Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Because...

I went out last weekend and it was le struggle to leave the house but once i did...

Now i am a party animal. Or i was. When i was in secondary school and the university, i lived for parties. Especially dancing. I was convinced i would one day fall in love on the dance floor. Hasn't happened yet, but fingers crossed.
In Uni, i would dress comfy to go clubbing. See i was not going to check out what other girls wore. My mission was simple- dance and then sleep the next day
And it was pretty much a good routine.

But now that i work in media and entertainment, going out is no longer mostly social. Now it is work. And it never sinks in that sometimes, people go out, actually just to hang out.

So when a friend told me to come to his house for a party, i truly debated it.
What to wear
When to get there
How long to stay for
Make up? or no?
Heels or flats?
Take something along or just show up


In the end, i wore a simple black top and skirt combo with flats. And boy was i glad i did!
It was laid back and casual with food, cake, and drinks.
And music

I went from not wanting to go, to dancing and not wanting to leave.

It was fun, i had fun, and i will try it again

You know.. party... Just Because!

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