Saturday, January 12, 2008

Am i excited this morning?
Probably not
I think that i am more CALM
I mean, there is so much to do, and i could be freaking out... but i won't(Well, at least not yet.)
I am going to be on NTA today to talk about the THESE GENES Sickle Cell Project
There are days i wake up and think maybe my life would be easier if i just let things be!
BUt ah well, THis is the assignment i have given myself, and like the good Queens' College girl that i am, i must follow through

It is the FUTURE awards today and my sister is nominated again
She won last year and i am happy for her
The dress code says a HINT of green
YOurs truly is wearing a GREEN 'CLOTHSENSE' dress
MAy they not throw me out faster than i can say, "BUt i have an i.v now!"
So, i will be there today, hopefully sitting at Fun table 1, or Fun table 2

My new look is going to be rocked today
Is Nigeria ready?

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