Saturday, January 31, 2009

One fateful sat night...

It all began with R
But maybe i should start from the very beginning, its always a good place to start.

My boyfriend and i (lets call him 'i') split up. As some of you already know, when 'i' and i split up, what should have been a, 'this does not look like it is working right now; shd we step back, be friends and try again down the line' split, turned ugly, and left me kinda withdrawn (no gory details you gbebos!)
So, there i was wondering if i would move on again (hence the poem in one of my earlier posts which you should now check out NOW)...


I became scared to fall asleep for a bit. Not cos i would have nightmares, but cos i would have nice dreams where i would be back in a place where it was all okay. Then i would wake up and realise it wasn't, and i would feel like dying. As in, truly!
But then i met 'R'

Okay, i have always known 'R'. He is 'i's acquaintance; you know like how you have the big circle of friends where in the end, everyone knows everyone? Well, i knew 'R' before i met 'I' and 'R' and 'I' were friends before 'I' and I began dating.
Im confusing myself jo!
Ill give nicknames or something jare

Anyways, i met Ramo, and we began chatting. First, i wanted to be sure we were still friends, cos sometimes, when stuff like that happens, you guys have to split friends! But Ramo and i were good! We began chatting about Ramo's girlfriend, about a mutual friend with bigger concerns right now than the green earth, and then we went off for Pounded Yam at Jevenik!
Then we sat in the car and listened to Alanis and spoke!
ANd he allowed me speak!

Men, please learn!
Girls do not need to be fixed!
When a girl is hurting, don't show up with cliches and say. 'He was not worth it'. Cos he was or we would not have been dating in the first place!
Just let us talk or cry or something!
Like my pastor had done the previous week, and like Ramo was now doing!
And when we were done, we hugged, he left, and i went in for a meeting with the UnRulies!

Next morning, not too much dread!

But as i got up, and went to LASU for the SAVE A SOUL concert, i realised there was a bigger life out there than my achy breaky heart!
Like how the Rooftop MCs, Kel, MI, Ruggedman, Weird MC and Djinee would show up for a concert in a tiny school (not the main LASU) and perform their biggest hits for free, just so a girl with a brain tumour can get treated!
And im there whining about heartache?
Shut up Tosyn!

From there, i went for s.h.a.r.e JUST BECAUSE drinks at LYDOS bar which was a laugh and a minute!

Everyone came! Alex Yangs, Kel (BRIEFLY), Osagie, Funmi Fatona, Mide Vodka, Omy Itsueli, Onyeka Onyekpe...
We drank, and chatted and spoke about vals day, and policemen, and music and life! We laughed, we argued, and we created superhero characters. Spoiler Alert! I am COKE GIRL, and Osagie is GATE MAN.
No, we didnt get it either!

Niji was meant to come, but he didnt!
I have known Niji since University! He gave me a teddy bear one valentines day, i wonder if he remembers! And while i am not ready to begin dating, i was hoping to hang out with him in a social environment!
That day will come later i guess!
In the meantime, s.h.a.r.e was fun, and then, when everyone left, i began a long discussion with Dimeji about why Leos and Aries cannot be together, even though all the astrology books say they should!
We aint done, cos you see, the Leo Female loves to argue, and an exasperated Aries Dimeji who just ended a relationship with a Leo Female felt i was channeling her! Now we gonna have drinks to talk about this!
Someone better chaperone cos i no fit shout oh!

And how did i end this night?
By dancing with Nosa ALL NIGHT!


Yes oh!

I met Nosa last year.
He interesting in a 'is he a bad boy that will utterly shatter my world and reputation' kind of way?
Funny, at some point, the choice was between Nosa and 'I' and i picked 'I' as the sure bet. Thats why i dont gamble folks!
I suck!

Nosa is being understanding!
He knows that right now, im still venting and letting 'I' out!
But it was nice to be with him!

So, one funny night where i remembered a lot of things i have always known, and discovered new ones...

- the quickest way to get over one person is to get with another!
- okafors law... but in a pure sense! Its comfy to be with guys who knew you before and understand the madness already. Whether they feel ready to take it up again is another matter entirely!
- relationships end. It dont mean either party was terrible and will now be condemned to a life of loneliness! 'I' and I will be fine!
- first comes healing; then restoration!

It is just one night, and now i have to go and sleep!
Somehow, i doubt i will wake up lost


So i love talking about what i am up to at any given moment.forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude, I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about

Right now, i am loving...
Music wise, i am in a phase.
Who i am REALLY loving at the moment is the TRUE SCHOOL of music- M.I, Kel, BANKY and songs off the KNIGHTHOUSE STREET SCRIPTURES album!
But because i am in a phase, i am listening more to Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna (TAKE A BOW), Heather Hedley, and Yolanda Adams (cos only Jesus can save me fo' sho!). Banky, cd i pls have another Colbie album?

I find that i am finally loving T.I
Not from the pop point of view, but he might actually make it to that list that previously had only Tupac and Eminem.

Have no clue where all the nice movies are, but the last movie i saw and liked-ish was TRANSPORTER 3 which i will be reviewing soon!

Maybe i shd say it again!

This has to be persons cos im loving the UnRulies right now, and if anyone dont like my friends, then they dont like me, and i dont like you, but cos God loves you, and loves me, we still good!

I am also, very grateful to Yinka Bello at the moment, and he knows why! Also loving Chris Ihidero for he has no cliches to offer, and Noble for being there, and Deyo who is just a friend i forget i have till stuff happens then we lean right back on each other! Thanks for the love and support you have shown at this period sister!... Love JIBOLA OLUBIYI cos she is JIBOLA and no one be like her, and love REMI for eating pounded yam with me and letting me know we would always be friends!
Im loving Kunle (you know who u are) for the movies and the shorts, and Alex, and Gbemi!
Ayodele Ayohla Adepoju... you know what that means!
And i love Teniola even as we say goodbye to each other!

My favourite event despite one or two hiccups is the FUTURE AWARDS
I have not reviewed it yet, cos as some of you may know, i fell ill the week of the awards, but will review it!
In the review, i will tell u i thot Dare was brilliant and Onyinye was not, I did not win but Emmanuel deserved the award, M.I, Omawunmi and Rooftop rocked, i wore a lovely top but forgot to mosturise my feet properly, was made up by LABELLES TOUCH and looked like a rock star, and the UnRulies ruled the night!
Hmm, seems i have reviewed it!
No oh, there is still more to say so hang on!

As for upcoming events, the UnRulies will be throwing a ball with a difference soon!
Mehn, you know when that happens, Lagos go hear am!

Life will keep teaching us lessons till we learn them!
What lesson have you learnt today?

Kelly Rowland fires Beyonces Father

I could have tried another headline, but this was my favourite!
Cos, even though Mr Knowles has always managed the other girls with their solo careers, i have always wondered what kind of chance they would ever have with Beyonces dad!

He does not have to mean them harm.
But really?
I am going to get a call from Beyonce's dad and not expect to talk about Beyonce?
And when we do talk about Kelly, would he fight as hard as he would have if it was Beyonce?

For me, it is the best move for both parties cos eveb Mr Knowles must know (lol) that people talk and are suspicious of him jo!

I have always loved Kelly.
The first Destinys Child vid i saw (the one with Wyclef), i got hooked on the girl with the cute hair cut!
They have been trying to shove Beyonce down my throat for years now and yes
- she can sang!
- she can dance

but she is not Kelly, and has never been to me!

I have also thought Kelly has been a bit silly putting her career in Beyonce's families' hands, but then again, they grew up 'practically like sisters' (YAWN).
Abeg jo!

Love a lot of Kellys songs, and truth is, Beyonce's star power is right now, almost uncontestable (i make words up as well, WHAT?). But good on Kelly for trying to do things another way!

Both parties (Kelly and Mr Knowles) claim the spplit was amicable, and we pray so!

Now Kelly, get your game on!
And could someone please tell Michelle to either go back to gospel music or put some clothes on?

Monday, January 26, 2009

part 2b... me leo female


The Leo female possesses a flair for the dramatic and clearly has little use for the routine and ordinary. She tends to act as though she is always on stage, basking in the spotlight so everyone who is anyone is sure to be aware of her presence. She may want to be head of the house and at times, behave in a totally unreasonable fashion in order to get her own way. Still, she will listen to reason if her good heart and generosity are appealed to. Affectionate, kindhearted and sincere, women governed by Leo have a deep love of children and make for excellent mothers who adore their homes...but when it comes to being domestic, they prefer being served rather than serving as mistress of the castle. This female is plainly an incurable romantic, forever in love with love...but such love must include affection. Personally magnetic, she has no problem in attracting potential mates...and if any mate should become jealous of her many admirers, it would be best to not let it show. This is because the Leo woman believes, on some level, that she is entitled to as many compliments as others are willing to shower upon her. This is a female who likes to be admired, but cannot abide a mate to chastize her for simply doing what comes naturally. Although she may appear to want to be won, it will be necessary for any potential partner to allow this woman to do the winning. Being involved with a female ruled by Leo will certainly enhance any mate's skills at courting and seduction...provided such mate possesses sufficient wisdom and stamina to survive the course. If an individual would achieve true happiness with this woman, it will be necessary to display pride at her many accomplishments...and be proud of her on a personal level. She requires virtually constant flattery and devotion. Never ever must she be catigated or criticized in do so marks the certain kiss of death for the relationship. Similarly, a partner must never try to deceive this woman in any way whatsoever. She possesses a high degree of honor that should never be trifled with...and should she find any mate unfaithful, then that mate is doomed to spend much time in the doghouse.
The Leo woman is usually blessed with an almost stately appearance and can achieve great elegance...although she is not necessarily interested in clothes as articles of fashion. This female possesses a rather regal air, a sympathetic disposition and excellent social qualities. The woman ruled by Leo is a passionate soul who can easily be loyal and loving when in a secure relationship where she feels she is loved. However, she can become vindictive or bitter when she is scorned. Because this female has such high standards in so many spheres of life, other people rarely come up to her expectations. Still, this is not usually a source of worry to her unless the individual concerned is one with whom she is intimately involved. The Leo woman can show love, forgiveness and kindness to complete strangers or mere acquaintances and yet, may be critical and almost harsh to her loved ones if she feels they have failed her in some way. This is a female who is proud, hard-to-get and expects much from any partner but she has the ability to be self-sacrificing and totally unselfish in a long term commitment. As a mother, she tends to be overly conscientious on occasion, expecting the usual high standards from her children...nevertheless, they will never lack love or affection. There is no doubt that the Leo woman expects a great deal of her family, but she is also prepared to give of her utmost in return. Altogether fascinating, this female is something of an ambitious golden girl who likes to be free and independent...until her heart has been won and then, she is self-sacrificial in her giving. For a relationship to last, it will be necessary for any potential mate to be gallant, courteous and chivalrous. Proud and domineering from time-to-time, it would not be wise to allow this woman to constantly get her own way. She desires a partner who is ambitious and well-respected in society...and she prefers traditional conformity. Romantic, but often shy of displaying as much, the Leo female can be won with true old-fashioned love and chivalry.

part 2. this was me



Natives governed by Leo need constant attention in order to keep alive and warm. Here, there is a deep love for life and all of its possibilities, including luxuries. This love transfers magnificently into how Leo subjects express their feelings. When in love, individuals ruled by this Sign are supremely supportive and affection tends to grow stronger the more he or she feels that the chosen partner truly cares. In return, Leo will reward such a mate with true adoration. Leo natives are essentially romantic in a dramatic sense...and not afraid to show it. These are souls who enjoy pulling their loved ones out into their world and radiate when they feel their partners compliment some quality about themselves. Love is a thing of luxury to Leo and his or her mate will receive an abundance of personal attention, lust and emotions. Since Leo individuals are prone to judge themselves on what they have around them (hence their love of luxury), they can be somewhat appearance-conscious at times and may become overly critical of a partner's qualities, looks or talents. In truth, those who are governed by Leo truly require constant input to maintain their vitality and can, on occasion, be self-serving...sometimes to the point where it becomes egotistical. Still, love with a Leo native is like no other love and once these persons decide to give their hearts, they also give every inch of their souls...and here lies the Leo vulnerability. If their trust is broken, they are almost certain to crumble. Again, Leo subjects base their own self-judgments on those they adore. To remove the loved one from the picture is to take away the Leo identity in many ways. When natives of this Sign feel let down...and it usually takes a great deal...they either fall into an abyss of pain and depression, or become utterly cold and without feeling. The sexuality of those governed by Leo is as full of light and life as is their ruling Planet, the Sun. Generally, they are full of showmanship and expressive displays of attention. Leo natives enjoy the height of all feelings in ife and physical pleasure is just another glorious filed to explore. These are individuals who possess exotic tastes and ones who can be aggressive, passionate and encompassing in the romantic arena. It is important to remember that it is the love of life that inspires Leo natives and they can be wonderfully creative and experimental souls, particularly if they feel secure. Leo individuals are as proud in passion...or perhaps even more they are in any other area of life. The more appreciated and cherished a Leo subject feels, then the more expressive and passionate he or she will become.
The gambling instinct is inherent in all Leo natives and this will also apply to their attitude regarding affairs of the heart. These are individuals who tend to take risks and sometimes, will make mistakes. Indeed, many Leo subjects marry more than once. The glorious optimism and warmth of Leo attracts similar type partners. When young, this Sign has no time or patience for the more timid sweetheart and those ruled by Leo will spend a great deal of time juggling with romantic prospects. Leo wants a partner of whom he or she can be proud. Thus, these natives are prone to fall in love with someone they admire. No sacrifice in the name of love is too great for Leo individuals but, once the loving has ceased, then any partner will need to beware since this Sign can be totally unforgiving when crossed. This may sound rather terrible but in truth, it is not. Leo subjects are proud and sunny souls who radiate warmth and happiness, but they are often not sufficiently subtle to detect the presence of unhappiness in those who are close to them. In short, they frequently fail to realize that all is not well in a relationship. Here, personal values provide much self-confidence, yet natives of Leo are continually disappointed in the actions and motives of others. This is why they are destined to be thwarted in love at least once. Still, Leo subjects are renowned for their ability to always come up fighting.
Perhaps the best technique to employ with Leo natives is praise since there is little else that those ruled by Leo appreciate more. While it is true that any potential partner may tire of looking for things to compliment about Leo, finding and voicing such flattering words will produce tremendous dividends. Natives of Leo are drawn to pleasure and pleasant people, so it may be best for any mate not to plan activities with them if in a bad or negative mood, or not up to par in general. Leo individuals are most appreciative of youth and concepts of youthfulness. Hence, a partner is most dear to Leo when he or she thinks, acts and feels as young as possible. They are also great admirers of creativity and imagination. Perhaps the most abhorrent trait to a native of Leo is the turning off of the spotlight when he or she is basking in its warm rays and this is something a potential mate must be careful to never do. Leo subjects cannot tolerate for long those who would constantly or repeatedly attempt to upstage them and are certain to display defiance toward anyone who seriously threatens their right of rulership. In short, those governed by Leo must always be given the leading role and any mate must be willing to accept, at best, a good supporting part.
When it comes to long term commitments, Leo individuals are rather high maintenance partners. They require attention, nurturing and pampering in order for the relationship to thrive. Any potential mate must be personally strong in himself or herself to enhance the partnership...but also willing to step occasionally into Leo's shadow. Those governed by Leo are protective to the death when it comes to loved ones. In a lasting union, these will be generous and expressive souls, provided such union is constantly stoked and fed. Failure to do this will result in the Leo fire sputtering and dying. If mistreated, it will flare and burn into something totally unpredictable but if maintained and tended, it will become a life-giving warmth that is everlasting. It is important to note that those governed by this Sign need to exercise much care and prudence in the selection of a long time mate since any misstep could result in a life of unhappiness. They should be particularly cautioned against hasty commitments of a long term nature at a young age and in most instances, it would it would be advantageous for them if they not take this step until well-settled in life. Any partner should be on an equal plane both socially and intellectually for longevity to be achieved.

part one

He had been trying to end things since December
I’m the fool who was still thinking forever
He’d brought his baggage and a story to tell
I sat and listened as he sold it well.
My every action, a flashback of his ex
His every move, a prelude to ‘NEXT!’
Massive difference between a Crazy Stalker and a Walker
Like the difference between a down-for-whatever, and a Keeper
He said he didn’t like to play games;
But how is toying with a heart not a dangerous game?
Like a game of chess, he made a killer move,
I woke up one day, and no longer knew where we stood!

No point changing yourself in a relationship
Me and him, in that same ship
He misread how to make me happy in all situations bar none…

We could have done without all the pretenses;
I had no chance with him putting up defences!
I had no shot with him putting up defences!
Yes I said it again, to let it sink in,
Yes I said it again, to keep my drowning heart from sinking!

He never said he would love me forever
His lies were not a lie but a promise unkept
He said he’d be there
He said we should always talk
He said he was looking forward to the adventure of discovery!
He told me not to run
He said not to make assumptions
He said we would always bloody talk!
But now, only a strap to a chair,
Would get him to admit the truth to me…
Here’s me saying it again and again
Cos now he is trying to play games with my head!
I’m not those other girls! Im not those other girls!
But I was doomed from the day we said hello!

Move on Tosyn or you will die here
Get yourself together, this is meant to be your year!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

letting CON.tra. fly!

It all started when I was growing up.
Yes, I was.
One of those kids who didn’t have friends. Who stayed home and read novels. Who had imaginary friends.
Let’s not go over the whys or wherefores of this. Let’s just leave it at that- I had time on my hands when I was growing up, and I spent a lot of that time alone, in the living room, or my room in front of the mirror, acting, talking to myself, talking to my imaginary friends, and singing.
Music was a tool back then.
My first love was acting, and one of my favourite roles was a singing diva, who was always falling in unrequited love, and who won several awards and performed on the biggest stages!
But my dream, to me, was the acting. Not the music.
Till I started writing.

Yes, I wrote prose.
When I got to my second year in University and people were driving me crazy, I wrote long passages about how it was sad that people would talk about me behind my back.
When I was in secondary school, I would write notes about how I hated all the people bullying me, and what I would do to them latron!
And now, I of course blog regularly and find it to be so therapeutic!

So, writing?

Prose was never just enough though.
I also liked to write to rhythm and beats. I would write poems, I would write songs. I kept writing.
When some guy broke my heart, I would write.
When some friend said something nasty, I would write.
When my mum upset me, I would write.
When I went for a party and felt utterly stupid, I would write.
When I developed a crush that I could not seem to shake off, I would write.
I wrote and I just kept writing, and when I was home alone, I sang what I wrote.
I changed my career path from acting to music and was determined to be a rock star!
It did not help that after years of only listening to R ‘n’ B music, I got into University, and became exposed to a world I am now totally lost in- ALTERNATIVE MUSIC!
It began with some random songs my roommate would play. I later found out it was called ‘rock’. Then I heard the Cranberries, and my heart broke; I could not understand how people could say everything that was on my mind and in my heart! As if that was not enough, Chizoba introduced me to the lady I feel changed my life forever- ALANIS MORRISETTE.

It might have been the fact that she was so angry on You Oughta Know! It might have been the lyrics and the careless abandon in her delivery. It might have been the fact that this was simply a chick who did not send you from here to there!
Whatever it was, I was sold, and there began a new phase of my musical journey.

See, I come from a family of music. My dad is a singer who was quite popular ‘back then’. Parents always end up asking, which ‘Bucknor’ and when u say ‘Segun’, they start singing his songs back to me. I really love when that happens. My uncle was in the Navy and also a musician. My other uncle was the choir master at his church. My cousin is currently in the City of David choir. My uncle teaches music at the University in Ibadan. My… the list is truly endless. Let’s just say there is music in the blood. But I never learnt music as it were. Never learnt how to play any musical instruments (not even the piano or guitar my dad played), and I did not join the choir in school (preferring the Drama Society and the Literary and Debating Society), nor the choir in church (err… I didn’t actually go to church back then).
In short, the only relationship I had with music was the one I began to forge with Alanis, Cranberries, Foo Fighters, U2, Barenaked Ladies, Blessed Union of Souls, Aerosmith, Fela, Bob Marley, Tracy Chapman…
I wrote like them, sang like them, and while I danced to, and enjoyed all sorts of music, it was theirs that made me feel whole.
That was who I was- a rock star!

But the transition between finding my place and being in place took longer than it expected.
First was the fact that I just didn’t do anything about it!
I was in school, studying law. When was I going to start singing instead? And the one time I got ajob as a (bad) back-up singer, my grades suffered terribly (the reason I didn’t get that first class jo!)
Then there was Law School, and then there was NYSC.
During NYSC, I decided to come up with a stage name. I asked around, what did people think I should be called?
Personally, I loved ‘Beautiful Contradiction’ because I felt it explained me- an old woman trapped in a young girl’s body. A girly tomboy. A bitchy saint. An angelic tramp. You know, all those contradictions out there! People chose other names, but I think somewhere deep down, Contradiction stuck.
Then I finished NYSC and went home where I basically sat down for a year, trying to ‘find’ myself. The problem? She didn’t want to be found!
Nevertheless, I got my lazy butt into a studio with Cobhams and recorded two songs; then went on to perform everywhere! A fashion show at Terra, a School prom, a packed Christmas concert, EVERYWHERE!
It was the choleric in me working, but the Melancholic in me wasn’t having fun. I would analyse every performance and tear myself to shreds. I would record songs then hate them. The only thing I had no problem with was writing, but everything else made me sad!
So I stopped. And I started working at Terra Kulture where I famously re-met the editor of Guardian who gave me a shot and a weekly column in the paper, and from there, the Tosyn Bucknor you all know now was born, groomed, and began to evolve.
And evolve.
And evolve.
She is still evolving.
However, the more i created stories that were to be shot, the more I wanted to be the one saying the lines I typed. The more I reviewed shows, the more I wanted to be reviewed. And the more I heard artistes that I loved, and screamed for them at their shows, and listened to their songs, the more I wanted to make music, perform and release albums!
It was like no matter how successful I was in other areas of my life, it would never be satisfactory, I would never be fulfilled. I am just not content with being what I am now. I need music. I want music.
And the more people try to discourage me, the harder I want it.
The thing is, I may never be a Whitney or Celine; that is not even my motivation. What I want is to write songs, perform songs, express myself and entertain. I want to do for people what Alanis did for me. And I refuse to let CON.tra.diction die.

So she is back!
We have started going back into the studio, working with new producers, and some that we have worked with before. We have dusted our mikes and plan to start performing again. We are writing and recording.
And I am happy.
So here is inviting you to be a part of this journey. Here is asking that you be a part of this project.
The CON.tra.diction project.

Monday, January 12, 2009

random interview

Where is your cell phone?

Your hair color?

Your mother?
She is upstairs!

Your father?

Your favourite thing?

Your dream/goal?

Your hobby?

Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Where were you last night?

One of your wish list items?

Where you grew up?

The last thing you did?

Your pet?

Your computer?

Your mood?

Missing someone?

Love someone?

Your favourite colour?

When is the last time you laughed?

Last time you cried?

Any vices?

The Entertainment Report

When it comes to fashion, music, movies, stage, and the arts in general, then we are beginning to take steps to getting it right! We are once again, becoming art conscious, and art is no longer just a form of protest; it is now both for leisure and entertainment! Of course, for every good artiste, there will be ten bad ones, and for every movie or t.v show we see, there could have been ten ones we will never see. The good news is, that wheat and chaff thing? It is now happening! It will no longer be okay for you to be a good video director, you have to be the best! And you can’t just be a voice on the radio, you have to be THE voice! Infact, in the unpredictable world of entertainment where mediocrity and average (looks, achievements, thoughts) are never celebrated, you either have to be good or bad, positive or negative, ugly or handsome, left or right…and determinedly so!

So 2008 ended!
Wow, it seemed like such a full year!
This was the year where, music-wise, the boys truly stepped up!
DBanj released an album that confirmed him as ‘The Entertainer’. It was his reply to critics, his gift for fans, and peace offering for the unconvinced! And it worked. First were the singles- ‘Olorun Maje’, and ‘Mo Gbono Feli Feli’, which once again showed what happens when an ace producer and a born entertainer work together! Then the album dropped and we continued to find favourites! There was, ‘Fall In Love’, ‘Gbelo Gbebo’, and of course, ‘Igwe’.
DBanj wasn’t the only artiste to release an album as albums flooded the streets and the stores! But not all albums were welcomed with open arms, and some old favourites seemed to disappoint their fans. We will keep listening to the Tu Face album though, it could still grab us by the third listen-through! For the truth is, sometimes, you need to listen to an album more than once to love it!
9ice’s debut album proves that. He had one single out that the world loved; even foreigners were playing it and putting it up on YouTube! SO we worried that the album wouldn’t live up to expectation, and when we first bought the album and listened, we weren’t sure how we felt. Yes, we liked ‘Party Rider’ and ‘Photocopy’, but that seemed to be it. Until we listened again, and until Deejays like Dele of Swe Bar continued to play other tracks off it (like ‘Street Credibility’), then we saw another power team in play- take an artiste with flow, humour, and tradition, mix him with a producer with the gift of the perfect beat, and you get an album with one of the best collabos of 2008, and an album that seemingly moves by itself (I mean, how many videos did you see before and during that album release?).
Other albums were highly anticipated, and did not disappoint. Naeto C finally dropped an album, and while not all tracks on it are classics, there were more than enough singles on it to confirm him as one of the new kings of hip-hop, especially as he helped Nigerians with new vocabulary. Yeah, my ‘p’ is confirmed so kini big deal?
Another king of hip-hop, Mode Nine, also released his album which pleased his die-hard fans, and had some songs that would appeal to those of us that like our hip-hop easy, so to speak. We especially loved the collabo with Banky W, another artiste that released an excellent album in 2008. ‘Capable’ was the title of the album, and the title track of said album, did a lot to show that Banky was more than just that ‘Ebute Metta’ kid. With an experimental take on r ‘n’ b, and with a sunny disposition and a whole lot of charm, Banky won hearts, and fans, and confirmed himself as an artiste to watch in 2008, and 2009!
A lot of albums were released, like we said, but one album stands out for almost eclipsing the record held by previous albums. Rumoured to have sold thirty thousand copies in the first thirty minutes it went on sale, and then getting sold out once or twice before the year ended, ‘TALK ABOUT IT’ has become the album to beat, and M.I, the artiste to watch. Who is M.I? Oh, just a short black boy from the city called J. He isn’t saying he is the best, he is just asking who’s better. He is an Anoti. A Teaser… Yeah Yeah, you get it now, we have the album; what about you?

2008 music was not all about albums though. There were also loads of singles that grabbed our attention!
‘Good or Bad’ by J Martins was one of such, with its’ philosophical lyrics, and catchy hook. Then, the poster child of Rap, Kel, released ‘Waa Wa Alright’, and gave us an anthem, and a sexy video to go with it! It was and will always be much debated, but no doubt, ‘Maga Don Pay’ was a hit single…whether it will be a classic or fade into oblivion is yet uncertain. It had its’ niche fan base, but ‘Nabania’ by Flavour is also an interesting single, and El Dee had two banging singles- ‘Bosi Gbangba’ and ‘Big Boy’, featuring Banky W. Another single with a niche fan base is, ‘Purple’, the first offering off the KNIGHTHOUSE STREET SCRIPTURES album, featuring M.I, Nyore and Mo Cheddar. Dipp released ‘Dangerous’, and 9ice featured on a track with Lord Of Ajasa, by ID Cabasa, ‘Fiwonsile’. Of course, one of our favourites is a track that many did not know was by a Nigerian at first, and then when they found out who did the song, it made a whole lot of sense- ‘IN THE MUSIC’ by Omawunmi!
Forget albums, and singles. 2008 was about the artistes themselves- where they went to, what they did, and how well they performed on stages!
To that extent, our favourite performers remain the ROOFTOP MC’s for the energy, passion, and the live music, ETCETERA for the soul and the vibe, PSQUARE, for the consistency and the thought that goes into each performance, DBANJ, for being an entertainer, BANKY W, for the charm and energy, OMAWUNMI for the sexiness and the control, and M.I, for the passion and his on-point delivery!
In terms of shows, events and places where these artistes performed, then we also have our favourites from 2008!
Collosal presents LIVE REVOLUTION every month at the VAULT, and it is live music at its’ almost best! Seriously though, all your favourite artistes, come to the Vault, once a month, and have no backing tracks…only a live band! It is a true test for musicians, I tell you, and I like seeing Rooftop MC’s, Banky W, Amplifyd Crew, Ruggedman and 9ice, up on that stage! They always kill it!
On a smaller, more intimate scale is TARUWA, which is a bi-monthly gathering of like minds. Once again, no tracks, just a piano, a guitar, and people! Our Taruwa favourites remain Sistah Soul, Bez Idakula, Chi-Chi, and M.I.
Similar to TARUWA but different, was WAPi (Words and Pictures), a monthly meet of performers- new, fresh or established! From Wordsmith, to El Dee, to Mode Nine, to M.I, to Teeto, to Waterside Players, everyone has been there, and everyone loves the experience!
On the mainland, there was Club Nomoreloss, which had all the artistes coming through, every Friday, to party, and perform! We loved seeing Ruggedman, Loose Kaynon, Kel (and Nyore), M.I, and MP there! And of course, the DJ i love for professional and personal reasons, was always on hand to give us the best mixes and craziest jams, right until 6a.m in the morning sometimes! Yup! DJ Excel rocks, and it is thanks to him and other dj's repping for naija music that the industry has blown up so much!
He was on duty again at the M.I Album Listening Party which is also hailed as the Album Listening Party of 2008! But, if i said that, then i could be accused of bias seeing as s.h.a.r.e threw the party! LOL

And Swe Bar is one bar you go to where you truly never know who will come up the escalator, and bless the crowd, with an impromptu performance! We have even spotted Tee-A performing with God Bless or singing Karaoke there once or twice! Banky W, Ikechukwu, Rooftop MC’s, M.I, Kel, and Omawunmi, have all performed there, and even though they didn’t perform, 9ice and Dbanj have also made surprise appearances at Swe!

While we loved being at a lot of concerts like Africa Rising, and Rhythm Unplugged, our favourite concert featured five men on the bill, three surprise appearances, a sexy host, and a zany co-host. FROM LAGOS WITH LOVE, had five record labels, including X3M, EME and STORM, working together to present Timi, GT the Guitarman, Tosin Martins, Etcetera and Banky W, live on stage to their adoring fans! M.I, J Martins and El Dee made surprise appearances, and it was co-hosted by Tana and Tosyn!
Our second favourite event was NAIJAZZ, the Nigerian Jazz Festival which held in December and featured the best, and the not-yet-discovered! We caught Beautiful Nubia, CON,tra.diction, Yinka Davies and Bez Idakula performing and it made our year!

In all this, it would seem that the girls are still a bit quiet, but trust us, our girls ain’t playing! In 2009, we will hear more from, and see more of them!
Omawunmi has shot a video, released her singles, and is performing and getting her music and her name out there! We expect an album, but even if we don’t get one this year, we will still love to see more of her, and hear a whole lot more cos that girl can sang! (No, not sing. When you sing even more than sing, then you can sang!). Emem EMa is back! As Mem’o, and with a new single out! We loved the rapper in the KUSH quartet and can’t wait to hear more of her stuff!
Blaise is not as well known as she should be, seeing as she is one of the Queens of Rap! It was nice to hear her on the M.I album (on Blaze, a track that sounds just like her name), and to see her as a contestant on Advance Warning, but still, we are Oliver Twists, and we want more! Someone we will hear more from, is the other Queen of Rap, Kel! With two singles out, she looks set to finally drop her album, and seeing her on stage, especially as she evolves, is always a thrill!
She has shown her acting proficiency, and is also becoming something of a fashionista, but Ashionye will always love music! We hear she is working with Rhychus Productions, Pype, and other producers and artistes, respectively so 2009 should be an interesting year for her! 2009 should also be an interesting year for Mo Cheddar. If you don’t know the name yet, well, you’re welcome; we just introduced you to one of the freshest voices in hiphop!
Other female artistes to definitely look out for are Omolara, Temitope George and Nyore, and on the alternative circuit, we have CON.tra.diction, and Sistah Soul!

This is our Entertainment Report, coming to you in the first month of the new year! By the end of this quarter, we should have another report for you, because if there is one thing we know for sure, it is that music, and entertainment in general, is dynamic!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And i finally met Mama Ekundayo!

I had gone with my sister for a conference where she was speaking to young girls about 'Having It All'. TY Bello was also there, and she showed us a documentary... something on Mama Ekundayo.
And we were caught up in it. Everything about it was interesting and emotional. The fact that it was an orphanage in the first place, and then the fact that the person who was taking care of all these orphaned kids, was a 90something year old woman with no source of income.
Of course, as with me, i spoke before i thought! "I am going to see Mama!"
I even wrote a note on it!
Initially, i was meant to go in November, but stuff happened and i could not go. And then began the postponements and re-scheduling till i thought maybe the journey was never going to happen!
But thank God that it still happened, thanks to all the people who kept calling, and kept saying they wanted to support in some way!
Rogba Arimoro, of Knighhouse called me and said Knighthouse wanted to go as well and support Mama. Game on! We were back! Transportation, check! But what about accomodation? Cos hotel bill can't be beans, can it? Well, thank you to Jide Bello who helped out massively! He spoke with a friend of his and got us a house to stay in.
So, accomodation? Check!
Good to go!
We left Lagos on the 3rd (Fri) and flew to Abuja, where we were met by Mr Francis of AVIS, an arrangement that had been handled by Bio O (cos we dont know how to spell nor pronounce her last name) of LABELLES TOUCH!
We then began the drive to Kogi State...
It was, shall we say, in.te.res.ting?
I saw some Area courts along the way... was tempted to stay back and practise there. Ho Ho Ho
We did not see the Niger-Benue confluence, but we saw parts of River Niger. And we also saw a lot of crazy drivers. Where is LASTMA where you need them?
We got to MAPO which is where we were staying at about 7pm, and a mini-adventure began as we had to find the house in the dark. We found it sha, and i won't share the scary jokes Rogba, Bio and i shared concerning haunted mansions and stuff. Oh wait, i just s.h.a.r.ed!
But we found the house, where we were treated like kings and queens. Oh to holiday in Mapo from time to time!
Rogba didn't sleep though...something about zombie villagers and wanting to protect us. Yeah. Sure.
And in the morning?
Rogba continued to scare us with stories about how we would not find our way out of there, and how we would keep driving and end up back there, and how... yeah. As you can see, Rogba needs to stay away from zombie and science fiction movies!
Then we got back into the car, and began the drive to Isanlu Maputu to see Mama.
At this point, i must admit that i was worried and a bit excited. Worried about it being all anti-climactic. I mean, what was i expecting anyways?
But i knew what i was expecting.
When people ask, why Mama? Why that orphanage?
I tell them a lot of things, but this is where the real answer is.
It is the smile.
I saw that documentary and saw a great grandmother with no steady income, and seemingly not much, smiling and laughing, and i thought, she must know something we don't know. Us with our fancy cars, and fancy houses and fat pay checks and bonuses... here is someone with none of that but with a smile that says she knows something we don't know. And i just wanted to be in the presence of someone who knew a secret i didn't know!
The other reasons are of course, the ones i tell people, and they are no less untrue
- SHe needs the help!
- SHe teaches us that we should give all the time, and not wait till we have it all! (What is all sef?)
- It plays to my sense of drama and romance and adventure
And so, there i was in the car, wondering if it would be anti-climactic.
It wasn't. And like Rogba later said on his status update on facebook, everyone should visit mama at least once in their lifetime!
First of all, she is tinier than the pictures and the videos. She is TINY.
You could lift her up and hug her tight, and you would have to be careful not to squeeze her too tight!
ANd then, mama does not need to know who you are, she will be welcoming and friendly. But mention TY or Shina or Dami and you will hear the most loving and happiest laugh ever! And then, when she does speak with Toyin, you hear something undefined in her voice. That's probably still what happy and loving sounds like.
You might want to sit far off, but Mama will insist you stay beside her. She will hold your hands, and want you to speak up cos as she will tell you, she does not hear that well any longer. And then, you have to sing for mama. Cos mama loves singing.
So we sang, and sat beside her, and spoke with her, and of course, she prayed for us!
Prayed for husbands and wives and children and fufillment.
ANd throughout the visit, she continues to touch herself then look up to heaven and thank Jesus and wonder why people love her so much.
Did i get the secret?
Yes i did.
And i will s.h.a.r.e it, cos that is what Mama taught me!
More than that, we were able to find out what the orphanage needs.
The top three things they need are
- Beddings and Mattresses
- Computer (s)
- A vehicle so they can be mobile
No, mama isn't going to drive!
The good news is, one of mama's children, Miss Cole, has retired and is now taking over from Mama while mama stays on to put her through (which is Miss Cole's prayer!)
Mama Ekundayo orphanage has a First Bank Account, and you can ask myself or anyone from Knighthouse for the account details.
We left after a few hours (with pictures and chicken cos mama insisted we had to eat) and were silent for a bit. And then we started chatting again happily. None of us could really speak about how we felt, but we could speak about what happens next!
Thanks must, at this point, go out to
- Hannatu Ogunnaike and Yeside Asekun-Martin for their donations
- Rogba Arimoro, Lanre Oladimeji and Tope Gomez of Knighthouse
- Bio O of Labelle's Touch
- Jide Bello and Uncle Yomi Awoniyi
- Funke Bucknor-Obruthe
- You! For being interested!