Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SPEECHgirls Top Ten, 'HEAD HIGH' Break Up Songs!

So tonight....
i am so loving sleeping with a broken heart by Alicia Keys. There is just something about that song.
Sometimes, you are so heartbroken that you need to 'po'. Yes o, you have to pretend you are sitting on top of the world, like you can sleep, and live without that person, with your heart in shreds.

Sometimes after a break up though, you get to point 'angry'. Thats when you are no longer interested in making nice, you just want to be truly truly done!
You might wake up the next morning and need to send a card to say sorry for the nasty three page text you sent, but for today, what you need is these ten songs on repeat!
(Turn up the volume people! Heartbreak bears no silence when angry!)

1. No Doubt- DON't SPEAK
Gwen Stefani wrote this song for her ex, Tony Kanal. Interestingly, they dated while in the band together, and he had to perform this song with the band and herself, every time!

2. Beyonce- IRREPLACEABLE/ Rihanna- TAKE A BOW
These songs seem to strike the same chord with me, and while i do not want to make this post about how Beyonce and Rihanna sometimes have similar songs, i had to put them together.
This is what happens when you say goodbye to that guy- you tell him to take a bow, but not think for one second that he is irreplaceable!

3. Kelly Clarkson- SINCE YOU'VE BEEN GONE
Yes o! Ultimate pop-rock-chick-goodbye-song! Complete with breaking and throwing things!
Kelly Clarkson can belt those tunes out, and songs like these remind us just how!

4. Mary J Blige- NOT GONNA CRY
How can a song that declares something cause you to do the opposite? Rumour has it that every girl that has played, listened to or sang along to this song, has done it through tears.
Mary J paints the picture of an ungrateful man who now discards the girl who slaved away with and for him.
It is a sad angry way to say goodbye!

5. Whitney Houston- I LEARNT FROM THE BEST
There is that point during the break up that your most fervent hope, is that he comes back.
And if he does, there are two songs you will perform.
This is one of them. You will tell him you no longer feel the same, and when he says you are cruel and unfeeling, you will say these classic words- I. Learnt. From. The. Best.

6. CON.tra.diction- DREAMS
You may love someone but still have to let them go. You might be angry, but since you still love them, you will still try to be nice. You will explain your reasons and try to walk away with some conviction that you mean it this time.
For this, you will listen to 'Dreams'

7. Darey- NOT THE GIRL
Darey has so many songs about losing love, but this is the one that seems almost glad to lose the love, while still pining for her, and obviously deep down, wanting her back!
This is a last ditch attempt at saving the relationship- one part mean, one part olive branch.

8. Gloria Gaynor- I WILL SURVIVE
And yes. THIS is the song!
He has gone. And left you for dead. Somehow you healed. You still dont know how. But you did.
And now he is back?
Put on some Gloria Gaynor, pour the red wine and sit him down. There is no way he is getting you back!
Tell him why!
Let him see how fabulous you look and how much you have moved on!

9. asa- BIBANKE
Thank you to asa for giving us a soft, but firm and definite goodbye.
If you see me crying, please walk on by!
It is a concept that has been oft explored and expressed, but somehow, asa gives it new life, and makes you cry defiantly!
Only you... Only you...

10. Alanis Morisette- YOU OUGHTA KNOW
And now!
For the ultimate!
This is the ultimate break up song
This song pushed Alanis from a little-known singer in Canada, to... well, Alanis Morisette!
This song appears on more top ten lists of ultimate break up songs, than any other song!

It seems Alanis took all the hearts in pain and wrote what they were feeling and thinking!
And it is true. The one thing we want, when someone has hurt us, if for them to know!

I feel like saying thank you to Alanis... just because!

So there they are!
Remember, these songs are themed. There are some break up songs that are all about pining, or wanting them back! Others are just reflective.
These are the 'Put ur Head up' break up songs!

Hope they help you!


  1. Wat of eamon?
    wat of Jojo?. , . . .
    Mehnn! . . .deir songz r classic4break up

  2. Oh are we doing top 10 breakup songs? Let me give some of my own;
    1. Back to You John Mayer
    2. Gives you Hell All American Rejects
    3. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room John Mayer...

    I used to have a playlist in my head but I forget. You can listen to all JM's songs and sift.

  3. Hmn...first time here, I like it. Goin thru some sorta heartbreak rite now, so this makes a lotta sense...the songs all make me wanna cry tho, so I guess I am nt holding my head up yet :(.

  4. these songs r really touching...nice selection u av here

  5. These are the sort of break up songs for a point when you're almost over it. Nice selection.

  6. Lol.. You beat me to it.. I actually wanted to write a post based on Alicia key's sleeping with a broken heart .. But you sure produced it better than the concept I had in mind.. those songs to pull you through the dark days.. for me, they'd even mess me up more.. so I steer clear of songs during grieving moments.. Nice writeup..

  7. @ j boogie!
    yup! eamon and jojo also had good songs!
    love singing GET OUT
    ha ha ha

    yes o!
    All American Rejects just know how to break up!

    it never feels like it, but one step at a time!

    @Billy Bayo,
    thank u sir!

    @Myne Whitman!
    yay! glad YOU like!
    whats new?

    wd love to read urs and now going to read ur blog... AGAIN!

  8. Here are some more to add to the list: Fantasia "free yourself", Whitney Houston "Heart break hotel", Mary J blige, "No more drama", India Arie "Heart of the matter".

    Okay, could go on and on, but these are a MUST.

  9. Love Don't Speak, but I agree Heart of the Matter is also a must. Great selection

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