in one of these movies as Waka Pass?

The FOURTH instalment is here!
And it has a Royalty theme!
Registeration for auditions is now open so guys, let's begin supporting the movement!
Here's how it goes.
If you are a reality show junkie, then get ready for an exciting fourth instalment!
If you like to party and have a good time, then stay tuned,cos you just might win invites to eviction shows and parties
If you however, hate to always be the watcher and never the watchee (i don begin form words), then why don't you log on to http://www.amstelmaltaboxoffice.com/) and register?!
Think about it; those people who audition and participate don't have three heads, do they?
Registeration closes soon so the sooner the better!

And as for those of us who just want to watch and comment, then join the facebook group!

Please do not forget MAMA EKUNDAYO
I plan to go there second weekend in November, 8th and 9th November so, if you would like to come with me,or you just want to make a contribution, then hit me up for more info.

I have a dad, mum and sister. And if i had another sister, then it would be Osagie. So love you loads Osagie. Love you loooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads!

Rita Dominic was recently voted the best dressed Nollywood actress in a poll conducted by NIYI TABITI.
On Sat 11th october, from 4pm, she will be presented with the award and some gifts, at SWE BAR.
It will be a nice simple evening and as usual, Tosyn will sort you out with updates and info!
Yes Boss!

Happy Birthday to Jude MI Abaga!
Love you loads for the music you create, the lives you touch, and the person and persona you are!
O gbona feli feli!

So guys, let me go off now and put on my shoes cos Fourth Republic is releasing their album today at Posh Cafe!
Yes oh!