Monday, May 25, 2009

First Edition of VENUS s.h.a.r.e

s.h.a.r.e Media Entertainment and Networking, a company dedicated to giving the young Nigerian adult avenues and opportunities to express themselves while networking and making new friends and contacts, through its own events, or via partnerships with like-minded companies and projects, has announced that the first edition of VENUS s.h.a.r.e, a quarterly hang-out for women only, will hold this June, on the 6th, at Swe Bar, City Mall, Onikan.

VENUS s.h.a.r.e aims to give women an opportunity to hang out in a social environment, while networking with a view at making valuable professional contacts, as well as sharing opinions and experiences as women in work places, while also getting access to services and products that are specifically targeted at women. There will also be one (un)lucky male guest who will be put on the hot seat to answer all questions posed by the women!

Sounds interesting? Well, even more so when one realises this is done over food, drinks, light entertainment and great conversation, all provided by women!

Billed to hold every quarter, this first one is proudly supported by Swe Bar, and Rise Networks, and is expected to start at 12pm on Saturday, the 6th of June.

Please send a text to 08023066252 for Registeration Details.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tosyn went to the awards!

SO i told you about the winners, but there was so much more i could have told you about! Let's make it a Random THoughts, HHWA edition shall we? And a nod to Banky W inspired this style!

* Hip Hop World took us to a village for the Nominees Party, and while i still think they could have created the village experience in Lagos, i loved the adventure! We had to dress accordingly, and i wore a red dress (woodin thank you), but i got to the place and my hand started itching! It occured to me i should have just channeled my skitsona SIKIRAT, and come there with a wrapper and broom jo!

* I think Naija Blonde is a zombie who cannot get dressed without a dress code. When we realised we could make the awards afterall, she made me scan the invite for a dress code. When we did not find one, she huffed and puffed and panicked and sulked. So we left her at home with her drama, and Tosyn went for the awards instead, in a black top, and a pair of jeans, with some bangles i loaned her. She looked simple but good, and Naija Blonde is coming to a red carpet near you soon!

* I stayed at a hotel, and realised that i love hotels, but they are no fun when you get in at night, dress up, go for an awards show, then come back, only to pack up again cos you're on the first flight out! I took all the shampoo there sha, so when next you see my hair has been washed, say, "Thank You Transcorp!"

* I would have brought this info to you earlier, but Gbemi fell asleep and i couldn't use her laptop at the hotel. So blame her okay?

* People really dressed up for the Awards and it was so good seeing them! I really loved Dayo of Hip TV who has 'dapper' down like mad! And Nikky Laoye was a true rock chick in her performance outfit. The Trybesmen looked good in their white suits, no be lie, and the whole White Suit trend continued with M.I. I liked Julius Agwu's yellow jacket, and DJ Zeez wasn't bad at all oh! Not my wardrobe style, but Terry G definitely has his down to a T, and Lord of Ajasa wasn't bad at all!

WHatever look they went for- simple or glam, hiphop or rock; everyone put thought into it, and the Awards looked colourful!

* It is just that it should have been in Lagos.


Love you abuja, but if the Trybesmen perform and you can't stand up and clap, that's an F9 in my books! Omawumi, Kel (with a cameo by Ice Prince), Lord of Ajasa and 9ice, 2shotz and Timaya, M.I and the Loopy Crew, Nikki Laoye...

See artistes giving it their all, and see the crowd sitting. And it wasn't the Abuja crowd o that was even ticking me off. It was the people that left their homes in Lagos, got on a plane to Abuja, then started forming too posh to push!

Sue me, but i was hurt, and i wasn't the only one.

* My favourite act on the night, the best dressed and the funniest and cutest was...


* Backstage did not have the usual craziness expected from backstage at an awards show... and there was alcohol oh! LOL. And i saw a lot happen backstage oh, but i can't talk. Chei! Well, text me sha, maybe i will gbebo for you! And if you were backstage and you need me to keep quiet about you-know-what, then you berrer get my account details from me oh!

* Basketmouth had a good set, and Banky did a good job! Proud of you! And the skit at the beginning? With other artistes songs? That was superb!

* Loved Darey's performance, when it was quiet and with the piano, when it became vibier with the salsa dancers, and when it ended quiet again! A round of applause!

*The best Award Acceptance Speech was from OMAWUMI...TWICE!

She was funny and honest, and almost stole the show.
Thankfully, there was no 'worst' acceptance speech!

* You may not have seen them, but well done to LILY ANYEI, MARY EKPO, and other people who worked hard backstage. Ill be slotting your names in here as i remember them, but well done, well done, well done!

* MTN brought half of their staff to Abuja for the show.

That's all i'm saying.

* Congratulations to KEL, to LORD OF AJASA, to BLACK SOLO, to JESSE JAGS, to NIKKI LAOYE... You are winners in my heart, that's for sure, and KEL, you don't know what i would have done if you had won! Anyway sha, the grind continues!

There is so much more that i could tell you. How i missed T.B every second i was there for example. How i almost cried when Trybesmen performed cos that was more than history for me, that was just pure magic. How i worried i would have a wardrobe malfunction so much that i skipped the object that could have malfunctioned. How i...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


You must have seen the list of the winners... or maybe not! So here it is!
The full list, put up besides my earlier predictions. I wonder... I just wonder!


I was smart enough not to make a prediction here. My gripe was about Banky's album which should have been on this list, or so i felt. And you can't fault a feeling.
GONGO ASO took this category, and you would have thought he is my cousin with the way i screamed in the hall. That album really was a good album, and i know some wanted M.I to win it, and you know i love M.I to bits, but i can't fault 9ice taking this category. I really can't.


I predicted 9ice, and guess what? I WAS RIGHT!
9ice took this category, but the winner on the night was his little baby Zion, who slept all through and looked adorable!


I predicted GOOD or BAD by J Martins but I WAS WRONG, cos GONGO ASO took it. And i am wondering why i would even bet against GONGO ASO in the first place. That was the biggest song last year, and even into this year!
Congrats sir!


We had not thoughts here, but we are screaming a big CONGRATULOBI to ETCETERA for taking this award for MICHELLE!!!


We prediced ID CABASA jo, and WE WERE RIGHT!
Come on, the volume of work the guy has is massive, and maybe this year, El Dee, and TY MIX, will give him a run for his money, but ID CABASA took it, and we loved it!


I said JUDE OKOYE and I WAS RIGHT. But that was pretty obvious compared with what he was up against. 'ROLL IT' was a fun, well-put together, and beautiful video! But quick question- is HHWA beefing ClARENCE PETERS? None of his videos were nominated. But why?


We said 'err...' cos we really don't know about this category. Timaya won it though, and ruined what would have been a beautiful acceptance speech by making his shout out to his girlfriend a lewd one.


We predicted 9ice, and WE WERE RIGHT!
And we also said, there should be a category for ALTERNATIVE MUSIC so that peopel like ETCETERA and possibly NIKKI LAOYE, can do battle on their own, without fighting with essentially Naija Pop albums!


I predicted M.I, TALK ABOUT IT, and i was right!
He won, and half of us went on stage with him! I couldn't help it, it was such an exciting moment!


I predicted 'STREET CREDIBILITY' with 9ICE and TU FACE but I WAS WRONG. 'GOOD OR BAD' by J MARTINS featuring TIMAYA won, and i did clap for them cos that category was close! Congrats oh! And J MARTINS has another cool single titled 'OWO'. You should definitely listen to it!


I chickened out of making a prediction, and that was cool cos i am not sure i would have guessed right!
KINI BIG DEAL by NAETO C won, so congrats to him, and to the STORM family!


I predicted BANKY W and was pretty militant about that! I said if you are going to argue it, come correct, but noone did, and I WAS RIGHT!
BANKY W took it for the marvellous delivery on DON'T BREAK MY HEART
I have to admit though. DAREY's performance of same song at the awards show could have swung it in his favour if voting was done that night!


I was never hesitant here. I said OMAWUMI would win, and I WAS RIGHT! SHe took it for 'IN THE MUSIC'.


I might have been drunk when i predicted YQ but i definitely wasn't when i said, 'OR KEL'. Either way, I WAS WRONG.
OMAWUMI took it, and went on to give the best, most emotional, and funniest acceptance speech in Nigeria's recent history.
Congratulations madam, please send me the rear light so i can rock the car with you!


I basically said if M.I did not win this category, i would eat my bra straps. Do i need to?
Sorry people, the bra straps stay intact for I WAS RIGHT!
It was emotional oh and i couldn't help screaming, shouting, jumping, dancing and all! But it started cos a SHORT BLACK BOY spoke up about CROWD MENTALITY and made music lovers SAFE enough to be TEASERS.
He truly is an ANOTI and i am excited about this year!


I WANTED LORD OF AJASA to win, but i PREDICTED that MODE NINE would win and I WAS RIGHT!
It was cool to see M.I, Jesse Jags and co give him a standing ovation as he went on stage to pick it up. And he even gave Jesse props for producing 'NINE', the track the nomination came with. So PEACE in the world of HIP HOP i guess... (Tongue in cheek peeps, Tongue in cheek!)

I predicted LORD OF AJASA for ESA LO BADE, but O FO KA SIBE by DJ ZEEZ won.
Congrats to DJ ZEEZ and i hope LORD OF AJASA does not get discouraged. Keep making the music mehn!

To the winners, i say well done!
To the other nominees, i say not winning does not mean you are not good, and getting nominated amongst so many others is also a big honour.
Your fans love you inspite of awards okay!
To those who were NOT nominated, remember that aye po gan, and there is enough space for all of us, so keep doing what you do, and know that your fans still notice!

To HIP HOP WORLD AWARDS, i say, thank you for listening to all the comments from last year and for the winners in these categories. This is not the year people will cry and do press releases as to how unfair the awards were. You can't please everybody, but the aim is to always be transparent, and we applaud this year's awards!
Well done!

And to me, i don't even know why i started this line!

(See pictures on WERUNTHINGS.NET)