Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You can't get over your ex till you meet the next...

Hey all.
So this theory was one i heard while in Law School. My friend had recently split with her boyfriend but was still dating him. Sort of.
One day when i saw her crying, we spoke about it and she put it a bit more crudely- "To get over your ex, get under the next" and she assured me she would be fine once she met someone new.

I never really processed that laughing it off as things we say when broken.

I did know though that when i was heartbroken, a compliment from someone new always cheered me up. But then i am a leo- easily pleased.

Fast track a few years later.

I fell in love, and then it ended and i, like humpty dumpty, never really got back together again.
I was truly done with love and had considered getting a cat or nine. While i knew in theory that i was over my ex and did not want to be with him any longer, i still hurt, especially when i heard his name.
It got better, like Leona Lewis assures, in time.

But then i met Mr C

Mr C got me off guard; i had not gone out that night expecting to 'pull'. I thought i would go out, come home and sleep. But i went out and met Mr C and felt such a huge attraction to him that it is no surprise we started dating.

And just as my friend predicted. Meeting someone and falling (in intense like?) made me so strong that now, you can even mention my ex's full name and i wouldn't flinch.

So wait. Does that mean that if you do not fall in love with someone new you cannot get rid of someone old?

My people, talk to me!


  1. hmmmm....i don't want to sound like a chauvinist..but i think it's a girl thing to feel this way. Maybe because lets be honest it seems Ladies put in a lot more into relationships than guys and the few guys who fall the way girls do are the ones we tag as being "possessive".
    My personal experience wasn't like that but hey i don't think i qualify to be a Love Doctor because i never really played the Love game the way others have(do).
    So i conclude it usually seems to be the right remedy to get over an ex but might not necessarily be the best!!!

  2. Funny theory, could be true, depends on what the relationship was like and how you broke-up I guess. I tend to agree with those who fall too quickly for another person after a breakup are on rebound.

  3. In the words of Omawunmi "If u ask me, na who I go ask?"

  4. True talk, i'm going thru such presently, i jst cnt get him out of my head no mata aw hard i try and i knw we cnt be 2geda again.

  5. I guess it all depends on several factors, chief to my mind being who broke up with who. I've been told that when someone breaks up with you, or sets the wheels in motion for a break-up, they take a sliver of your soul with them which you never quite get back no matter what you do or get - a cat, nine, or a new lover.

    I gave it very long thought and I *almost* agreed. But then there aren't really any final words with anything that's got to do with the human heart, are there? I think not.

    So, on this topic - well, I guess rebounds have their purposes and I do encourage them. Anything to lift the spirit, if that's what works for the person. For me what would work would be dressing up, wearing make-up, and hanging with positive people. My spirit gets lifted that way.