Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 its a wrap...not quite

Hello Blogsville
Whats new?

It is almost 2009, egba mi
Was it not Jan just a few months ago? Guess time flies when you are having fun, getting insulted, falling out of love then falling in all over again, feeling ill, feeling fly, and seeing a future so bright, they havnt made the shades for you yet!

I love 2008, and i pray i love 2009 cos my favourite prayer was one a friend of mine prayed for me. She said, may the best of this year the least of next year, and i screamed AMIN O JESU, cos that's rock solid! Of course, 2009 is like 2008, it just means i'll be a year older AGAIN (with adupe Monday to Sunday if i damn well please), and that s.h.a.r.e, These Genes, SPEECHgirl, CON.tra.diction , will keep working hard to correct mistakes and turn all stumbling blocks into stepping stones mehn!

The music will be great cos the new school is here innit? (Don't worry if there are so many personas and skitsonas appearing in this post, that is how we write sometimes!). M.I's album has dropped, and we can now look forward to Kel's own, Whizz Kid, and a new release by Fourth Republic. Plus, TEETO is finally stepping up and claiming the crown he rightfully owns! CON.tra.diction finally found a band so don't count her out, and Rooftop MC's are planning bigger and better things.
But where are the ladies? Omawunmi, Kel, Ashionye, Temitayo George, Mo' Cheddar, Blaise and CON.tra.diction will hopefully balze the charts cos my girls aint playing!

2009 will have awards, births, deaths, life, love, and a whole lot of living!

There is so much to be grateful and hopeful for , and this first post is to say thank you for s.h.a.ring 2008 with me!


  1. YES BOSS!!!! erm am I allowed to say that?.......

    lol 2009 is yours baby reach out n grab it!

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  3. Amen!!!!...to ur friend's prayer
    and may you always hav a reason to smile thru out 2009

    hope u had a really really merry christmas
    hav an equally wonderful new year!!!

    here's to the 2009 and the surprising but lovely packages it brings with it!!!!