Tuesday, September 3, 2013

From MUSIC to REAL LIFE... Music heals it all... Part 1

Hey yo!

Ever noticed how no matter what you are going through, somehow there is someone who has gone through it and you have the evidence because they sang a song about it?

Yeah me too.
So today ii have not one, but two songs .

Let us start with how crappy i have been feeling lately. Just really crappy. Like i am losing it. So to make it worse, my darling team, Manchester United has been breaking my heart lately.
It's tough to explain but when it rains it pours.

So this morning, i remembered a song i once played when Liverpool beat us by five goals. And as i paraphrased the lyrics for my Man U fans, i realised just how much they could do for anyone going through stuff.

So here we go
My paraphrased version of T.I's "No Matter What"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, aye
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
I say still I stand, aye
And shawty here I am

Neva have ya seen in ya lifetime
A more divine human being
Wit a swag like mine
Facin all kind of bs
But smile like Im fine
Brag with such passion
And shine without trying

Believe me, pain's a small thing to a giant
I was born without a handbook
Out tha pain I climbed
Spoke my mind
And didnt stutter one time
Ali say even the greatest
Gotta suffer some time

I aint dead
I aint done
I aint scared
(Of what?)
I aint run
(From who?)

But still I stand
No matter what people
Here I am
No matter what, remember

I aint break
I aint fold
They hate me mo
Yeah I know

Here I go
No matter what shawty, here I go
No matter what shawty

God'll take you through hell just to get you to heaven
So even though its heavy, the load I will carry
Grin and still bear it
Win and still share it
Apologies to those i hurt, I hope you can understand it
Life can change ya directions
Even when you aint planned it

All you can do is handle it
The worst thing you could do is panic
Use it to your advantage
Avoid insanity, manage to conquer
Every obstacle, make impossible possible
Even when winning's illogical
Losing's still far from optional
I weather whateva storm
Make it out with just a few bruises
But revenge is best served as a cold dish
And suckas will get served nigga, no shit
Guess it was understood, for me it was over with
But I dont quit if ya aint notice yet
They couldnt wait to say good night shawty
So they can try to rhyme, act and look like shawty
Somehow I rise above my problems and remain here
Yeah and I hope the picture painted clear
If ya heart filled with faith then ya cant fear
Wonder how I face years and Im still chillin?
Easy, let go and let God deal wit it

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