Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bet You Didn't Know this about COFFEE!

As you reach for your cup of coffee this morning, i would love for you to think about the fact that it is National Coffee Week!
Now coffee gets a lot of bad press and i myself ignored it for most of my life, preferring to go for my caffeine fix elsewhere. I have however become quite the quiet addict to it.

I stumbled on some interesting things about coffee recently so check out the Top 5ve!

5. Coffee is good for your liver! 2 or 3 cups a day are great, especially if you also like your alcohol as they appear to lower the risk of liver cirrhosis. Having said that, coffee can't sober you up sadly...

4. Coffee did Bach so much 'strong tin' that he had to write an opera about it. This opera was performed in the 1700s. O-kay

3. So our forefathers had this genius idea of mixing coffee beans with animal fat. Why? It gave them energy!

2. Personality tests claim people who drink cappuccinos are perfectionists (i drink cappucino) and people who drink their coffee black are quiet and moody... Identify 'yaselves!'

1. Women in Turkey in the 1500s could divorce their husbands based on one simple but crucial mistake- he did not provide enough coffee.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Football SPeak... Adnan Who? Adnan Januzaj that's who!

It was a lovely Saturday that had me having lunch and drinks with Korebrown (my colleague at Top Radio 90.9) in my Manchester United tee. We 'stumbled' on the Manchester United .v. Sunderland game which given the choice i would have missed and 'watched' on twitter instead.

As expected, by the fifth minute, Manchester United was in heart attack mode. You know, when your team gives you reasons to panic. Sunderland was up and thirty minutes later, the team still did not look like a winning team. I was being teased, the jokes had started on twitter and i was done when somehow, Manchester United (still the best team in the world but struggling a bit) got saved from potential embarrassment by Adnan Januzaj.

Which then of course, prompted the question, Who Is Adnan Januzaj?

Here is what i found out

- Adnan is 18 years old

- He was born in Brussels

- To Kosovan-Albanian parents

- He joined Manchester United in 2011 from Anderlecht

- Sir Alex Ferguson has been a fan, putting him on the bench for his last game last season.

- He first played for the main team during the Community Shield game against Wigan

- He was given his jersey, 44, by Sir Alex Ferguson

- He has now been reportedly offered sixty thousand pounds a week by Manchester United to extend his contract which expires in eight months

Januzaj is eligible to represent Belgium through birth, Albania through his parents, Turkey through his grandparents and Serbia due to the disputed status of his parents' homeland of Kosovo. He will be eligible to play for England in 2018

- He is HOT!!!

I Love Their Love... Big Sean and Naya Rivera

Some people just look great together. And Big Sean and Naya Rivera are two people who look hot together. I love their love.

The hiphop star and the Glee actress met...wait for it, on TWITTER! They followed each other, sent a few direct messages, and then they hooked up.  They first attended an event together officially in April and Big Sean was all love and smiles when he spoke about her on an episode of  "Fashion Police" that i saw him on. I just love their love and i hope they both make each other happy and have beautiful, daring kids together!

Woot Woot!