Friday, November 19, 2010

A Very busy November Weekend!

So, i have recently been trying to take things slow and pace myself. This weekend however, there is no denying that the most rest i am going to get will be in-between events!

So what is happening this weekend?

The weekend starts off at Swe with the Vodka Party! I know, a vodka party? Well it is to introduce party goers to a specific brand of vodka and it would be nice to see how that goes but i am also very excited about the fact that talented Christine Ben-Ameh will be performing on the night!
i do hope she does 'ungraceful'. It is my favourite track of hers. For now!

The Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative continues with its awareness drive by bringing sickle cell in a fun form to students and workers alike!
THis event holds on Saturday 20th at the Unilag Sports COmplex at 11am and will feature dances (SOD being one of the headlining acts), performances (with Rooftop MCs and Le'mmon as some of the acts to watch out for) and more!
The Gate Fee is an affordable N300 for singles and N500 for couples and i hear there will also be free genetic counselling and tests available.

This won't really make the general list as it is a private party but i am excited cos i get to m.c a friends wedding.

The SMVA's hold on Saturday Night and i hear Uti is hosting. Great! Where is my big money?
So the last time i went for an awards show, i wore this dress which was raved and talked about
I plan on trying to avoid the red carpet and cameras this time around. LOL
CON.tra.diction wont though, she will be there to mingle with everyone
I am looking forward to the performances for sure.

I remember standing right by the stage to watch M.I and Freshly Ground perform last time around. Lets see what i do this time around
O wait, may i wear flats? My back hurts!

So yup!
Full weekend but i hope to catch brunch at Bishops Cottage on Sunday. I like the mini-burgers. And chicken. And candles. And.....

What else.

o quick one, erm, aunty Dora, naija for life o!