Monday, October 25, 2010

ten Takers

So i saw the movie 'Takers'.
On paper- excellente! Cast, Plot, Everything! But by the time the closing credits came up, i realised ten things.

1. The acting
... wasn't bad! T.I and Chris Brown were good surprises,

2. The Cast
... was a well put together team! I liked the acting, i already mentioned that. And they were all easy on the eyes! I mean from Idris Elba to Matt Dillon to Mariann jean-Baptise to...
Yes the cast was good. But my friend and i joke that they didnt send the whole script to the cast before they signed on! And even then...

3. Hayden Christenson
*sigh*. *swoon* It should be an offence to be this...Hayden!

4. The T.I and Chris Brown allusions
... were interesting. The writers were having fun with this. I mean, T.I's character leaves prison in such an iconic scene that you can't help but draw parallels with T.I himself. Sadly, we all know what is happening now- He is going back. And Chris Brown had one very interesting scene which while cool baffled me. (And then i saw the end credits)

5. The competition
... has been ignored abi? Because i can think of ten movies better than this movie from Salt to Inception to The Other Guys to A Team, to Eat Pray Love to Africa Magic Yoruba... Okay fine, Africa Magic Yoruba is a channel not a movie! And since i deviated, more things better than this movie- an hr of Flashpoint, The Mentalist, Castle, Tru Blood, and so on. The only movie not better than this movie is that M and B with vampires. Id mention it but i only successfully got it out of my mind. Thanks
And while still on the subject of competition, well this was a heist movie. And surely they had seen the other movies of its kind? Like 'heist'? 'oceans 11, 12, 13', and even 'set it off'. Yes, that 'Set it Off'. And one thing they obviously didnt learn from their competition was how criminals behave.

6. Story
... wasnt bad. Actually, it was a pretty good idea. But someone lost the plot. Pun intended.

7. Annoying People
... were deliberately written into the movie just to upset me. I can't tell you why they were so annoying, but watch out for Idris Elba's characters sister.

8. The company
.. i was with made the movie bearable. You should always see movies with people you can throw popcorn at so that gives you something to do if the movie doesnt!

8. The Movie
.. could have been so much better i tell you! O my! Kai these people had sub plots which somehow just didnt tie in properly! Some scenes were really cool action wise; i enjoyed the action. I already mentioned the beautiful people; im a sucker for pretty faces. Heist stories usually sell themselves; i dont know to whom this one tried to.

10. In the end...
the movie will do well, but i wish it was a song so it could be remixed!


  1. WOW, that movie was horrible! I thought they'd start 'part 2' after the end credits, but hey!

    The movies you listed, you mentioned, 'Heist', I think you mean 'Heat' with Al Pacino and De Niro.

  2. tosyn! it's iquo. so nice meeting you, i hope the event you hosted went well. i will be visiting your blog to see what's up with you. i also blog @ alligator legs, about writing and art. we should get together while i'm still in lagos if you have time! cheers, i. :)

  3. Will try to catch this at the movie theatre

  4. because of this post . i wil not be watching that movie. thank you my dear