Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tosyns Top Phive Songs!

Okay people!
Once again, these songs have been on my playlist and heavy rotation in the car!
Some of them just have catchy choruses, others have a nice theme, and then there are those that combine it all to make it a really really good song!

For this week, here are my Top Phive Songs!

OSAGS You Say!

BEANPOLE Sope Tie jo! (the remix)

T.W.O Zombie

BOUQUI Take You Away

KEL Sitting on Top


  1. yeah am luvin dis list especially BOUQUI wit TAKE U AWAY & nt leavin out TWO wit ZOMBIE

  2. I like that Osags song...did he have 2face on it? i bet it was a was hiphop anyways..Tosin ur the best sha!