Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where does love come from

They didn't teach you how to love. Poor thing. You were not born with the whys and the whos and the whys of love embedded in you. So you had to learn it. From the first people you met and knew. From how they said it, showed it, felt it, believed it, taught it.
You learnt to hug or push away, to be free or be guarded, to deceive or be open, to give or to take, or to hoard it.

We did not come with a manual, so we learn it from those who birth us, keep us, teach us, feed us, 'love' us. Some of us do exactly what we saw. We see love as a battlefield and a fight we have to win, a game we have to play, a treat we have to keep. Some of us love freely and get stung. Some of us never fully decide who we are and what love means. We just walk around aimlessly searching for love, and sometimes, searching more for what love means than what love is.

Love is love. But what IS love? And who will ever show me what it means?

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