Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love my music

I have not been going for concerts and showbiz parties in a while, as evidenced by the fact that my party shoes have gathered dust, and by the fact that when i did step out, everyone from the bouncers to DJizzy again, asked where i had been! Being at the Road to MAMA's concert reminded me why i had stopped going out though!

No, not because the show sucked...
How could it suck when Cynthia had on that blinging black jacket and those shoes? When Kel wore those boots? When Wande Coal performed those songs? When HHP had that much energy and rocked a crowd that knew not him but became fans? When Ice Prince had that flow, Jesse Jags those rhymes and M.I that swag?
Abegy! The show worked!

But there i was in my rock chic mode with black eyeliner and black shoes, promising to behave myself and nod in a dignified way as people performed. Till they announced Kel and i moved a bit closer to the stage. Then Wande and i took a step further. With HHP, another step, and a quick conversation with the bouncer and a pesky photographer (don't stand in front of short people cos you are doing your job...).
By M.I, i was at the railing....

You see, i find it hard not to be a fan first and a friend, critic or writer second.
I love music, it moves you from the inside and outside.
It doesn't matter who is on stage; friend, foe, stranger.
Once they pick that mic and deliver music... I'm gone! I'm lost!

From Lyndon David Hall, to Usher, to Boys 11 Men... Im there!
And even though some people pay money to form cool at events in Nigeria... from P Square to 9ice to D Banj to Banky W, to Kel to M.I, to Jesse Jags to Dipp, to DJ Neptune to Naeto C, to Provabs to S.K.A.L.E.S, to...
I'M There!

I love my music, and i apologise in advance if i ever step on your toes or push you in my bid to get to the front and scream for my favourite artistes.
Just remember...


  1. I love my music too....
    I guess its a leo!

  2. ...And I loved you first as a writer that knows how to peel the wordy onions well enough to make lines cry and sing at the same time. Though you are singing words over the radio now, You are still the superb wordsmith. More grease Tigress.