Monday, October 25, 2010

ten Takers

So i saw the movie 'Takers'.
On paper- excellente! Cast, Plot, Everything! But by the time the closing credits came up, i realised ten things.

1. The acting
... wasn't bad! T.I and Chris Brown were good surprises,

2. The Cast
... was a well put together team! I liked the acting, i already mentioned that. And they were all easy on the eyes! I mean from Idris Elba to Matt Dillon to Mariann jean-Baptise to...
Yes the cast was good. But my friend and i joke that they didnt send the whole script to the cast before they signed on! And even then...

3. Hayden Christenson
*sigh*. *swoon* It should be an offence to be this...Hayden!

4. The T.I and Chris Brown allusions
... were interesting. The writers were having fun with this. I mean, T.I's character leaves prison in such an iconic scene that you can't help but draw parallels with T.I himself. Sadly, we all know what is happening now- He is going back. And Chris Brown had one very interesting scene which while cool baffled me. (And then i saw the end credits)

5. The competition
... has been ignored abi? Because i can think of ten movies better than this movie from Salt to Inception to The Other Guys to A Team, to Eat Pray Love to Africa Magic Yoruba... Okay fine, Africa Magic Yoruba is a channel not a movie! And since i deviated, more things better than this movie- an hr of Flashpoint, The Mentalist, Castle, Tru Blood, and so on. The only movie not better than this movie is that M and B with vampires. Id mention it but i only successfully got it out of my mind. Thanks
And while still on the subject of competition, well this was a heist movie. And surely they had seen the other movies of its kind? Like 'heist'? 'oceans 11, 12, 13', and even 'set it off'. Yes, that 'Set it Off'. And one thing they obviously didnt learn from their competition was how criminals behave.

6. Story
... wasnt bad. Actually, it was a pretty good idea. But someone lost the plot. Pun intended.

7. Annoying People
... were deliberately written into the movie just to upset me. I can't tell you why they were so annoying, but watch out for Idris Elba's characters sister.

8. The company
.. i was with made the movie bearable. You should always see movies with people you can throw popcorn at so that gives you something to do if the movie doesnt!

8. The Movie
.. could have been so much better i tell you! O my! Kai these people had sub plots which somehow just didnt tie in properly! Some scenes were really cool action wise; i enjoyed the action. I already mentioned the beautiful people; im a sucker for pretty faces. Heist stories usually sell themselves; i dont know to whom this one tried to.

10. In the end...
the movie will do well, but i wish it was a song so it could be remixed!

Friday, October 22, 2010

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So i saw the movie and now i Eat Pray and Love

First time i read 'Eat Pray Love', i was in one of those places where you have no choice but to read anything you can cos you're not going anywhere
Not prison.
But hey, hospital beds feel close.

A colleague had raved about it, how he loved it, and how his fiancee loved it as well. I had had the book for eons, but pneumonia provided a great excuse to bring it out, dust it, and read!

Did i like the book?

I think you could say i loved it.
It was, a fun book to read.

I loved the main character, the voice of the novel. I identified with her struggles and her thoughts and her seeming need to destroy where there was peace. I told myself, sometimes you have to breathe to admit you haven't been breathing all along. And no, perfect on paper isnt always perfect in real life.
Plus i loved the adventure, and i too wanted the 'nothingness' she was able to achieve. O we keep sp busy, always thinking, planning, meeting, planning to meet, that we forget to just be.

I loved Italy! Her time spent in italy was time spent with food, my first love. As she ate, i ate, and resolved that one day, i too will go have pasta and red wine, and learn italian properly.

I felt Italy should have been put in the middle because i found India tedious. Yet still i learnt the value of certain things; like silence, and finding your weakness is actually a strength.

I loved Indonesia, it was better than India for me, but still did not have the carefreeness Italy had. But it had an adorable singular character that made it worth it.

I read the book, sometimes a few chapters a day, sometimes because of visitors and fatigue, just one chapter a day.
And i raved about it to my friend and said i was so excited that it had been made into a movie and i simply must see it!

I do not know what changed between when i read the book and when i saw the movie, but if there was one thing the movie left me feeling, it was bad.

Don't get me wrong, the movie was excellent.
It had Julia Roberts, whom i am sure i pretty much have a crush on, and who is one of my top five actresses!
It had colour and food and humour and great people.
It captured some of the book but not all, and possibly not enough.
It brought things i had read to life, in ways i would not have, and indeed, did not picture it.

It did however, make me feel uncomfortable.
I remember walking in hand in hand to see that movie, and by the time it was done, there was silence. The awkward kind.
I remember sitting down excitedly beside the dapper gentleman who felt familiar, and by the time the movie ended, being barely able to say bye.
I remember wanting to go home and just sleep; somehow blot out the last few hours spent on popcorn and the movie.

Was it a terrible movie?
(Have you not heard a thing i said? NOOOO)

It was a lovely movie. It did what it was meant to do
It at once inspired you, yet left you uneasy. You immediately start to think about your own life as you watch our main character seemingly destroy hers then rebuild it. You ponder and wonder and just spend so much time thinking!
But you also laugh, and cry, and smile, and root for various people as the movie goes along.

Would i recommend it? Yes.
You should see it. If only for the fact that watching movies can't always be about thrilling the mind (inception) or the funny bone (the other guys).
Sometimes, a movie should do more- it should make you think.

I pray that when you do do that thinking, you will find yourself able to get out of it.
Im glad cos i saw the movie with someone who felt just as shaken about it, but still, we found a way to be okay.

Friday, October 8, 2010

#TeamTiwaSavage and CON.tra too!

It was the dress she wore that caught the attention of the Online Community. The dress she wore to the HipHop World Awards.
I woke up the Monday after the awards and everyone on twitter was buzzing!

But don't let the dress fool you, there is more to Tiwa than dazzling daring dresses!

Apparently i hah heard one of her songs before i knew it was hers, but the first one i listened to was 'Kele Kele Love'. Before i actually listened to it, i had heard one or two girls mention it. And when i finally listened, i realised why they like it; it is kinda like the Female 'Too-Smart-For-Your-Crap' Anthem; like how we all loved 'No Scrubs' and the guys even had to respond to it!

'Kele Kele Love' sounded so good, that it prompted me to come up with my two rules of kele-ism!
- If a guy calls you at 9pm on Friday and hadnt called all day, well ladies, everyone else said no

- If a guy only talks about his money, cars and self on a date, ladies, he needs to date a mirror

I am sure that if i thought harder, id think of more, but Tiwa Savage has the rules for days!!!
She told me during our interview on Top Radio, that she had got the beat for some days before writing to it but once she started to write, it flowed in a few!!!

After 'Kele Kele Love' i reluctantly moved on the other songs on the promo c.d and they were also pretty interesting. There was 'Ife wa gbono' as well which i can just hear at every wedding, and her rendition of the National Anthem.

I am definitely Team Tiwa Savage!

I am also Team CON.tra.diction by the way!
Now CON.tra.diction has her own blog o, on Reverbnation which you can see here

But i just wanted to mention that she got to perform recently at Designers Lounge at Rehab, and also had an interview on TVC (lunchsplash with Labi)

Yay! Go CON.tra!