Friday, October 8, 2010

#TeamTiwaSavage and CON.tra too!

It was the dress she wore that caught the attention of the Online Community. The dress she wore to the HipHop World Awards.
I woke up the Monday after the awards and everyone on twitter was buzzing!

But don't let the dress fool you, there is more to Tiwa than dazzling daring dresses!

Apparently i hah heard one of her songs before i knew it was hers, but the first one i listened to was 'Kele Kele Love'. Before i actually listened to it, i had heard one or two girls mention it. And when i finally listened, i realised why they like it; it is kinda like the Female 'Too-Smart-For-Your-Crap' Anthem; like how we all loved 'No Scrubs' and the guys even had to respond to it!

'Kele Kele Love' sounded so good, that it prompted me to come up with my two rules of kele-ism!
- If a guy calls you at 9pm on Friday and hadnt called all day, well ladies, everyone else said no

- If a guy only talks about his money, cars and self on a date, ladies, he needs to date a mirror

I am sure that if i thought harder, id think of more, but Tiwa Savage has the rules for days!!!
She told me during our interview on Top Radio, that she had got the beat for some days before writing to it but once she started to write, it flowed in a few!!!

After 'Kele Kele Love' i reluctantly moved on the other songs on the promo c.d and they were also pretty interesting. There was 'Ife wa gbono' as well which i can just hear at every wedding, and her rendition of the National Anthem.

I am definitely Team Tiwa Savage!

I am also Team CON.tra.diction by the way!
Now CON.tra.diction has her own blog o, on Reverbnation which you can see here

But i just wanted to mention that she got to perform recently at Designers Lounge at Rehab, and also had an interview on TVC (lunchsplash with Labi)

Yay! Go CON.tra!

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