Friday, November 26, 2010

Where to go this weekend?

Congratulations to THE NET NG as they celebrate One Year!

WHats Happening This Weekend?
- Celebrity Read Africa
Come catch your favourite celebs reading passages from their favourite books! Guest performances also by Christine, Le'mmon and more!
Terra Kulture, 3pm

- One Soul's Album Launch
One Soul launches his new album with an album listening concert at Silverbird Galleria with special guest appearances!
Silverbird Galleria, 3pm

- Underground
Underground seeks to discover new talent and help give them an immediate platform! There are also guest performances by more established acts!
Soul Lounge, 5pm

- NMVA's
The Nigeria Music Video Awards hold at Eko Hotel this Sunday

- Jedi brings to you a comedy concert with a little help from his friends

Ten Things You Should Know About Karaoke You Can

Ten Things You Should Know ABout KARAOKEYOUCAN
1. It will be hosted by Area Mama, with a lot of help from Angela and Bobby Taylor. If you havent met Angela yet, #thankmelater

2. KAraokeYouCan holds at Swe Bar. That's at City Mall Onikan

3. KARAOKEYOUCAN holds on the FIRST Wed of every month. Yup! Jan- Dec next year, be there or p square!

4. The first edition holds on the FIRST WEd of DECEMBER, Wed Dec 1st. 4pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. So what happens at the event? Well if Area Mama can Karaoke, You Can! Come in, get the karaoke list, pick what songs you would like to perform alone or with a group of friends, and then sing your hearts out.

6. You are in good company! Our confirmed guests who will also be singing include Nyore, Christine and Chidynma. And o yes, Denrele!

7. And it gets better! We have some signed c.ds, posters and free drinks to give away!

8. And Overdose has a surprise for you all. Okay let me ruin it jo- he will be at the event, and we get to watch his new video for his new single, 'Drinks in a Glass'!

9. Quick reminder! Its on Wed Dec 1st, 4pm at Swe. And it is free, but you have to get on the guestlist!

10. O, so that is the catch? Yes it is. But it is an easy catch to catch na! All you have to do to get on the guestlist is one or more of the following
- send an sms to 07035169111
- add this pin, 22775AC2 and give them your name
- follow @theareamama or @sharedazzle on twitter,and then dm your names!

And there you were thinking there was something more to it!

So, those are ten things to know about KARAOKE YOU CAN.
Here is one thing we would like to know-

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Swe... SMVA's and Nigeria Idol!

So the weekend came and ended. It's Tuesday already, cant wait for Christmas.
So lets talk about how this weekend went for me real quick shall we?


My mum told me the other day not to take vodka cos it has forty percent alcohol. Okay mummy!
I did go for the Vodka party and had a blast at Swe. Dj Deluxe of Swe as always, had us dancing, there were free drinks and more, and the company (Djinee, Bolu and co) was amazing!
To cap it all, Christine performed ''Im a Star'.
If you have ever tried to speak with a bunch of people at a bar, you would know what that feat was! Cos she had them paying attention and asking for her singles!
So i guess we have one to watch!

Sound City Video Music Awards.
I like how the SMVAs insist it is all about the videos and so there are technical issues to consider, which means winners are not always the popular choices!
Its an interesting argument, and i wouldnt neccessarily fight with it, but it is hard to balance technical with popular!

So the awards.
First off, one of the better co-ordinated award events of this year. I truly liked the event flow.
One negative, i did not enjoy the VIP... I suppose there was a justification for putting the VIP seats at the gallery, but there were no ushers up there telling us what! So people kept seats, people stood all through....
I love performances and the SMVA's gave us several!
Did i like them? Well yes!
For the most part
Best performances on the night? E.M.E and Sasha!
Worst? A certain alapomeji family should have put their craft together better. ANd maybe if 9ice had appeared at the end, it would have salvaged the situation. By the way, i really like lady, she should have done her own version of street credibility though!
I tried to escape the red carpet to be honest, but i think i was still caught on camera!


And yes! It is back, and this time, seems to want to be better
i loved the first season of Nigeria Idol though, I mean, it had Mike Majic as the host, and produced Timi Dakolo, Omawumi, Temitayo George and more!
So you wont hear any complaints from me

This season has Misi Molu and Anis as hosts, and from the first episode i saw, Anis has a good sense of humour which translates on air...
The judges are interesting. I mean, yes, Jeffrey invented the moonwalk, but his comments show there is more to him than that. He seems to want to be the nice one though, like a randy jackson
Yinka Davies is technical, i would be scared to sing in front of that powerhouse i swear
And Audu is... well Audu! Funny, knows his onions, and funny!

Not looking too bad, let's see how it goes. And at least, we know we have guaranteed laughs for the first few episodes with those auditons o!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Yes! Yes! Yes!

For all lovers of Karaoke, this is the s.h.a.r.e event for u!

Every First Wed of the month!

Swe Bar

4pm - 8pm

s.h.a.r.e Network hosts Area Mama and her special guests, and of course YOU, to Karaoke You Can (cos Area Mama can!)

Get ready to sing, pick up signed c.ds from some of your favourite artistes and celebs, mingle with people, and hey, maybe win some prizes... and of course, walk the red carpet!

Each month has a different flavour and theme, and you can find out whats happening by following @sharedazzle @theareamama

Dont forget!

Every 1st Wed of the month
Swe Bar
4pm to 8pm
Karaoe You Can... cos Area Mama can!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Very busy November Weekend!

So, i have recently been trying to take things slow and pace myself. This weekend however, there is no denying that the most rest i am going to get will be in-between events!

So what is happening this weekend?

The weekend starts off at Swe with the Vodka Party! I know, a vodka party? Well it is to introduce party goers to a specific brand of vodka and it would be nice to see how that goes but i am also very excited about the fact that talented Christine Ben-Ameh will be performing on the night!
i do hope she does 'ungraceful'. It is my favourite track of hers. For now!

The Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative continues with its awareness drive by bringing sickle cell in a fun form to students and workers alike!
THis event holds on Saturday 20th at the Unilag Sports COmplex at 11am and will feature dances (SOD being one of the headlining acts), performances (with Rooftop MCs and Le'mmon as some of the acts to watch out for) and more!
The Gate Fee is an affordable N300 for singles and N500 for couples and i hear there will also be free genetic counselling and tests available.

This won't really make the general list as it is a private party but i am excited cos i get to m.c a friends wedding.

The SMVA's hold on Saturday Night and i hear Uti is hosting. Great! Where is my big money?
So the last time i went for an awards show, i wore this dress which was raved and talked about
I plan on trying to avoid the red carpet and cameras this time around. LOL
CON.tra.diction wont though, she will be there to mingle with everyone
I am looking forward to the performances for sure.

I remember standing right by the stage to watch M.I and Freshly Ground perform last time around. Lets see what i do this time around
O wait, may i wear flats? My back hurts!

So yup!
Full weekend but i hope to catch brunch at Bishops Cottage on Sunday. I like the mini-burgers. And chicken. And candles. And.....

What else.

o quick one, erm, aunty Dora, naija for life o!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Future Awards extends deadline for nominations!

The Future Awards Announces Extension of Nomination

Due to requests for more time, nominations for The Future Award have been extended. The new closing date for the nominations is Sunday, November 21, 2010.

The 6th season of The Future Awards was launched on the 30th of September, 2010. Twenty categories will be recognized in the awards this season. These categories are Best Use of Advocacy, Actor of the Year, Best Use of Technology, Best use of Science, Business Owner of the Year, Comedian of the Year, Best Use of Science, Creative Artist of the Year, Journalist of the Year, Magazine of the Year, Musician of the Year, Music Producer of the Year, On-air Personality of the Year (Radio), On-air Personality of the Year (TV), Professional of the Year (Corporate), Professional of the Year (Creative), Screen Producer of the Year, Sportsperson of the Year, Team of the Year, the biggest for Young Person of the Year and for Excellence in Public Service.

Nominees must be Nigerian citizens and must be aged 18 – 31. If you want to nominate anyone, all you need to do is go to the website, click the ‘Nominate’ link and fill in information about the nominees’ work and why you think he/she should win. Kindly ensure you get all nominations in by midnight November 21.

Monday, October 25, 2010

ten Takers

So i saw the movie 'Takers'.
On paper- excellente! Cast, Plot, Everything! But by the time the closing credits came up, i realised ten things.

1. The acting
... wasn't bad! T.I and Chris Brown were good surprises,

2. The Cast
... was a well put together team! I liked the acting, i already mentioned that. And they were all easy on the eyes! I mean from Idris Elba to Matt Dillon to Mariann jean-Baptise to...
Yes the cast was good. But my friend and i joke that they didnt send the whole script to the cast before they signed on! And even then...

3. Hayden Christenson
*sigh*. *swoon* It should be an offence to be this...Hayden!

4. The T.I and Chris Brown allusions
... were interesting. The writers were having fun with this. I mean, T.I's character leaves prison in such an iconic scene that you can't help but draw parallels with T.I himself. Sadly, we all know what is happening now- He is going back. And Chris Brown had one very interesting scene which while cool baffled me. (And then i saw the end credits)

5. The competition
... has been ignored abi? Because i can think of ten movies better than this movie from Salt to Inception to The Other Guys to A Team, to Eat Pray Love to Africa Magic Yoruba... Okay fine, Africa Magic Yoruba is a channel not a movie! And since i deviated, more things better than this movie- an hr of Flashpoint, The Mentalist, Castle, Tru Blood, and so on. The only movie not better than this movie is that M and B with vampires. Id mention it but i only successfully got it out of my mind. Thanks
And while still on the subject of competition, well this was a heist movie. And surely they had seen the other movies of its kind? Like 'heist'? 'oceans 11, 12, 13', and even 'set it off'. Yes, that 'Set it Off'. And one thing they obviously didnt learn from their competition was how criminals behave.

6. Story
... wasnt bad. Actually, it was a pretty good idea. But someone lost the plot. Pun intended.

7. Annoying People
... were deliberately written into the movie just to upset me. I can't tell you why they were so annoying, but watch out for Idris Elba's characters sister.

8. The company
.. i was with made the movie bearable. You should always see movies with people you can throw popcorn at so that gives you something to do if the movie doesnt!

8. The Movie
.. could have been so much better i tell you! O my! Kai these people had sub plots which somehow just didnt tie in properly! Some scenes were really cool action wise; i enjoyed the action. I already mentioned the beautiful people; im a sucker for pretty faces. Heist stories usually sell themselves; i dont know to whom this one tried to.

10. In the end...
the movie will do well, but i wish it was a song so it could be remixed!

Friday, October 22, 2010

ADVERTORIAL- christmas in dubai!

Hey guys, what do you think?

Christmas in Dubai 20-26 December 2010

**Registration closes December 1ST, 2010
There is yet another exciting trip for all
who want to explore the beauty of Dubai.
From half day city tour to the Burj Khalifa tour to Desert Safari and Boat Cruise, not to mention the great shopping experience, Dubai is sure a place worth spending Christmas in!

Christmas in Dubai promises to be a complete adventure. This time around we get to explore the Burj Al Arab (the only 7 star hotel in the world) and also get on a Wonder Bus not to mention a special Christmas buffet, Christmas can't be any better.
What are you waiting for...Lets Visit Dubai! See Dubai! Remember Dubai! Together!

ONE PERSON N330,000 N380,000 N420,000
A COUPLE N550,000 N650,000 N710,000

Package Inclusions
Meet and Greet at airport.
Return Flight ticket
6 nights' accommodation
Desert Safari + Belly dancing + BBQ dinner
Wonder Bus tour
Dhow Cruise + Buffet dinner
Daily buffet breakfast
Burj Al Arab Tour + Buffet Dinner
Burj Khalifa Tour
Special Christmas Buffet
Return airport transfer
All applicable taxes
Terms and Conditions
Applicants are required to submit the information page of their travelling passports.
Any application after December 1st, 2010 will not be considered.
Registration closes on December 1st, 2010.
All visa requirements and payments must be paid on or before December 1st , 2010.
Visa processing fees and hotels once booked are non-refundable.
Although high visa success rate is enjoyed, the power lies with Dubai Immigration not us, on its issuance.
Flight fares are subject to availability, therefore prompt action is required to lock down the fares above.

*this package is being put together by, Holidays and Cash Nigeria LTD,
08072692854 or 08052760597_

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So i saw the movie and now i Eat Pray and Love

First time i read 'Eat Pray Love', i was in one of those places where you have no choice but to read anything you can cos you're not going anywhere
Not prison.
But hey, hospital beds feel close.

A colleague had raved about it, how he loved it, and how his fiancee loved it as well. I had had the book for eons, but pneumonia provided a great excuse to bring it out, dust it, and read!

Did i like the book?

I think you could say i loved it.
It was, a fun book to read.

I loved the main character, the voice of the novel. I identified with her struggles and her thoughts and her seeming need to destroy where there was peace. I told myself, sometimes you have to breathe to admit you haven't been breathing all along. And no, perfect on paper isnt always perfect in real life.
Plus i loved the adventure, and i too wanted the 'nothingness' she was able to achieve. O we keep sp busy, always thinking, planning, meeting, planning to meet, that we forget to just be.

I loved Italy! Her time spent in italy was time spent with food, my first love. As she ate, i ate, and resolved that one day, i too will go have pasta and red wine, and learn italian properly.

I felt Italy should have been put in the middle because i found India tedious. Yet still i learnt the value of certain things; like silence, and finding your weakness is actually a strength.

I loved Indonesia, it was better than India for me, but still did not have the carefreeness Italy had. But it had an adorable singular character that made it worth it.

I read the book, sometimes a few chapters a day, sometimes because of visitors and fatigue, just one chapter a day.
And i raved about it to my friend and said i was so excited that it had been made into a movie and i simply must see it!

I do not know what changed between when i read the book and when i saw the movie, but if there was one thing the movie left me feeling, it was bad.

Don't get me wrong, the movie was excellent.
It had Julia Roberts, whom i am sure i pretty much have a crush on, and who is one of my top five actresses!
It had colour and food and humour and great people.
It captured some of the book but not all, and possibly not enough.
It brought things i had read to life, in ways i would not have, and indeed, did not picture it.

It did however, make me feel uncomfortable.
I remember walking in hand in hand to see that movie, and by the time it was done, there was silence. The awkward kind.
I remember sitting down excitedly beside the dapper gentleman who felt familiar, and by the time the movie ended, being barely able to say bye.
I remember wanting to go home and just sleep; somehow blot out the last few hours spent on popcorn and the movie.

Was it a terrible movie?
(Have you not heard a thing i said? NOOOO)

It was a lovely movie. It did what it was meant to do
It at once inspired you, yet left you uneasy. You immediately start to think about your own life as you watch our main character seemingly destroy hers then rebuild it. You ponder and wonder and just spend so much time thinking!
But you also laugh, and cry, and smile, and root for various people as the movie goes along.

Would i recommend it? Yes.
You should see it. If only for the fact that watching movies can't always be about thrilling the mind (inception) or the funny bone (the other guys).
Sometimes, a movie should do more- it should make you think.

I pray that when you do do that thinking, you will find yourself able to get out of it.
Im glad cos i saw the movie with someone who felt just as shaken about it, but still, we found a way to be okay.

Friday, October 8, 2010

#TeamTiwaSavage and CON.tra too!

It was the dress she wore that caught the attention of the Online Community. The dress she wore to the HipHop World Awards.
I woke up the Monday after the awards and everyone on twitter was buzzing!

But don't let the dress fool you, there is more to Tiwa than dazzling daring dresses!

Apparently i hah heard one of her songs before i knew it was hers, but the first one i listened to was 'Kele Kele Love'. Before i actually listened to it, i had heard one or two girls mention it. And when i finally listened, i realised why they like it; it is kinda like the Female 'Too-Smart-For-Your-Crap' Anthem; like how we all loved 'No Scrubs' and the guys even had to respond to it!

'Kele Kele Love' sounded so good, that it prompted me to come up with my two rules of kele-ism!
- If a guy calls you at 9pm on Friday and hadnt called all day, well ladies, everyone else said no

- If a guy only talks about his money, cars and self on a date, ladies, he needs to date a mirror

I am sure that if i thought harder, id think of more, but Tiwa Savage has the rules for days!!!
She told me during our interview on Top Radio, that she had got the beat for some days before writing to it but once she started to write, it flowed in a few!!!

After 'Kele Kele Love' i reluctantly moved on the other songs on the promo c.d and they were also pretty interesting. There was 'Ife wa gbono' as well which i can just hear at every wedding, and her rendition of the National Anthem.

I am definitely Team Tiwa Savage!

I am also Team CON.tra.diction by the way!
Now CON.tra.diction has her own blog o, on Reverbnation which you can see here

But i just wanted to mention that she got to perform recently at Designers Lounge at Rehab, and also had an interview on TVC (lunchsplash with Labi)

Yay! Go CON.tra!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From our friends at WE PLUG GOOD MUSIC


A Prelude to the future

A collection of sound recordings featuring 20 emerging artists in

This Mixtape contains an array of passionate expression sonically captured in an element of these artists’ historical journey.


‘Good music perfectly relays what the author innately feels or intends to convey.’ - We Plug Good Music

A Prelude to the Future is that definitive window into the pool of the most current and distinguished artists and music that you should know about.

Since February 2009, We Plug GOOD Music has consistently provided its online community with the very best emerging music from all around the world vis-a-vis plugging these emerging artists to a wider range of audiences via its’ websites & online radio show as well as bringing quality live music to diverse audiences in and around London (UK) & Lagos (Nigeria) via their ‘One Mic’ showcases.

'We Plug GOOD Music' has established an online presence successfully plugging the emerging music that commercial radio doesn’t play, Aiming to push the true artform of music and NOT necessarily what the industry calls 'good' & in theirconsistent, continuous bid & effort to keep plugging the best of NEW & EMERGING Performing Artistes, they’ve come together with 20 of the most promising emerging artists to create ‘The Future is NOW’ project beginning with this ‘A Prelude to the Future’ mixtape

A Prelude to the Future features 20 of the best emerging artists that we have come across over the last year from all around the word & Specifically hand-picked from the ever-budding Nigerian Music scene is an array of amazing artists (with exclusive and unreleased material) including...

WAJE an incredible emerging Songstress, whose name is fast becoming a strong brand in Nigeria after having worked with the biggest African R&B duo, P-Square on 2007’s massive hit record, ‘Do Me’ and releasing two hugely successful singles herself, ‘Somewhere’ & ‘Kolo’. She is widely regarded as the Queen of R&B in Nigeria and her discography already includes collaborations with huge African artists such as Banky W, Eldee the Don and J Martins. We also feature emerging ‘Alternative Soul’ Singer/Song-writer BEZ, a natural performer with a charismatic and playful stage presence who has previously opened for International Sensation, Asa & performed alongside Nigeria’s premiere artists like Tuface, 9ice & D’Banj as well as World-renowned Hip-Hop/Soul singer, Nneka. Bez also took part in the Nigerian leg of the 2009’s Hennessy Artistry Series which culminated in the Series Finale in NYC featuring the legendary Common & The Roots.

KEL, the Poster Child of Nigerian Hip-Hop, who right now at such an early stage in her career & with the release of her first and only album so far, has already been nominated for a number of prestigious awards in the Nigerian Music industry including the MTV Africa Music Awards (Best Female), the Hip-Hop World Awards (Best Rap Album), the Future Nigeria Awards (Musician of the Year) and the Dynamix Awards (Best New Artiste), blesses us with a Remot-produced exclusive for ‘A Prelude to the Future’. Also featured on this mixtape is ‘Urban Soul’ Singer/Rapper/Song-writer & 6-time Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) nomineeNAIRA (Nigerian American I Represent Africa) who, having already worked with & shared stages with the likes of Tuface Idibia,Raskimono, Banky W, Naeto C & Stacey Epps as well as contributing two original songs to the soundtrack for MTV Film's 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16', has taken time out of recording her forthcoming album ‘Fearless: The Art of Letting Go’ to link up with US-based Nigerian producer Kid Konnect for an exclusive track just for this project.

Also introducing Nigerian-born Yomi ‘GREEDS’ Sode, who is an emerging talented and eclectic spoken word artist, has been able to showcase and experiment with numerous musical styles & lyrical expressions so far in his infant career. In little over two years on the UK scene, he has shared the stage with amazing established poets such as David J, Kat Francois, Tshaka Campbell & Floetic Lara as well as new generation poets like Inua Ellams, Dean Atta, Deanna Rodger & James Massiah. On his latest release ‘Sampler 4’, GREEDS continues to bring a new sound to performance poetry & push the art form forward to the unaware.

You will also get to hear new, exclusive, previously unheard & some re-released material from some of the finest emerging artists we’ve been privileged to work with, in the genres of Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B & Spoken Word from all around the world including emerging UK Soul & Hip-Hop artists Shanaz Dorsett, The BB Architects, AKS & Shadez the Misfit, America’s fast-rising underground Hip-Hop and R&B artists Remot, Midian, EOM & Emay, Spoken Word artists Greeds & Zayna Daze and so much more in this 20-track opus & ode to EMERGING MUSIC.

This mixtape contain specially selected artists with real GOOD music for your listening pleasure... We want you to get to know these artists as we believe they are the FUTURE... Nothing more can be said on paper without you actually hearing the music so please PRESS PLAY via our Bandcamp page:

We Plug GOOD Music presents: A Prelude to the Future is NOW available for FREE download at:

For further information, press + artist enquiries, please contact:
Ayodele Adepoju
Telephone: +447595947017

Swe Celebrates Nigeria at 50

I like Swe Bar because once there is some holiday or special event, Swe always has a plan!

The INDEPENDENCE weekend is here, and there are so many events to look forward to! Swe has planned long weekend, and there is something for everyone!

Godbless and the Ebony Band, with guest comedians and artistes in the building!
Ladies i hear there are complimentary Naija at 50 cocktails waiting for you!
From 8pm till ........................

1pm -7pm

Loads of gifts to be won, cos there's going to be a karaoke competition

From 7pm till dawn

Repping Naija music till dawn with DJ Deluxe & DJ Collins


From 12.45pm

The day starts off with the Premier League match of the day (MAN U .v. SUNDERLAND), and then the Independence Party Train continues with music from the 60s to today!


There is more football action during the day, with BLACKPOOL v. LIVERPOOL and CHELSEA v. ARSENAL

And Sunday Karaoke resumes till....


Call these nos


0703 516 9111

Sounds like fun from where im typing, and i think CON.tra.diction will make an appearance on Friday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This is Not the News Again!

Nigeria Idol is back! And it looks like this time, we will have some fun with it!

The press conference held this week and the buffet was excellent. Okay fine! There was also a lot of information passed as well!
The host for this brand new Nigeria IDol is Missimolu. You might have heard her on Beat FM? Well let's just say, im going to steal her stylist!
The judges are not bad at all! We had originally heard that Steve Babaeko might be one of the judges but Steve? He borders on shy!
The judges are Jeffrey Daniels, Yinka Davies and Audu Maikori.

Now, most female judges end up playing the mother role, from Paula Abdul to Mary Murphy. But id rather a Mary Murphy than a Paula, i am sure Yinka will be her eccentric self on that panel!

So, i am off to drink some lemon tea now, Area Mama wants to go audition!

Now i told you Audu was one of the Nigeria Idol judges right? Well Audu is the C.E.O of Chocolate City, the label M.I, Jesse Jags and Ice Prince are signed on.
Now Ice Prince is, 'the other Choc Boy'. He is like the cousin or friend you love so much and always want around!
Plus, the ladies will probably admit he is probably pretty cute too!
now Ice Prince has moved from cameos and collabos, to his very own single which is fast being downloaded! Titled 'oleku', it was produced by Jesse Jags and features Brymo.
heres a link that is notjustok

I love Ellen
This of course has nothing to do with anything, but i thought to add that!

I had Chuddy K on the show today, and it was fun chatting with him.

His album, 'I am Me' is out now, and has interesting songs like 'I no know', 'Shampoo', 'Craze' with Da Grin, 'Bazooka' and of course, the very popular, 'Slow Slow'.
Oya, buy!
And while you are at it, download Teeto's Mixtape, 'Da Freshness', which is really cool!

Okay then, 'Mard' and 'Toofan' await me.

Monday, September 20, 2010

TU many memories to PAC in one post

It was the anniversary of Tupac’s death a few days ago. I mean, more like a memory of the day he died. And memories indeed.
The last time a great rapper died, i remembered Tupac for he always seemed to remind me of Pac even though he himself loved Biggy. I am talking about Da Grin who would sometimes tie bandannas, grin on his beats, and speak with the sort of honesty Pac did. And hey, he was in the hospital for days, battling, with fans praying for him. Just like Pac.
Of course, while he died as a result of complications arising from his motor-accident, Tupac Amaru Shakur was shot.


I must have heard his songs before i heard his songs.
Raised mostly on popular music, i learnt to flirt with most but love none. Until i heard a song by a rapper called Tupac. My cousin had come to our house that day with a tape/cassette ( i know!), saying in yoruba, “Won ma pa bobo yi, o ti bu won ju”. ( Meaning, they will kill this guy, he has yapped them too much). He slot the tape in, and it was ‘hit em up’.
First off, the first line said, and that was sort of an introduction to everything. To anger, to music, to my lifelong bystander-ish interest in hiphop, was ‘First off’. It sounded like something you would say to a friend, a course mate, a lecturer. It was a very general way of starting something, well, so personal. After ‘First off’, everything else went angry, and i became so fascinated that my cousin had to leave the tape with me.
Unilag was an eye... no scrap that, ear-opener for me. Having listened to r n b like most of my classmates in secondary school, it was almost a redemption for me, when i discovered what else was out there. My room mate in my first year in University would play the Cranberries, someone at mt fellowship would be listening to Seal with their earphones, my best friend at the time would listen to Alanis Morisette, a course mate would have more Tupac songs and albums by other artistes. And then of course there was Rick Dees.
And somehow, the music i heard opened up the things i felt.
Back then, i was carrying a lot of weight i did not even fully understand. Music was helping to process. With some i learnt anger. And i was amazed. I did not know you were allowed to express yourself so honestly in music. Some brought me peace. Others gave me an insight into one simple assertion- everybody hurts.

With Pac, i found a good dose of... all.
No, i had never been a victim of racial profiling nor seen the walls of a prison, nor been born to a mother that took drugs nor had to sell drugs, nor seen a gun before, nor worn bullet proof vests, nor been paid for sex . And yet, i could still relate to each song i heard. The things he spoke of were sometimes physical, but i could relate them to the emotional and the psychological. Yes, sometimes it felt like all eyes were on me, and i firmly believed only God could judge me. When people pissed me off, i wanted to defiantly tell them to picture me up, and i craved changes! Some songs i enjoyed as were. No need to analyse ‘2 of America’s Most Wanted’ or even ‘Hit em up’. I enjoyed listening to them and yes, every once in a while, we would dance to songs by Tupac at clubs.

When Tupac was shot, the news got here and somehow, like all those other fans who kept vigil in front of his hospital day after day, praying and lighting candles, i KNEW he would survive. ‘he has been shot before’ my cousin and i consoled each other as we waited for news to trickle in that Pac was better and alive and could rap again. Knowing how this went, it must have been foolish of me to, this year, have that same conviction when Da Grin had his accident. I KNEW Da Grin would rap again.
But he didnt. And neither did Pac.
My sister called me when she heard Pac died. She knew i would be crying. And i was. I was crying for humane reasons- mourning a fellow human being. But i was crying for selfish reasons- I would never meet him, never listen to new material that came from him, never see him on stage, never....

And there are times like this week that just went by, when i feel those pangs. Now though, it is just easier to like the music as much as i love it.

They say some people are Tupaclysts, i do not even know if i qualify. I do know that i have as many of his songs as i can get, and that i also have his poetry. I dedicated my Final Year Project in Unilag to ‘The Rose that grew from Concrete’. I learnt what ‘T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E’ meant, learnt his raps (‘Changes’ is the only one i have down perfectly though). I spent time watching ‘Notorious’ and hating how Pac was potrayed. Yes he was a thug, if you like, but he was a thug with heart. And while some might argue who the greatest M.C is, i know who brought passion and the most heart.
I doubt if one article could ever say how i feel. Infact, it almost seems wrong to try to use written words to express things felt. But still, i had to write.
Thank you Tupac for the music.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

But this is not news now...

So M.I is joking right? He isn't really going to quit music is he?
That is what i heard sha. He basically said he was now in love with movies, and was going to make the anticipated second album, 'MI2', a movie, instead of an album.

Which means he would leave Chocolate City right?


Speaking of Chocolate City, i hear, Kel wants people to know that she might like the company, but she isn't signed yet. Not to Chocolate City, and not to any other record label.
You know, if Chocolate City needs any more signees, they should sign MC Wack!

You know who i'd sign if i owned a record label?
Ese Peters
Now that is one guy who can sing! And strum. I saw him casually randomly perform one of his singles 'Wetin I Go Do' in a little booth during an interview, and unplugged, he sounded great! I recommend him highly to any record label that is sure, they can handle alternative music.

Like how Bez will hopefully be handled well by Cobhams label, and how Etcetera has been handled by X3M.
Etcetera's album is coming out soon by the way!
Yesterday i broke my diet, ate pork chops, and listened to songs from the album
They not only have great titles, but they have wonderful melodies. I. Am. Excited.
Guitars, Music, Life.
It is perfect

And hopefully, we will get a lot of that on the Alternative Mixtape i am working on!

Tell you more about that later!

In the meantime, i am off to take my recommended two caps of agbo, and miss j!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

International Literacy Day

Hi guys
i thought i had to at least blog on the day that celebrates Literacy, abi?

International Literacy Day was proclaimed by UNESCO in 1965 and celebrated for the first time on September 8th 1966.

On my radio show today, and also on twitter (you can follow me on twitter as @toptosyn and @abisonaspeaks), i asked people how we could celebrate World Literacy Day. These are some of the suggestions that were made, what do you think? And what would you add?

- 'No Gbagauns on Twitter".
Well this is funny on one level but you know, also true. Let us try to be grammatically correct today, and watch out for those common syntax errors!

- s.h.a.r.e a book
Nice! Be it a novel, or a textbook, if you have read it and you liked it, please s.h.a.r.e it!

- Write with no abbreviations
This i like! What would life be like if we did not lol or loaf or get peoples attn or ....

- Write a letter
THis is my personal suggestion joo o!
I cannot remember the last time i opened an envelope and read a letter that was not an invite or a stock report! Today i shall write a letter to J and possibly to my father!

- Book Reviews and Literacy Segments
Specifically requested for my show, i think if there is anyone who owns a blog, or works on radio, tv or print media, then they could also think of this as a long term thing. Book reviews are no longer in style, but books still rock! And yes, we might all be waiting these days for the movies to be made (Eat Pray Love anyone?), but nothing beats turning the pages of a book!

THese suggestions had me laughing and thinking
Truth is though, if you are reading this, you can celebrate today. That is basic. But we never stop reaching, never stop learning, so why not read a book today? And hey, if you can help pay someone's school fees, that would also be swell!

Friday, August 13, 2010

its my birthday...

... But no crying
This birthday I want to be happy.
I'm alive.
Its not all perfect. My superman is ill. And I battled pneumonia and acute chest syndrome this year. Kai see chest pain! Have u ever been afraid to breathe?
I was!

I'd get philosophical and tell u as long as ure breathing, ure living, so live mehn!

Its my birthday and I want peace love and amala
And an Eminem c.d or two
And socks
And a brandy c.d
And accessories
And music
And smiles
And love
And joy
And a happy birthday song
And you
And world peace
And donuts

Its my birthday again! And I'm blessed! So I thank tha Lord!
Cos it is important

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I luv you Nigeria


I once had a friend who was quite ill. The least of what he had was a cold. But he also had malaria, and doctors suspected he was anaemic as he was severely jaundiced.
My friend was a lovely boy to look at. Well, in parts. For some reason, he was developing skin allergies from things that were destroying him internally and so he had some patches here and there. But he was also vibrant in certain areas and you could see and feel that in him.
He had this wide grin that drew you in, and even though there were a few teeth missing and one or two of the teeth seemed to be decaying, you always smiled back. He had a firm handshake and you might have resisted at first, but once you held out your hand to him and he shook it, you felt a warmth radiate.
My friend was basically of an easy going nature. He liked parties and football. But every once in a while, he would lose his temper and then you would be so afraid. These outbursts were temporary but the doctors feared that without some form of psychological help, he would become permanently angry and at war with himself. This could be true since his outbursts have started increasing and these days last for longer.

My friend refuses to wear glasses although it is obvious he needs them. You can tell by the way he stumbles sometimes and always pulls the paper close to read. But i think he thinks wearing glasses would be uncool. Well falling down and breaking your hip is also uncool but hey! Who listens to me anyways?
And speaking of listening... That is something my friend is not good at. Listening.
I think he pretends to listen. He keeps quiet and nods a lot when people talk and then goes right ahead to do the opposite! It annoys me sometimes because really, some things that are said are for his own good. And i will tell you one of the things we said.

You see, my friend is going to turn fifty. I know! I know!
Ideally, one should block the roads, cook some food and bring down heaven and earth. I know people who clear their accounts just so they can celebrate their fiftieth. People buy new clothes, maybe even make new friends. It is not easy to be fifty o, and as they say, ‘dem go take’!
So it is only natural that my friend wants to celebrate his birthday right?
But you see, my friend is ill. He has a cold, and malaria, and he is severely jaundiced.
I think the money he withdraws and spends should not be on the biggest cake he can find, a website in his honour, parties in different states and so on. I think the money he has should be spent on getting himself treated and better!
I think my friend needs to heal his body, his heart, his memories, his mind.
And this is what we have all told him.
But my friend does not listen. And he never seems to learn from his past mistakes.
Like that time my friend celebrated his independence from his parents? He was so excited! But he had no plans! He did not think of how he would keep himself on his feet for years, what his children would eat from, and what people would think of him, and how to relate with others. No, Airegin does not listen to anyone. And so come October 1st, he will celebrate. Possily in darkness, with water drawn from a well that is drying up.
And on the second, he will start all over again

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SO we think we should s.h.a.r.e!







-the ROOFTOP MCs have kept us entertained with singles like 'Sitting
on the Rooftop', 'One Song' and more, but now, they are ready to
treat us to their latest album- 'Back at One'. A message sent out by
a rep of the group says the album will be out mid-August!
The album features collabos, and productions by people like Suspect, Pasuma and more

- And still on the subject of new albums, 'I am William' the 5th
album by 2SHOTZ also drops in August!
With singles like 'Oyoyo' featuring YQ, and with collaborations with
Jesse Jags, M.I and more, it seems like 2Shotz fifth album is set to
find a footing in the mad competitive world of hip hop!

- They have trained young writers and young business men and women, and now, its time for TV Presenters and Film Actors!
Facilitators include Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde,Femi Aderibigbe(Kwame), Obi Asika,Gideon Okeke,Andre Blaze, and more.
For more information, please check the website,

- Some already know Tosyn Bucknor as a writer, and a few more as a
radio personality, but now that she has been cast in a minor role on
Tinsel, she might be moving from that voice we
never see, to a voice and face that interpretes various roles.Tinsel is
a daily soap shown on MNET, and sources say Tosyn will be starring
in a few episodes

- The world of R 'n' B has in recent time seen a resurgence of talent
and with the introduction of Hakym the Dream on the scene, there is
more to be enjoyed!
Hakym is a producer and singer who recently released two new
singles- 'Dey Dere' and 'Formula' (featuring Wizkid), and a new video
for the song 'Dey Dere' which is currently enjoying airplay on major
stations both here and outside the country.
Hakym was in 2009 nominated for a Channel O video music award
in the Best New Artiste Category for the song, 'Plenty Plenty'.

- The first Annual Creative Careers Fair is an initiative of Enterprise
Creative and showcases opportunities in the creative industry- public
relations, marketing communications, journalism, cultural tourism,
fashion and more. It holds on Thurs and Fri July 15 and 16th

Monday, July 5, 2010

From another blog....

Nono rocks!
here is an excerpt from a recent post

"I was woken up by the splitter splatter of rain and a very heavy one at that. I knew I was going to go to church even if the rain turned to hailstones so I just smiled. I think the Devil got my drift 'cause the rain subsided after a bit. I am seriously lacking in my spiritual life and I blame a lot of other factors for this which is just wron..."

Read the rest of it here please

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pilgrimages: Thirteen African Writers. Thirteen Cities. Thirteen Books

The Pilgrimages Project

Pilgrimages is a ground-breaking, pan-African project organised by The Chinua Achebe Center, Bard College, in partnership with Kachifo Limited in Nigeria, Kwani? Trust in Kenya, and Chimurenga in South Africa, in celebration of Africa’s first world cup.

The project involves 13 African writers visiting 12 cities across the continent and one in Brazil for two weeks during the World Cup. At the end of the project, each writer will produce a book of non-fiction travel literature based on their experiences, forming a series to be published next year.

The Writers

The writers and cities involved in the project are Funmi Iyanda (Durban), Alain Mabanckou (Lagos), Abdourahman A. Waberi (Salvador, Bahia), Akenji Ndumu (Abidjan), Doreen Baingana (Hargeisa), Chris Abani (Johannesburg), Uzodinma Iweala (Timbuktu), Billy Kahora (Luanda), Kojo Laing (Cape Town), Binyavanga Wainaina (Touba), Yvonne Owuor (Kinshasha), Victor Lavelle (Kampala), Nicole Turner (Nairobi) and Nimco Mahmud Hassan (Khartoum).

Alain Mabanckou in Lagos

Alain Mabanckou from Congo-Brazzaville is considered one of the most talented writers in Francophone African literature today. His most notable works are Verre Casse (Broken Glass), Bleu-Blanc-Rouge (Blue-White-Red) and The African Pyscho. His work, Memoirs of a Porcupine, won the Prix Renaudot, one of the highest distinctions in Francophone literature.

Alain visits Lagos from the 25th of June to 2nd of July 2010, during which time he will crisscross the city, from the ‘highbrow’ to the ‘slum’. Each day of his stay will alternate stops at football viewing centres, local bukkas and beer parlours, upmarket bars and relevant cultural events, and will include interviews with local denizens, artists, writers and other social commentators. Alain will be guided around the city by architect, writer and publisher, Ayodele Arigbabu, who will also blog about their daily experiences on the Pilgrimages website.

The Website

A dynamic and state-of-the art multimedia website has been launched as part of the Pilgrimages project, at During the 13 Pilgrimages the writers and their local guides will blog on the website. Correspondents, artists and photographers in each city will also post topical content on the site.

The Books

The Pilgrimages Project will culminate in the launch of twelve books in four African cities in January 2012 during the African Nations’ Cup. The collection promises to be the most significant, single addition to the continent’s archive of literary knowledge since the African Writers’ Series of the 1960s. The books will be published by Kachifo Limited in Nigeria, Kwani? Trust in Kenya, Chimurenga in South Africa and a francophone publisher to be announced.

For more information on the Pilgrimages Project, please visit the website:

For more information on Pilgrimages and Alain Mabanckou in Lagos, please email

or call


Monday, June 21, 2010

CON.tra.diction - Dreams ( Place to go ) | Official Video |

Between Hazel and Abisona/myself, and Tosyn and even one of our skitsonas, Toptosyn, it has been hard for CON.tra.diction to get her time or shine. But 'personas are not smiling' cos she says she is ready, or at least wants to try!
So she has been recording, and well, being! And here is the video for her second first single, shot by AK ONE, and starring Skales, Kay Doherty and some totally adorable kids!

This song was produced by COLDflames!

Friday, June 18, 2010

So whats happening in AUGUST? Dubai? Yay! Lets go there!

i always love when i stumble on interesting deals, offers and promotions and when i heard about this trip to Dubai being planned for August, i thought you guys should definitely hear about it!

RENEWING RELATIONSHIPS basically seeks to give young adults the opportunity to do something different, with an interesting, and different set of people!
So, if you have some leave time coming up, and want to get away from your phones... then explore Dubai with a group of people, take pictures, and make me wish i went!

Heres a link to the note on facebook

Its for the first week in August, and there are all sorts of activities planned so çheck it out and let me know!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

this post brought to you by SAMI

n celebration of the World Sickle Day,Sickle Cell Advocacy & Management Initiative
Please Join Us for an

Awareness Walk

Walk for Change: Be Sickle Smart
Take off Point: National Stadium End Point: NIMR Hall, Edmund Close, Yaba
Take off time: 8.00am

FOR YOUR BRANDED TSHIRTS and/or CAPS TEXT 0809 800 7264 WITH YOUR NAME NOS & SIZE. Cost: T Shirts 3000, Cap 200 ( this is limited in qty)

and a


In Celebration of the World Sickle cell Awareness Day
Under the distinguished chairmanship of Dr Jide Idris, the Lagos State Honourable Commissioner of Health
Date Saturday 19th June, 2010.
Venue : NIMR Hall, Nigerian institute of medical research, Edmund Street, behind Presbyterian Church, Yaba, Lagos.
Time: 12noon.

Free Genotype Testing Available
Refreshment follows

Join us in creating more awareness on Sickle Cell Disorder. Its a walk for change. Come in your Jeans and Tshirt.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Im so Endowed! Dbanj is back!

yee pa!

thats how 'Endowed', the new single by the very sexy DBanj begins!

Yee pa indeed because between twitter and notjustok... well, the comments have been 'yee pa' inspired!


something else he says.

A quick 'ose' (thanks) to Don Jazzy for the beat!
Don Jazzy delivers yet again so almost all agree that Don Jazzy 'killed' the beat!
I have only seen one tweet that made an allusion to the fact that the beat might not be completely original

As for Dbanj...

I love Dbanj
It might be important for me to say that first before proceeding
Feel free to think i am biased but these are my five kobos

1 kobo- the song had me at hello. or in this case, YEE PA!
I have it on repeat, and will probably know all the lyrics by tomorrow morning

2. Simple lyrics. Yawn.
Okay, i first fell in love with DBanj when i saw him on television performing 'All the Way'. Then i heard, 'Mobolowowon'
I was sold. I even dared to say maybe we found our generations Fela. For our generations Fela would not neccessarily come with a shrine and afrobeat.
But nah. Somewhere between touch down Lagos and 'Why Me', Dbanj chose the path of easy lyrics.
Which does not make me like him or his music any less. For there is as always, music for the club, music for the car, music for the conscience and music for stillness
I had hoped it would be consciousness, but its clubs
Who am i to judge? Am i endowed?

3. people take music seriously.
I guess i cannot blame them. If ure going to make people shell out money for a c.d and for concerts, and if ure going to make them shell out feelings and emotions and love, u must expect them to expect something in return
Sometimes people take music too seriously!
And they forget one important thing- no matter how objective one gets, music is subjective.
Enjoying a song just happens, It does not come with facts, figures, graphs or percentages.
A song either tugs at u or does not.
You can like it or loathe it. But with all due respect, u cannot tell me whether to like it or loathe it!

4. I would love for Dbanj to work with one or two other producers, I really would.
What would an eLDee or Deejay Klem do with a Dbanj? I would love to listen to the results. I would love to have Dbanj work with someone else and deliver a crappy track, than continue to make the middle of the road songs.
And there is always that chance that it would be a great track!

There is nothing wrong with producer-artiste teams.
But Dbanj needs a challenge. He needs to leave the comfort zone.
I am like that teacher who sees the gifted child sitting at the back of the glass blowing spit bubbles and saying, 'come on kid! give urself a fighting chance!'

5. yee pa! ose! steaze! please! ease! retarded! endowed
Love the beat
Have the hook down already!
Love the lyrics
Love the voice
Love the song!

Listen to 'Endowed' on NOTJUSTOK here!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The way i see it....

The way i see it... it is three things
1. You know i like you, but you dont like me back, and you are trying to spare my feelings, in which case...
2. You know i like you and you like me back in which case....
3. You dont know i like you

But now you do
So we are back to one and two

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This is who i am...

Catch me on any given day and you will probably find that i am energetic, full of life, annoying.
But catch me on a special Tuesday and you will find something else; an edginess, a sensitivy. I suppose on these special Tuesdays, if u touched me, however lightly, i would jump out of my skin.
It might be the cups of tea i drink on these special Tuesdays, or the coke, but its probably something more. You see, i joined a writers workshop.

Some people began singing in their mothers womb. Music was a journey that began in secondary school for me.
The one thing i probably was born to do, was write.
I started writing in nursery school (i assume). But i remember plays, little lines that i jotted down. I have books filled with words in my house, things i wrote. Writing has always been a release, and because when i wrote, i found release, i allowed myself to be free.
I wrote about fears and death. Love and questions. God and life. Pains and joy. The more i hurt, the more i wrote. Till (i confess), a part of me began craving pain, just so i could create. my writing was itself a journey.
The first person who ever read anything i wrote was my father, and even then, it was fiction.
The true ones i kept hidden.
Over the years, only a few have read my real writings.

Giving my writings up meant exposing myself, and so, i wrote and hid.
I started them though. By letting people read, my having something i had written be performed on a stage.
I even started a blog (which i sometimes wish was anonymous), and got a column in The Guardian. Tweets. Facebook notes. Poems.... I wrote
But you see, it was still anonymous

The first time i read at Taruwa, i shook
And i hardly read there. Infact, i hardly read them anywhere

But i joined this workshop, where on special Tuesdays, i sit with a group of people, and we read what we have written.
It is the singular most complex experience for me.
First im at peace with the world, but once i start to read, a combination of factors set in
I am proud, cos i think i write well
I am afraid, cos i think my piece is stupid.
My competitive self wants the applause for my piece to be louder than everyone else’s
The perfectionist in me hates the thought that i missed something out or wrote something wrong
I feel exposed, because no matter how much fiction i put out there, a piece of me is tied in
And when i finish reading, the room is cold and silent. But i am sweating and i hear voices
They criticise the way i read each line, they scrutinise the faces that look back at me
And no matter what is said, i am on a high for the rest of the night

Meet me on a special Tuesday and ask me any question. I am at my most honest
Meet me on a Tuesday and communicate. I am at my most vulnerable
Meet me on a Tuesday and see me profess love. I am at my most flirtatious
I am high and wild and free and edgy and exposed and sad and amped and great

It is a special Tuesday and this is how i feel

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jeans for Genes 2 in pictures!

Hi guys!
So the pictures from JEANS FOR GENES 2 are now coming out!

THese twi posts show the first set, but there are more pictures to come!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

back... again... ok

Its hard to explain why i have not been writing
Lets just say the universe has not been aligning properly for me to write
Yes o! I may not believe in chi (qi) and such, but i do know sometimes, you just need to be at peace to write
It doesnt mean you have to be happy, it just means you have to be at peace
It doesnt mean you have to be free, it just means you have to be at peace
And in my case, there is also the fact that i need my desk placed at the perfect place!

I moved a table at the Top Radio studios from where it was to another spot, and now i feel i can write a letter to Santa, you and everyone else in between!
But let this not be the storm before the calm o!

So knock on wood, i am back!
Forgive that i was gone so long, some things could not be said
Forgive that i ignored you, some thoughts could not be s.h.a.r.ed
But back i am!

Friday, April 9, 2010


THe list is finally out and as always, id be saying what i think about each category, and who i'd vote!
Last awards, i was confident enough to say id eat my bra straps if one of my predictions did not come through... i dare not try that again!
By the way, Nigerian artistes are on FIRE!


Best album (solo or group) in year under review, that meets judges’ requirements of excellence (in every realms: songwriting, production, rendition and promotion) and acceptability (sales, popularity)

Wande Coal might not win in the other categories he has been nominated but come on... While Da Grin's C.E.O gave him a run for his money, the truth is, Wande Coal's album held sway in the year of release and the year after that!


Most critically and commercially adjudged artiste in the year under review Overall most successful artiste for the year under review.


Here is the first tough category! Yikes! Im biting my finger nails here....gun to the head... Terry G.. but if i was breathing a little easier, Wande Coal


Most popular song from an album in year under review. Decided by voting

“YORI YORI” by BRACKET; "KOKOROKO” by KEFEE; “YOU BAD” by Wande Coal; FREE MADNESS Pt. 2” by Terry G; “ALANTA” by Art Quake

Yikes again! But not so much. Yori Yori was and is a massive hit. Full stop.


Best single recording (on-air only or released) by artiste or group in year under review. Originality and production very essential

“STRONG TING” by Banky W; “I LOVE U” by P-Square; “HEAVEN PLEASE” by Timi Dakolo; “KEEPER OF MY DREAMS” by Lara George

Last year, Etcetera won this category and i was very excited indeed. This year, some of these nominated songs were recorded so well done that its hard to choose a favourite. I particularly love 'Heaven Please'


The individual responsible for producing the most acclaimed songs/album in the year under review. His CV for the year includes top notch tracks and production credits no one can fault.


Album/Song Title – “More”, “Love Truly



Album/Song Title – “Strong Ting”, “No Stars”

Artiste(s) – Banky W, Darey Art Alade


Album/Song Title – “Banana’s”, “U Bad”

Artiste(s) – Wande Coal


Album/Song Title – “Everyday”, “Igboro”

Artiste(s) – Dagrin


Album/Song Title – “Thank God”, “Ako Mi Ti Poju”

Artiste(s) – Dagrin, Naeto C

Id vote So Sick just because!


Best conceptualised, best edited, best picture, best directed and most exciting video in year under review as voted by fans and decided by the jury.

JUDE OKOYE for “DANGER” by P Square; WUDI AWA for “Kokoroko” by Keffe; CLARENCE PETERS for “Finest” by Knight House Ft. Sauce Kid & Teeto; BOBBY BOULDERS for Ako Mi Ti Poju by Naeto C; MEX for “Safe” by M.I

This is actually not so difficult a category... Id vote Kokoroko, but a special mention and shout out goes to The Finest


Best R&B single in year under review (by single individual or group)

“STRONG TING” by Banky W; “NEVER FELT A LOVE” by Femi; “I LOVE YOU” by P-Square; “NO STARS” by Darey Art Alade; “OVERKILLIN” by Djinee

I love 'Overkillin' but i have to question its inclusion in the R n B category. Id say this song is a pop song, where pop is POPular music!
But hey!
Femi delivers a powerful song in 'Never Felt A Love' but 'Strong Ting' is... well, the song did us 'Strong Ting' na!



Best pop single in year under review (by single individual or group)

“YORI YORI” by Bracket; “U BAD” by Wande Coal; “KOKOROKO” by Keffe; DANGER” by P-Square; “HOTTER THAN FIRE” by Dr. Pat and Sheyman

How do you even decide here?
I said that, looked at it again and realised... i just wouldnt be able to
Gun to head you say? Wande Coal, You Bad.
Breathe easy you say/ Yori Yori.
Another one just in case, you offer? Kokoroko!


Best R&B or pop album in year under review (by single individual or group)

MUSHIN 2 MO’HITS by Wande Coal; DANGER by P-Square; LEAST EXPECTED by Bracket;
UN.DAREY.TED by Darey Art Alade

Like MC Hammer said, Cant touch this... when 'this' equals M2M


Best single released on-air recording of a rap song

“AKO MI TI POJU” by Naeto C; “OWO ATI SWAGGER” by Catiair; “FINEST” by Knight House ft. Sauce Kid & Teeto; “SAMPLE Remix” by Terry Tha Rapman Ft. Stereo Man & Pherowshuz; “SOMEBODY WANTS TO DIE” by M.I

See ehn, me i do not like to vote for rap 'tins' o!
Id say i have two favourites, The Finest, and Sample Remix


Best album by a rap artiste or group in year under review

CEO by Dagrin; DAT IBO BOY by Ill Bliss; MORE THAN RAP MUSIC by Cartiair; THE INVESTMENT by Kel

Rap tins again?!
I promised myself i would not refuse to name names in any category this year so once again, i will say...


Rap Artiste with best lyrical depth and performance on a single song or album


Song Title – Somebody’s Wants To Die


Song Title – Bad Man


Song Title – Got To Love Me


Song Title – Sample Remix (Featured by Terry Tha Rapman)

Mode Nine won this last year deservedly, and of course, Mode is still delivering depth on Bad Man and other tracks on his album, but this year, M.I may just pick up the Headie!


Best R&B, Pop or hip hop collaborative track (including cameos) in year under review


Artistes – Kefee Ft. Timaya


Artistes – Knight House Ft. Sauce Kid & Teeto


Artistes – Ill Bliss Ft. Terry G

“SAMPLE Remix”

Artistes – Terry Tha Rapman Ft. Stereo Man & Pherowshuz

The Finest is THE finest for a reason


Single male artiste with most outstanding vocal performance on a single song or album


Yes o. It is time. Darey, No Stars. Thank you


Single female act with most outstanding vocal performance on a single song or album


Kefee .v. Lara George. Im going to close my eyes and open them when the votes are in!


The most popular street-hop single in year under review

“FREE MADNESS Pt. 2” by Terry G; "IGBORO TI DARU” by Klever J Ft. Eedris Abdul Kareem; “FILE BE” by Jaywon; "ALANTA” by Art Quake; “ONE BY ONE” by Side One

Here's an idea.
Put the Free Madness of Terry G and the Igboro Ti O Ti Dary of Klever Jay in a ring, and then decide!
All the best o o o


Most promising upcoming officially unreleased act in the year under review

I wont say that at least two names here have no business being here.

And as for the winner... Toss the coin... Heads Mo... Tails Pype


Best New artiste in the year under review



Album Title: Mushin 2 Mo’Hits


Real Name(s): KELECHI OHIA

Album Title: The Investment



Album Title: Djinee


Real Name(s): Tobechukwu Ejiofor

Album Title: Dat Ibo Boy


Real Name(s): Omawumi Megbele

Album Title: Super Woman

I might have to get re-educated as to who a new artiste is o o

So the awards will take place again!
Will we get a perfect venue? Fab hosts? Dissenting opinions? Dissatisfied artistes and fans? Fab music? Glam dresses?

As reality show hosts would say...
Only Time Will Tell

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Soap can burn ur face!

Thats all im saying... for now
FUller article coming soon!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rocking THESE GENES.. my personal story!

When i am asked to write about my journey as a person living with sickle-cell, the challenge for me is finding the right balance. I do want to share my experiences and let you know how it felt, and feels, but i also do not want to come across as self-pitying or whining. Then there is the delicate balance between hope and reality. Yes, you can live with these genes, but it is a painful journey no matter how much i try to coat it!

The best thing?
I just write and hope that if one person reads it and feels better, then God's purpose for me continues to be fufilled.

Yes, i have learnt to see my genes as part of my purpose. For any other option would drive me insane. How do you explain to a child that they are living with a disorder that is incurable and was inherited at birth, and came about simply because two people loved each other and brought forth life? How do you, as that child, wrap your head around it?
For me, there were transitions, but the most memorable are the angry, and the happy.Angry was at my mother (oddly, never my father. But i am a fierce daddy's girl), and more importantly, at God. You see, it was impossible for me to understand how God could love me and punish me at the same time. I had wild discussions with Him, i even urged Him to kill me, Once, i was so ill that even the generator got on my nerves and moving a muscle spelt pain. That was my most fun moment because after i spent all my time asking God to take me home, i felt at peace and was no longer angry again! I do not always share this story as it sounds 'spiri koko' (spiritual) but since that day, i knew i had to either wrap my head around this disorder, or let it consume me!

I chose the former.
First, even though i could not remove the cells, i could remove my attitude to them. Instead of hating them, i loved them. Yes oh, even when i would have to be rubbed all over by my mother (sweet mother for real) with transvasin, and sleep with a hot water bottle, all because it was my birthday and i just had to dance. I mean, what is a mother to do; not allow her child a birthday party because she would be in pain later? I loved those cells even when it meant my mother would find some other concoction for me to try next. I mean, i was luckier than most; they never tried to beat the evil out of me abi? I loved my genes oh, even when it meant my father spent more money on hospital bills than school fees when i was growing up, and even though it meant my sister got a little less attention than i did (and i love her for never making me feel bad about that!).
The more i loved the genes, the less they seemed to bother me. And the more i spoke about the genes, the more i found coping strategies. The more i understood the genes, the more i worked around them.

Yes oh, i was the girl in the hospital who would never flinch as they stuck a needle in her arm (I once took fourty eight injections in one famous week), and i was the girl determined to make people laugh because the more they laughed, the less they focused on me and why i was so thin, or why my eyes were yellow!
But as i grew up, i realised that loving but ignoring the cells was not enough. I had to speak up about them. I had to let my friends know that i could hang out with them, but only for this long! And i had to find out from other people living with sickle-cell, what their journey was like! The more i did this, the less it became about me, and the more it became about a nation and a thinking!
Why is sickle-cell practically stigmatised? We should talk about it, and noone should be ashamed to either live with it, or have a family member or friend that lives with it. And why should we deal with it alone when by asking and sharing, we can find more ways of coping with ours? I mean, people have asked me to speak with their friends or family members that live with the disorder but are ashamed or afraid of it, and even though i am not a medical expert, i do enjoy encouraging people!

You can live with sickle-cell. I do. Tope does. Toyin does. Subi does. Jacob does. Tunji does.
Some days, i do not hear from Subomi so i know he has been ill, and i call and we say hello. And vice versa! We are not hiding, and we are not letting our genes stop us from living.
We may not express it the same way, but i think somewhere along the line, we all realised that it really was not how long we lived that mattered, but how well.

Stuck in a Moment

I started work at a new place last week, and where i work, i have to play music and talk for five hours... Hmmn, sounds great! It WAS going great, until one fateful Thursday when i went on air, promised to play a song, played it, and then the rapper had an expletive on the verse. YIKES¬ I quickly changed the song, apologised and went on with the day, but the truth is, i still feel like that was my worst show because from then on, things went from bad to worse. You see, from 6-9a.m, i had been doing well, but once something went wrong at 9.15, i could not get past that and it ruined the show, and my day!

Or like when a relationship ends and we only focus on the negative; you know, what went wrong, why and how. And once that happens, we seem to forget that there was a time and a reason we were together in the first place! Then we claim we are heartbroken and stay rooted to a spot, unable to function! Or when we fail and exam and even if we passed all the others, we cannot seem to get over the fact that our report sheet is not perfect! Or when we mess up at the office, or in public, or have a fall-out with our friends, or make a promise and then break it!

There are so many ways and opportunities to get and stay grounded. Not the good kind of grounded where your head is not in the clouds, but the kind of grounded U2 sang about in their song- 'STUCK IN A MOMENT'. You are stuck in a moment you cannot get out of, and taking a next step, or even seeing that there is a next step to take, becomes impossible! As a wise man once said, the only reason a man commits suicide is because he no longer has hope. For as long as we know there is a light after the tunnel (and then another tunnel with light after it as well, and another tunnel...and more light, andother...), we know that even if we feel at our lowest at this very moment, we have to get ourselves together and take that step!

When do you take the step?
Do not let people rush you! People will forget how they handle their own moments and will throw all sorts of advice at you! The choleric will say, "Oh, get on with it!". The melancholic will say, "Life is bleak anyway!". The phlegmatic will say, "Really? You are still on this matter?", and the Sanguine will bound into the room and try to take you for a walk thinking that the more you walk, sing or dance, the happier you get.
Stay in that moment, that very spot, that same place, till you know you have to move. Then move!

How do you move?
You could write about it. Writing can be so therapeutic. Whether you make it poetic and award winning, or you make it honest, personal and private, just write! Be careful what you do with your writings though!
You could also listen to music because the truth is, for every emotion we feel, someone has felt it as well, and if we listen to their songs, they will be soothing!
You could also talk to people that have been there before and so know how to jump! Like how i immediately told Gbemi what happened and she shared her horror stories with me. That made me feel a little better!
And when all is said and done, remember your OWN experiences. It might not be exactly the same as you are now going through, but the certainty that there was a time in your past when you had fallen and wished the ground would swallow you, when you had failed, been heartbroken, been angry and done something silly, been hurt and afraid, and then made it through, assures you that this will also become a memory.
Not today.
But one day.



And once again, one of those busier than most weekends swung by!

It started off with an easy enough Friday. Picked up the new s.h.a.r.e tshirts, tried to sleep a bit, then began the beauty preparation that comes before an event.
I know why men get frustrated with women sometimes. They just cannot seem to comprehend the amount of time needed (or ‘wasted’ in their own opinion) to come out looking like another version of ourselves. On a good day, a girl can, to get ready for a date, Law Dinner or something equally important, do the following
- Put dodgy stuff on face. Apparently, this dodgy stuff CLEANSES the face. How does dodgy pasty stuff cleanse?
- Soak feet in scented water (Pay incredible amount for the scent. Water should have been free)
- Scrub, paint and polish said feet.
- Do same for hands (and not be able to move around normally for the next thirty minutes as paint dries).
- Shave
- Pick out outfit.
- Put foundation, powder, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick, blush and more on face.
- Look in mirror and hate colour combination of eye shadow
- Curse because trying to rectify that will ruin everything else.
- Make it work with careful use of Vaseline and brush
- Look at outfit.
- Change mind about outfit
- Start to panic because you are now one hour late for event and everything looks annoying!
- Finally wear what you picked out in the first place... but with a different accessory
- Step out and pretend it was nothing!

This pretending part is the most important. Women will spend thousands of naira at the salon to get hair and a fortune on clothes to achieve a look that says, “I threw this together in ten minutes”. Na wa oh! But i digress!

So i got ready, and went off to RED for GIRLFRIENDS NIGHT OUT, an event put together by TOdays Woman and Occasions and Events, featuring ladies hanging out with or without their better halves, as somehow, we tried to answer the question neither gender knows how to answer effectively. Like, how to tell your girlfriend she is putting on weight, and if guys ever have girlfriends! (I have heard guys say, “I am single till i get married”).Okay oh!
It was a fun evening with Adesuwa Oyenokwe of Todays Woman acting as Co-Compere with Bimbo Ayorinde (whose birthday was celebrated with a surprise cake), and Mrs Ann Murray-Bruce dedicating her time to ensuring the guests were very happy! And happy we were with the canapés, gifts and prizes, free magazines, and karaoke competition. I am happy to announce that i did not sing, so no eardrums were hurt, but Cynthia Okpala did sing... and win!
The night ended with a lot of dancing... And number swapping. Wonder how many will actually keep in touch though?!

Saturday was spent at Infinity Foundations charity event- MENTOR AN ORPHAN which started with us seeing a movie with orphans from various homes, and then hanging out at Double 4 / Cafe Vergnano to see children dance, act and sing. There were also performances by Shawn Rapha, and interactive sessions between the mentors and the orphans. It was a simple, well planned event, which we do hope will gather more ground.

Sunday was meant to be easy breezy but when the chance to ride to the airport with MIMS (of the ‘This is why i’m hot’ fame) and Jozi (the South African group) for my blog came up... it became another issue for the Fashion Police (hopefully not).
It was nice to see international acts come into Nigeria and see more than their concert venue, the hotel and the airport. They got to do radio and television interviews while they were here, and though the Jozi crew would have loved some palmwine, the Beans, Efo and more that they tried was also pretty cool!
In the end, i realised one thing.
We might be having debates about our music, our states and our country, but from the outside looking in, Nigeria isn’t doing badly! SO lets thank the entertainment industry for the pr work they are doing....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What SCRIPTURES do the STREETs produce?

If there is one album i currently have no problem playing consistently on repeat, it is, not an album, but a mix tape!
It is the mix tape that took two years to wrap! The mix tape that puts some of my favourite persons on various tracks and flirts with genres while still keeping its core target audience happy!

It's Street Scriptures, brought to you by the very talented, very crazy, highly respected team, Knighthouse!

Ill tell you straight off the bat that one thing the Knighthouse Family know how to do, is create powerful hooks. One minute listening to any of their tracks, and you probably have the chorus down. But are hooks enough to make a song?
Well, ask the millions who listen to ‘The Finest’ what is said in any of the verses, and possibly only twenty percent will try to answer. ‘Ijinle Pam Pam’, ‘Purple’ and their other pre-released singles work the formula well- killer hook , interesting blend of artistes, groovy beat (or, as i am really tempted to say, ‘dope’ beat).
But can and two err.... remixes (we say err... because deep down, we all wish ‘Finest’ was not remixed, no matter how much it still makes us shake our body ‘small’) translate into an album?
It’s what we sought to find out as we sat down to a relaxed afternoon, Street Scriptures playing!

Listening to this mix tape, i realised i could play a game- Guess The Artiste!
Knighthouse has only gone and featured EVERYBODY, his cousin, and a few of their friends, on their mixed tape! And they somehow find a way to find a space and place for each voice, in its own preferred style! So when you spot Modenine on a track, you know the way it will lean, and when Skuki gets on a track, it is to take the mickey and have some fun. You might wonder though, if one or two risks could have been taken; switching the styles and messages up a bit!
Nevertheless, Street Scriptures provides a platform (my favourite word) for new acts to get heard side by side with established voices. And this works well on so many tracks including, ‘My Thoughts’ (Mode Nine and Ade), and ‘Make It Better’ (Ice Prince, Mo Cheddah, Mobie and Fumbi). And when we say voices, we particularly loved Ayeesha on ‘Hate’, Sabre on ‘Number 1’, Mo Cheddah on ‘If You Want Me’, and Fumbie on ‘Make it Better’. While most of the songs were produced by Knighthouse, there are some other producers on the album like Tha Suspect, Kraft and Jesse Jags.
Another thing about the mixed tape? There’s a Jekyll and Hyde feel- there are the feel good-bordering –on-pop songs, (like, ‘If You Want Me’ Mo Cheddah featuring Sasha P, and ‘Purple’ or ‘Ijinle Pam Pam’) and the straight up hip hop tracks (like, ‘Before i Wake’, Kraft feat. Dj Klem, and ‘I Dare You’ with Blaise, XYZ and Terry tha Rapman!). This means if you like your music mostly soft, you might find some tracks jarring at first... but be patient and listen again!

Our favourite skit on the online version of the Street Scriptures, is ‘KH RADIO’. It is one of the funniest skits we’ve heard in a while! Sauce Kid and M.I also come through on some really cool interludes! ( We love Sauce Kid more with each track, interlude, skit, freestyle and feature we hear from him!). With 25tracks making the eventual cut, you wonder about the songs that did not make it!
The songs that did make it are interesting, challenging, fun, and entertaining! And we in particular have a few songs on repeat!
- Number 1
- Ijinle Pam Pam
- Hate
- Live at 51 (Vector? Pype? Hell yeah!)
- Make it Better
- I Dare You (Blaise holds her own and then some! Also features XYZ and the always on point, Terry tha Rapman), and of course,
- The Finest!

Congratulations to Knighthouse for giving a mix tape that does not rely only on the strength of its pre-released singles to entertain! There are so many other tracks to fall in love with on the album that is surely a hit. What is the difference between a hit and a classic? Time
And only Time will tell if Street Scriptures is just a hit, or if it transcends time and is truly a classic, collectors item!

Should you get it?
Mos Def!
It definitely gets the T Stamp!

And don’t forget, if you buy online, then there is a surprise waiting for you further down the line.
That is all i am allowed to say!