Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is Blogging the Loner's Dream

You know
I am beginning to wonder

Here i am, back from my interview with the television on and work to do.
And what else am i doing apart from NOT actually working?

Is blogging the new mindless time wasting pastime?
Is that what i will be doing now every day of my life?
Is this my new addiction???



  1. Welcome dear.
    I always wondered how long it would take you before you hopped aboard.
    Seeing as i like you a lot i'm going to do you a favour.

    I'll announce to my friends that my very good friend Tosin has a blog.
    I'll post it within a week.

    You'll definitely get more traffic coming your way by then.
    Anything for my Lois.

    Crazily yours.

  2. Not fair. You actually started a blog and you didnt tell me....

    Anyhow sha, oya start posting seriously.

    You're probably wondering who I am. Hint. I'm a huge fan of your writing. And I really like your tosinornottosin moniker.

    So you probably know who I am. If you do, send me a facebook message.


  3. girl! i've caught the bug too. unlike u however its not like anyone reads minelol but yet i plod on. kinda therapeutic tho. like a diary only its online n anyone can read it......o wait! that IS the definition of a BLOG isnt it? he he.

  4. Yes blogging is addictive o! I started blogging in March and my hands have never stopped. Anyway I heard blogging is like therapy...from CNN o!blog on.

  5. In my opinion blogging is just a way i say what i have said and this time [while blogging] i know the whole world can hear me

  6. Tis not a waste of time...blogging is the new diary that others can read,
    the new freebie site that you can make money from in terms of traffic,
    the new identity that you can use to soothe your self-esteem - there are Celebrities in Blogworld that are just ordinary people in the flesh...Welcome Tosinornotosin!