Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thi Long Weekend sha!

I am sitting here at SWE BAR, sipping a TOSYNS TIPPLE and hanging out with Al-Hass(o)n, Lydia Idakula, Noble Igwe, Kunle Bello, Bayo Omisore and the C.E.O of BYGE, Obijie Oru, on her birthday, but i could not resist the opportunity of getting on Jibola's laptop and blogging about the long weekend ahead.
We have FRIDAY to WEDNESDAY to party at this rate and you just know there was no way i would let it go by without giving you helpful hints as to where to go and what to do!

Let us start with FRiDAy and the MASKED BALL at CLUB 141.
This one is slightly coded and strictly by invitation but it is an opportunity to be dead-drop gorgeous and sexy to boot!
I will be chilling with Kel, Osagie and of course, Bolaji Salami and Funmi Fatona, and after dazzling the world with our short outfits, we will be partying at CLUB NOMORELOSS.

On Saturday, i have to be alive and awake at POETRY POTTER from 2pm where, together with JUDE DIBIA, i will be a guest performer / speaker.
Poetry Potter holds at NATIONAL LIBRARY on HERVERT MACAULAY Street.
Hit me up for more information!

ABUJA peeps, something wacky your way comes on SUNDAY the 28th of SEPTEMBER.
Don't say nothing ever happens in Abuja because TEE-A happens in Abuja.
Yes boss!
LIVE AND NAKED holds in Abuja and not only will 9ice and DBanj perform, but there will be roll on the floor loud comedy from TEE A.
We dey miss oh!

For those of us in Lagos, there is only one thing to do on SUNDAY and that is be AT THE BAY!
Yes oh, s.h.a.r.e will be holding its monthly SUNDAY AT THE BAY event on Sunday.
Take off point is City Mall and there is more info on the Facebook Group and Event page.

Happy Birthday Lydia.
We don't know for sure what she is doing yet, but stick with us cos where she will be, so shall we!
I hear it might be a TARUWA special or so.
Speaking of Specials, s.h.a.r.e will also be holding its'MOVIE REVIEW special on Monday!
It's a public holiday, so hold your N15oo, and come see a movie with us!
Details on the EVENT and GROUP page as always.

Since it is still a weekend, get ready for TUESDAY which is the official LAUNCH OF THE FUTURE AWARDS.
You know, that famous Award Ceremony for young acheivers in various fields.
You know, that award show that rewarded ID CABASA before he became a sensation, and that Award show that was indirectly responsible for the UnRulies and you know, that Award show that gave a certain Funke ENTREPRENUER of the YEAR last year, and that Award Show that made GBEMI OLATERU OLAGBEGI the ON-AIR personality of the year this year, and that had DBANJ explain the koko this year?
It is back! And will be launched on TUESDAY so get your invite and be there!

No, i am not hurt
That is just the name of the designer with the best Slim Ties in Naija!
But they carry other lines as well including Mens Wear and outfits for ladies!
The great thing is, to reward all of us for being Nigerians, they will be holding sales from the 1st of oct to the 4th!
Be there on the 1st though cos clothes move fast at OUCH! with or without sales!

For those of you that like to rest, do that on Thursday... during the day!
Cos at night, GOD BLESS will be on the band stand at SWE BAR, and i will be drinking another TOSYNS TIPPLE!

Then it will be FRIDAY sooner than you imagine, and time for KOFFI's launch at CLUB NOMORELOSS, and then SATURDAY which brings a two fold event
From 2pm, FOURTH REPUBLIC will be performing and signing autographs at NU METRO, and from 4pm, LINDA IKEJI will be launchingFM&B!

SUNDAY ladies (and gentlemen who are toasting said ladies) is time for the HAIR BEAUTIFUL show which will feature weaves, wigs and more!


Do not say i never tell you what to do and where to go cos i just sorted you for 9 days!
I am so excited, and can't wait to dust off my clothes and par-tea!

Now, don't forget to keep listening to M.I, and watch the new videos by DIPP (Dangerous) and LOOSE KAYNON!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mama Ekundayo

It is not often i cry
Okay, thats not true, i do like to release pain, hurt, anger, fear, and sometimes, joy, through tears.
But today, as i sat in 'church' during the JUST US GIRLS event which featured Tara Durotoye, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe and aunty Adesuwa Oyenokwe, i cried a bit.
It was during TY Bello (nee Sokefun's) presentation.

You all know the album, and you must have heard the song featuring Olufunmi, the one titled, 'EKUNDAYO'?
Well, apparently, it is more than just a song. There is actually a story to the song, and it is one of the most touching stories ever.

So, Ekundayo is a tribute to a woman, a mother called Mama Ekundayo.
She is in Kogi State and she basically runs an orphanage where she takes care of all these children. There was the video, where TY got her to dress up and she had so much fun with the camera and in the studio, and then there was the documentary which was basically a Making The Video type thing, but with her story.
Mama Ekundayo is an old woman, she does not speak English, and she does not have the finest things in life. Yet she caters for children that seemingly, nooone else wants.
In the documentary, mama asked, 'How can i eat when my children have not eaten?'.
My heart wanted to break.

What are we doing?
We cry because the heel of our Jimmy Choos broke, and we scrimp and save to buy 7even for all Mankind jeans.
Abeg oh, material things are nice. Who no wan sit on comfy chairs and place their feet on plush rugs? Who wouldn't want a ride in fast cars?
But while we are striving to have the finest things in life, could we open our hearts, and also our purses?

There are orphans in Nigeria!
It is not a joke.
We laugh at Angelina Jolie for being 'Mama Adoption', but she is taking kids that are not her own, and taking care of them.
We are not all going to adopt although i urge you to consider it as an option. But please support orphanages. Please pray for people who are taking care of children that are not their own, and when you can, give them food, clothes and money.

As for me, right now, there is a fire burning and so we must work!
And what we will do is simple
- Raise funds for Mama Ekundayo and her children.
You know how we do now! Fundraiser time! We must do it!
And this should be a regular thing so please let me know if you ever want to raise funds for her.

Personally, i would like to raise some money and take it to her this year.
November to be exact!
Which brings us to the second thing we will do

- ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!
Road trip time!
We will take a flight (all na road trip) from Lagos to Kogi state, stay in a hotel, and then go to see Mama Ekundayo and her children and give her this money we have raised, plus food, clothes, entertainment, and anything else we can do!

This will be in November and it is a s.h.a.r.e Road Trip.

Come on people
Lets discover Nigeria, and hang out with other people while doing something good!

So remember, raising funds and visiting Mama Ekundayo in NOVEMBER

If you are down, say aye!
And lets go there!

Oh LORD, the fire burns, let us make this happen!

Love you all always

Friday, September 19, 2008

Since Ive Been Gone 2

I am back!
Like i was never gone!

It’s a Friday, which means that everyone at work right now is truly counting the hours. And for those of you who were at Taruwa yesterday, then you probably have shades on cos your eyes are still red!
Notin do the hustle oh! It’s all for a better future.

Moving on!

So here is the second part of my SINCE I’VE BEEN GONE series, and i fear i might have used up the best stories in the first instalment but still, there is some juicy, and indulgent gist coming your way!

For example, could i tell you what happened to me last week?
Okay, let me start with a little background.

I think that some past interviews and recent ones have been aired lately, almost back to back. Between my dad calling to let me know he saw Banky W singing to me (that was at Banky’s Autograph Signing at Nu Metro where i might have been a little bit excited...okay fine!, a lot excited, to get an autograph off Banky W), and my mum calling to let me know she saw my interview on Moments with Mo, and so on, it was beginning to feel like i lived on television.
But what was cool was when on Friday, last week, i was leaving my house and the guy at the gate said to me, ‘I saw you, at Club Nomoreloss’. Okay.
But then, i was walking into a petrol station when this random guy then said, ‘I saw you on television!’, and then the petrol attendant called my name, and i swear, like three of them stood together and then waved at me!
It was so cool!
I mean, it is nowhere like what Dbanj, 9Ice, the said Banky, Rooftop MCs, and co, experience, but it was cool nonetheless!
Of course, i had to ruin it by then gettng on a bike.

There was traffic jo!

Now, people like Al-Hasson and i, categorise our Tuesdays as, Taruwa Tuesdays, and others.
That’s right!
We can never stop speaking about a place that i no longer an event, it is now a bi-weekly family meeting with music, spoken word, and a lot of laughs!
So join us on Taruwa Tuesdays (next one is next week), and like M.I said, Be yourself! Be yourself! Be yourself!

So the UnRulies had a sleepover the other night.
Would love to tell you what happened, but, NO!
Let’s just say that we did take care of business and watch out for two UnRuly events- Drinks with (Im keeping the ‘who’ quiet for now), and UnRuly Marketplace!
And Ebuka blogs about Big Brother Africa, so you know what to do!
Do it at
Yes Boss!

I am very grateful to God for life, love and living.
People ask how i do what i do. It’s God
And how do i get through? Also God.
I understand that faiths may differ, but i don’t understand when people try to deny that there must be a Supreme Being. A life of human beings and animals and plants is depressing beyond belief! So i thank God for God! Cos men, what if our life was in the hands of our neighbours or friends?
I shudder!
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you God!

I was doing a million things at the same time so i thought i would get a p.A, but Jude and Biodun tease me because my P.A is a guy...and a cute one at that!
No, when men hire slim-waisted secretaries that wear short skirts, na who dey complain?

Having a P.A helped when i had to fix three things into one day- the Harambe Conference, a Talk at J.C.I, and then a recording session for CON.tra.diction with Sliced Bread (shout out Sliced Bread!)
The training in UNILAG (!) for the J.C.I’s was interesting!
I was there in a pair of jeans and a shirt (my one concession to being formal). See, i promised myself that i would always be myself be myself be myself, and dressing formal is not me. I apologise in advance to anyone who does not agree! I mean, part of my training was to urge them to be themselves, be themselves, be themselves! So why then would i have gone as someone else when Tosyn was just fine?
All that one is grammar oh, cos when i got there and i saw all of them in shirts and ties (who wears shirts and ties in University sef?), i felt underdressed!
And then it was just all these guys, most of them bigger than i was and i was like, what am i going to train these people on?!
This was not the first time i had had to give a talk, or train people at a seminar or workshop, but this felt different and i was tres nervous!
I must have worked out a million signals with Stanley (supposedly cute P.A), and then i got up to train them on how to be a Change Agent!
And it went well!
Even the guy who seemed the most disinterested when i first got there, actually listened to me!
Shout out to Ibrahim Durosinmi!

This is neither here nor there, but my room is clean and tidy and neat!
I even have my clothes folded according to type and shades, and shoes according to flats or heels, and bags are in one big bag, and then i have candles, but not the PHCN ones; scented candles thank you!
My bed was also neat once, but like the omo daddy that i am, one side is now dutifully covered with c.ds, magazines, biros, a laptop, and random things i have not found a home for!
Ah well, can’t have it all.

Swe Bar is always a cool, relaxed place to hang out at, and i especially love to go there on Sundays, (karaoke), and of course, to listen to God Bless on Thursdays. With Swe, you never know who is going to drop in! I mean, there was the one night that had Naeto C (you should know his ‘p’), Ikechukwu (who is currently working on his album), and Dbanj (who came to surprise Bobby T). I have also spotted Banky W, Ramsey Nouah, Kel, M.I, Jeta Amata, Bimbo Akintola, Gloria Ibru, Alariwo, Omawunmi, K.B, Bhaira...should i go on?
And then of course, Toni Payne and 9ice (guaranteed to always 9ice up your life), swung by for karaoke Sunday during the infamous birthday week (which by the way, was one day per persona!).
So Swe rocks okay?

I have to go again so let me make these last few points
- I love people! And here is a shout out to all the people that i love! To the people that make me smile, make me think, challenge me, inspire me, give me love, to the beautiful people, those who look good on the outside and are still fab on the inside, to the stars who are human, and the humans who are stars, to you, and you and you, i throway salut and say i appreciate every kind word, thought and deed.
We gbona feli feli!

- THESE GENES appreciates all your support and thanks all the people who volunteer or contribute to the Project! Please check our website,, which will be updated with news and pictures.
We would also like to share with you that October is a special month for THESE GENES as we will start TEENAGE GENES, a monthly sickle-cell awareness workshop for teenagers (between the ages of 14 and 16). And then, on OCTOBER 31ST, THESE GENES will need your facebooks status updates and your clothes! Let me explain!
On the 31st, we would like your Status Update to say something about sickle-cell, or These Genes, and then we would also love for you to wear Blue and / or Red, to work or school! Blue and Red Day!

- I am currently running a series called YOUNG PEOPLE TO WATCH OUT FOR, in the Guardian. The first instalment was entertainment based and had Osagie Osarenkhoe, Knighthouse, Redstrat, Alex Yangs, and Ayeni, as some of the young people to watch out for in the broad spectrum of media and entertainment!
Now i need to broaden the categories, and i really want young people to watch out for in Finance, Science, Medicine, Lifestyle, and so on!
This is not an Awards Ceremony, it is just a mention in the Guardian but i would love your input so if you know of someone who is working hard in a bank, hospital, at an oil company, or in a Pharmaceutical one, any young person who is doing something remarkable, commendable and noteworthy, then please nominate them!
Send their name, and tell me us why you think we should watch out for them, to SHAREDAZZLE@YAHOO.COM.
Thank you sir
Thank you ma!

And now, i must leave you, but only for a short while!
Leave your comments people, i know you have so much to say!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Since Ive Been Gone

It feels like it’s been a minute!
Or two!

Truth is, i have missed you guys die, and while it would have been better if i had s.h.a.r.ed all this gist as it happened, here is my best recap of the last couple of weeks.

Let’s start the gist with my sister! Funke has started her own blog and i am so proud and happy for her! Basically, the blog is life from her perspective- mother, wife, sister (to the best sister in the world), and of course, event planner and coordinator extraordinaire, and entrepreneur on the whole!
That is a mouthful, so imagine when SHE writes it!
So please go there now, and tomorrow, and again, and whenever you feel like, and leave a comment cos it’s an interactive blog!

Whenever you hear that the trio of Bolaji Salami, Osagie Osarenkhoe and Tosyn Bucknor are on a case, then listen up!
Wish i could say more, but can’t say nothing yet! Except for watch out for DIL of course!

No, i do not live at Planet One.
I only go there every Friday for CLUB NOMORELOSS.
Much like Taruwa and WAPi are home, CLUB NOMORELOSS is becoming more than just an artiste hang out cum party cum club. It’s fast becoming family, especially with my regulars that hang out there!
The first edition was the most star-studded till date, and had stellar performances by MI, KEL, NYORE and RUGGEDMAN. All the cameras where there, and we tried our best to look good in our heels. Those heels came off by the second instalment though which had Banky W in the VIP room! Noble Igwe also made his first appearance, and the party continued! What made it even more special was that i presented an episode of NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL, from the Club!
The third one might have been the craziest yet!
MP was there and he premiered his new video for PASA PASA (which is NOT pronounced ‘Kpasa Kpasa’).
Then instead of going home, Osagie, Bolaji, Phoenix, Onyeka and i stayed till about 5a.m, dancing as D.J Excel kept the songs coming!
We requested for, and got- ‘Maga Don Pay’, ‘Safe / Five Minutes’ by M.I, and of course, ‘Street Credibility’. We did not request for, but still got, some techno jams which we shan’tgreed and still danced to! We even did fashion parade sef (Onyeka won), and to top it off, we made the now infamous, ‘KINI BIG DEAL’ remake feat. Onyeka as Naeto C, Tosyn as Ikechukwu, and Osagie as the Strange Girl Holding A Lighter.
The fourth edition of Club Nomoreloss had Weird MC rocking the house FOR REAL! The regulars where also around Deji, Jedi, Noble, and Biodun, and the UnRulies came out to parry!
Special shout out to LOOSE KAYNON whose Swagger is just too much! Not only did he play some of his new stuff for me (me i am loving one in particular so can’t wait), but we also rapped along to Tupac (HIT EM UP) and Eminem (THE WAY I AM and STAN) till about 5a.m.

Cool uhn?
Then put Club Nomoreloss on your To Go list!!!

Yours Truly is seriously starting to wonder about this lof and marriage of a thing sef!
This year alone,
- I have fallen for and got over (in Jesus Name) some guy who was perfect but our circumstances were not
- My Ex and i suddenly realised we had not got over each other but like facebook, it’s complicated
- It hasn’t worked out with three great guys because, Number 1 was either trying to end things with his chick or not, Number 2 had JUST ended his and i didn’t want to be Miss Rebound, and Number 3? Well, that one is just a confused prat!

Maybe i should just try that reality show route?

The Social Network for Young Adults who want to Meet People, Make Contacts, Network, and Express Themselves!
With SUNDAYS AT THE BAY, JUST BECAUSE, LUNCH AND s.h.a.r.e, and now, MOVIE REVIEWS, we have fast become the definitive network for the Nigerian adult looking to interact with other like minded individuals!
Find out more about us on Facebook, or on

My people,
There is still so much i have to say so i think we must do Part Two oh!
Here are teasers of what’s to come next!

These Genes takes over October, Tosyn gave a talk at Jci and also had a drink named after her at SWE Bar (Tosyns Tipple anyone?), and yeah, I CLEANED MY ROOM!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

No Air

I apologise

I know that by some standards, i have not been gone for so long.
But if you read my blog consistently, then you will know that it really has been a while in Tosyn Time.

I have not been able to blog because while i have been seemingly happy on the outside (the best parties, birthday week, s.h.a.r.ed weekends, meeting maybe him, etc etc), i have actually been unhappy and bordeline depressed for a few weeks now.
Writing helps, writing helps ease those demons out. But a blog is like a private public journal and i was not ready to share all that pain and darkness with you guys.

I wrote a lot however.
I wrote in random notebooks, i even wrote with my phone, saving text message after text message about how i felt.
It's been nerve wracking and heart wrenching. It has involved a lot of losing, i lost so much. Some i want back, some i am glad and grateful for, and others i am unsure of.
I pray that when the light at the end of this tunnel comes up, i would have grown.
I would have grown emotionally, and spiritually.
I pray i would have grown wiser and smarter and kinder.
And maybe taller.
OKAY fine! Wishful thinking!

It is not about you.
You make me happy.
God makes me happy. Very happy. HE makes it all sense...ALL.
He makes me happy.
But i cannot tell you about him yet... at least not without his permission!

Why am i blogging now?
1. I feel i should apologise to you guys for abandoning you without explaining!
2. I want to tell you about the fun things that have been happening to me, like s.h.a.r.e, Club Nomoreloss, Osagie, Music, Entertainment, Opportunities, and (i blush here)

I will be back.
In the meantime, two very important things
- MY SISTER started her own blog. She is older than i, but i am so proud of her! Check her out on
The girl wan give me run for my money dangit!

- I believe firmly, and know that next year, i will look back on this period and it would have passed. Therefore i give you these few words which make everything go-throughable.
Whatever you feel now, whatever i feel now...