Friday, August 13, 2010

its my birthday...

... But no crying
This birthday I want to be happy.
I'm alive.
Its not all perfect. My superman is ill. And I battled pneumonia and acute chest syndrome this year. Kai see chest pain! Have u ever been afraid to breathe?
I was!

I'd get philosophical and tell u as long as ure breathing, ure living, so live mehn!

Its my birthday and I want peace love and amala
And an Eminem c.d or two
And socks
And a brandy c.d
And accessories
And music
And smiles
And love
And joy
And a happy birthday song
And you
And world peace
And donuts

Its my birthday again! And I'm blessed! So I thank tha Lord!
Cos it is important

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I luv you Nigeria


I once had a friend who was quite ill. The least of what he had was a cold. But he also had malaria, and doctors suspected he was anaemic as he was severely jaundiced.
My friend was a lovely boy to look at. Well, in parts. For some reason, he was developing skin allergies from things that were destroying him internally and so he had some patches here and there. But he was also vibrant in certain areas and you could see and feel that in him.
He had this wide grin that drew you in, and even though there were a few teeth missing and one or two of the teeth seemed to be decaying, you always smiled back. He had a firm handshake and you might have resisted at first, but once you held out your hand to him and he shook it, you felt a warmth radiate.
My friend was basically of an easy going nature. He liked parties and football. But every once in a while, he would lose his temper and then you would be so afraid. These outbursts were temporary but the doctors feared that without some form of psychological help, he would become permanently angry and at war with himself. This could be true since his outbursts have started increasing and these days last for longer.

My friend refuses to wear glasses although it is obvious he needs them. You can tell by the way he stumbles sometimes and always pulls the paper close to read. But i think he thinks wearing glasses would be uncool. Well falling down and breaking your hip is also uncool but hey! Who listens to me anyways?
And speaking of listening... That is something my friend is not good at. Listening.
I think he pretends to listen. He keeps quiet and nods a lot when people talk and then goes right ahead to do the opposite! It annoys me sometimes because really, some things that are said are for his own good. And i will tell you one of the things we said.

You see, my friend is going to turn fifty. I know! I know!
Ideally, one should block the roads, cook some food and bring down heaven and earth. I know people who clear their accounts just so they can celebrate their fiftieth. People buy new clothes, maybe even make new friends. It is not easy to be fifty o, and as they say, ‘dem go take’!
So it is only natural that my friend wants to celebrate his birthday right?
But you see, my friend is ill. He has a cold, and malaria, and he is severely jaundiced.
I think the money he withdraws and spends should not be on the biggest cake he can find, a website in his honour, parties in different states and so on. I think the money he has should be spent on getting himself treated and better!
I think my friend needs to heal his body, his heart, his memories, his mind.
And this is what we have all told him.
But my friend does not listen. And he never seems to learn from his past mistakes.
Like that time my friend celebrated his independence from his parents? He was so excited! But he had no plans! He did not think of how he would keep himself on his feet for years, what his children would eat from, and what people would think of him, and how to relate with others. No, Airegin does not listen to anyone. And so come October 1st, he will celebrate. Possily in darkness, with water drawn from a well that is drying up.
And on the second, he will start all over again