Wednesday, February 11, 2009

(Almost) Everything You Need To Know About The UnRuly Ball!

We’ve hinted, and you’ve asked, so we’re going to tell…but not everything (Gotta keep a lil’ bit of mystery, right?) about the UnRulies’ latest project.

• It’s a BALL…UnRuly Style
• It’s to raise money for 4 different charities
• We need your help

We’re asking for Partners, Volunteers, and Support.

Let’s break it down:
• Partners: Cough up the cash!
• Support: Services
• Volunteers: Well…volunteering! :o)

So much is going into this project, it’s our biggest one yet, and we’ll need a Venue, Food, Drinks, D├ęcor, Hype, Techie know-how, Media coverage and so much more, so if you (or your business, group of friends, etc) want to donate your money (Partner), provide any of these services (Support) or just help out with the million and one small but mighty tasks that will have to be done to make this event a reality (Volunteer) we’ll love you forever! D

etails about the various charity projects will be revealed soon (remember what we said about mystery, lol?)

So contact us, or leave a comment here so we can get back to you!

Dem go hear am!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There once was one (1)

There once was one before you
And he also looked into my eyes
He held my hands and promised
Then he took those same hands and broke them

I hear the words you say
I see your lips as they move
And then i see his eyes come through them all

There once was one before you
With words before you
With hugs before you
With promises before you
Look where i am now
Before you

Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 random things about me

1. I have mild doses of ocd. I tend to have to do things a certain number of times, i'm addicted to some numbers, have to step on patterns when im walking in a certain way, etc etc. Was worse when i was growing up but im better now!

2. Love love.

3. Was a prefect in secondary school! Loved it!

4. I always say, if you knew me without Jesus, you would be scared. Truth is, i have this journey spiritually, and i have been on it since forever! From hating God to being Born Again, to being a Theist, Atheist, and then a Theist again, to this point where i am where i finally admit that GOD is my all in all, i have been there. And know why GOD is GOD? Cos HE has never rejected me when i come crawling back!

5. I never dated the person i was most heartbroken about. Took me seven years to get closure, and sometimes i wonder if i am 100percent over him sef!

6. If you have watched 'YES MAN' you will understand this- i have been a 'YES MAN' for a better percentage of my life! I tend to say 'yes' to all opportunities, no matter how new or scary. Thats why my c.v is the way it is, that is why people never know what i DO.

7. I am not scared of dying. I am scared of living but not being alive.

8. Funke is my best friend. I love her so much for everything she is, and how, even when she does not get me, she still lets me be me.

9. After NYSC, i stayed at home for nine months doing NOTHING. As in, all i did was watch television and think!

10. I run s.h.a.r.e which people now know, but we have been at it for a while! s.h.a.r.e also started as a matchmaking organisation of sorts, and we have four couples to our credit. Very exciting! I am thinking of reviving that aspect

11. Osagie.

12. I am a christian, but i have to battle with two things- my love of bad habits (like smoking or drinking when i'm upset), and my belief in astrology (i am so proudly leo that i worry how to reconcile that with my faith!)

13. She does not know this, but TY BELLO has made two significant changes in my life
- In university, she preached to me in the least preachy way. When i went crawling back to GOD, it was cos i rmembered stuff she said!
- She did that documentary about Mama Ekundayo. Meeting Mama Ekundayo was profound for me!

14. I love black and green! I ALWAYS wear green, and Didi has been trying to catch me for a long time but no way! Even if it is a ring, i wear green!

15. People beef me now, just cos of me, but also because i am UnRuly. But, i love being UnRuly, and if you know how we met, and who we are to one another, you'd keep hating, but for the right reasons- cos we rock!
It doesn't matter though, i said 'YES' to UnRuliness so to speak, and i will see it through. LEt the beefing and the hating continue. Keep writing notes and articles, directly and indirectly about us; keep talking ish about my brothers and sisters. While you are hating, we are growing.

A whole lot!

17. Laugh about the fact that i have five personas and four skitsonas, but seriously though, i am just making lemonade out of lemons baby!
and speaking of which
the personas are: HAZEL, CON.tra.diction, NAIJA BLONDE, SPEECHgirl and TOSYN.

18. Facebook rocks and sucks! Almost equally!

19. Last year for me, was all about the choleric. Mehn! I worked, and kept working. Then January this year, the Melancholic tapped my shoulder and we couldnt function for a bit!
Im back though, but i am taking this year as a reflective year. GOD Moved my cheese so i could find new cheese or a new route!

20. I do not see the big deal in ARRANGED marriages! I think love and marriage are a gamble anyways. People date for seven years then break up, or are friends for three years, date, then end up hating each other! Its all a quagmire!
Having said that, dont stay in it cos of society!
I guess the balance is, take the traditional African / Nigerian values, and then stir in a good dose of Hollywood romance ideals!

21. If i could, i would wear jeans everywhere- shows, weddings, anywhere!

22. I love my legs even though they have all those spots where i was bitten by insects as a child! I feel very sexy when i wear short dresses!

23. I love performing as CON.tra.diction (singer). I really love it! Record labels, Show promoters, where you at?

24. I drink tea almost every morning! It is the most calming ritual i have. Oh wait, then there is praying in the bathroom.

25. Deyo Adebiyi loves and knows me more than i love and know myself sometimes!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

KNIGHTHOUSE Presents... PURPLE! The Video!

I keep telling you guys about 'PURPLE' the track featuring M.I, NYORE, and MO CHEDDAR, which was produced by KNIGHTHOUSE, and is the first single of the STREET SCRIPTURES mixed tape! Love the song, and play it everyday on TOP RADIO when i am on air, and now that the video is out, the excitement continues.
I make a cameo but blink and you will miss me!

Don't matter though, the real stars are the three artistes and the production house that deliver a song well worth every hype it gets!

So, because i seem to have forgotten how to work my way round technology, i will give u a link to Osagie's blog to see the video!
Read her blog as well while you are at it cos she writes well and good!

Let me know what you think about the vid!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Day!

Very Brief!

Started work at TOP RADIO today!

Woke up at 4am, my mom almost fainted when i started driving out at 4.30!
But i had to cos my show is 6-11am, Mon to Fri!

It was fun, and while i remember what the last song i played was (my dad's LOVE AND AFFECTION, off his album, SON OF JANUARY 15th), i cant for the life of me remember the first song i played!

Played Omawunmi, Rooftop, Kel, Timi, M.I, and 'Purple' off the Street Scriptures album bt Knighthouse!

I am excited, a little scared (of days to come), but grateful for this opportunity!

Like i say, i was too short for t.v, so i got right back on radio!