Friday, January 25, 2008

What I Am Loving At The Moment

So i love talking about what i am up to at any given moment.

forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude
I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about

Ah well

Right now, i am loving...

I think that the fact that i am listening to it now for the tenth time at a sitting might help qualify it for this honour.
9ice abeg, na you biko!
O ti lo!

I do not knwo what qualifies seeing as i have not seen a movie in eons!
So i will put the last movie that captivated me
And that is American Gangstar

He is driving me crazy
R cos he knows who i am, can handle me, and is probably fun.
But e get k leg

A cos he is damn sexy and we connect spiritually almost
But i can't tie him down

N cos he is himself and i am drawn to him.
Really Really Really
I dotn think he has a clue how much

A cos he is exotic
But i wonder if he knows, and if he cares

osagie Osarenkhoe for shizzle
I love this chick

Is really sad
Heath died
And that is that

D'Banj is going to be serving people on a Virgin Nigeria flight
But i think that my fave event was still the Celeb Auction for more info

and i am looking forward to...
Hint Hint people
Looking forward to dinner, teddy bears, and some good ol' love!

1 comment:

  1. nice to know you re great fan 9ice .i wonder how his music got u hooked.thot i was d only young person appreciating the revolution in d brand new nigerian music industry.

    u can send ur dogs to me if you don't want them any longer.

    nice blog!u can check me