Saturday, January 31, 2009

One fateful sat night...

It all began with R
But maybe i should start from the very beginning, its always a good place to start.

My boyfriend and i (lets call him 'i') split up. As some of you already know, when 'i' and i split up, what should have been a, 'this does not look like it is working right now; shd we step back, be friends and try again down the line' split, turned ugly, and left me kinda withdrawn (no gory details you gbebos!)
So, there i was wondering if i would move on again (hence the poem in one of my earlier posts which you should now check out NOW)...


I became scared to fall asleep for a bit. Not cos i would have nightmares, but cos i would have nice dreams where i would be back in a place where it was all okay. Then i would wake up and realise it wasn't, and i would feel like dying. As in, truly!
But then i met 'R'

Okay, i have always known 'R'. He is 'i's acquaintance; you know like how you have the big circle of friends where in the end, everyone knows everyone? Well, i knew 'R' before i met 'I' and 'R' and 'I' were friends before 'I' and I began dating.
Im confusing myself jo!
Ill give nicknames or something jare

Anyways, i met Ramo, and we began chatting. First, i wanted to be sure we were still friends, cos sometimes, when stuff like that happens, you guys have to split friends! But Ramo and i were good! We began chatting about Ramo's girlfriend, about a mutual friend with bigger concerns right now than the green earth, and then we went off for Pounded Yam at Jevenik!
Then we sat in the car and listened to Alanis and spoke!
ANd he allowed me speak!

Men, please learn!
Girls do not need to be fixed!
When a girl is hurting, don't show up with cliches and say. 'He was not worth it'. Cos he was or we would not have been dating in the first place!
Just let us talk or cry or something!
Like my pastor had done the previous week, and like Ramo was now doing!
And when we were done, we hugged, he left, and i went in for a meeting with the UnRulies!

Next morning, not too much dread!

But as i got up, and went to LASU for the SAVE A SOUL concert, i realised there was a bigger life out there than my achy breaky heart!
Like how the Rooftop MCs, Kel, MI, Ruggedman, Weird MC and Djinee would show up for a concert in a tiny school (not the main LASU) and perform their biggest hits for free, just so a girl with a brain tumour can get treated!
And im there whining about heartache?
Shut up Tosyn!

From there, i went for s.h.a.r.e JUST BECAUSE drinks at LYDOS bar which was a laugh and a minute!

Everyone came! Alex Yangs, Kel (BRIEFLY), Osagie, Funmi Fatona, Mide Vodka, Omy Itsueli, Onyeka Onyekpe...
We drank, and chatted and spoke about vals day, and policemen, and music and life! We laughed, we argued, and we created superhero characters. Spoiler Alert! I am COKE GIRL, and Osagie is GATE MAN.
No, we didnt get it either!

Niji was meant to come, but he didnt!
I have known Niji since University! He gave me a teddy bear one valentines day, i wonder if he remembers! And while i am not ready to begin dating, i was hoping to hang out with him in a social environment!
That day will come later i guess!
In the meantime, s.h.a.r.e was fun, and then, when everyone left, i began a long discussion with Dimeji about why Leos and Aries cannot be together, even though all the astrology books say they should!
We aint done, cos you see, the Leo Female loves to argue, and an exasperated Aries Dimeji who just ended a relationship with a Leo Female felt i was channeling her! Now we gonna have drinks to talk about this!
Someone better chaperone cos i no fit shout oh!

And how did i end this night?
By dancing with Nosa ALL NIGHT!


Yes oh!

I met Nosa last year.
He interesting in a 'is he a bad boy that will utterly shatter my world and reputation' kind of way?
Funny, at some point, the choice was between Nosa and 'I' and i picked 'I' as the sure bet. Thats why i dont gamble folks!
I suck!

Nosa is being understanding!
He knows that right now, im still venting and letting 'I' out!
But it was nice to be with him!

So, one funny night where i remembered a lot of things i have always known, and discovered new ones...

- the quickest way to get over one person is to get with another!
- okafors law... but in a pure sense! Its comfy to be with guys who knew you before and understand the madness already. Whether they feel ready to take it up again is another matter entirely!
- relationships end. It dont mean either party was terrible and will now be condemned to a life of loneliness! 'I' and I will be fine!
- first comes healing; then restoration!

It is just one night, and now i have to go and sleep!
Somehow, i doubt i will wake up lost


  1. knew u had it in u keep rocking!!

  2. You gwan with your badself!!! WHat do we do? Usually dance... Usually drink... Usually Bubble!!!

    Counter note however... how do you know when a relationship wasnt worth it? Its not worth it JUS because you said yes in the first place, surely? Its Hind Sight! If after the break-up, the madness & all that, you can ask within yourself 'yes it was messy BUT would I do this dance again with xyz?' (you see we got codes too oh no be only you lmao) and your answer is a sigh but in a good way or a lil shy smile or a resounding yes... thats how you know he/she was worth it imo!

    looks like you had a whale of a time still, now i need me one of them ones x

    and as a sider note... quickest way 2 get over someone = get with another??? the rebound guy/girl conversation? pros & cons anyone lol!

    Everything's gonna be cool x

  3. ...cos i can't live without you by Jay Sean jus came up on the radio, weird or wot?... anyway
    funny my mom's leo n my dad's aries... so mayb there's still some sort of hope for aries n leos together....seems like a 1 out of 10 or 50 tho
    n true there's always restoration u really don't hav to rope ur self in heart aches...
    and miracles come in disguises sometimes so don't fail to see yours jus cos u are self pitying

  4. life is always easier to live with friends that totally get us......

  5. Leos wnat their egos stroked, Aries are egotistical beings. Stalemate, I think they should just stay friends....

  6. u have suceeded in confusing us too

  7. I bow to you ooo! I'm not so sure about the crossing of stars and the mumbo-jumbo that goes with it. Try this one for size(you good abi?)What's the deal with Pisces and Aries?

  8. Dammy
    google and u shall find

    ill check it though and let u know