Friday, February 26, 2010

Yes Boss! Its the Entertainment Report!

Okay peoples!
Time to give u some gist!

You might have heard of ONE MIC but known it only as an international event!
Well, ONE MIC made its Nigerian debut this Thursday (Feb 25th), with artistes like SKALES, Airis, Whiz Kid and Hakym the Dream performing!
We want more!


Yes o, that production team-cum-winners of future awards 'team of the year' 2009- cum-management outfit-cum-whatever else we think they are, are finally going to release STREET SCRIPTURES!
The STREET SCRIPTURES mixed tape which has already delivered one massive hit, and several collabos, and which has some of the most respected names in the industry on the credits, will be sold online come WEDNESDAY MARCH 3RD!

We will review the album once we lay our hands on it, but from the previews, while there is absolutely no song we don't like, we LOVE 'ijinle pam pam', 'we are number 1' and 'hate'!
(we sort of dont like any of the 'FINEST' remixes though!)

J-Lo needs a new home!
Music wise that is!
Epic Records has dropped the actress/musician who's return to music has not been as successful as her previous work was. But Benny Medina, her manager, has said the artiste needs some time, and will sign with another label.

COMEDY TRAIn is moving fast but will take a stop today, Friday 26th!
Sundays at the Bay resumes this Sunday 28th!
Onos launches her album, 'Keep on Moving' this Sunday 28th!
s.h.a.r.e Monday Movies continues this Monday March 1st!

Sauce Kid is busy busy busy!
As he himself has admitted, this long awaited album of his is as overdue as an 11month pregnancy but with all the official 'leeks' online, it is fair to say it will be an album worth waiting for
Afterall, Sinzu is Sinzu!
And we recommend you follow him bumber to twitter

Laffmattaz magazine hosts Ali Baba on Sunday Feb 28th!
Hosted by Tosyn Bucknor and Yaw, with performances by Skuki, Ruggedman, Femi Adeyinka, Da Grin, Durella, Lami and 9ice, and with DJ Jimmy Jatt spinning, the music bit is covered!
But laughs are guaranteed as AY, Basketmouth, Seyi Law, Teju Babyface, Lepacious Bose, Koffi and Owen G all entertain the crowd!

Cant wait

Congrats to D'Prince whose song, 'onoba' is now Number 1 on the Top Ten Chart sponsored by a certain telecommunications company!

You might have seen it coming right?
I mean, there have been countless allegations (some confirmed) and scandal after scandal, and now, Cheryl Cole has confirmed she is quitting her marriage and leaving!
It might be sad news, but the good news is that her career is better than ever!
There is the solo career, her job as a judge on x Factor, and the fact that she is still the Face of a L'oreal Hair Products!

Jigga might be in trouble o!

There are reports that an on-going investigation is being conducted!
Apparently, Jay-Z and the Governor of New York had secret shady deals to get licenses for a certain New York casino!

Hmmn, gives new meaning to that Empire State of Mind song,doesn't it?!

And yes o!
Artistes like Skuki, Lami, Mo Cheddah, Whiz Kid, Overdose, Loose Kaynon, Hakym the Dream, Zara, Skales, Willy Bang and Dipp, and Fashion Houses like Toni Payne, Happy Facez, Strictly Naija, OUCH! and Imagine Clothing have all shown support for JEANS FOR GENES 2 coming up on Mar 27th, at Swe!
Media Houses like Nigezie, Hip on TV, Soundcity, Quest TV and Truspot are also supporting the event put together by s.h.a.r.e, in conjunction with Zapphaire Events!

Yes Boss¬!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


im tired
and happy

and its a weird feeling to be all two.
theres even a third one. but its one of 'those'

this blog?
its no longer what it was
and that is all my fault

somehow i just stopped.
and started

life is wunnerful
for the most part

i can now attest to that age long wisdom that u never really bond with ur mum till ure a bit older.
somehow now i see some of what she must have seen or been when i was younger and couldnt see

as for my dad, im torn between constantly worrying about him, and telling him not to worry about me
i feel like im an adult now, let me do the worrying, u relax
but he wont
he keeps worrying!

Nigeria is... i dont know
so many people want to move
its in the air
but its like that story...
put a frog in hot water, it will jump out, but put a frog in water and boil it, and it will stay there till it dies

if we looked at us from the outside, what would we really feel? do?

wish i could say welcome back

anyhoo, sometimes life is totally random

and so am i

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movies! Fashion! Music! March

Hi all coming in March its all about creating awareness and showing support to those living with Sickle Cell.

On Monday the 1st of March, we will hang out with the s.h.a.r.e Monday Movies crew at the Galleria as usual (this holds every first monday of the month)
Please join the event page to get information about this!

On the 21st Touch a Cell Project the sister project of Still Standing will hold the second edition of the TOUCH A CELL BENEFIT CONCERT

an evening of 9ja sounds in Jazz, Gospel, Classical, R&B, Afro Hip Hop & more, with dance, fashion & charity auction. Purpose of the event is to provide medicine to sufferers in specific clubs in Lagos & Ibadan and provide medical assistance in Kaduna

COBHAMS ID CABASA, YINKA DAVIES, KORE(Olorioko), EFE & FLO, TOMIWA (Project Fame), DAVID AJALA & others will be in the house.
with fashion by TUOPSY'S & ACT OF GOD.

Mc’s: Tosyn Bucknor
Ifeanyiwa Ado(Radio Continental)
Senator (Comedian)

Red Carpet & Pre Event Cocktails - 5.00pm Showtime - 6.00pm

Dress Code : Smart Casual

For ticket/invitation call 0809 800 SAMI(7264), 0805 477 1589

On Mar 27th, These Genes will throw the JEANS FOR GENES Music... Fashion...Sickle Cell party!
Featuring designers like
Toni Payne
Strictly Naija
Imagine Clothing

with music by
Hakym the Dream
Willy Bang
Loose Kaynon
Mo Cheddah

There will be teeshirts, accessories and more on sale, plus a runway and photo shoots!

Jeans for Genes creates awareness about sicklecell, and this time, will also try to help a lady living with sickle cell with her hospital bills!

For more information, please check
And to book, please send texts to
or leave a message here as constant information will be passed on!

You can also join the event page and please check it from time to time

Friday, February 19, 2010

Its not Febrauary till somebody proposes!

So there i was at home jejely when Rogba got in touch!
Who is Rogba?
One-third of the Powerhouse known as KNIGHTHOUSE

How did i meet Rogba?
Let's save tory for tales by moonlight.

Flash forward to 2010, when Rogba buzzed me!
He wanted me to invite his girlfriend to the show so he could do something romantic, as he would not be around for St.Valentine's day.

You know what i said?
"You better not propose o, cos i will just faint!"

He was like, no, he just wanted to recite a poem

Ok na

Step 1: Call Bio and look for a plausible reason for her to be on my show on Friday
- Easy!
Bio owns LABELLES TOUCH, and apart from being the on-set make-up house for TINSEL, and also the in-house make-up artist for MNET FACE OF AFRICA 2010, she is also, literally, make-up artist to the stars!
She has worked on several video sets, including all of Kel's and Knighthouse videos
And (cough) Bio has made me up several times
- Future Awards 2009
- HipHop World Awards 2008
- CON.tra.dictions video 200andwedontcaretoremembercoswedonthavethevideosef
- Kel's video shoot
and more

So all i had to do, was tell her i was interviewing make up artistes

STEP 2: Put all our ducks in a row!
- Let some people at Top Radio in on it- Uche! Martin! Hojay!
- Get Bio into the studio at 9am! Distract her with mindless chatter
- Alert listeners subtly
- Sneak ROGBA (in a tux) into the office with Lanre (the cameraman) and Kunle Adeyoola
- Complain about 'Sean' the other make-up artist to the stars who was stuck in traffic!
- Cue Martin to come into the studio to call 'Sean'
- Panick! Stop panicking! Stop trembling! Go on air and convince everyone you are about to talk about music videos
- Call 'Sean'

Now, let me tell you the gist like i witnessed it!

We called 'Sean' and put him live on air. We introduced Bio and said Sean had something to say to her
Sean went on and on about make-up in a fake British accent and much deeper voice
Then we said Sean should reveal himself
When he first said it was Rogba, she said, 'goat' and laughed. That made me laugh

But guys, listen to this!

Then Rogba talks about how he wanted to call her to tell her he loved her, and cheer her up for she had been going through a difficult time at this point.
All this while, Bio thinks Rogba is in Abuja, and so is convinced its just a call
Then he says,
"And i want to ask you something!"
Cue door opening, Rogba in tux, Bio in shock, "Will you marry me"

Cue the screamiest scream in history!

I apologise that i did not take the pictures i should have!
Between screaming myself and still having to go on air and play, 'BREATHE' by Faith Hill, i could only get two pictures
But Lanre caught it all on camera and a clip will be online soon!

By the way, she said yes

And i shook my way till the end of the show, ended it with dedications and messages for them, including-

TONY: "silly boy! now i have to propose from space!"
VONNE VIXEN: "Thats so sweet! I thought romance was dead! Pls play Ryan Leslie I CHOOSE YOU

God bless us all, and congratulations to the latest Mr and Mrs!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SPEECHgirls Top Ten, 'HEAD HIGH' Break Up Songs!

So tonight....
i am so loving sleeping with a broken heart by Alicia Keys. There is just something about that song.
Sometimes, you are so heartbroken that you need to 'po'. Yes o, you have to pretend you are sitting on top of the world, like you can sleep, and live without that person, with your heart in shreds.

Sometimes after a break up though, you get to point 'angry'. Thats when you are no longer interested in making nice, you just want to be truly truly done!
You might wake up the next morning and need to send a card to say sorry for the nasty three page text you sent, but for today, what you need is these ten songs on repeat!
(Turn up the volume people! Heartbreak bears no silence when angry!)

1. No Doubt- DON't SPEAK
Gwen Stefani wrote this song for her ex, Tony Kanal. Interestingly, they dated while in the band together, and he had to perform this song with the band and herself, every time!

2. Beyonce- IRREPLACEABLE/ Rihanna- TAKE A BOW
These songs seem to strike the same chord with me, and while i do not want to make this post about how Beyonce and Rihanna sometimes have similar songs, i had to put them together.
This is what happens when you say goodbye to that guy- you tell him to take a bow, but not think for one second that he is irreplaceable!

3. Kelly Clarkson- SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE
Yes o! Ultimate pop-rock-chick-goodbye-song! Complete with breaking and throwing things!
Kelly Clarkson can belt those tunes out, and songs like these remind us just how!

4. Mary J Blige- NOT GONNA CRY
How can a song that declares something cause you to do the opposite? Rumour has it that every girl that has played, listened to or sang along to this song, has done it through tears.
Mary J paints the picture of an ungrateful man who now discards the girl who slaved away with and for him.
It is a sad angry way to say goodbye!

5. Whitney Houston- I LEARNT FROM THE BEST
There is that point during the break up that your most fervent hope, is that he comes back.
And if he does, there are two songs you will perform.
This is one of them. You will tell him you no longer feel the same, and when he says you are cruel and unfeeling, you will say these classic words- I. Learnt. From. The. Best.

6. CON.tra.diction- DREAMS
You may love someone but still have to let them go. You might be angry, but since you still love them, you will still try to be nice. You will explain your reasons and try to walk away with some conviction that you mean it this time.
For this, you will listen to 'Dreams'

7. Darey- NOT THE GIRL
Darey has so many songs about losing love, but this is the one that seems almost glad to lose the love, while still pining for her, and obviously deep down, wanting her back!
This is a last ditch attempt at saving the relationship- one part mean, one part olive branch.

8. Gloria Gaynor- I WILL SURVIVE
And yes. THIS is the song!
He has gone. And left you for dead. Somehow you healed. You still dont know how. But you did.
And now he is back?
Put on some Gloria Gaynor, pour the red wine and sit him down. There is no way he is getting you back!
Tell him why!
Let him see how fabulous you look and how much you have moved on!

9. asa- BIBANKE
Thank you to asa for giving us a soft, but firm and definite goodbye.
If you see me crying, please walk on by!
It is a concept that has been oft explored and expressed, but somehow, asa gives it new life, and makes you cry defiantly!
Only you... Only you...

10. Alanis Morisette- YOU OUGHTA KNOW
And now!
For the ultimate!
This is the ultimate break up song
This song pushed Alanis from a little-known singer in Canada, to... well, Alanis Morisette!
This song appears on more top ten lists of ultimate break up songs, than any other song!

It seems Alanis took all the hearts in pain and wrote what they were feeling and thinking!
And it is true. The one thing we want, when someone has hurt us, if for them to know!

I feel like saying thank you to Alanis... just because!

So there they are!
Remember, these songs are themed. There are some break up songs that are all about pining, or wanting them back! Others are just reflective.
These are the 'Put ur Head up' break up songs!

Hope they help you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Valentine...

Hi all!

Its Thursday, and no, it is not too late to get those gifts!
If you haven’t got something yet, please check They have exotic fruit baskets as hampers that your loved ones would love to get! Imagine- love and health going hand in hand!

Yes oh, whether or not you ‘believe’ in it, Valentine’s Day is here and it falls on a Sunday as you can imagine, it is the Weekend of Love!
Wondering what to do?

Covenant Christian Centre presents the Singles Summit, with performances by Lami and more! So, hmmn... get renewed, entertained and start valentine’s day early?
Sign us up!

Yes o! It has to be FOR the LOVE of MUSIC if the cutest guys in Nigeria are performing on the same stage! Usual suspects- Banky W, Sauce Kid, Naeto C, the Guitar Boy- GT, the love songs gurus- Tosin Martins and Timi Dakolo, and singer-producer with the highlife magic touch- J Martins!
The only female in the mix, is also the First Lady- Sasha.
That’s on Saturday on the Island!

Abuja peeps! Spend your val’s day giving back and TOUCHing A LIFE at CITY PARK!
Spare two hours of your time and bring gifts for children aged between three months and three years so they can be taken to orphanages!

Jaiye is a talented instrumentalist and artiste, and would go see him on Saturday if only to catch a glimpse of his opening act- Ify Otuya!

As always, your favourite swanky bar will have a treat for her customers this Sunday. Count on a romantic ambience, champagne, music, and more drinks!

Chinese food at its most interesting on the island? Prime Chinese on Bishop Aboyade Cole it is!
And on Sunday, count on a special buffet for families in the afternoon, and for lovers in the evening!

Kingpin is in Ikeja and they also have a valentine buffet on Sunday!
For N5500, guests will enjoy barbecues, drinks, and a bottle of red wine to take home!

Chill and Relax with the Proles at BAMBUDHHA on Sunday, between 4 and 7pm!
Its an evening of spoken word, poetry, comedy and good music!
We hear CON.tra.diction will perform!

Sunday, February 14, 2010
12:00pm - 6:00pm

Yes o!
But remember, the season of love starts with GOD"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

its back! valentine promo!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner
Order a gourmet gift pack for someone special TODAY!!!

For Delivery between February 12th - 14th, 2010


It’s EASY! Just Submit an order through our website NOW!




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Price: N5, 000

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Contents - Apples, Pears, Strawberries, Blueberries, Plums, Grapes, Chocolates, White Wine

Price: N10, 000

Basket Three

Contents - Apples, Pears, Strawberries, Blueberries, Plums, Grapes, Chocolates, Red Wine

Price: N15, 000

Basket Four

Contents - Apples, Pears, Strawberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, Plums, Grapes, Chocolates, Champagne

Price: N35, 000