Friday, December 26, 2008

A Totally Random Forecast and Recap by a Totally Random Mind on Boxing Day

Love you all
Thats about as random as this is going to be!
Cos i am sitting at SWE BAR, after a lovely glass of TOSYNS TIPPLE s.h.a.r.ed with my friend and business icon, JIBOLA, the manager of SWE BAR, watching MAN CITY refusing to spare HULL CITY (methinks we should all remember it is Christmas oh), having just spoken with C G, and having come back from a meeting with AK ONE and THE DREAM...

Totally random

I mean, as at January, i was same ol' me, working on APPRENTICE AFRICA as a scriptwriter, throwing an auction for THESE GENES, the sickle-cell charity, and coming to terms with the fact that NAME WITHELD was just not that into me...
You know!

Then it just kept going on!
FInished with APPRENTICE and entered depression mode though you guys didn't know, but it happens to us freelancers sometimes oh! You work, then you are home feeling miserable. Or you write a novel!
I did a bit of both!

But there was JEANS FOR GENES, that fashion show in March, where M.I performed. He now has a record selling record out. Ha. Ha. Ha. I amuse myself! But really, i am so proud of MI and i loved throwing him an album listening party, brought to you by his record label (CHOCOLATE CITY), with support from ZAPPHAIRE EVENTS and CHYBUZ KONSULT.
Get the album folks, don't make me have to bully you!

Speaking of ZAPPPHAIRE...
My sister ricks mehn!
Love her more than to pieces...but dont tell her that cos she will start feelng cool.
She started her own blog...and she continued to work hardER!
ZAPPHAIRE handled weddings, and all sorts of corporate events this year but i love that she also supported the arts... her ushers and / or coordinators where at the Celeb Auction, Fashion Show, MI's ALBUM LISTENING PARTY, the FUTURE AWARDS, and of course, FROM LAGOS WITH LOVE.

If we had award winning events, then this one should win an award!
Tosin Martins, GT, Timi, and of course, ETCETERA and BANKY entertained their audience to no end, and i co-hosted it with the sexy TANA!

The UnRulies...
Not everyone understands us, but that is why we are UnRuly... we don't care as much as 'aiye' wishes we would
We are eight friends (Tosyn Bucknor, Chris Ihidero, Noble Igwe, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Lola Talabi, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Muiyiwa Osindero and Lamide Akintobi), who as individuals, have our feet firmly planted in various aspects of Nigeria's socio-economic fields (Entertainment, Media, Marketing, Fashion...), and together, work and play hard!
Can't wait to spend next year with these guys

My people

I was a single girl this year, and i got loads of novel writing 'experience'

From the ex that wouldn't go away (not like i wanted him to), to the nice guy who turned out to be a confused-guy...whatever mehn!
Im writing three novels based on guys jo, hope u guys will buy oh?

Speaking of buying...
Guys (and girls), ensure you buy
- M.I's cd (makes for a great present!)
- TOSYNS TIPPLE whenever you go to SWE BAR (cos it is named after me, innit?)
- Tara's BUCKY foundation (cos we all need foundation, and it is named after my sister innit?)
- Banky's album (I dont believe you dont have it yet)
- JENNIFA (the's like, yelkst...)
- tickets to see THEATRE AT TERRA, every SUNDAY at TERRA KULTURE
- MADE MAG (cos it is edited by an UnRuly innit?)
- OUCH! outfits!

Speaking of TERRA, that is one of my top spots. Love the library and the gallery. And places... well, you know i love SWE BAR right? Cos it's just nice and cosy and on Thursdays (with live music by GODBLESS), and on Sundays (karaoke) and of course, Fridays, it really jumps off!
Love SWe BAR and that is definitely my top spot; it gets the TStamp!

The TStamp is a relatively new concept but in 2009, will be as important as the words you read right here!
The TStamp will only go to the highest graded venues, people, and events. It can't be paid for, and it will be hard to come by, and for this year, only a chosen few get the TSTAMP!

- the UnRulies, for being totally UnRuly, and ruffling feathers everywhere they go!
- M.I, for being the KING of the TRUE SCHOOL
- BANKY W, for being the person, and the artiste he is!
- ROOFTOP MC's, for the music, the laughs, and the ideas!
- SWE BAR, for supporting the arts
- OSAGIE OSARENKHOE, for being everything she is, and more


Love that chick mehn!
KEL's manager, s.h.a.r.e's Assistant Co-ordinator, and general friend, mentor and pr person.
Scared us a bit with that accident of hers, but we are so glad that she is back on her feet, being the amazon she was born to be!

No joke
This is one of the chicks i admire


Cos who has time to be fighting amonsgt ourselves when noone will stand up for us?

I mean, i feel like i was burned once or twice this year... working closely with a guy, and watching him get all the credit while i am treated like an appendage.
Not yet a feminist, but came close to it this year oh! Love men though, and i respect a lot of them, so this one is to the men that are worthy of our respect!
In particular
- CHris Ihidero (for being the best 'uncle' any girl could have)
- EBUKA Obi-Uchendu (because when you meet him, you will see why)
- Noble Igwe (for the brilliance and sheer genius)
- Muiyiwa Osindero (for caring about CON.tra.diction even when i dont)
- Onome Obruthe (for being a brother and loving my sister)
- C G (ho ho ho)
- Segun Demuren and Banky W (for being my friends and family)
- Rooftop MCs (ditto)
- Chude Jideonwo and Debola Williams (for giving young people a reason to be proud)
- Ali Baba (for being there for others)
- TEE A ( for the laughs and the care)

Guy, sleep, and then wake up, and soon, it will be 2009
there is so much to look forward to and there are so many plans so hold on tight!

May i thank
- Lydia Idakula and the TARUWA family (cast and crew. ho ho ho)
- everyone that makes s.h.a.r.e jump (mAry Jay, Yemi Fatona, Onyeka, Funmi, Osagie...)
- My family (daddy, mummy, sister, cousins, and adopted family)
- the UnRulies
- fellow bloggers and writers, and fans of this blog, especially the likes of Ayeni the Great, Linda Ikeji, Bobby Taylor, Toni Payne, Incoherent, Gemini Girl, Niyi Tabiti and co, whose blogs i am equally hooked on!
- colleagues,
- enemies mehn! And all i have to say to you, is what tupac said- "CLOSE YOUR EYES AND PICTURE ME ROLLING"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 its a wrap...not quite

Hello Blogsville
Whats new?

It is almost 2009, egba mi
Was it not Jan just a few months ago? Guess time flies when you are having fun, getting insulted, falling out of love then falling in all over again, feeling ill, feeling fly, and seeing a future so bright, they havnt made the shades for you yet!

I love 2008, and i pray i love 2009 cos my favourite prayer was one a friend of mine prayed for me. She said, may the best of this year the least of next year, and i screamed AMIN O JESU, cos that's rock solid! Of course, 2009 is like 2008, it just means i'll be a year older AGAIN (with adupe Monday to Sunday if i damn well please), and that s.h.a.r.e, These Genes, SPEECHgirl, CON.tra.diction , will keep working hard to correct mistakes and turn all stumbling blocks into stepping stones mehn!

The music will be great cos the new school is here innit? (Don't worry if there are so many personas and skitsonas appearing in this post, that is how we write sometimes!). M.I's album has dropped, and we can now look forward to Kel's own, Whizz Kid, and a new release by Fourth Republic. Plus, TEETO is finally stepping up and claiming the crown he rightfully owns! CON.tra.diction finally found a band so don't count her out, and Rooftop MC's are planning bigger and better things.
But where are the ladies? Omawunmi, Kel, Ashionye, Temitayo George, Mo' Cheddar, Blaise and CON.tra.diction will hopefully balze the charts cos my girls aint playing!

2009 will have awards, births, deaths, life, love, and a whole lot of living!

There is so much to be grateful and hopeful for , and this first post is to say thank you for s.h.a.ring 2008 with me!