Saturday, September 12, 2009


As always, it is difficult choosing my top phive songs because the competition is so stiff! I mean, there are mad singles being dropped every day!
Here are the ones we could not help dancing to this week!

Strong Thing (BANKY W)
Banky kills this song, revives it, then kills it again

Sun (JEDI feat. PROVABS)
Provabs is in my top three of favourite mc's! He has energy and delivery and this song is funny, and will definitely get you dancing!

Mafi sue (LAWALE)
Not in the clique that there seems to be in music now, but Lawale has a vibey tune, which makes me think of Naija gone Motown!

Sitting on top (KEL feat. JESSE JAGS and WAJE)
Kel delivered an album worth the wait, and this song is one of those where you feel the artiste is taking no prisoners! I would have preferred a different melody for the chorus, but you will definitely find yourself singing along (sitting on top on top sitting on top on top)

Put it down (SASHA feat. DAMA DO BLING)
You may never hear what they say, but you wouldn't even care cos you would be too busy dancing along! Sasha and Dama put it down like WHAT!!!

And we have a new list coming up next week!


  1. I LOVE BANKY'S NEW SONG!!!! Really amazing! Good one Tosin

  2. strong thing is and video

  3. these jams are tapping i love them too

  4. Had to comment on this in a bid to bringing it back to life... LAWALE - MAFI SU E... Tosyn, please how did you come about this song???

    DJ Sean