Wednesday, April 30, 2008


forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude.I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about
Ah well!
Right now, i am loving...

I went away for a while, and forgot my mp4
It effectively meant that i was cut off from Naija Vibes
I almost died
Not only did i hum 'STREET CREDIBILITY' and 'PHOTOCOPY' till my roomates thought id lost it, but i also DREAMT that someone sang the former to me in my dreams.
So i guess we know what im loving at the moment
Whats new music wise anyways?
I hear that NAETO C will be dropping his album soon and i just love ASHAWO 2008 off the album!
Ladies, it is our empowerment song oh!


I have finally seen VANTAGE POINT and i loved it!
I also saw 21 and it was okay
So not sure if i am LOVING them, but they will pass.
If you can though, see JUNO!!!


APPRENTICE AFRICA is still on, and so are all the favourites. Plus, great news, MEN IN TREES is back!
Writers strike affected it for a while, but thank GOD, you cant keep a good show down!


Not so much,
There is a guy i have been day dreaming about though.
Totally fictionalised, i made him up in my head.
But he is perfect, Lord knows
and sometimes i wonder if thats why the reality is never good enough for me.
I mean, i cant wait to sleep just so i can be with him!


LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e
Did you hear about it?
It was an easy breezy afternoon and even BANKY W made a surprise appearance. (Okay, maybe we kinda kidnapped him but he was there and we have pictures to prove it!)


Coca-cola never goes out of style
I also like some alcohol here and there
And then there is the addiction to cappucino.
But lets not forget good ol' garri!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hello people,
Welcome to the first edition of NEWS, VIEWS and BLUES
We were determined to rhyme, hence the 'blues', but we might change that as time goes on!

Let us start with what we all woke up to this morning,

So, as if it was not enough that we were already online 24hours a day, glued to status updates and notes and walls and pokes, we now have the instant chat.
This effectively means that we will now all be living in and on Facebook.

Its a great idea and it was always bound to happen; sending messages real time was becoming cumbersome. The good thing is you can be unavailable if you do not want to chat.
Let's see how it goes, and let us know whether you think the new chat is a good thing, or a sad, bad, mad thing
(YES, we love to rhyme!)

And now, some people have been asking what's up with him cos i havent said much lately.
Please do not for one second think that the love for 9ICE has waned.
How can?
Just to let you know that 9ice is currently shooting his videos back to back so that by the time they are ready, we can enjoy videos for songs like 'Street Credibility', 'Photocopy' and 'Gongo Aso' at the same time
I can't wait
'Street Credibility' has been shot and it's looking good.
Who shot it?

Who else but the hottest kid out there?
If Clarence hasn't pointed his lens and worked his genius on you, then... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Nominated in multiple categories at the recently concluded Soundcity Video Music Awards, CLARENCE PETERS has worked with artistes as diverse as Sasha, 9ice, Durella, and now, for underground rap sensation, KEL!

Wonder if he will be working with NAETO C?
Yes, NAeto C
HE is hot, his style is preppy, and his songs are tight. What else can we say but they better get a restraining order for us cos...
On a more serious note though, you should know his 'p' and you will feel the p when his album is released this quarter.
Apart from songs like 'LAgos City Hustle', we feel the anthem will be 'ASHAWO 2008', featuring Wande Coal.
We are sure Gbemi will be playing this on Cool FM regularly!

Remember, she was one of the first radio personalities to play DBANJ's new singles- 'MO GBONO FELI FELI' and 'OLOUN MAJE'
These two songs are just a taste of the fabulous album to come from an artiste who is more than just a singer, or a performer- he is an entertainer!
We have had a sneak listen to songs from the album and all we can say is, get ready to be amazed.
On a lighter note, you might want to go to

to catch a funny spoof of the Mo' Hits clan in the original, 'WHO KILLED WANDE COAL?'
We could tell you that it will make you laugh so hard your boss will ask you whats up, but we would rather you saw for yourself!

Also on,
videos, my blog, entertainment news, a forum where you can discuss anything and everything about music, and information on the last TARUWA that held at Bogobiri on Tuesday the 22nd.

Our favourite video on the website,,

is the new one by DARE featuring TU FACE- 'CARRY DEY GO'
Lets not deny it, Dare is way ahead of his peers in creativity, style and talent and this collabo with TU Face drives the message home further.

While we are speaking of websites!
Here is a quick notice that
THESE GENES; the Sickle-Cell Project has changed sites!
Due to irreconciliable differences with our former hosts, we had to move but we are happy with the new relationship we are now forging!
is the new site!

So people,
It is time for us to go around town again doing our usual round of gbeborun

We will be back again with news, views, and maybe something blue!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Singalong DBANJ / Mo Gbono Feli Feli





Mo Gbono Feli Feli (* 8)

Don't know about you but i'm handsome
Most people wanna hold me for ransome
See the kokolets all up in my mansion
Hmmn.. African Michael Jackson
Just to see me now dem dey pay a large sum
And on stage i dey give them all the action
In the room, maximum satisfaction
So don't hate me now cos...

(* 2)

Everybody listen when i speak (Are you with me?)
I get ten million in a week (Are you with me?)
I pull up in the club in a drop (Are you with me?)
And when the people see me dem dey stop (Are you with me?)
Before i bin dey hustle just to chop (Are you with me?)
And that time nobody they talk (Are you with me?)
But Baba GOD put me on top o o o
Bebelube make them shut up o o o


In life people will hate you
Do anything to break you
Don't let nothing faze you
Even if they forsake you
You can stand up tall
Na your enemy go fall
Don't fear them and believe in yourself
Make dem know say na you fine pass
Make you look them in the eyes and say


I'm hot and you're not
Im hot and you're not
He's hot and you're not
I'm hot and you're not

Friday, April 18, 2008


CHIEDU IFEOZO read from THOUGHTS ON A PAGE at the event

TOsyn Bucknor horsing around


THESE GENES Volunteer tshirts

M.I performs at the event!

THESE GENES tshirts were modelled

The tshirts are all on sale and the proceeds go into the project

ETCETERA, JESSE JAGS and SAGE performed at the event!

These TIES are by OUCH!

JEDI was kind enough to come round and send the audience reeling with laughter!

EBUKA was the celeb host of the event!

SHADE is pretty, but also fabulous as a hostess!

AYANA accessories were on sale at the exhibition, and so were Energy tshirts which were sold to raise funds for the event

Li'l Phlow is 11, but that dont mean he aint gonna give the adults a run for their money!

These outfits were by MY Q, run by YESIDE MOHAMMED

Ashionye was a guest at the event, and MP performed his hit single, 'No Dull Yourself'

DRENCO, all the way from yankee, came home and performed for us!

These outfits are by BYGE, run by OBIJIE ORU

AYSIA and BEZ IDAKULA brought acoustic soul into the house!

These outfits are by BEAMPEH, run by BEAMPEH!

DIVINE BROTHERS performed at the event!

This lovely outfit by BEAMPEH is on sale!

TOKS THE DON performed!

EBUKA, MP and FOLUSHO hold up copies of 'Still Standing', the inspirational book by Toyin Adesola

TOYIN ADESOLA is an inspiration to many. Here, she speaks on her journey living with sickle-cell, and reads from her book, 'STILL STANDING'

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Once a year...

Some people you are destined to keep meeting
If you believe in destiny
It could just be that its a small world and so you were bound to bump into them anyways!

The first time i met Tutu, i was fascinated
He was tall
He had lovely hair
And he spoke well

That always gets me to be honest

I was in university and he was in America; back home for something or the other. I forget
This was 7 years ago

It was a friend's wedding but nothing mattered anymore; all i wanted to be was with him, and all i wanted to do was laze about and talk about nothing, something, everything.
And thats what we did.

This was in the days of no gsm phones so we swapped landlines, and someone called the other, and we were going to meet up.

So you know how there are people you never seem to get it right with, datewise?

Between us, we had no car, no licenses, and no clue as to what one could do for fun.
So i ended up getting my cousin to drive me to pick him up, and then we wandered about Victoria ISland for a while without doing anything really.
The date sucked.
I felt it, and years later, i realised he did as well.
But somehow, it wasn't disastrous cos it was with him.

Get it?

Every so often, Tutu would come home, and we would bump into each other
Maybe at a club
Oh wait, always at a club.

We would talk, and try to hook up but never get round to it
But we always seemed to be able to stay in touch ia email or so, and so i knew what he did, and he knew what i did.

Cut to Lagos
Tosyn going through all the JIm, NEW and other drama.
Cut to Tosyn hanging out with friends at the serene Cafe Vergnano
Cut to once again, Tosyn bumping into Tutu

Still tall (er)
Hair still beautiful (er)
Still speaking well (er)
Still damn all that and a bag of chips

We spoke over coffee, and he took my number, and he called the next day, and we hung out

Five minutes into the 'date', i began to panic.
It felt like it wasnt working, like the date was going south!
And then, we were standing outside waiting for a cab and it began raining.
And we got completely soaked.
And somewhere between the thunder and the lightning, i realised that it never would matter how the dates themselves went, all that mattered was that Tutu and i hung out.

He has gone back again.
Part of me doesn't want to stay in touch. There seems to be something about the once-a-year way we see and hang out that could be ruined if we began to facebook or email. I mean, i do not want to know if he is dating someone (i think he is, i checked), or what town he is in (Atlanta, i checked).
I want to forget about Tutu till the next time i am sitting idly at some party and he taps my shoulder

Unfortunately, but beautifully, after 7 years, i finally did what i wanted to do the first day i spoke with him- i kissed him.
And so now, i am condemned to that excruciatingly beautiful place where memories are glorified, an everything is magnified.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude.
I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about
Ah well!

Right now, i am loving...
Okay then
Music is really heating up lakuli. Just when i thought Gongon Aso and Street Credibility (u berrer check where im coming from folks) had me on lock down, then DBanj just had to get us an exclusive listen of his two new singles
You know what?
Mo gbono very very bi amala to jina gangan, dont hate me cos im hotter than you.
Im hotter than you

I hear VANTAGE point is the movie to see. I saw Country of Old Men and sometimes i loved it, then i hated it
Its that kind of movie

For me though, the most beautiful movie seen lately was JUNO. U shd see it, but see it alone so the beauty is unspoiled by any memories!

Ugly Betty is back and Grey's Anatomy still sizzles
TV is fun and i cant wait to have DEXTER and BROTHERS AND SISTERS back

But i also love watching the APPRENTICE AFRICA
i am biased seeing as i am working on it
but the truth is, it is interesting and entertaining, and from feedback i have received, even informative

Funny, i used to date a man called MANN

Anyways, right now, he is BOB
He is a wonderful person and i really really love him actually
Took me a while to accept that

Not to spoil the thoughts of Bob, but i must admit that there is JIM
u see, JIM is now a was i think
Im not sure what happened here
One minute we were watching movies, the next, we drifted, and now he never calls
I dont want to call, refuse to call, shan't call, won't call

I think that my favourite person at the moment is probably still BOB
I kinda moved from one gear to the other where he is concerned
Lord help us

Well, you know that HIPHOP WORLD AWARDS was fun right?
But the event to beat was the JEANS FOR GENES FASHION EXHIBITION
we thank GOD that it went well

Coca-cola is it though some unruly peeps are trying to get me into that whole hennesy lo, bacardi lo sturvs

Okay peeps, thats where i am at, and that is what i am loving at the moment

Wanna show me love?
Then leave ur comments and tell ME what YOU are loving at the moment!

For sho!


1. Honestly, are you in love right now?

No i am not

3. Honestly, what's on your mind right now?

Loads of things

4. Honestly, what are you doing right now?

Kneeling down, trying not to cry, filling this in

5. Honestly, what did you do today?

I went to Swe Bar and had lunch while facebooking
I spoke with the UNRULIES

6. Honestly, do you think you are attractive?

Of course
My daddy told me so

7. Did you do anything bad today?

Sadly no

10. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time?
Love with no borders

11.Honestly, do you bite your nails?


12. Honestly, what is your mood right now?

Im sad

13. Honestly, who do you want to see at this very moment?

See. Be with

14. Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret?


15. Honestly, do you hate someone right now?

16. Honestly, who/what do you want to hug right now?

20) Honestly, is it easier to talk on Blogger than in person?

21) Honestly, does anyone like you?
Apparently not
okay wait, Bob does

22. Honestly, is it going anywhere with them?
Bob, is it?

24. Honestly, did you answer all these questions honestly?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

JEANS for GENES; the Show Itself

Jeans for Genes; the Fashion Exhibition, held on March 29th, at SWE BAR, City Mall, Lagos.

The event was well-publicised before the day on radio, in print media, and mainly on facebook and by a week to the event, 290308 had become the passcode people wanted a ticket to.
The concept was unique; invites cost whatever donations people wanted to make at the door, and all donations went into the THESE GENES; Sickle-Cell Project, a project designed to create awareness on sickle-cell, and also give people an avenue to express themselves on sickle-cell.

The event started at 2pm, but SPEECHgirl had an exclusive backstage pass way before it started!
Only us saw the running around, the last minute adjustments made to the runway, the models that cancelled and had to be replaced, and the general panic before things began.

From the actual show itself though, you could never have guessed this was happening as the show kicked off with Tosyn Bucknor weaving through the excited crowd, asking them about their day and their sense of style. She then introduced the host of the day - Shade Ladipo who also introduced her celebrity co-host - Ebuka!
Together, they held the guests spellbound for the duration of the show, making people laugh, smile, and also getting people to share any sickle-cell stories they had.

Guests at the event included Tracy Nither, Emem Ema, Ashionye, Chris Ihidero (editor of MADE magazine), Lamide Akintobi, Muiyiwa Osindero (Clothsense), Alex Yangs, the Redstrat trio (Chude, Emilia and Adebola Williams), Tee-A, Lydia Idakula, M.P, Amina Ebele Idris, and the Unrulies.

There were three main designers for the day.
BEAMPEH was the first to show off her collection of Soul / Ethnic designs. Her clothes were beautiful, and the models walked to 'Awe' by asa. BYGE also showed her own specially designed line for THese Genes which featured elegant clothes. Accessories by Ayana were also modelled at the same time, making it a perfect combination of fashion, accessories and beauty. MY Q modelled her own alternative collection which was a combination of various feels, and the models strutted to 'Sensual Seduction' by Snoop.
All designers donated some of their outfits to the sickle-cell project and these can be viewed and bought by contacting These Genes.
OUCH! who runs both a male and female line, was exhibiting his ties at the exhibition and this is where the male models showed what they were made of. With nothing but their jeans and ties on, they gave the ladies something to scream about!

THESE GENES also had its own runway when it modelled tshirts that had been designed by Energy, Toni Payne, and QuikLinx. With funny and zany inscriptions like 'These Genes Celeb', 'Whats Your Sign?' and 'Looking Good in These Genes', all the tshirts were customised and shown by the models, and special guests like Gbemi of COOL F.M, Noble Igwe, Lola Talabi and surprise! surprise, Mrs Sola Bucknor!
All models walked to 'Booty Call' by D'Banj, a song that seemed to fit the swag perfectly.

Make-up for the models and the hosts was done by Face Factor and Labelle's Touch, and they can also be reached via the These Genes database.

It was not all fashion, beauty and style though as there was music, poetry and comedy on the day!
Lanre, an upcoming comedian and comedy celeb, Jedi, sent the guests reeling with laughter as Chiedu Ifeozo and Sage did poetry and spoken word respectively. It seemed it was a day for alternative forms of entertainment as rock and acoustic soul led the day with Bez Idakula and Aysia thrilling the crowd with their guitars, and Etcetera doing same with his piano! It wasn't all acoustic though as Toks D Don, Drenco and Divine Brothers gave a variety that ranged from ragga to rap, to gospel accapella.
The guests at the event were not only entertained but absolutely amazed when 11 year old rapper, Li'L Flow, came on stage. He seemed shy just before getting on, but once the beat came on, it could have been a 30 year old rap superstar on stage!
Hip-Hop had its day at Jeans for Genes as Jesse Jags, and Hip-Hop World Awards winner, M.I rounded off the list of excellent performances.
But let us not forget the greatest performer on the day, Toyin Adesola, author of Still Standing, a true account of her journey, living with sickle-cell for 40 years. She read an excerpt from her book, and These Genes has copies of the book on sale.

Jeans for Genes was a day of fahion, music, poetry and beauty, but it was more than that. It was an event created to raise funds and awareness for the sickle-cell project. The event itself might have rapped with a vote of thanks by the Project and Event Co-ordinator, but there are still a million ways to be a part of the project!
You can still buy any of the tshirts, wristbands, ties or clothes that have been donated to the project, you can donate money, time or talent to the project, and you can keep telling people about THESE GENES; the Sickle-Cell Project, and Sickle-Cell itself.

In the meantime, the organisers wish to thank Zapphaire Events and PR, UNRULY INC, Yvents Couture, SWE Bar, all media houses, and all management and recording companies who let their artistes perform at our event, for their continued support of the Sickle-Cell Project.

THESE GENES; the Sickle-Cell Project cannot work without its team of workers and volunteers
Tosyn Bucknor; Co-ordinator
'Subi Mabogunje; Creative Desk, Designs and Branding
Noble Igwe; Consultancy
Osagie Osarenkhoe, Bolaji Salami, Joko Ladipo, Akinyemi, Rogba Arimoro, all all our other volunteers.