Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas is finally here

I woke up this morning with a headache.
These things happen.

I was determined to still enjoy it though.

The show was fun, loads of calls, christmas music all day. I have never actually done that before. I tried a good mix of known carols with original compositions, slow and mid tempo to fast and then of course some powerful vocals.

And then there was so much food and drinks courtesy our boss at Top Radio 90.9.

It is not yet 2pm and i feel i have crammed my Christmas in completely already.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

#TosynCam Poe rehearsing for One Mic Naija Red and White

Enjoy this short clip of rapper, Poe, rehearsing "slow it down" with Funbi ahead of his One Mic Naija performance on Sunday December 21st 2014.

#TosynCam Poe rehearsing for OneMicNaija w/ Funbi:

Getting ready to dance at #OneMicNaijaRedAndWhite

Hey guys. So one mic naija is tomorrow (Sunday) and that is the last edition for this year so i hope you will come out and hang out and let's dance.

Enjoy performances by Dammy Krane, Reekado Banks, Di'ja, Femi Naija, Pepenazi and Poe.

Dress code is Red and White and i would love to see what you decide to wear!

Why hate does not bother me (as much as it used to)

Hate still bothers me inspite of my header. I do not understand it. I hate being hated, it makes me want to crawl into a shell and not come out.
I used to think hate was about me. It was my fault, i had done something wrong. And then i realised something about hate
- hate is about the hater. They are the ones who have bitterness and bile boiling within
- some hate comes from a misguided place, it really is not hate. sometimes it is peer pressure, sometimes it is just a good joke or punchline.
- hate can hurt or help depending on what you do with it and how long you dwell on it.

For me, sensitive child that i am, even the careless word means a lot to me. But i am working on it and i see the changes. I can't ever not be hated, there will always be someone who does not like me- justified or not. What i can do is breathe, not dwell and shine.

If you hate me...
e yah

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bet You Didn't Know this about COFFEE!

As you reach for your cup of coffee this morning, i would love for you to think about the fact that it is National Coffee Week!
Now coffee gets a lot of bad press and i myself ignored it for most of my life, preferring to go for my caffeine fix elsewhere. I have however become quite the quiet addict to it.

I stumbled on some interesting things about coffee recently so check out the Top 5ve!

5. Coffee is good for your liver! 2 or 3 cups a day are great, especially if you also like your alcohol as they appear to lower the risk of liver cirrhosis. Having said that, coffee can't sober you up sadly...

4. Coffee did Bach so much 'strong tin' that he had to write an opera about it. This opera was performed in the 1700s. O-kay

3. So our forefathers had this genius idea of mixing coffee beans with animal fat. Why? It gave them energy!

2. Personality tests claim people who drink cappuccinos are perfectionists (i drink cappucino) and people who drink their coffee black are quiet and moody... Identify 'yaselves!'

1. Women in Turkey in the 1500s could divorce their husbands based on one simple but crucial mistake- he did not provide enough coffee.