Saturday, April 6, 2013

Going #OutOnALimb

People who came out to support
With Crystal, the founder of the foundation
The Irede Foundation, named after the very lovely Irede got us all up earlier today for the Irede Foundation's #OutOnALimb walk.

Tosyn Bucknor Fela Durotoye Crystal (Founder) and Sayo Odunsi

The #OutOnALimb walk was an awareness walk for children living with disabilities.
We all met up beside Mobil on Awolowo Road, networked and began walking to Falomo and back. We were kept hydrated and it was so well organised.
Walking and Smiling

When we got back to the take-off point, we learnt a bit about why it is important to always have a registered and licensed surgeon/doctor/physio-therapist take care of kids with injuries. Sometimes amputations occur where something simple is left untreated or not treated properly.

Of course i am just giving the most basic gist here. You can check out more information here-

Also, support and spread the word.

Crystal, founder

A guy called Segun who worked really hard today!

Matse came out to support with Le Boo

They made me wish i had brought my cool glasses-shades out!