Monday, April 6, 2009


Forgive me, it is just that i am a Diva; i therefore believe everyone wants to know what i am loving at the moment!

The Nigerian Music Industry for me is full of potential, and while it does seem effervescent now (thanks dad for the 'big' words!), it will settle down soon! It is also nice to actually see an INDUSTRY begin to evolve and one really must give kudos to the people that are working hard behind the scenes to keep things going!

In terms of music, i keep finding new singles, albums and artistes to like. It does not help that i now work at TOP RADIO... it is alarming how many c.ds we receive daily, and even more alarming (but in a positive way), just how good many of these acts are!
Nevertheless, i largely remain unmoved. I am like my grandmother- i know what i like, and i tend to stick to it!
In terms of singles, i am loving Ill Bliss, Kel and Uchie on a Suspect beat- 'MOVE'!
It is the beat, it is the delivery by the individual acts, and it is the fact that it is a fresh fun track to listen to!
I also love the two new singles by the Rooftop MC's; 'SITTING ON THE ROOFTOP' and 'ONE SONG'.
'ONE SONG' has some classic lines though!
"You're in danger...mouse, better call for Penfold!"
"Quick to SNATCH KLEVA SUSPECTs off the streets" (Seeing as it is a song by SNATCHA and KLEVA, and on a SUSPECT beat!)

I also like Kefee's 'KOKOROKO'. It is good to see the music is still as fabulous, even if she is dealing with personal issues at this time!

And one song that is now a karaoke favourite is also on my list- BIG BOY.
It is how Olu starts off by cracking us up. Then El Dee does his thang, and Oladele picks the baton and keeps it going. ('The way we dey burn am, you go think say na benson. Tear rubber everything..well almost everything' 'You all got to save, but me i get it now now'). El Dee comes back to ask, "WHY YOU DEY VEX? IS IT YOUR MONEY?", and Banky brings it home. Yes boss, you are a fine boy, you have too much swagger!
Shame this song didn't get nominated as COLLABO OF THE YEAR at that Awards Ceremony coming soon; you know the song rocks! And that's four artistes on one track, with none outshining the other, and yet, each one delivering a verse that is funny and on point!

Ah well!

There are FINALLY, a number of albums out there now!
There is Kills (still listening, still thinking about reviewing), there is DAREY, there is SUNNY NEJI... list continues! There are the old favourites which are still moving units (did someone say M.I? 9ice? Dbanj maybe?). And there are the albums to look out for... (Ill Bliss? Knighthouse Street Scriptures? Kel?).
But one album that i listened to this afternoon and wondered why the publicist had not been fired for not putting it out there enough is, ABOUNCE's album!
You didn't even know ABOUNCE (had an album)!

First off, it is not strictly a COMMERCIAL album; it does not have those guaranteed hit single types on it, and has too many swear words on a few tracks, to make things comfortable for radio presenters! Having said that, it is, A. Good. Album!
The songs are funny and his flow is different. I like the use of wordplay and there were times i wanted to wind down and ask the next driver beside me to listen to a rhyme Abounce just spewed.
So i mean, what is the problem?!
If it is an old album, then it should be re-issued and promoted again. If it is new, then we need a video, singles, interviews... the works!
I know the music indsutry, especially the hiphop market, is now a tough one!
There are so many good artistes out there, and boys are not playing. But i hate to see a good album go down, so i will urge you to try and get a copy of ABOUNCE' album if you can!

I am also loving JENNIFER HUDSON's album, and it is on constant rotation in the car! If you have not bought it yet, ask yourself WHY?!

Another album i listen to consistently, is T.I's album!
I don't know where he has been all my life, but i cannot get enough of LIVE YOUR LIFE, DEAD AND GONE, and the song that has helped me get through a difficult period in my life- NO MATTER WHAT!
Three 'areas' for T.I jo!

And what did we say about artistes?
Dem boku!
Loving them all- short, tall, funny, serious, deep, playful, sexy, cute, ugly.
Not since seeing M.I perform at a stage near you, have i been moved by an artiste before.
It is the fact that he will get on the stage wit a backpack and even if you were chit-chatting when he got on, he will make you notice him and shut up! Without anything more than his rap!
It is the fact that in person, he is shy, retiring and humble, and yet you know that there are things going on beneath the surface!
It is the fact that i like what he says, because he means what he says, and he says it like he means it!
That's my artiste to watch out for, and i'm going to do all i can to ensure you see that boy perform. Mehn!

I used to be a t.v addict oh!
I have not been following my favourite shows as before though... can't tell you why!

When i can, i still like to watch CHUCK (which is so funny, i hate that i only started watching it from Season 2), and UGLY BETTY . But one of the shows i truly like is the SALT 'n' PEPA SHOW
Remember them back when they spoke about sex?
Well, they all 'growed' up now, and it is fun to watch how different they (still) are!
One is born again, the other is...well, shall we see, still finding religion?
One is happily married (we hope), while the other is still looking for that romantic thug! (cough)
One is a bit laidback about their career, while the other really wants to get going!
One has grown up, the other is still Petress Pan!
I love it!


Tee Gee 1st Tee is a monthly show at the galleria which features one main act, and several other performers, putting up a FREE concert for fans and possibly critics!
I love it!

Fans buy the albums, go for shows, and buy merchandise to support their loved artistes all the time, so it is nice for artistes to once in a while, get on stage and ask nothing, but that the fans show up!
I love that there is no V.I.P seating, and infact, no seating at all sef!
The vibe is fresh and fun, and both editions that have held have had a different vibe; none better than the other, just different!
The free alcohol doesn't hurt either. May we get free coke as well though?
Some of us don't drink.
At least not in public.
On a week night.
At a show.

But now i digress!

Another event i thoroughly enjoyed even though i sat down half as a proud sister, and half as a partner, was the ZAPPHAIRE BRIDAL WORKSHOP, which held at LYDOS BAR, in March!
It was nice to have people like Debola Lewis, Tee-A, Tara, Funke herself, Omoyemi Akerele and Body Lawson, speak about things to expect, plan and look out for, before, on and after a wedding! Shout out also to this site
I also liked the stands which had various event and allied service providers on hand! I loved the Abiola aso-oke and Buckstone stand, and also Beyond Faces, Water to Wine, and bay Bloom Ltd (they deliver your aso-ebi and invites for you so you don't have to worry!)
My favourite speaker was the representative from Travels!

She is older than i am, but that day, i felt like a proud mom!

Up next is a workshop for Event Planners so please be on the look out for that!

I also liked the SUNDAY AT THE BAY one year anniversary hang out in March!
Cool tshirts by the way! I rock mine all the time!

Then, the SWE BIRTHDAY BASH for BANKY W was really sweet and nice!
i enjoyed myself thoroughly, and i hope Banky did too!


New friends, new acquaintances, and new colleagues, and i am enjoying meeting them all!
Special shout out to T.B by the way!
I should write a book, or poem or something! Shouldn't i?


I am loving life!
And the new job!
And my blog!
And my other blog

And everything and anything in between!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It is in the Weight

Want to know if I am happy?
It is all in the weight. Or lack of it.
Other people comfort eat when depressed. I just drop.
Everything in general, but weight to be specific.
I stop eating. Simply because I cannot taste food, and sometimes, the very thought of it, makes me want to throw up. It is like the sorrow in my heart somehow translates to an inability to open my mouth. I do not want to speak, and I do not want to eat. Quite often, I do not even want to get up, move, talk, function, live.
It is scary, and not only till I have passed through it do I realise how bad it was. To live on air and coke. To read the Bible and pray so fervently because the alternative is frightening. To take long, meaningless walks that offer temporary relief. To look at your phone ring and be unable to answer for fear of human contact. To be around family and friends, to laugh and smile as pre-programmed, but not to FEEL. To be disconnected and disjointed. To be beyond unhappy. To be unable to find pleasure in the big things, and to sweat the small stuff. To watch television but not even see, to listen to music, but not even hear. To shut down, and shut out, the very people that love you. TO scream at your mom to leave you alone, because you know; if she stands in front of you long enough, she will see through all that you struggle to hold together

And the people that kill you? The ones that tell you to get over it. To pull yourself together. To move on.

Want to know how happy I am?
It is in the weight.