Monday, July 29, 2013

The case of the (off again on again) ex

So it was Selena Gomez's birthday a few days ago and guess who showed up with a single rose? None other than Justin Bieber.

As of then, they were officially off again with both of them having gone through great lengths to show they had moved on and yet he shows up for her birthday with a rose.

So, what does that mean when your ex brings a rose to you on your birthday?

If that happened to me...
- with an ex i still liked, it would destabilise me and make me wonder!
- with an ex i no longer cared for, it would come across as pretty pathetic.

For him to have brought that rose and not try to sneak in or anything, i believe he knew for sure there would be no current boyfriend giving him the eye, and his gift would not be thrown to the floor dramatically.

So what is it with celebrities like Chris Brown and Rihanna, and now Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez not being able to make clean breaks?

Personally, when a relationship ends, i think of it as over, done, dusted, o look here is the museum you can hang our memories up at over.
On and Off again? That can't be healthy!

Are you a clean break kind of person or does it take you a few starts and stops to finally end things?

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