Sunday, August 30, 2009


There is so much great music coming out these days, that not only will i be hyping songs, i need to also hype artistes in general!
THis week though, we are staying true to form.
It is the Top Phive Songs which represent the millions of songs i am currently loving now!

HOW FAR- Terry tha Rapman featuring Sound Sultan
MA FI SUE- Lawale

Listen out for them... and ENJOY!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My article in this sundays edition of THE GUARDIAN


A friend sent me a text on my birthday last weekend. It read, “You know you are growing old when the candles are bigger than the cake”. I thought the bigger test was, whether or not you were able to laugh at the joke.
I half laughed, which means i am one leg in, and one leg out.

While only three people know my true age, it is fair to say i might be ticking the other side of 21. You know those boxes that give you options which go from 21 – 29, to 30 - 39, to OVER 40...
as if being 40 and over was some incurable disease.
Irreversible, maybe, but when did getting older become such a chore and bore and fear?

I remember growing up and wishing i was older. Back then, i would laugh at those who said, “A woman never reveals her age”, saying mine proudly! I thought it was silly to celebrate your 21st six times... I mean! Your age didn’t matter that much did it?

Wrong i was again.
Now i understand everything, even as i struggle with a reluctance to admit how old or young i really am.
The truth is, our ages may not bother us personally, but it sure bothers society, and they are determined to put us in boxes according to our age. Not personality or ability. But age.

You can’t get into school before a certain age, you cannot work in a bank after a certain age. If you are a certain age, you should either be married, or at least, suitably upset that you are not, and when you are a certain age, then you should face your studies, and not members of the opposite sex! In some countries, permission to drink is granted based on age, and others determine criminial responsibility based on age. Here in Nigeria, as at when i was in Law School, anyone under the age of 7 could not be prosecuted for a crime because they were not seen by law as able to commit crimes!

For those in the entertainment, fashion and beauty industry, the rules are tighter!‘Old’ is not when you need to line up for pension. Old is when you count in two digits from 25.
I remember a certain audition i did not go for because the person had to be under 21. I later found out half of the people who auditioned had lied about their ages, Who knows if the winner gave their real age. I realised i should have just lied jo! But i have not had cause to again... yet.

So here i am. Grateful for the extra twelve months i marked. The new experiences learnt, the mistakes made, the pain and love shared. But worried that, i could be deemed irrelevant. Not because i no longer think or function like i used to. But because i now tick the wrong box! Poor those who attempted to find out my age. I either eyed them, or told them i was the same age as my tongue and a little older than my teeth. And poor the dude who saw a picture of mine from last year and said i look older and less innocent now. His ear-drum must have healed by now... i hope.

In the end, i look to His word for the comfort.Nay. The race is never to the swift. Time and chance.
So i will cut my next birthday cake with grace and smiles. But no candles. There’s no need to go there jo!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My 15mins on 'Judging Fame' on NAIJA SINGS

Duty called on Saturday. It was my birthday, but in the midst of all that, i had to squeeze in [very UNreluctantly], being a guest judge on NAIJA SINGS, the reality show brought to you by MNET AFRICA and produced by STORM.
On the show, they say, ‘Celeb Judges’ but like i told DJINEE who i was judging with, he was the celeb, and i was the, “Who is she again?”.

Backstage before the show was funny. The contestants were putting last minute touches to their outfits, and hanging out, pretending not to be worried, when deep down, each of them was praying like mad!
Some tried to find the right shoes to go with their ‘look’, others kept spraying hair spray continuously! Some took the opportunity to practise their songs again, while others just sat in a corner and meditated.
Djinee and i had to do interviews for the site, and that was fun and cool, although when it came to my turn, they had to adjust the cameras. And by adjust, i mean ‘bring it down to get the short person in focus!’. I know what i want for Christmas.... but it might be too late. Damn those beans that didn’t have weavils!
The interview went well. One of the questions i was asked was, what kind of judge will you be? And i said, all i would say is, “The camera loves you”.
Seriously though, i think my ultimate aim was to be nice but honest. Cos you don’t want to end up sounding stupid, nor crushing dreams. A bad day don’t mean a bad career.
The actual show itself was long, but thankfully, not boring in the least.
First of all, Djinee and i sat together and tried to dub each other! Cos we had to make comments on a clipboard. The audience was also really cool; very into the show. And the female contestants looked good. I loved the outfits. I didn’t get why all the male contestants wore suits though... i think some personalities do well with other looks.
We had to sit through each performance and let the audience make comments, but not talk till the very end. Then we gave our own opinions!
Djinee was looking out for voice control and everything that had to do with the music itself; im always about the total package cos it all counts. Yes, even down to the outfits, and stage presence.
We gave our opinions, the contestants filed off stage, and Olisa Adibua, the host, signed us out! And we finally got to get up and eat!
(I am a growing child... I love to eat!)

So there it was! My guest spot as a judge.
Check out NAIJA SINGS on MNET AFRICA on Sundays at 8pm, and AFRICA MAGIC, Sundays at 10pm.
You can also see my backstage interview on the site


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Its my birthday and im loving it!
Im so zen... all the people that have actually spoken with me today are surprised cos i am usually hyper and i sound calm. im just trying to absorb and enjoy it all.
I am the queen of plans! But for the first time in my life, no plans! Just taking it as each second comes along... and loving it!
Everyone is being marvellous on facebook and NIYI (no longer wishing to be called TB) is being awesome! Plus, his family made me cry this morning with the birthday song, cake and book!

Im just loving it mehn!
It feels good to be

Friday, August 7, 2009


There's always some song driving me crazy, and here's whats got me going loco this week!

HOW FAR (Terry tha Rapman feat. Sound Sultan)
AIMO ASIKO (Sound Sultan)
MUST BE (Loose Kaynon feat. M.I)

All songs available online!

P.S, pls follow this link to Linda Ikeji's blog to see how you can help someone out today!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So i love talking about what i am up to at any given moment.

forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude
I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about

Ah well

Right now, i am loving...

Nigerian music is as usual still off the chains. The standard has gone so high that you either have to be fantastic or very bad to get noticed; noone has time for in-betweens!
This moment, i am loving singles off Wande Coal's album. It took me time to actually listen to each and eveyone of them, but there's fantastic stuff there, once more confirming Don Jazzy's prowess as a producer and A&R whether he does the latter intentionally or not!

Sound Sultan has a song titled 'Aimo Asiko' which i have no clue how i am ever going to get over.

No be beans to rap 16 but it sure seemed like that didn't matter as others got more attention than he did. But with his massive airplay, a new video, and singles like 'How Far', and 'Im Hot', and collabos with alternative acts like Stereoman while covering Ekwe on 'Sample', Terry tha Rapman is finally getting the attention he deserves.
I'm a fan.

El Boogie and i mentioned him as one to watch and he still is. His performance at the Soundcity Festival killed it!

There's something about the way Loose Kaynon raps, and while i first fell in love with 'Swagger 101' (which has the coolest funniest lines ever), and the collabo with Pype, 'Must Be' produced by M.I, is on repeat on my ipod, car deck, and everywhere else!
Must be the way he rhymes rhymes rhymes rhymes....


Romantic Comedies can either make you laugh real hard or cry your eyes out!
When one does both, you know you have a good one so THE PROPOSAL featuring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock is my newest favourite movie!



I have another niece! Oghenetaze is her official name, but just as i named Mairo Sweetest Girl, i have named Taze 'TEMI' or 'ONOME'... cos i love her muchos!

And i got the opportunity to meet MIMS, the rapper from New York on Sunday! He really is cool. I keep saying this and now sound like a broken record, but there are times you meet stars where even members of their entourage have egos! So meeting someone who was cool and calm was loads of fun!

I also met JOZI, the South African group. And they are so different; i started calling them, 'The Quiet One', 'The Chatty One'. 'The Cute One' and 'Bongs'
Cos Bongani is tres cute!

Havn't gone out in a while, but the last time i went out, i went for seven events in one day!
I really loved Slu..shh and Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi's birthday party!

And i am looking forward to...
AUGUST 15th!
Cos it's my birthday baby!

I have always known they are fab, but it took an article in TRUE LOVE for the rest of the world to catch up!
BUCKSTONE FLIPFLOPS turn your everyday slippers into glamorous shoes that can be worn to the beach!
Get you some?
Call 08023130566!

s.h.a.r.e tshirts are now officially on sale!
This is the first step to a full blown s.h.a.r.e Tshirt Line (tentatively named PHIVE), but baby steps okay?
Female tees, Size 8 - 12 (although i'm pushing for Size 6 and 14 as well), in Blue, Grey, Pink and Black!
I should not have favourites, but let's just say i am rocking the blue one die!

So i'm done for now...
It's YOUR turn!
What are YOU loving at the moment?!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

THis is why IM hot!

It is a cheesy title to an article about MIMS, but hey! I’m writing and you’re reading… So it is what it is!

Seeing someone on stage is so different from when you meet them in person. Some are really shy in real life, others are larger than life. Mims is… well, let’s just say, sitting across from him at Double 4 was a cool ‘oh-could-be-hanging-out-with-one-of-my-friends’ experience. No midgets, widgets or books, no formal questions, just sitting and gisting with Emem (of O.N.E Management) and the Jozi guys.
He loves Jollof Rice. I’m just telling you, just in case you do have him over for lunch. He didn’t want to try much else, but he really did like the Jollof Rice he had at Terra Kulture. It reminded him of Yellow Rice.
He likes to theme and plan his albums ahead. Which is really cool. This I overheard when Emem asked him who he would do collabos with. He noted that his first album had radio-friendly songs but said his aim with this one (the third) was to have a great album where each song stands out for itself.
He obviously enjoyed performing in Nigeria and remembered and really liked Little H and M.I. He must have said M.I’s name like three times… So I guess he remembered M.I uhn?
Mims is not quiet, but he is calm. He gives off this real cool and positive vibe where you forget for a second that you’re speaking with someone who has more bodyguards surrounding him as you sit, than you have friends. And his entourage isn’t half bad either. The brother that doesn’t talk much, the manager that is also calm, someone here who wants to learn how to say, "i Love Nigeria" in Yoruba, and all of them full of smiles, thanks and nods….

What was the one memory that captures Nigeria for him?
The drive from the airport!
Just seeing the people, the way we drive, the life, and the, (as we refer to it here), hustle and bustle!
Okay na!
And what was my one memory of Mims, away from everything else, and the feel good vibe he gives off? It was the cheeky tshirt he had on! The front read, “TO all my haters…” and that back? “..thanks for the love!”
Therein lies the contradiction in him.

s.h.a.r.e Tshirts Now Available for Sale! Text 08023066252 To Place An Order