Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I Am Loving at the Moment (September 2009)

So i love talking about what i am up to at any given moment.
Forgive me, it is just that i was born with a diva attitude. I therefore assume everyone wants to know what i care about.
Ah well!

Right now, i am loving...


Music! Music! Music!
Well, tis the season for more awards and all, and we wish every Nigerian artiste that has been nominated in one category or the other at various award ceremonies all the best!
Would love to shout out to THE nigerian DREAM in particular!
This guy is not only a good singer, but he is also very good at production. And you can always see what being good producers does for certain artistes; like M.I, eL Dee and co. So i have high hopes for him, and wish him all the best as he competes for BEST NEW ACT at the Channel O awards.

Another set of artistes who have recently done not just music in general, but girl power in particular, proud, are the ladies of the GIRL POWER TOUR!
Yes oh! Ashionye! Nyore! Mo Cheddah! Bb! Nikki Laoye! All five of them recently rocked Lagos, Ibadan and Benin! Sources tell us Benin had the best and liveliest crowd, but wherever they went, the girls brought a crowd, and then won the crowd!
Great job girls!

Mo Cheddah has been a pretty busy hiphop princess, hasn't she? Not only did she tour with the other ladies of the Girl Power tour, but she also made it to the last three standing of Artistry competition, coming second!
Congratulations and well done!
And congrats to Bez, and of course, the eventual winner, ICE PRINCE (Zamani)

Sasha is back!
Maybe all it took was more ladies in the mix?
Anyways, while we were still trying to decide if we liked 'GIDI BABE', she hit us with the absolute head-nodding, club banger, 'PUT IT DOWN' with Dama Do Bling!
We dare you to listen to that song and not nod your head or tap your feet.

Another lady who is up for an MTV MAMA award is KEL!
Yes Boss lady!
That girl makes tomboy cool look sexy!

Anyways, Kel had been keeping us alright for a bit, but the question was, would she drop an album... and a nice one?
If sales and reviews are anything to go by...
THE INVESTMENT dropped to a lot of apprehension and anticipation and it was quite well worth the wait.
My favourite song from the album changes from time to time; from the classic MOVE, to SITTING ON TOP ( come on guys, you loved autotune before Jay Z told you NOT to!), and now, TURN BY TURN.
But that is not even the half of it!

You should get the album if you have not already!

The guys too are singing and rapping and dropping and...
Did you get the Jah Bless album yet?
Not a bad album to have in your collection, and 'Jooooo' just has me cracking up all the time!


I have not been watching movies lately, so the last movie i saw is still the last movie i loved!
Forget the nay sayers... its an action movie
If you want intellectual, go buy a book!


I work with pretty amazing people to be honest. It is a family and i am grateful to GOD for this!
And every girl needs another girl to have intellectually stimulating conversations (read as 'gossip') with!
And thats Uche!
You guys should listen to Uche on Top Radio at the following times!
MONS- FRIDAYs with WYSE from 1 - 4pm
SATS 7 - 11am
SAT ( on Shindig with Damirez and Wyse in the afternoon, and Saturday Night Fever)

Lamide has decided to further her education o o o
The UnRulies miss her die!
We remain a naughty nutty family though. Much love!

It was my birthday a little over a month ago and it was a quiet one by my own standards! Anyways!
My favourite people are a lot of LEOS that i know!
We rock
Because we are proud

SOmetimes it grates on nerves, and other times we crave attention and validation, but if you have a leo on your team, then you know two things for sure
- we will have your back
- we will get things done

Leos! Love u muchos!


I stopped going out for a bit and even my clothes noticed!
But there have been so many interesting events lately!
Like Artistry and Road to MAMA's
Which had me, as i blogged about earlier, reliving the reasons i stopped going out

Then there was the Arthur Guiness 250 concert which was a well put together event, and some of us (read as 'me myself and i') are very proud of a certain Mai Atafo...
Thats all im saying!

Boyfriend Jeans truly rock!
I don't mean literally wearing your boyfriend's jeans!
I mean when you wear those jeans that are not particularly cut for ladies but purposely so!
I like to wear mine turned up and bit on the scruffy side! I don't know oh, pray for me, i was the one cutting her jeans up in secondary school with blades, and now, scruffy boyfriend jeans!
Where is Naija Blonde when you need her?

By the way, i had an 'I am aware' moment on television lately!
Thats all im sayinG!

BUCKSTONE FLIPFLOPS turn your everyday slippers into glamorous slippers that can be worn to the beach, down the street or to the supermarket!
Get you some?Call 08023130566!

It is a laptop, but mehn! It is a cute laptop!
The pink VEDA laptop is a fashion must-have!

Kanye pulling a Kanye at the V.M.As was a laugh out loud moment!
Then there was Serena cursing!
Look, i hate the fact that sports is being streamlined so much!
It is sports!
Right now, you cannot curse, retaliate nor over celebrate!
What will we have next?
Not speaking or celebrating at all?

I love twitter!

So i'm done for now...
It's YOUR turn!
What are YOU loving at the moment?!


  1. i agree about the sports! i miss the days of Mcenroe. sports is about passion. and passion demands expression. why they made such a big deal out of it i'll never understand. at least hockey is still worth watching.....and listening to. he he

  2. good to know sasha is back , sure its with a big bang.