Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome the month of Leos, and Tosyn Bucknor

It's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to...
But there won't be no crying this year as i turn 35...
(The true age is just as shocking so accept this one jo)

I am so excited!
I am so excited!
I am so excited!

Can you tell?
Can you?
Can you?

Okay, let me calm down long enough to blog dammit!

I mean, this is all my parents fault you know. My birthday has always been a big deal! Parties, Gifts, Hugs, etc. Noone forgets my day, nay, especially not i!
And i get giddy from the first of August; mark the days, develop those butterflies in z stomach, and the works.
Of course, as is with everything in life (like Father Keresimesi and the Tooth Fairy), the honeymoon ended!
My favourite birthday ever was my 18th cos it was tres cool, and it then all went downhill from there.
One birthday was spent in the hospital, forever dispelling the myth to me that sicklers stop having crisis at 21; one was spent first on the plane with the headaches that usually accompany long distance flights, and others have been spent 'just there sha'. You know, basically, nothing to write home about.

So why am i giddy and excited and delirious again?
What changed?

Well, try one of the best years of my life!

I mean, no offence to the year i graduated from Queens' College, or Unilag or even Law School oh! And no offence to the years i spent in love oh! And no offence to the years in Unilag (which were fun times i tell ya) or Law School, but August to August has been a great year.
You still dey ask?

Well you are advised to count your blessings abi?
And even though i have more blessings that i can ever count (thank you JESUS), i can still list some of the reasons i no fit shout!

- Try only one crisis this year! As in only one, need-a-hospital crisis this year!

- How about the fact that THESE GENES was formed, and quickly warmed its' way into your hearts? (We thank you sir, we thank you ma)

- My sister had a baby! Mairo was born in October, and while i would like to avoid cliches please! I still have to honestly say, that watching your sister waddle for months (yee! she is so going to beat me), and then give birth to the tiniest person you can imagine, who then starts to grow, to walk, to talk (still working on getting her to say TOSYN dammit), to eat, and to have teeth (two at the last count), is one of the most awesome and breathtaking things that could happen to you. Of course, i guess it will be surpassed by when i waddle for months (and crave the oddest things like chinese food at 2am), then give birth to said bundle of joy (in my case, bundles as i pray for quintuplets), and bla la la!

- I made it to facebook in August last year! SO this is an anniversary really!

- I met the UnRulies this year oh! Very hard to believe!

I found myself this year. Yes i know that you might find the concept of my personas difficult to grasp and seperate, but they help me live a peaceful life.
Tosyn is the writer, and the artistic person, Hazel handles the business and is the Media, Entertainment and Fashion Consultant, and CON.tra.diction is the music persona.

- This year, i went to Ghana for the African Business Leaders Forum, got nominated for a British Council Award, received an award for Entrepreneurial Leadership, and actually got to give talks at seminars and workshops.
I have to admit that at no point in my life did i ever think anyone would take me that serious, but i guess your passion does make a way for you like 9ice said.

- s.h.a.r.e and SPEECHgirl have taken on lives of their own and for that i am eternally grateful. I also thank Osagie and the SUNDAYS AT THE BAY crew, for making this possible!

- And so many other things i cannot share, or cannot remember! But i am still thankful for.

So you know what?
Allow me let my hair down this August and enjoy myself!
I want to be happy and have a ball, and i am celebrating my birthday for a whole week!
Yes boss!
Tuesday 12th (Taruwa night) - Monday 18th (Movie night) are the dates to keep in mind!

I do think that you should also keep some other things in mind-
I mean, you really think i am going to let you get away with not giving me anything this year?
Na beans?
Na Pasuma and Celine Dion in a duet?

No way hosea!
So get ready for the list!
These are SOME of the things i would like this year.
Thank you in advance!

- Make Up
I know! Boring right?
I thought i would start with the simple ones.
I would like, mascaras (different colours), eyeshadows, lipsticks (various shades), and powder!

- Spa Treatment / Massage
Cos my back hurts dammit!
Plus, i need to relax.
I think

- A pair of pairs of Jeans
I love jeans.
You might have noticed since i wear them 360 days in a year
And i would love some.
Thank you.

And hint hint Funke Bucknor Obruthe

- Teddy Bears and other Stuffed Animals
It is such a darn shame that a 35year old girl still needs stuffed animals to cuddle before she can fall asleep but you know what?
But only after you have got me more animals to add to my collection.
I have given some away, but i still have 'Mann', 'Dog' and 'Ugly'.

- A Date
And you berrer not laugh!

Here is what i mean.
I would love to go on a nice simple date with dinner and dancing!

- 9ice
At any one of my birthday events.
Cos 9ice performing even the chorus of a song, would be one of the best gifts of the week!

HINT HINT Toni Payne!

- Supporting any of the four charities / charitable events i support.
For my birthday, i would love if you could, give your time, money, prayers, or thoughts to

: THESE GENES by buying a wristband

: the LAGOS STATE BOOK DRIVE by donating 5 - 10 books to the cause (you can give the books to me and i will get them to them)


I might be going to an orphanage as well and i will keep you updated on that, but on the 14th of August, i will be participating in an Awareness Walk in Surulere so if you would like to join us, hit me up for more info!

And now, i must leave you...
But not for long!
I will be back!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LINDA IKEJI's Event for Charity - STYLE NIGHT 4

My Blogging Colleague, LINDA IKEJI, who is also an amazing Style Entrepeuneur, will, on AUGUST 3rD, at the RUBY HALL of the GOLDEN GATE RESTUARANT, be holding a Fashion Event to raise money to get streets off the kids and into schools!

DESIGNERS exhibiting include:
Monami Fashion,
Modela Couture,
Ishy Couture,
Jim Brooks Clothing,
Steve Ray Couture,
Will J,
Rukkies Boutique,

and DJ JIMMY JATT is the DJ for the night, with KEMISTRY makinga guest appearance as a model!

There will be music by OBIWON, M.I, DJINEE, TOBA GOLD, and SAGE will be delivering marvellous spoken word!
There will be choreography and comedy, and the host of the show is EJIKE of COOL F.M.

Tickets cost N3000, but if you want to cover it as press, then contact moi for details.

For more details on every aspect, check Linda's blog!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Forgive me, It’s just that I was born with a Diva Attitude.
I therefore assume everyone wants to know what I care about!

August is almost here oh, and i cannot wait for it since its the month i was born!
But July is still here, and things, people and places must be loved abi?
So here goes!

There are nights when i go out and just want to scream. It's something positive though, i am just deliriously happy about the music!
What am i loving at the moment?
Banky W's album which i will be reviewing soon. It is a beautiful album with lovely songs, some of which are masterpieces! (And the videos are not half bad either. LOL)
Here's a heads up on my review- my favourite song is 'Dont Break My Heart'; it makes me cry!

Naeto C's P is massive; let's not even debate it... you hear?

I don't know whose idea it was, (Dbanj or Don Jazzy), but 'IGWE' is more than just an Igbo song done by a Yoruba artiste. No, 'IGWE' is a hit! As are most of the other singles on DBANJ's new album.

Durella says i am too gbaski uncode!

MTrill's single, 'Where You Dey Girl', Kel's 'Waa Wa Alright' and Flavour's 'Nabania', are simply to die for, for varied reasons.

There really isn't much by way of television apart from the usual suspects but if you never saw the first two seasons, then please make sure you catch Season 3 of 'JACOBS CROSS'.
Well-written, Well-Directed, Beautifully shot with Sexy characters, it is one of the best Africa series out there! And check out our very own Akin Omotosho who fine no be small!

s.h.a.r.e, the network for interaction and self-expression is definitely leaving its mark when it comes to social and professional networking.
LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e and s.h.a.r.e Sunday At The Bay which hold monthly, redefined themselves in July with greater turnouts, and powerful connections.
Very exciting.

UnRuly Drinks with Bobby T was meant to be simple drinks but it turned into the event of the year when we took over Swe on Sunday the 20th. Etcetera, Dbanj, Ikechukwu and Naeto C were there!

I also have to admit though that the Collosal Live Revolution Concert also impressed me. We always like when our artistes perform live, but it is the quality and diverseness of the performances that always wins us over.
Just got back from July's edition as a matter of fact, and i must say, o wa alright!

Let me admit it; 'WANTED' is not the fantastic movie that it could have been and i can't quit eplace why yet.
Having said that, i will continue to watch it because i will watch paint dry if it means i can see James McAvoy in a shirt and pair of jeans, or shirtless and a pair of jeans, or shirtless, and jeans-less sef. That boy 2gbaski uncode abeg!
And Angelina and her lips were now there as well?
Even if it was paint drying, i would still have watched it!

Another movie that you should see but which i am scared of seeing, is 'Batman'.
It will be a nice movie, but i will cry a river for i have loved Heath Ledger since '10 Things I Hate About You' and it hurts that he is no longer with us.

My sister is an important role model for me and i love her all the time, but this month, i just really want to say she is special; for all the things she is, and all the things she does.

My country people!
I am single oh
And this is where my personas come to play.
On one level, i am single and loving it. But that is Hazel, i am sure. She loves the life we live at the moment.
As for Tosyn, that one enjoys the single life but it don't mean she ain't looking.

Do you think i should do a facebook reality show where i go on dates with different guys and try to find 'The One'?
Or do you think that would be an exercise in 'HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT CREEP'?
Aloofar, abeg your opinion matters much!

Life is a gbaladun.
It isn't always rosy, it isn't without its questions and difficulties.
But life is beautiful.
I met my uncle whom i have never met before in life randomly at the airport!
I lost work and found work!
I facebooked and blogged this!
I fell ill and got back on my feet!
I fell in love but had to let it go!
I love life jo!

These are the things and people and places that i am loving at the moment.
I would love to hear from you o online community; what are YOU loving at the moment?


Two weekends ago, i had the opportunity to go for the Africa Rising Music and Fashion Festival, held in Abuja, and Lagos.

Abuja’s event was scheduled to hold on Friday at 6pm, and i had the most interesting journey trying to make it there; it involved a migraine, an okada ride on Third Mainland Bridge, and meeting an uncle i had never seen before at Baggage Check!
Will be uodating info on that later.

Anyways, since there is no mountain high enough nor river deep enough and all that jazz, to keep me away from music, i went to Abuja.
Like i told everyone on Facebook, i was going to Abuja for two reasons- Usher, and M.I.

Usher because he is still one of the R ‘n’ B artistes i listen to, and i had been at that disastrous show he performed at at Polo Club a few years back, so i wanted to see him again when he would realise that Nigeria is not made up of a bunch of pure water throwing concert-goers!
And M.I because he is still my favourite Lyricist!

Abuja is a lovely city but it is so different from Lagos that my headache became worse there oh! Yeah, i know there are good roads and there is no traffic, but those people drive like LASTMA does not exist. Oh wait, LASTMA does not exist in Abuja..yet. i would strongly advise for LASTMA to go there!
Besides, i am a Lagos girl; i like the vibe and noise in Lagos so it was nice to be there, but i was clutching tight to my return ticket jare!

The vibe at he Hilton was different though! You could feel it in the air- something was happening!
Jay Z sat at the Piano bar having drinks, and trust Nigerians, we all entered the bar and ordered wine, pretending we were a country of stars as well.
Chei! It is not easy to be a star in this naija oh! How do the D’Banjs cope when even a Jay Z cannot inspire screams at the Piano bar at the Hilton?
I was trying to catch a glimpse of her Royal Highness, Naomi Campbell. I know she gets bad press for her temper, but she is still my chick, and she can throw her diamond crusted phone at me any day of the week; i will just remove her sim and use my own!
But i do like her a lot though.

The venue was a specially built dome and that was a great idea.

Until some genius with money builds an event centre in this Nigeria, we will have to make do with temporary structures and sitting on our friend’s laps!

The dome was great but within fifteen minutes of being in there, i was hot. And no, not like Naeto C is hot, i mean hot because there was no cooling system! That for me made no sense at all; even if there were no air-conditioners, there should have been fans! The seating arrangement was cool for those who paid N60,000; they were right in front and could see everything (until those who paid N10,000 made their way to the front!). Those in V.I.P however, were put upstairs where the only person who paid them any attention, was Jay Z, and that was for five minutes max!

I could point out that the event started late but i am sure you know that already. So let me just say that Olisa and Basketmouth made great hosts. Olisa hyped the crowd and spoke phonee while Basketmouth cracked jokes and spoke pidgin! Great mix, brilliant partnering.
Rihanna was up first and that girl ehn... She just looked so good! The dress (black and fitted), the hair (a pixie cut), the shoes, the songs, the steps. She did good i tell you!
Jay-Z joined her on stage for ‘Umbrella’ which sent the crowd wild! Jay-Z looked good abeg; he looked slim, wore a simple black tshirt and a pair of jeans, but teamed it with killer sneaks. And his set went from the new school to the old school; i bet he was amazed by how well we knew the songs. We weren’t the only ones feeling him though; Tyson Beckford was by the stage, rapping along and enjoying the show. Oh Tyson!
Stood beside him for hours backstage but i had no clue whom i was standing beside until someone took a picture with him and i saw the face! Chei! That’s how he would have come and gone and i would not have known!
Thankfully, i got to gist with him in Lagos although 'gist' is probably not the truth. More like nodded stupidly as he spoke.

Usher! Usher!
That one, noone was keeping me from him oh!
Stood right beside his sound engineers and observed all the drama they put into their performances to make it all look seamless. I learnt a lot oh.
I was impressed that he came and gave us such a fantastic set that included live music and fantastic choreography. And when he performed his newest biggest single, ‘In The Club’, it felt like nothing could ever top that again. Ever!
Great job Usher, and sorry about the heat and stuff.

Backstage was dark, dingy, and a bit empty. There was no information flow, especially for the Nigerian artistes as to when they would perform.
And as for the models and designers that had been told their show was postponed to the next day, well, you can imagine how well they took it.

In the end, you might have heard. No Nigerian artiste performed that night and my heart broke for them. Not sure that show organisers understand that Nigerian artistes can perform anytime they like, and collect huge amounts; that is not what performing at an event of that magnitude is about. Rather, it is about the networking, the interaction, the opportunities that could be created, and the exposure they would have got!
I am gutted that M.I and Faze did not get on that stage that night. GUTTED!

Olisa announced that the Nigerian artistes would perform on Saturday at the Fashion show and i would love to tell you how that went but unfortunately, i had a flight to catch in the morning! And i found out that didn't happen of course.

But back to the flight which turned out to be uneventful, and to Lagos, the city that is in me blood!
Yes! Lagos was calling, but what would the Lagos event bring?

Let us start with the lady at MoorHouse hotel who gave my tickets away to someone else. I almost cried, and Tosyn in tears is not a pretty sight!
But maybe all things work together for good cos if i did get those tickets, then i would not have had to go to another place to meet the lady with my passes, and so i would not have had a tongue-tied conversation with Tyson Beckford, who loved my friend's tshirt.
I would love to tell you what we spoke about, but i am not sure i knew even at the time sef.

After a spot of Karaoke at Swe Bar, the UnRulies and i went to the venue, Polo Club.
I must admit that i was very impressed with the security provided. That place is not my favourite venue because it is usually rowdy but there were all sorts of uniformed men with all sorts of Rottweilers patrolling the grounds.
The security situation was however, the only thing i liked about the venue. Between having to walk a thousand miles to the Obalende end of the club, to having to walk through mud to the tent, i was cursing the fact that we have no event centres; but thankful for the fact that i was wearing comfortable sandals.

Once i had surveyed the audience and seen that whether you be V.I.P or I.P, or just P, the hours spent at the concert would be spent in the mud, with people pushing and shoving, i went backstage!

Backstage was crazy! The good, no GREAT kind of crazy. It was well lit, and well ventilated, and the vibe was indescribable! Imagine mini-tents strewn around, with models and designers, cameras and reporters, musicians and stylists all mingling and talking at the same time!
It was almost perfect!

Unfortunately, once again, Nigerian artistes were disrespected. Apart from the fact that there had been no provision made for where they would sit, they were then spoken down to at several times by people who should have known better, and moved around quite a bit. Infact, at some point, a lady threatened to call security on them when they sat in a tent supposedly meant for Chris Brown!
It was silly and petty and Africa cannot rise until Nigerian artistes are treated properly and with respect!
9ice was not pleased at all, and i thought he must have found it ironic that when he went to another man’s land (England), to perform for another country’s icon (Nelson Mandela), he was treated more courteously and with better regard.

While all this drama was going on backstage, the Queen, Mary J Blige, was killing it onstage! She performed most of her hits, and sounded even better in person. Not all artistes can perform live but Mary J can, and did!
Yes boss!

Chris Brown got on stage and sent the teenagers in the crowd (which was everyone but myself apparently) into a frenzy! Their screams and yells and constant attempts to hold his hands and catch his towels, reminded me of what i did when Boys 11 Men came to town! (Yikes, have i finally revealed my age?)

Once they had performed, it was time for the fashion show. Yes, the fashion show was actually going to hold!

While the stage was being set up, i seized the opportunity to speak with a writer from the German Vanity Fair. We met with some of the artistes, and also Ify Jones who is surely a name to watch out for. We also got to go to the Chris Aire camp and watch as last minute details were attended to and took loads of pictures of Oluchi and Ify.
Naomi Campbell had, contrary to what Olisa was saying on stage, left from her hotel to the airport and was not around, but that was not going to stop us from enjoying the show.

Chris Aire is the King of Bling and his collection was elegant, all-white, and dazzling! The crowd loved the clothes and Ify and Ojy looked especially good.
Seizing a rare opportunity, i got in line to interview Chris and he told me that it was a collection specially designed for this event, and inspired by Africa. He wanted to show that it was not all razzle dazzle, you could go simple, but still elegant.
Simple or no, you could not miss the bling. I mean, this is the same man who says when he walks into a room, he notices what accessories every lady has on.

Now all this time, Fat Joe was backstage and this was in a way, a good thing. For one, he spoke with quite a number of people (and while he was asking where i was from, i was getting an autograph!), and also met some of the Nigerian artistes, like Wande Coal and Dr. Sid.
You could see he was full of energy so you know once he got on the stage, he was going to blow it up, and that he did! As he performed, the collection by Lola was shown which was a nice idea and could be used as an alternative next time. Fashion and Music; maybe we can then cut down on the time it takes to set stages!

Oswald Boateng was the next designer to show his collection and his suits are so clean cut, structured and properly finished, that you cannot help but think James Bond when you see his work!
Deola Sagoe was the last designer on the bill and she had so many fabulous pieces, i was gaping throughout.

It was well past 3a.m but the crowd was going nowhere! We wanted to see our Nigerian acts oh!

Unfortunately, Dbanj and Blackky did not perform but Shank ad 9ice did.
Shank performed three songs, including the infamous ‘Julie’ and had dancers choreographed by Kaffy to back him up. The crowd warmed to him which was good because it was so late in the day (morning?).
And then, in a suit and trademark cap, 9ice got on stage to perform ‘Street Credibility’ and ‘Gongo Aso’. You should have seen backstage; no forming, everyone was there yahoozeeing and singing along. I mean we love you Mary J and Chris Brown and Fat Joe, but these ones are our own!
And that is what show organisers need to understand; the crowd wants their artistes as much as they want the foreign ones.

5a.m, and it was hard to believe it was Monday already. Thankfully, the organisers ensured that the security was still tight and i was grateful for that as i had to walk on Awolowo Road by myself, after a quick shout out for Hip T.V.

I got home and was torn.
In my hands were cards, and contacts and autpgraphs of people i had met backstage and that would always bring good memories. The concept was a brilliant one; music and fashion, the best of both worlds. The music itself was excellent; no artiste came unprepared or unconcerned, the fashion was on point. Yes, it was a great initiative, and a lovely show.
But i hated the shoddy planning and organisation, the crowds, and the way Nigerians are treated in their own country.

Did Africa rise?
Not so much. But music, fashion and questions did.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Waa wa alright - Kel

Been loving this chick for some time
Now it's time for you to see why

Sunday, July 13, 2008


It is i, Tosyn Bucknor again!
(It doesn't sound quite as nice as when the French chick in Allo Allo says it, but hey!)

So, this week looks like it will be a really busy one for me. Plus i got some news that i cannot share yet but is FREAKING. ME. OUT. Really. In a good way, but will let you know soon...hopefully.

Back to this week though and where i think you should be, or what i think you should do, everyday of this week!

The THIS DAY concert brings us Chris Brown, Mary J (my queen!) and 9ice! I was mad at them in Abuja for not letting the Nigerian acts perform alongside Jay-Z, Rihanna and Usher, so let's hope things go according to plan today. P.S, (Tyson Beckford is even better looking in person, and i may not be the same again, for another week).

It is Ebuka Obi-Uchendu's birthday so you can wish him a happy birthday. Infact, i will just go ahead now and declare Monday EBUKA Day.

Some people think i live on Facebook. But there is proof that i exist outside Facebook- TARUWA
Yup! The bi-monthly gathering of like minds who are into spoken word, poetry, rap, music, dance, drama, and anything else that their friends will forgive them for, holds on Tuesday, at BOGOBIRI which is on Maitama Sule Street, Ikoyi. 7-9pm.
NO African Time!
Here is the Facebook link to tell you more!

I met James Amuta when i was working on the Apprentice Africa. I was writing for the show, and he was writing for the website. James is a cha.rac.ter! I love the way he dresses, the way he speaks, and the beard he cultivates! But more than that, James is a darn good writer!
He has a collection of poems, 'ENIGMA', and on Wednesday, at Swe Bar, he will be exploring Poetry as the Father of hip-Hop, based on his book!
It is in conjunction with STORM, and Ikechukwu (yes, his name is I-KE-CHU-KWU), will be the Moderator. A familiar face, a la either Tosyn or Hazel Bucknor, is also scheduled to be one of the panelists. (Yikes!)

Check this Facebook Link to get the low down

Swe Bar
God Bless
Nuff Said

Here is one event dear to me.
I run a social network known as s.h.a.r.e which is an acronym for Souls Have A Right to Express!
We basically believe that the Nigerian Young Adult needs avenues and outlets to express themselves, let their hair down, network and make powerful connections.
LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e is a monthly hang-out where people can time off work (or close early!), come have lunch with us at LYDO (on Adeola Odeku), meet people, and talk about work! What you do, How you do it, Why you do it!
We always have a great mix of people, from those in the entertainment industry, to those in the corporate world!

And before i talk am too much, here is the facebook link for more info jo!

I don't know why but i always feel like what Taruwa is to me in the evening and during the week, WAPi is, at daytime, and weekends!
This is a monthly meet up of people who deal with WORDS (poetry, spoken word, music, rap) and PICTURES (drama, paintings, graffiti, design and so on) and it holds at the British Council this Saturday, from 10am - 4pm (and they are also serious about time)
This month's theme is

s.h.a.r.e Sunday At The Bay
And we are back to s.h.a.r.e!
Every month, we like to get away for a few hours to Takwa bay where we can chill out, make new friends (or not), and have fun! It's been a massive hit since Osagie initiated it way back in Jan, and we would love for you to join us this month.
Once again, here is our facebook link that tells you all about it!

Just thinking of this week makes me think it might be my favourite week in July, but the jury is still out on that!
Don't forget though that you also need to pick up Banky W and Naeto C's albums this week and i would love your views and reviews on my wall!

If you know an event that we need to be at, then let me know!
08023...yeah right!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

News, Views, and other things that rhyme with News

Hello people!
Hows it going in the online world?

So i am back again with more News, Views, and of course, all things that rhyme with 'news', like clues.

Let me start with what has been my status update on Facebook for a while.
9ice shot a couple of videos a month back, and i mentioned that but the good news is, the videos will now be released in quick succession.
The first one out is the remarkable (taking a cue from lyrics in the song) 'Street Credibility', featuring TuFace Idibia. It was shot and directed by Clarence Peters and i am sure we mentioned a while back that Clarence is going to take over abi?
It is a simple enough video, with cameos by Ruggedman and 2Shotz.
Here is a facebook link for the video, i will put it on my blog once it is on YouTube

I love 'Street Credibility', like i said in my review of the album, it is a beautiful song from an excellent album.
And speaking of albums, here are the albums i think you should have in your car, office, home or room!

- I think everyone in Nigeria has this album already, but just incase, by some odd reason, you do not have it yet, then please, PLEASE get yourself a copy of asa's debut album. I mean, like Linkin Park asked, WHAT THE ???? ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

- The Album Release Party was about as highly anticipated as the album itself! The party didn't disappoint, and neither will the album. Whether you are deeply rooted in hip-hop, or just like good music, the Naeto C, 'YOU KNOW MY P' album, is a must-have.

- These artistes have been paying their dues for a while now. Like 9ice, they have released albums and singles in the past, but most people know them now for that one single- 'La Gi Mo'. But the Rooftop MC's have experimented with rock, rap and fuji in the past, with my personal favourite, 'Shock Therapy'. Buy their new album, listen to it, then look for their first album, and enjoy that as well!

- His album has been out for a while, but i fell in love with him all over again, at his live performance for fans at the Nu Metro Stores at the Palms, recently. ETCETERA is the real deal; he croons like a soul artiste, but rocks like a rockstar! Acapella or Unplugged, he works, and when all the elements are together, then he simply rocks. My personal favourites on that album are 'Michelle', 'Love should last', and the Biafra song but his live performance of 'Last Bus To Nowhere' made me cry.
If you like your rock soft and authentic, then let Etcetera take you there!

- We first heard him when he covered Rihanna's song. It was a beautiful cover, but i daresay Banky W is ready to move away from 'Ebute Metta' and show his versatility with his songwriting. 'Capable' has a catchy chorus, and the other songs on the album are perfect for any lover of R 'n' B. Banky has a lovely, sexy voice, and is kinda cute. So ladies, that is one abum that is a must have.
You heard?

- The last few singles we have heard from him, have not been his per se. Most of D'Banj's work in the last year has been off the Mo' Hits album, which in itself, is not a bad album, but we missed DBanj!
So for all of you who have been loving him, or the music, and missing him, or the music, then there is good news!
DBanj's album, Mr Entertainer, will be available from July 25th, and i for one, cannot wait for it. If the singles enjoying airplay at the moment are anything to go by, it is going to be another chart-topping album. I love 'Mo Gbono Feli Feli', 'Oloun Maje' and 'Kimon!' already, but the one that i think is truest to the DBanj i know and love, is 'IGWE'.
That song is too mahd, and you can listen to it soon!

I will have more albums for you on the next installment of this post, but these are the ones that i really think you should be carrying around now.
Notice anything though?

Well, one female artiste, whose album i am waiting for eagerly is my girl, KEL.
She is sassy, she is sexy, and she is hip-hop!
Her video for the slamming single 'Waa Wa Alright' is too mahd! And yes, that Clarence Peters is too blame.
The song itself is a club banger, and you should see people lose it at her live performances.
I am really excited about her, and her career and wish her all the best!
Big Ups as well to her manager, Osagie!

Here is the link on Facebook for 'Waa Wa Alright' video

Another hip-hop artiste to watch out for is Loose Kaynon.
Met him through Osagie, but first time i heard him perform was at Taruwa where he did an impromptu slow rap. It was cool! Then i heard more of his work (i know people who know people), and saw a video of his live performance at the New Afrika Shrine. I was sold cos any artiste that can perform there, gets my vote!
I have been checking his MySpace page out lately, and i think you should too

You can learn more about the artiste, and listen to as yet unreleased stuff.

One of the artistes Loose has worked with, (on his track, 'Its Okay') is also on my list of artistes to watch out for.
This guy is not yet famous, but he will be, so become a fan before the fame (that is the best kind of fan!).
Pype has worked with Sasha, and Loose Kaynon, and i hear he and Kemistry also have a collabo that will rule the airwaves. I love him for his delivery, and stage craft.

Got to go now guys, but don't forget that the This Day Music Festival is this weekend. My fellow UnRulies will be there, and if i could, then i would go to Abuja, JUST FOR M.I!
Yes, the guy who brought you Crowd Mentality and made us sit up and listen with his rhymes, flow and delivery, will perform on the big stage this Friday.
So exciting!
Listen out for M.I's 'blaze' on the radio whenever you can, you will love it and like Oliver Twist, ask for more!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A 9ice Review

You might have first heard his voice on 2shotz ‘Make Dem Talk’, and then on Ruggedman’s ‘Ruggedy Baba’.
We should have known him before then though; I mean, 9ice had an album out already; where do you think ‘Ganja Man’ and ‘Little Money’ came from? But somehow, we never made the connection so thank God for the collaborations and for a song that defines ‘hit’.

No-one knows how it happened, but suddenly, we were listening to ‘Gongo Aso’ at every party, and it became the ring tone for every phone. The question was, with such a monster hit, could he deliver a worthy album? His fans were worried. No, they knew that they would love him NO MATTER WHAT HE SANG. But they worried about those who wouldn't. Could he deliver?
Well, welcome to my review of GonGo Aso, the album.

Gongo Aso, the album has 14tracks.
It starts with a song that is cheeky and definitive- ‘Kinda Life’. Here is the song for anyone who’s had roadblocks put in their way, and who’s been told their way wouldn’t work. You stick at it, turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones and say, ‘I like the kinda way I dey live now, o ye mi’
I am listening to it as i write funny enough. Everytime i listen to it, i feel like turning to people and letting them know that if 9ice says its okay, then it is.
I like that 9ice gives us a glimpse into his life, letting us know that the decision to stick with music might not neccessarily have been the most welcome one, especially for his parents. And as is a common thread throughout all his songs, this one is also laden with proverbs and adages.

‘Pamurogo’ is the next track and it’s a nice simple dance track, which always makes me want to dance. This one might not be the deepest of his songs, but it's jactually really funny when you imagine some guy saying these lines to some random girl.

Let me say that Tu Face might quite possibly be the best artiste to collaborate with. When he gets on a track, he blends so well with the host, and yet delivers his uniqueness still. So take a Tu Face who is fabulous on his own, and a 9ice who’s got lyrical prowess, and you have a song that will give ‘Gongo Aso’ a run for its money.
The song is titled ‘Street Credibility’, something Tu Face and 9ice have in abundance; if you check their past, walahi, you’ll be afraid!
I love the way this song starts; the instrumental is excellent!
Then 9ice just kills it, and Tu Face refuses to be outshone.
The chorus is simple and the swag is mad!
Oh i love this track...
Can you tell?

Oya, let's go there!
‘Party Rider’ is another banging party track which is oddly enough, quite mellow. I think 9ice excels in a very laidback, mellow delivery, but Cabasa turns this one into something groovy. I know for sure that a certain Alex Yangs loves this song.
A little exercise though.

When you set out to make a song with a specific aim in mind, you often times miss the mark. The truth is the best songs are the ones that were unplanned. 'Wedding Day' might therefore not be the Wedding Anthem it might have been created to be, but i still think that it will have a successful run. The chorus is so catchy, and Yorubas will definitely love that part as they sing that much already, but more than that, the song actually grows on you. I like it more now than when i first listened to it, and i have heard that view expressed by others as well.

‘Kasa Final’ is another mellow but groovy track, great for one of those dances where a guy is trying to toast a girl on the dance floor. 9ice looks like such a nice quiet, INNOCENT boy doesnt he? Err.. this track might change that view.

‘Bachelors Life’ isn’t our favourite by a long shot although it has also grown on me but to be honest, i skip this one a lot. It feels more like 9ice featured on it than the other way round.

Track 9 is the instrumental for ‘Gongo Aso’; it’s a great teaser and if you know the lyrics, then you can test how good you are with the delivery by singing along. Hmmn… Spare your friends though!

Afterall, as ‘Photocopy’ warns, you can only try, but you can never be like him; we simply can’t string his words together like he does! This is another banging club track!
I love 'Photocopy', and i doubt that i am the only one. Cabasa is a genius, have you heard the drums on this track? Like he could produce rock jo!
Oh i like this song, cos it is a big declaration, you can only try, but you can never be like me! That's what's up!

The next track is another collaboration- Pasuma and 9ice. The song is again, a chest-thumper, and yet, it gives ALL glory to God! Simply put, they are letting us know that they are so far ahead that we cannot catch up with them. It might not be a club track, but it works well when driving, or working on your laptop.
I love the way Pasuma gets on it and says, "Paso, and 9ice". And i played this song for our gardener cos i wanted to know what he would think (he loves fuji). He loved it so much, he asked me to put it on his phone for him. So now 9ice has captured our hearts but not annihilated the streets.

Our favourite party / dance track on this album is ‘Jule’. You know how you go out and see these beautiful looking girls all dressed and made up sitting in a corner and not dancing? Well, I mean, why come to a club and pout? So 9ice asks, “Did you come here to observe the scenery, or did you come to dance?”
We can see ourselves getting into trouble as we go meet one of those girls and start singing ‘Jule’ to them!

Now Ladies and Gentlemen, might we introduce you to our favourite song on the album? (Well after the other favourites of course).
‘Ade Ori’ is a song of gratitude for God and is deep and spiritual. We know every album always has that one song that seems to say, “Oya God, take so that I can sing all the other bad songs I wrote” but ‘Ade Ori’ is different. A great way to wrap an album up (it is track 14), it is not only sincere and honest, but deeply spiritual. Yes, this song gets my vote any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

If ‘Ade Ori’ scores a five out of five, then ‘Gongo Aso’ breaks the chart.

Someone asked why people love ‘Gongo Aso’ so much. He said half of the people listening to it had no clue what was being said, and so he was curious to know why it was such a monster hit.
The thing is, you cannot write a manual on how to make a hit. A hit is a hit is a hit. There is hardly any formula to it. We can however guess why people love this song so much.

- You can’t help but be moved by it. To be honest, the beat is fierce; it appeals to everyone in varying degrees and makes you want to dance. Fullstop

- Even if you do not understand what 9ice is saying, you KNOW he is saying something.
It is the swag that gets you all the time.
Remember that song by Raw, ‘Obodo’? Well, a lot of people had no clue what he was saying either, but we just knew he was saying something! And so we loved it! That is the quality that ‘Gongo Aso’ has; it transcends the language being spoken and speaks to something more.

- If you DO understand the song, then it trips you to no end! The song is all about enjoying life, giving props to yourself, and not letting ANYTHING or ANYONE get you down!

After all is said and done, ‘Gongo Aso’ is a hit is a hit is a hit. And that’s all we have to say about that!

There you have it folks.
The album that is ‘Gongo Aso’, the album that declares that something is about to happen, and then goes on to prove it!
While there are one or two party tracks on this album, we recommend that you listen to it at home when you have guests around, or in your car as you drive down in Monday traffic, Friday’s pre-party runs, or on Sunday’s easy calm. Be warned though that the choruses and hooks are so catchy that you WILL start to sing along and while you might think you are cool, everyone else on the road will be wondering where LASTMA is when you need them!

(9ice’s album is blue and has him on the cover wearing a hooded top).

That's my review.
Now i am DYING to read from you
What did / do you think of the album?