Saturday, July 18, 2009

O What A Night

Well, o what a night should actually start with, this morning!

You know how there are some saturdays that are lazy saturdays? All you do is laze about at home cos there's nowhere to go and even when there is, you just can't find the right outfit or energy to go?
And then there are some Saturdays with that one MUST GO to event which has the whole of Lagos (as you know it) buzzing, and for which you picked an outfit out for in advance?
Then there is the Saturday that is on Red Bull and Coffee, rounded off with Coke.
Saturday July 18th was one of those Saturdays!!!!

I started getting an inkling that it would be a busy day, when i got a text for a birthday party. Then a close friend sent another one. Then my cousin sent one... for a wedding. Then a reality show sent an invite. Then a friend fixed a date. Then another friend also wanted to celebrate a party...
Yee pa!

And as if that wasn't busy enough, Tola then fixed her bridesmaids fitting for the same day!!!
Okay now!

So let's start from the very beginning. Fraulein Maria says its a good place to start.

Tosyn who hardly goes for weddings, will, come November insha Allah, be a bridesmaid. So first stop was FACES, Banke Meshida's store in Ikoyi, to meet with the designer. What to wear? That was easy; the same dress i would wear to the next event, but with slippers and no make up and no accessories.
The fitting went by pretty quickly; after being told i had no boobs (and there i was clinging to days past when i didn't have to be intelligent cos i was into D's and Double D's), we settled on a drop neck sleeveless dress.
One down, a million more to go!

Next stop was my cousin's wedding at Ojota which was small, simple and fabulous.
Now i'm confused.
A big wedding, or a small one.
Why am i even talking about weddings?

From Ojota where i was wearing a dress with black and cream shoes, red clip-on earings, and a bracelet and rings, i drove to Ogba, for the Opening Gala Night of Project Fame West Africa. Kept the shoes on but changed the ear-rings to red dangling ones, put the bracelet on my ankle and wore another one, then stepped out and mingled.

Mainland. Check!
Off to the Island for the rest of the night...

First stop on the Island and Fourth stop in general was Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi's birthday.
I was going to change, but i felt the dress would still be appropriate so i kept the shoes, ear-rings, bag, and bracelet on.
Gbemi's birthday was really nice! There was loads to eat, and loads to drink, and great company, including, but not limited to, Ayeni, Mode Nine, the UnRulies, OD, Knighthouse, Bio, Djinee...
I loved the cake especially.
Happy Birthday Gbemi!!!
Love you muchos!

Of course, by this time, it occured to me that i was actually making good time. I could therefore relax a bit, and not over plan the rest of the night. Besides, i wasn't the only one who had to juggle three or more events that night! There were so many things happening in Lagos on the 18th!!! The question is, WHY???

I couldn't fully ponder that question though cos i had to hit the next stop- Osahon Nigezie's birthday party at Cubes.
But i now had to actually change outfits and that was fun.
Bye Bye dress, shoes and accessories!
Hello tshirt, jeans, ballet shoes, bangles, rings, and a head-band.
I kept the red ear-rings though. Kinda liked the idea of still having one item on from previous runs.

CUBES was also really cool.
Osahon is such a great guy, i hope he enjoyed himself though!
And Blaze had one of the best intros i have heard for a birthday boy in a long time!
It was really funny!

I danced a lot, by myself, and had a drink on Blaze. Thanks Blaze!!!
I also spotted the EME crew looking fly...
Kel and Osagie (in a skirt) were looking glam.

No rest for the wicked, or for me... and before you could say whatever it is you might have been tempted to say, i was at the Grotto for Weird M.C's birthday!

Changed my shoes into the previous ones (black and cream), kept the head-band.
And at this point, i have to tell you something about my black and cream shoes.

Remember i told you i changed them for Osahon's birthday?
Well, when i was leaving the Galleria, i spotted one foot outside the Galleria, by a car...

No, noone knows how it got there!

That's so random... and i'm just going to say THANK YOU JESUS for being there even when i hadn't asked cos i hadn't noticed!
Like, i could have been typing this thing, not knowing that one half of my favourite shoes, was now on the street!!!

Back to Weird's party at The Grotto.

Okay! Da The Tha Grotto, needs to speak with its bouncers cos it's not cool to embarass people!

I saw too many industry people disrespected at the gate and it's sad that Weird had to get upset on her birthday. She handled it well when she came though.

Having said that, i had mad fun there, dancing with Kaffy, getting hit on... by a girl, spotting Sheddi Baba, Lami Opere, Zaaki Adze, and more!

But before you could say whatever it is you might be tempted to say... i had to leave for Swe Bar to get SLU...SHH(ed).

Another change. This time, the top, the shoes, and the accessories.

More dancing, more hugs and air-kisses, more networking, and i could finally call it a night... morning... WHATEVER!!!

So now i am drinking tea, thinking i could write a quick manual on how to go to seven events with three outfits and some accessories!
I am now going to sleep.
Do Not Disturb!


  1. Wow! You must have been running on stuff stronger than redbull, coffee and coke all mixed up!
    Should get some tips from you, girl!
    It was a good thing traffic was in your favor too and most importantly, sounds like you did hsve fun.

  2. up there are lots of reasons i miss you :(