Saturday, May 7, 2011


I have to be honest, i love television. With movies, it's more, see a million, love a few.

This year, i haven't loved any. Well maybe one or two helped pass two hours of my time a day, but you know how you feel after seeing a really good movie, like Inception, The Proposal, The Usual Suspects, Grease, Sounds of Music and so on?

Well, a random Friday night decision got that for me!

All i wanted was Chicken Soup at Prime Chinese, and then we decided to see a movie. The cinema was full; the world had turned out for 'Thor' and we had to divide and conquer to ensure we got our popcorn AND good seats! (I tell you, i saw people sitting on the aisle. No, not by the aisle seats, but ON the aisle).

Anyhoo, the movie began.

I was at first preoccupied with my headache and crepes (not the easiest thing to eat with your hands when you have been shaking the world and his brother). But somewhere between Natalie Portmans character backing into someone and then 750AD and Anthony Hopkin's character showing up on the screen, i dropped my crepes and paid attention.

THOR tells the story of... well Thor. But not just him.

It's a story of sibling rivalry, jealousy, a man (or god's) journey of self discovery, magic and science, and of course, ROMANCE!

THOR had it all- fantastic action sequences for those who love things being blown up, people being punched and fights, touching love stories for those who love to see boy meet girl stories, a really good storyline, and believe it or not, humour, intentional or otherwise!

Thankfully, i knew a little about Thor (like the fact that Thursday IS THORS DAY), but not enough to want the movie to fit into some idea i had of the mythical figure. But when a movie makes you want to Google and Wiki everything, you know you are on to something!

And i saw some interesting actors on screen- Anthony Hopkins and Idris Elba. We also got introduced to some new-ish names like Chris Hemsworth.

Trivia- The director, Kenneth Branaugh originally wanted Chris' brother (him of the 'Last Song' fame with Miley Cyrus) to play the part, but after seeing Chris' biceps...sorry, talent, i think they cast the right brother!

Should you see this movie?

Yes please.

And then one more time for good measure.

I am a THORnatic.

Thank you!

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