Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sometimes you hear about a project, and you are so excited that you sign up for it, and resolve to sign a million people up for it as well!
Or at least, the people that read your blog!!!

What better way to spend a saturday morning than to hang out in MUSHIN, painting and cleaning? Doesn't sound exciting yet? Well, check it! Banky W will be there! Wande Coal will be there! Ali Baba will be there! Fela Durotoye will of course be there!!! Err... I'll be there?
We will be painting, cleaning and chilling out!
I think it will be fun!

But don't come there just for the fun! Come there because you want to make a difference! Come to Mushin and paint or clean something! Do it because it is all well and good for us to keep wanting Nigeria to become bigger, better, safer, cleaner, and so on, but its better for us to start doing something about it, ourselves!

I will be giving you more information as things and events unfold, but you can check the official site

lets really go there!

And another weekend...

Hello everyone!
Some people are too groggy to reply at the moment
What is it about long weekends that turns us to Oliver and Olivia Twists? We just want more!
So it isnt enough that we had Thursday and Friday to play with, we had to add Saturday and Sunday to it!

Well, i gave Thursday a miss, but Friday simply rocked
After work, i headed for JEDI IN D' BUILDING...
(okay fine! i first hung out with KRAFT and collected CON.diction's second second single)

Music (Jaywon, Jafextra, Rooftop MCs and JEDI himself), Comedy (Jedi, MC Abbey, Omobaba, Koffi and Owen Gee, Ali Baba, Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st, and more!!!)
Shout out to Oscar and Titi by the way!
And special shout out to FEMI ADEYINKA who performed his hit single, NEVER FELT A LOVE...

Apart from music and comedy, we also had the MUSHIN MAKEOVER endorsement!
Fela Durotoye explained that on Dec 12th, some streets in Mushin will be getting a new coat of paint, and drainages will be cleaned! There are professional painters lined up, but 5000 volunteer painters are needed!
I have signed up
Yes o! Mushin is getting a makeover in December, and we would love for you to be a part of it!

The comedians at JEDI's show endorsed the project, and it was the turn of the artistes at LAMI's album listening party!

After a brief stop at SWE Bar for dinner (fries and asun never tasted so good! Washed down with a Tosyns Tipple!), i changed (in the car again o! may GOD deliver me!), and headed for Lami's Album Listening Party at the Oriental Hotel!

Lets just say, Lami Phillips radiates a lot of love, and it was evidenced by the warmth and turn out on the night!
Apart from being treated to songs of the album, we also had impromptu performances by Ice Prince, Whiz Kid (swag personified), Timi Dakolo (who made me cry with his rendition of his song, 'CRY'), and more!
It was great seeing FEMI ADEYINKA perform again (2wice in one night? what a treat!), and S.K.A.L.E.S was... was... was...
yeah! that powerful!
Im glad i said look out for this kid! And im glad E.M.E snapped him up cos he gets my vote, ears, and support anytime!
And it was cool to see the big names, M.I, Wande Coal, Kel, and Da Grin, performing as well!
And it would be impossible not to admit, that Don Jazzy in a corner with D Prince was like seeing the godfather coming to support a project!

Much love to Lami, and get the album, INTUITION when it is released nationwide!

Thats what i needed when i got home that saturday morning!
And sleep i did!
But really, how much sleep can you get when there is WordSLam at the Goethe Institute with Bantu performing, at the presentation of Ayodele Arigbabu's book, A FISTFUL OF TALES, at the British COuncil on that same day?

And how much sleep do you get on a Sunday when there's SUNDAYS AT THE BAY (end of the year edition) at Takwa Bay, Djinee's video shoot (its not me in advance), and live performance by Kunle Ayo and friends at the Oriental?!

I mean, why isnt Monday just declared REST DAY???????

im so sorry... and ashamed!

I cant believe i have been neglecting this blog
it mostly stems from having so much to say that u never say it

im sorry, and will try to do better!

im back!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

MUSON JAZZ FESTIVAL!!!! We have tickets!

Okay folks!
Its here!
This year's edition of the Muson Jazz Festival, featuring the very gifted JIMMY DLUDLU, with supporting acts, Biodun Batik, Beautiful Nubia, Pure and Simple and more!
It holds at the MUSON CENTRE this Friday at 7pm, and also, Saturday, same time! There will be light refreshment and a paying bar, but the emphasis is all on the fabulous music that will be on that night!
Hosting is DAN FOSTER, ably supported by Tosyn Bucknor! And tickets for the show are available at Muson Centre and the Soul Lounge. Tickets cost N7500.
As always, SPEECHGIRLBUCKNOR blog has got some free tickets to give away for this amazing show, and will be giving them out in conjunction with s.h.a.r.e!
To win yourself a ticket, please send a text message to 08023066252 with your NAME, and the NAME OF A s.h.a.r.e EVENT that you have attended!
Tickets go out, first come, first served!
E se o!