Friday, September 25, 2009

Did PSquare pull a Kanye?

I would like to start this article by blaming all those who had a problem with my car being full. It was because of them i emptied and cleaned it out. It was because of them i had nothing to wear as a i left Ikeja on Thursday the 24th. And it was therefore because of them that i missed the Arthur Guiness show!

Of course, funny news spreads faster than good news, and it also grabs the headlines. This article is therefore not about how fantastic M.I’s performance was, nor is it about Wande Coal putting on a good show. It is not even about the excellent work done with the stage and lighting. This article is more about the he said they said aftermath!

The gist we gathered is that...
The show did not start as scheduled as so, things got backed up. But some things had to go on as scheduled because the show was major and was being beamed live. It was determined at some point that Sean Paul’s performance had to come up at a specific time since it was meant to be shown in other countries like Malaysia at that time. Some things then had to be axed, and unfortunately, the axe fell on Tu Face’s set!
P Square did not appreciate this, and while they were performing one of the twins stopped the music and called the show, “...f**k*d” because they did not want Tu Face to perform. Then they threw their mics down (or into the crowd) and walked off.
The host tried to introduce Sean Paul, but the crowd began throwing things on the stage demanding for Tu Face who had, together with the Okoye twins, left the building... literally! A few calls and conversations later, he came back, performed to wild applause, and the show went on.. sort of!
The aftermath however is that facebook, twitter, and Nigeria began buzzing about this, and the buzz was about the twins! Apart from wondering why they were taking paracetamol for another man’s headache, a la Kanye West, people have pointed out that once again, P Square has shown why artistes need a PR team. Others have defended them and said they did the right thing, saying it is time for home based artistes to be treated with the same level of respect international artistes are treated. And then there are those who maybe see both sides, but feel PSquare should not have disrespected their fans.

For me, this is one of those situations where you have so much to say but you wonder if you should. I would say though that things are not always black and white, and rescheduling does not always mean disrespect! In any case, i would rather not let funny news win TOO MUCh! Reports say it was a well attended show, with a beautiful stage, and that the performances were top notch!
But what do you guys think?!


  1. i'm glad your car is cleaned out! more space for me :)

    this isnt the first time p square pulled a kanye. werent they complaining a few years ago that the hip hop awards was slanted towards yorubas one year? so really they lost credibility with me since then. granted, unlike mr west, they were making a really valid point but that was neither the time nor the place. they could've released a statement or something. not throw a public hissy fit.

    i'm glad the show went well though. sorry you missed it love

  2. it will all soon go down and like all acts it will b curtains for p-square, they shld ask eedris, u don't f&*k wit mr big especially in a banana republic like ours and come out without ur own battle scars, i hope they can take d heat

  3. if P2 didn't do what they Nigerian Artiste would be respected....We have been overlooked for a long time...just bcos they r foreign stars doesnt make them lack the patience of waiting their turn....y'all saying that they r drinking another person's panadol....should know that they stood up for each n every one of us....THE COLONIAL DAYS ARE OVER!!!we have a right to express ourselves....Nigerians stop kissing butts!!!