Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What I Am Loving At The Moment; Early MAY

Forgive me,
It’s just that I was born with a Diva Attitude.
I therefore assume everyone wants to know what I care about!

So, it is only the first week or so in May but I am already loving a lot!

While I am not yet done with the 9ice album by a long mile, and while I am looking forward to the new album by the kokomaster, I have suddenly discovered new loves.
At the moment, I am loving
- BLEEDING LOVE by Leona Lewis.
- MICHELLE, and LOVE SHOULD LAST and LAND OF THE RISING SUN by Etcetera. If you still have not heard or seen this artiste perform, I have to ask you, WHY NOT. Now that I am calmer, I can then say, please check WWW.MYSPACE.COM/ETCETERAALIVE
- NO AIR by Jordin Sparks featuring Chris Brown. It is so surprising to see someone from American Idol have such an instant hit!
- NAETO C. I swear, you should know his ‘P’. I love this dude and might become a stalker but I am reigning it all in! But honestly, you should pick a copy of the album when it comes out because if ‘Kini Big Deal’, ‘Lagos City Hustle’ and ‘Ashawo’ are anything to go by, that is going to be a definitive hip-hop album.
- SUMMERTIME by the truly new, New Kids on the Block. They are back folks! Ladies, you know you all had crushes on at least one of them. I think I loved Joey and Jordan Knight. You should see their pictures; they look even dishier than way back then.

Apart from the fact that ‘MEN IN TREES’, the zany little show that could is back (Writers strike crippled production), I am hanging at the edge of my seat for a little known show (here at least), known as, ‘THE CLOSER’.
The humour is on point my people, the storylines are believable and sometimes knock your socks off, the characters are beautiful and funny, and it is such a great police drama that others pale in comparism for me.
If you can, try and watch an episode will you?

While my events usually include concerts and award shows, this time, my favourite event was a wedding!
It was Yemi Osindero’s wedding on Thursday and it was more than a wedding, it truly was an event! I loved it for the people I met, and old friends I got reunited with. I loved it because UNRULY Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi co-anchored it. I loved it because DBanj and Dare Art Alade performed. I loved it because I wore my red dress (which I can never wear again by the way) and was told I looked beautiful. (There was also alcohol at the event though, so maybe I should not believe everything I hear).

I have not seen anything new lately so I might as well talk about the not-so-new.
I recently saw ‘CRASH’ (featuring Terence Howard, Ryan Phillipe and Sandra Bullock) again, and also, ‘THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND (with an award winning performance by Forest Whittaker, and the ever sexy in his Englishness, James McAvoy delivering a stellar performance).

It still has to be the collective that keeps me sane/

My people
Fellow countrymen
Weddings are a fabulous place to meet men!
Just be careful that they are not
- Married!
- Leaving the country the next day, or
- Only great fun when they are DRUNK!

I think I have wrapped my current dream up. Ended with us living happily ever after, a la Cinderella.

I love life.
Even when it keeps me home with the flu.

Oh ye people of blogsville, please let me know what YOU are loving at the moment!


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  2. Seriously feeling Naeto C meself. Just checked out d fotos 4rm dat MADE party & d lilac shirtt was soooooo on point. I love me a man that knows his colours!

  3. I'm feeling the new styl plus o!
    hav u herd it!!
    dose guys kno wassssup jo!
    as for mufees, how come u neva mention naija mufees??
    my shows are back, grey's anatomy, ugly betty, top chef, hands are full a la moment!

  4. Wondering where I'd been all along. Just started feeling Pere and Gbono Fele in terms of naija tunes.
    Feeling some blogs I just ran into.
    Feeling virgin nigeria's students air fare.
    Feeling today's sermon by Bishop Abioye.
    Feeling Tosyn 4 giving me a birthday cake! Mwah!