Monday, September 14, 2009

Taylor Kanye Beyonce

Had to!

Dont usually... But this one was just a cross between funny, sad and stupid!
So had to!

How can you wake up Monday morning and not be buzzing about the dude that just won ten million on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?
How can we instead, have to talk about oluKANYE WESTie!!!!

V.M.A's always have some news item that is the buzz the next day, days or even weeks!
This time around, its all about Kanye and Taylor Swift

So Taylor Swift won BEST FEMALE VIDEO, beating Pink and Beyonce to it!
SHe was surprised, pleasantly so, and she was on stage, giving a cute acceptance speech, when Kanye West came on stage, took the mic from her, said he would let her finish, then proceeded to say Beyonce has the best video in a long while!
Cue shocked embarassed look from Beyonce, and silence from Taylor and boos from the crowd.
What was truly funny?
Kanye then gave the mic back to Taylor.
Who stood rooted to the spot in shock.

- Taylor is a whole lot younger than Kanye; felt like bullying!
- To those supporting Kanye in anyway... You know, its cool that we have different opinions as regards who should have won what, where... But if we all decided to show said difference in opinion by getting on stages during acceptance speeches, we might as well just stop holding ceremonies and start texting awardees instead!
- I love that chick Taylor. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE taylor!
- Does anyone smell a rat or something fishy? Cos here's what i don't get... HOW did Kanye get on that stage? Who let him through?
- To those who think Jay Z and Beyonce engineered it.. Cruel.. but mahd funny!
- Beyonce let Taylor give her speech again. She managed to mention how she felt when she won for the first time
- Want to see how many more fans and record sales Kanye and Taylor notch up?
- Wonder why Kanye was taking paracetamol for another man's woman's headache?!
- Wanna bet that we will forgive or have already forgiven Kanye?


  1. i used to be a Kanye fan, but im deletin his picture from my fone. Haba shes a 19 year old gal.

  2. I am 100% SURE that it was all a stunt...probably pulled by MTV themselves...u kno now...too boost the ratings of their awards...who knows...

  3. There is something behind this stupid stunt.

    Not a fan of Swift, but my heart went out to her in this situation, granted Beyonce had the Best Video by a milestone, but if u want to rant, u have ur blog, Not national TV and certainly not when the little one is enjoying her spotlight.

    Still Love Ye's music.....i said it....BITE ME :)

  4. i've always hated kanye so i fel mad vindicated. i dont like beyonce much either think she is more hype than substance but then i dont like taylor either (her music too soppy for me). however taylor offers really good videos. her songs tend to tell a story and her videos help you follow along. and her version of the singer playing both the dork and the vixen is the best i've seen in a while. kanye had been drinking before the performance plus he's apologised on leno moving on

    on n btw, a lot of black radio stations are not playing his songs, but u're right his action is being explained away as unresolved grief for his dead mother....whatever!

  5. so a guy won 10 million on who wants be? the nigerian, american, or british version? is he single?

  6. ah..wareva mehn..stunt or backflip..kanye was did rubbish..
    tosyn..saw u in the project fame house..if i didnt like you before ..i do now..that was reali nice..

  7. ori bobo yen o pe. you need to have seen him on the red carpet swinging from a bottle of Henessey with the ill-fitting animal skin wearing lady beside him. in short they are both animals.

  8. lol guys!
    loving the comments here!