Monday, March 30, 2009


The boyfriend (hereinafter referred to as 'TB') and i went to see 'Marley and Me' tonight. Totally TB's idea; never mind what he says! We saw a preview when we saw 'YES MAN' and he really liked it, i wasn't too sure!
So we went to see it and did we enjoy it?

Let's put it this way.

Marley and Me is marketed (via its previews) as a feel good movie!
Boy and Girl get married. Girl starts getting maternal, guy is not so sure. Guy's friend (who is a babe magnet extraordinaire), advises guy to get dog. Guy gets Marley who turns out to be a lovely terror who stays with family through thick and thin- yes, moving, children, fights and all.

Is the movie any good?

TB loved it, i liked it in bits.

Like i said, MARLEY AND ME is meant to be a 'FEEL GOOD' movie!
So when did feel good movies start making you THINK? CRY? and do more than just FEEL GOOD?
The acting is on point!
Loved Owen Wilson, and his friend (babe magnet doctor from GREYS ANATOMY), and the kids. Jennifer Aniston does funny and dramatic well, but not well enough to get the big drama roles i'm afraid.

There are too many stories in that movie
1. Marriage and the sacrifices we make (wherein in this movie, Jennifer makes more than Owen)
2. Marley (which should have stayed the ONLY story, cos they would have made a great movie from it)
3. The truth about parenting (It is not all gloss and glamour)
4. LOVE (it is not all gloss and glamour, sometimes you fight!)
5. Being fufilled (cos the grass is always greener on the other side, but one day, you have to go outside and say to your grass. You might not be greener than Sade's grass, but you are greener than Jacks! And even if you weren't, i love you grass! Always will. )

Too many stories, too many tears, too much thinking, not enough laughs, not enough feeling 'gooding'!

But should you see the movie?


Cos it's still a pretty good movie!


  1. forget marley and me! who's TB????

  2. Sounds like every other chic flick to me...

  3. YEs Yes yES!!!!!! T who is TB........gist abeg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Incoherent and Flygirl!
    Could we please focus on the movie and not TB?
    will talk about him AT SOME POINT, but for now, listen to HERE WITH ME by DIDO, thats how i feel, and why i cant speak about it yet!

    So back to the movie peeps!

  5. Your review of the movie is spot on.
    I actually harassed my girl to go see it with me and ended up being embarassed.
    You forgot to add that the movie was too darn loooong!

  6. hello...just wanted to let you know you are one of the most talented voices on natural