Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I Am Loving at the Moment (September 2009)

So i love talking about what i am up to at any given moment.
Forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude. I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about.
Ah well!

Right now, i am loving...


Music! Music! Music!
Well, tis the season for more awards and all, and we wish every Nigerian artiste that has been nominated in one category or the other at various award ceremonies all the best!
Would love to shout out to THE nigerian DREAM in particular!
This guy is not only a good singer, but he is also very good at production. And you can always see what being good producers does for certain artistes; like M.I, eL Dee and co. So i have high hopes for him, and wish him all the best as he competes for BEST NEW ACT at the Channel O awards.

Another set of artistes who have recently done not just music in general, but girl power in particular, proud, are the ladies of the GIRL POWER TOUR!
Yes oh! Ashionye! Nyore! Mo Cheddah! Bb! Nikki Laoye! All five of them recently rocked Lagos, Ibadan and Benin! Sources tell us Benin had the best and liveliest crowd, but wherever they went, the girls brought a crowd, and then won the crowd!
Great job girls!

Mo Cheddah has been a pretty busy hiphop princess, hasn't she? Not only did she tour with the other ladies of the Girl Power tour, but she also made it to the last three standing of Artistry competition, coming second!
Congratulations and well done!
And congrats to Bez, and of course, the eventual winner, ICE PRINCE (Zamani)

Sasha is back!
Maybe all it took was more ladies in the mix?
Anyways, while we were still trying to decide if we liked 'GIDI BABE', she hit us with the absolute head-nodding, club banger, 'PUT IT DOWN' with Dama Do Bling!
We dare you to listen to that song and not nod your head or tap your feet.

Another lady who is up for an MTV MAMA award is KEL!
Yes Boss lady!
That girl makes tomboy cool look sexy!

Anyways, Kel had been keeping us alright for a bit, but the question was, would she drop an album... and a nice one?
If sales and reviews are anything to go by...
THE INVESTMENT dropped to a lot of apprehension and anticipation and it was quite well worth the wait.
My favourite song from the album changes from time to time; from the classic MOVE, to SITTING ON TOP ( come on guys, you loved autotune before Jay Z told you NOT to!), and now, TURN BY TURN.
But that is not even the half of it!

You should get the album if you have not already!

The guys too are singing and rapping and dropping and...
Did you get the Jah Bless album yet?
Not a bad album to have in your collection, and 'Jooooo' just has me cracking up all the time!


I have not been watching movies lately, so the last movie i saw is still the last movie i loved!
Forget the nay sayers... its an action movie
If you want intellectual, go buy a book!


I work with pretty amazing people to be honest. It is a family and i am grateful to GOD for this!
And every girl needs another girl to have intellectually stimulating conversations (read as 'gossip') with!
And thats Uche!
You guys should listen to Uche on Top Radio at the following times!
MONS- FRIDAYs with WYSE from 1 - 4pm
SATS 7 - 11am
SAT ( on Shindig with Damirez and Wyse in the afternoon, and Saturday Night Fever)

Lamide has decided to further her education o o o
The UnRulies miss her die!
We remain a naughty nutty family though. Much love!

It was my birthday a little over a month ago and it was a quiet one by my own standards! Anyways!
My favourite people are a lot of LEOS that i know!
We rock
Because we are proud

SOmetimes it grates on nerves, and other times we crave attention and validation, but if you have a leo on your team, then you know two things for sure
- we will have your back
- we will get things done

Leos! Love u muchos!


I stopped going out for a bit and even my clothes noticed!
But there have been so many interesting events lately!
Like Artistry and Road to MAMA's
Which had me, as i blogged about earlier, reliving the reasons i stopped going out

Then there was the Arthur Guiness 250 concert which was a well put together event, and some of us (read as 'me myself and i') are very proud of a certain Mai Atafo...
Thats all im saying!

Boyfriend Jeans truly rock!
I don't mean literally wearing your boyfriend's jeans!
I mean when you wear those jeans that are not particularly cut for ladies but purposely so!
I like to wear mine turned up and bit on the scruffy side! I don't know oh, pray for me, i was the one cutting her jeans up in secondary school with blades, and now, scruffy boyfriend jeans!
Where is Naija Blonde when you need her?

By the way, i had an 'I am aware' moment on television lately!
Thats all im sayinG!

BUCKSTONE FLIPFLOPS turn your everyday slippers into glamorous slippers that can be worn to the beach, down the street or to the supermarket!
Get you some?Call 08023130566!

It is a laptop, but mehn! It is a cute laptop!
The pink VEDA laptop is a fashion must-have!

Kanye pulling a Kanye at the V.M.As was a laugh out loud moment!
Then there was Serena cursing!
Look, i hate the fact that sports is being streamlined so much!
It is sports!
Right now, you cannot curse, retaliate nor over celebrate!
What will we have next?
Not speaking or celebrating at all?

I love twitter!

So i'm done for now...
It's YOUR turn!
What are YOU loving at the moment?!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love my music

I have not been going for concerts and showbiz parties in a while, as evidenced by the fact that my party shoes have gathered dust, and by the fact that when i did step out, everyone from the bouncers to DJizzy again, asked where i had been! Being at the Road to MAMA's concert reminded me why i had stopped going out though!

No, not because the show sucked...
How could it suck when Cynthia had on that blinging black jacket and those shoes? When Kel wore those boots? When Wande Coal performed those songs? When HHP had that much energy and rocked a crowd that knew not him but became fans? When Ice Prince had that flow, Jesse Jags those rhymes and M.I that swag?
Abegy! The show worked!

But there i was in my rock chic mode with black eyeliner and black shoes, promising to behave myself and nod in a dignified way as people performed. Till they announced Kel and i moved a bit closer to the stage. Then Wande and i took a step further. With HHP, another step, and a quick conversation with the bouncer and a pesky photographer (don't stand in front of short people cos you are doing your job...).
By M.I, i was at the railing....

You see, i find it hard not to be a fan first and a friend, critic or writer second.
I love music, it moves you from the inside and outside.
It doesn't matter who is on stage; friend, foe, stranger.
Once they pick that mic and deliver music... I'm gone! I'm lost!

From Lyndon David Hall, to Usher, to Boys 11 Men... Im there!
And even though some people pay money to form cool at events in Nigeria... from P Square to 9ice to D Banj to Banky W, to Kel to M.I, to Jesse Jags to Dipp, to DJ Neptune to Naeto C, to Provabs to S.K.A.L.E.S, to...
I'M There!

I love my music, and i apologise in advance if i ever step on your toes or push you in my bid to get to the front and scream for my favourite artistes.
Just remember...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Did PSquare pull a Kanye?

I would like to start this article by blaming all those who had a problem with my car being full. It was because of them i emptied and cleaned it out. It was because of them i had nothing to wear as a i left Ikeja on Thursday the 24th. And it was therefore because of them that i missed the Arthur Guiness show!

Of course, funny news spreads faster than good news, and it also grabs the headlines. This article is therefore not about how fantastic M.I’s performance was, nor is it about Wande Coal putting on a good show. It is not even about the excellent work done with the stage and lighting. This article is more about the he said they said aftermath!

The gist we gathered is that...
The show did not start as scheduled as so, things got backed up. But some things had to go on as scheduled because the show was major and was being beamed live. It was determined at some point that Sean Paul’s performance had to come up at a specific time since it was meant to be shown in other countries like Malaysia at that time. Some things then had to be axed, and unfortunately, the axe fell on Tu Face’s set!
P Square did not appreciate this, and while they were performing one of the twins stopped the music and called the show, “...f**k*d” because they did not want Tu Face to perform. Then they threw their mics down (or into the crowd) and walked off.
The host tried to introduce Sean Paul, but the crowd began throwing things on the stage demanding for Tu Face who had, together with the Okoye twins, left the building... literally! A few calls and conversations later, he came back, performed to wild applause, and the show went on.. sort of!
The aftermath however is that facebook, twitter, and Nigeria began buzzing about this, and the buzz was about the twins! Apart from wondering why they were taking paracetamol for another man’s headache, a la Kanye West, people have pointed out that once again, P Square has shown why artistes need a PR team. Others have defended them and said they did the right thing, saying it is time for home based artistes to be treated with the same level of respect international artistes are treated. And then there are those who maybe see both sides, but feel PSquare should not have disrespected their fans.

For me, this is one of those situations where you have so much to say but you wonder if you should. I would say though that things are not always black and white, and rescheduling does not always mean disrespect! In any case, i would rather not let funny news win TOO MUCh! Reports say it was a well attended show, with a beautiful stage, and that the performances were top notch!
But what do you guys think?!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tosyns Top Phive Songs!

Okay people!
Once again, these songs have been on my playlist and heavy rotation in the car!
Some of them just have catchy choruses, others have a nice theme, and then there are those that combine it all to make it a really really good song!

For this week, here are my Top Phive Songs!

OSAGS You Say!

BEANPOLE Sope Tie jo! (the remix)

T.W.O Zombie

BOUQUI Take You Away

KEL Sitting on Top

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MTV Road to MAMAS Giveaway!

Hi guys!So teasers like we are, we told you that we had some tickets up for grabs for the MTV ZAIN Road to MAma's concert!Here is some information about that!
For the second time, MTV comes to Nigeria big for an event foreseen to be the HOTTEST party of 2009 holding at Jade's Palace, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday 26th of September 2009...Come and make history with ZAIN and MTV.. The Hot Club Night will be shown on MTV networks and viewed by 80 million Africans and 1.2 billion people wolrdwide
Come through and meet the Nigerian nominees for this year's awards namely M.I, Kel, D'Banj, and the likes, these nominees will be at the MAMAs later this year but it is up to you to decide who would win.Performing at the event on Saturday areEl DeeWande Coaland M.I!
For Enquiries, call Jimi on +234 (0) 8038527958 or Kunle on +234 (0) 8023308224
Luckily! s.h.a.r.e has tickets to give away and to win yourself a ticket...
1. Ensure that you have a s.h.a.r.e or These Genes teeshirt!You dont have to wear it to the event oh!We just want to know that you have some s.h.a.r.e or These Genes merchandise!
2. Think about it... Have you come for any s.h.a.r.e or These Genes event?Then you are in the running!
Send a text to 08023066252 to win yourself a ticket!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

VEDA rocks!

I saw this new range of laptops which is actually a proudly Nigerian product, and had to talk about it! It sure will be on the list of what i am loving at the moment.

Especially the pink one!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Taylor Kanye Beyonce

Had to!

Dont usually... But this one was just a cross between funny, sad and stupid!
So had to!

How can you wake up Monday morning and not be buzzing about the dude that just won ten million on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?
How can we instead, have to talk about oluKANYE WESTie!!!!

V.M.A's always have some news item that is the buzz the next day, days or even weeks!
This time around, its all about Kanye and Taylor Swift

So Taylor Swift won BEST FEMALE VIDEO, beating Pink and Beyonce to it!
SHe was surprised, pleasantly so, and she was on stage, giving a cute acceptance speech, when Kanye West came on stage, took the mic from her, said he would let her finish, then proceeded to say Beyonce has the best video in a long while!
Cue shocked embarassed look from Beyonce, and silence from Taylor and boos from the crowd.
What was truly funny?
Kanye then gave the mic back to Taylor.
Who stood rooted to the spot in shock.

- Taylor is a whole lot younger than Kanye; felt like bullying!
- To those supporting Kanye in anyway... You know, its cool that we have different opinions as regards who should have won what, where... But if we all decided to show said difference in opinion by getting on stages during acceptance speeches, we might as well just stop holding ceremonies and start texting awardees instead!
- I love that chick Taylor. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE taylor!
- Does anyone smell a rat or something fishy? Cos here's what i don't get... HOW did Kanye get on that stage? Who let him through?
- To those who think Jay Z and Beyonce engineered it.. Cruel.. but mahd funny!
- Beyonce let Taylor give her speech again. She managed to mention how she felt when she won for the first time
- Want to see how many more fans and record sales Kanye and Taylor notch up?
- Wonder why Kanye was taking paracetamol for another man's woman's headache?!
- Wanna bet that we will forgive or have already forgiven Kanye?

Saturday, September 12, 2009


As always, it is difficult choosing my top phive songs because the competition is so stiff! I mean, there are mad singles being dropped every day!
Here are the ones we could not help dancing to this week!

Strong Thing (BANKY W)
Banky kills this song, revives it, then kills it again

Sun (JEDI feat. PROVABS)
Provabs is in my top three of favourite mc's! He has energy and delivery and this song is funny, and will definitely get you dancing!

Mafi sue (LAWALE)
Not in the clique that there seems to be in music now, but Lawale has a vibey tune, which makes me think of Naija gone Motown!

Sitting on top (KEL feat. JESSE JAGS and WAJE)
Kel delivered an album worth the wait, and this song is one of those where you feel the artiste is taking no prisoners! I would have preferred a different melody for the chorus, but you will definitely find yourself singing along (sitting on top on top sitting on top on top)

Put it down (SASHA feat. DAMA DO BLING)
You may never hear what they say, but you wouldn't even care cos you would be too busy dancing along! Sasha and Dama put it down like WHAT!!!

And we have a new list coming up next week!