Monday, August 18, 2008


Here's what i don't get

How you can love someone so bad but not be with them

How you can hang on to their every word

Watch over their every step,

And time your heart to beat with theirs,






Then you meet someone else

But still you're afraid

Afraid to live, Afraid to be happy

To feel, to breathe.

Here's what i don't get.

How you don't get that this is life

And it goes on with or without your smile

You're not responsible for other peoples' happiness

What is important is that you're fufilled

No, here is what i don't get

That you can think of me,

Want to be with me

Even dream of me

And that i can feel the same

But you would rather hesitate

And let love slip away

Here's what i don't get


  1. Sigh! Love stinks! (at times ... like these)

  2. Here's what i dont get....
    why not make the first move...
    if he's not?
    and save us and yourself from this

  3. Tosyn: I hope u're fine. Plase get yourself unperturbed, dis-perturbed, perturbed-less.

    Now I give up! BrownSalt or what do u call yourself, you no dey fear?

  4. Sigh...I don't get it either...human beings are a mystery to me...I have given up. How can you love someone so much and then...nothing...where does all the love go? I don't get it either...

  5. sorry boo. i no the feeling though. keep ya head up....hypothetically of course

  6. Get over it Aloofy! Sources say the bet was on five posts, and so far you've lost out on ALL! U don't have to be "salty" about it! Hehe!

  7. if he doesn't ask, try asking... if u can.

  8. rhetorical things are jus annoyin!!
    sometimes knowning the answers hurt as much as not knowing

  9. Hi SPEECHgirl! Please, I need to "photocopy" ur 60 questions Interview of 11th August. Just the questions. Hope it's aight?!

  10. sadly..........

    life isnt fair........

    we dont alwayz get what we want and or need...........

  11. I was itching badly for ur reply. Thanx 4 still sending it!
    p.s. Hope u're no longer perturbed.

  12. It happens and I feel you.

    Ive had a different case of wanting somebody but not wanting to have the person...conflicting voices in ur heart

    Listen to the one that makes u feel peaceful the most

  13. Love is a beautiful thing when u experience it
    i am not talking about sex
    love is sweet and gentle and revealing
    Love never fails
    its beautiful to behold.

  14. @Tara,

    its true. Love is very different 4rm sex, but most people dnt knw or pretend not 2 knw.
    It is surprising dt Naija guys dnt demarcate luv n sex. Is it dat they dont knw or pretend not 2 knw?

  15. Dont mind them...a vast majority of them know. But some of them dont know if ther's a line and where the line is.

    There's a reason

    The reason is some of us ladies, giving our selves so freely to them, making them think it's the norm. As a result, many of 'em think that love is sex, and sex is love. They think that love is what they feel wen they have sex.
    I think it's up to su again to make 'em think otherwise.

  16. Sorry, that was a typo. I meant it's up to us....ladies.

  17. I feel u girl! like am in those shoe roght now and making a move seems like my only option... will keep the rest to meself!!