Sunday, October 12, 2008


Allo people!

And i am back!
This time, to talk about one thing only-
THESE GENES; the Sickle Cell Project

Just in case you do not know yet, These Genes is a Project that seeks to create awareness about sickle-cell, and basically, get people talking about the disorder!!!
We like for people living with sickle cell to be able to talk about the disorder, and what living with it means for them, and we love for those with family members, friends or loved ones living with the disorder to also talk about what that entails, and to understand the physical and psychological implications of the disorder, a little more!

Apart from TEENAGE GENES which is our monthly workshop with teenagers on the disorder, we also have a website, and of course, a book in the works!
But, what we also love to do best at THESE GENES, is just get people talking in their usual, and natural environs!!!
We like the month of October, and we zeroed in on a date- OCTOBER 31ST
We then cornered this day and decided to make it ours, and so OCT 31ST is now THESE GENES DAY!
This year, it is the RED AND BLUE DAY!!!

What happens on october 31st?
What happens on These Genes Day?
What happens on Red and Blue Day?

EVERYONE (we mean everyone that cares about us, that supports us, that lives with sickle-cell, or that knows someone who lives with sicklecell), has to wear RED and / or BLUE to work, school or play, on OCTOBER 31st!
It could be your shirt, or your shoes, or your hat, or your pants, or your hair!!! But you have to wear something red and / or something blue!

If you have a THESE GENES tshirt, wristband, or other merchandise, then you have to wear that as well!!!

And the last thing you need to do?
You need to talk to at least FIVE people, about THESE GENES, or SICKLE-CELL.
Be as brief or detailed as you please, research on the internet if you like, send it as a message if you so desire. But whatever you do, let five other people become more aware of sickle-cell, cos of YOU!!!

So that is three simple things to do with These Genes, on OCTOBER 31ST

- Wear Red and / or Blue on Friday OCTOBER 31st.
You can wear it to work or school, and also if you are going out partying or just for drinks!
- Wear a THESE GENES wristband or tshirt if you have one
- Talk to FIVE people about sickle-cell!!!

It is going to be a lot of fun guys, and i can't wait!
Take pictures, blog about it, put it up on facebook, write about it in the papers or magazines, talk about it on your show, post a video on youtube....

Let's keep the awareness going cos we might only live once, but if we live well, then once is enough!!!


  1. I ask again....wat is in the water u drink?
    That's a great do u think these things up?

    I'm definately wearing blue AND red on Oct 31st!

  2. hey..lovely blog..finally i read ur famous blog...u rock!

  3. def wearing red and or blue Oct 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. a standing ovation!!
    and u did dnt break my heart wiv banky w--u do have a heart!
    i'm in!

  5. Say goodbye to freaky Halloween masks, tricks and treats! These Genes day is soooooo here to stay! I've started the awareness in school already via word of mouth. I've got none but love for These Genes!

  6. This is a good thing u r doin..i lost a cousin to the disorder, it was terribly painful..