Monday, March 2, 2009


If i saw this movie with you, then you already know a bit about how i feel. No matter what i write here, there is one simple way to summarise how i felt at the end of the movie. But let's leave that till the end of this post!

NOTORIOUS, the movie about the life and times of Biggie Smalls, aka Notorious B.I.G, real name, Christopher Wallace.
You think you know a man, till they make a movie about him!

This movie is about Biggy, so do not expect it to be gritty and dirty. They will tell the 'truth', but just like 'American Gangster' and other movies made about the other black American heroes, everything will be excused, and everything will be treated so it don't look as bad.

Yikes, i got off on the wrong foot already. Let me backtrack!

Notorious traces Biggy's journey- from realising his father was never coming back, to getting into the life of bling he admired from afar while his mother pushed him to school, to getting caught, to falling in love, to fathering two kids, to rapping and meeting Puffy, to becoming a mega star, to the beef with Pac, to the death of the legend.
For Biggy is a legend.

It was a nice beautiful movie to watch. Oh i loved it. Simple, and could have been anybody's story. But you remind yourself; this isn't fiction, it's somebody's life oh!
The acting was good. Loved as always, Angela Bassett. Cinematography was a bit undecided, but i think they were trying to be gritty when it came to the dirt, and shiny everywhere else.
It was a funny movie not as a comedy, but with great dialogue, and mimic (Hats off for the depiction of Puffy).
It was also, sad.
Yes, you know he will die. It don't hurt less. And it don't hurt less when Tu Pac dies either. Plus, seeing how Li'l Kim just never got the man she loved tugged at our heartstrings a little as well. And who doesn't love a good ol' love story? Biggy was a man with a love story- three love stories infact.
Each different, each unique, each simple, yet complicated.

So NOTORIOUS is out.

Fans of Biggy and hiphop will love the movie. Movie fans will love the movie and probably forget its a real life story. But warning. If you love Tu Pac, or get caught up easily in the fray that is East Coast .v. West Coast, you may find yourself a little hurt.
Yes, it was Biggy's story, and in their defence, there was no mud-slinging. But we couldn't help but notice that scenes that had Biggy and Tu Pac in them had Tu Pac look like the razz thug, while Biggy looked like the preppy college kid!
Not once, but in EVERY. SINGLE. SCENE.
Which got tedious for me after a while!
And we may never know the real story behind the Biggy and Tu Pac debacle, but NOTORIOUS paints Biggy as a saint. A misunderstood saint.
Tu Pac wasn't mad; there had to be more to that story, so sorry, but we ain't buying!

So great movie, but as a Tu Pacalyst, two things stuck
- the saddest part of the movie for me was when Pac died, and my best song was 'Hit Em Up'
- either tell the story properly, or don't tell it at all.

Nuff Said!


  1. lol have to agree with you there girl....and unlike you, i cant stand biggie think he opened the way for the crap that no masks as "hip hop". ok ok wont air my opinions here lol

  2. Im not really a fan of biggie but i would love to see the movie..
    i love the way you reviewed the movie giving me a little bit of what to expect..
    Anyway, hope you're good
    Later Babes

  3. I would like to watch the movie, sounds interesting to me. Nice one Tosyn!

  4. Wow, heard about it on cool FM too. not sure i would want to watch it. not my kind of movie

  5. movie was good

    Tosyn you really dont expect a movie about a man's life that will potray him as a beast

    i'm sure a Tupac movie would be same-potray Tupac as a misunderstood saint

    i do love Tupac-i love hit em up-i once mimed it in Uni(almost did)..*wink*

    even Idi Amin's movie showed him as humane (some parts)

    so was a movie...enjoy it as such...forget the whole Tupac thingy...i also beg to differ on Tupac looking all thug like-even if i might add...we all know he was all about the *thug life*.....

    cos i know for sure-most misunderstandings can be resolved with communication and compromise so who's to say if Biggie & Tupac had taken the time to do just that-they may both still be here.........making beautiful music..........

  6. sounds like fun but i'm not a fan of movies that try to portray the life of the famous. even the dead ones. but i would love to see one about tupac. love him to death.

  7. My Friend said they made Biggie seem so innocent and likable, He then decided everyone was innocent afterall. . .i neva made any mental note to see it, but i may just do it!

  8. Heard much about the problem i have with what I've heard about it...why would they portray Pac as a gra-gra kid only...we all know he was a poet and great thinker...fine, he was hyper but how old was he?Biggie was cool but from what I know of cool dudes like him, they are the most, he couldn't do gra-gra like Pac even if he wanted to..he was obese!